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Pokemon Power Legends II RPG (LSU allowed)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by InnerFlame, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    All right a later than plan but here's the RPG. But first the accepted characters.


    ~ Lulu the Riolu- Super Strength
    ~ Dai the Shadow Eevee- Power of Light and Power of Shadows
    ~ Asho the Shadow Eevee- Power of Shadows
    ~ Lucian the Shadow Jolteon- Power of Shadows
    ~ Blaze the Chimchar- Normal Chimchar abilities
    ~ Federico the Shadow Yanmega- Shadow Powers, Shockwaves, and Supersonic Speeds
    ~ Dragair the Shadow Dragonair- Controller of Water and Shadow Powers
    ~ Loter the Shadow Ludicolo- Illusionist, Shadow Power, Growth
    ~ Elaira the Leafeon- Solar Absorption
    ~ Hayate Kaze Musica the Chaos Riolu- Chaos Mode Changes and Super speed
    ~ Melody Musica the Riolu- Strong Attract
    ~ Sakura Flora Musica- Chaos Mode Changes
    ~ Gotoku Wings- Great Transformation, Super Memory and Symbiotic Adaptation
    ~ Kazemaru the Gallade- Chaos Mode Transformation
    ~ No Yuu Fusio the Shinx- Flash Fusion
    ~ Lendraf the Kirlia- Madness Mode
    ~ Merlila the Cubone- Power of Metal
    ~ Diego the Pikachu- Large attack Variety
    ~ Zack the Umbreon- User of Fire
    ~ Christian the Ninetales- User of Lightning
    ~ Hailey the Espeon- Controller of Shadows
    Piro the Quilava- Powerful Fire attack and Power Gear
    Mana the Shadow Murkrow- Cyberspace Storage, Mimicry, and Shadow Absorption
    ~ Rydom the Chaos Rotom- Chaos Mode Transformation and Robotic Control
    ~ Darkrai the Darkrai- Nightmare Mode
    ~ Jolt the Jolteon- Form change into different Eevee Evolutions.
    ~Lakota the Lucario- Aura Control Skills
    ~ Slade the Salemance- Enhance Fighting Ability
    ~ Proto the Lucario- Greater Aura Control
    ~ Halt the Sneasel- Move Predictions
    ~ Crescent Vi Eon the Cresselia- Chaos Mode Change
    ~ Night Vi Eon the Cresselia- Light powers
    ~ Darkeus De Shade the Dark- Chaos Mode Change


    Chapter 1: The Sacred Guild

    Location: Sacred City- Guild building

    The bright sun shone down on everyone and the day was wonderful. Sapphire blue skies at seem to stretch for miles, a gentle breeze the softly brushed people and object the same. The temperature was mild, warm for the normal folks and the scent of flowers filled the air of the street. The regular streets were quite empty and the few pokemon around all diverge to one location, the guild building. There many had gathered there and the sound of their voices filled the area. It grew suddenly quiet when a loud throat clearing of someone echoed through the crowd.

    “Hello citizens and newcomers to Sacred City as many of you know I’m the Mayor Yoruno. I will be speaking of the Sacred Guild on the behalf of the Guild Master who was unable to make it here today.” Perched on a podium was an old Noctowl obvious by the occasional grey feather on his body. He was a fairly large bird-type as his red eyes quickly scanned through the crowd he began to speak once more. “As many of you might have notice the hatred spreading like weeds in fertile soil between the Shadows, Chaos and the other tribes. That’s why this guild was made in hopes the ease the hate and avoid a war. This the prime reason for this rally and I hope many of you will be willing to join and help make the world a better place.”

    “I brought them Mr. Mayor!” A small, high-pitched voice chirped after the Mayor finished speaking all that could be seen were little black paw like feet and a dark blue tail as everything else was hidden by a lot of really large bags when the bags were set down with a rather large thump the bright eye Riolu emerge with a smile. Some looked a bit surprised by the huge size of the load she was carrying without any trouble in the least it seem.

    “This is one of the members Lulu. She helped rebuild the town and I will say she the person to speak with when you need help.” The little pokemon wasn’t shy or nervous in the least even in front of the large crowd of people. With a smile she waved at the people around.

    “Just don’t ask for directions, Lulu is very bad at that.” With a chuckle the cheery pokemon stood rather tall which was still dwarf to the mayor’s height. The large golden necklace she was wearing was down to her knees sparkled in the sunlight.

    “No one has to join the guild but if you need money or maybe want to make some friends it’s not such a bad idea. Please come up if you have any questions or you are interested in joining the guild.” Once that was said some people began to depart while other walked up to talk to representatives. A good amount appeared interested in joining the fight for peace; younger pokemon between teen and younger age adults seem to be the majority of the ones that wanted to join. A pair of Eevee was sprinting through the crowd of rather larger pokemon toward the front.

    “Dai, slow down will you,” The one behind shouted outward as he tried to keep up though he wasn’t maneuvering through them as well as the smaller more full of energy fox. He could hear him chuckling as he pace remained the same. Making it too the front the pokemon cheered voicing that he had won the race the other Eevee huffing slightly just glare at him. “That’s not fair you had a huge head start.”

    “Sounds like someone being a sore loser.” The Eevee had the widest grin on his face when he said that. His mismatched eyes looked at him and then toward the guild people. “Come on Asho let’s join the guild!” The pokemon told him and the look on his face was show he didn’t like that idea... or it might have been his unfair lost whatever it was his brother was going on ahead and he followed.

    ((Please put the location of your characters so people don’t get confuse on where your character is. Other than that follow up by posting your character(s) want to join the guild or not joining, just making some new friends or maybe they’re not even in town.))
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2010
  2. Laevateinn

    Laevateinn Ghost-Type Trainer

    ((OOC: Yay! It's started!!! *Types posts up like no tomorrow*

    Oh, btw, InnerFlame, there's some stuff I want to PM you about concerning what I have planned for Merlila, but not now considering that I'm posting... :)))

    Sacred Forest Borders

    Lendraf cleared the small flecks of blood away from her mouth as she watched pokemon start to gather around what was left of her newest victim. She had chosen a reasonable branch to perch from and watch as fear painted faces of potential prey, but the average-looking Kirlia soon hit boredom as the pokemon just stared at the corpse, probably unsure of what to do next, so Lendraf decided to try and set the mood. She took a deep breath and put on the sharpest voice she could muster.

    "Ten little Gallade boys went out to dine,
    One choked his little self and then there were nine,"

    The poem recital was enough to make pokemon squeal in terror and this satisfied Lendraf enough, she turned her icy-blue eyes to the forest ahead and leapt from branch to branch, leaving the area quickly as the last of her Madness Mode's personality faded away.

    ... But not before giving her toys one final cackle.

    Sacred City Borders

    Merlila looked up at the humongous walls of Sacred City in awe as she passed through the gates, making the little Cubone swerved her masked head around in excitement as she entered. Everything was entirely new, the smells, the pokemon, the buildings, the food and, perhaps the most important thing of all, the attitude of the citizens. It all felt wonderful to Merlila, considering that she had lived around disgust and solitude for so long, and suddenly turned her attention to a rather large crowd heading towards what appeared to be an elderly Noctowl.

    “... Come on Asho let’s join the guild!”

    A cry rang up in excitement from somewhere in the middle of the larger pokemon heading towards the Noctowl, causing Merlila to eye the meeting curiously. But the Cubone was unsure, first of all she didn't know what was going on, not to mention the fact that she'd never come across such pokemon before, and she didn't even know if she would be accepted. Intrigue eventually remained dominant and Merlila found herself heading towards the Noctowl, unsure if she was making the right descision or not.
  3. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    Shadecore Castle

    Federico buzzed left and right, up and down. The way his segments flashed purple meant that something had to be wrong. Constantly looking at the circular map in the middle of his thrown room and the the door, he seemed to be dealing with a matter of great importance. This is not the case however.

    "Where is the pizza?" Federico thought nervously, "Jasper should have been already here with my daily pizza! Doesn't that Dunsparce know I can't do any of my kingly matters without my pizza?!"

    Just then, Jasper entered into the throne room with about three boxes full of pizza. He did not look comfortable with all the weight he was holding. Suddenly his load became much lighter and he seemed to think he was getting stronger until he noticed that King Federico had a pizza in his mouth. "Thank you Jasper" said Federico as he gulfed down the remains of the pizza. With his Italian accent though and the fact that his mouth was full, all that came out of his mouth was "Wanku a Jasparrr". With a long and loud sigh, Jasper simply said ,"You're welcome your majesty" and trotted off.

    Federico burped as he finished his last pizza. He immediately took a long look at the map in the center of the room once again and suddenly remembered what he was supposed to do. He summoned his messenger and a small little Doduo came into the throne room with a big grin on both of his faces and awaited his orders. Federico then ordered him to find Dragair at the library and tell him that the king wants a meeting and its of great importance. At the reference of the word library, the Doduo's two big grins dropped as fast as a bullet into a frown and soon enough he ran towards the library to deliver the message.

    Shadecore Town Library

    Dragair wrote down the last detail of his notes from the ancient text. With a sigh and a look of relief in his old and tired face he quickly relaxed. As he was about to put his head down on the table, a Shadow messenger appeared rather awkwardly into the great building of knowledge. The messanger had not even taken one step before yelling in a sort of squeakish voice, "Message to Dragair, advisor of our King Federico, he requests a meeting of great importance!" With that, the messenger immediately hurried off as if he could not stand being inside the library any second longer.

    "Kids these days," Dragair thought, "you give them toys and they are joyous but when you give them knowledge it's as if it is the worst thing they have ever seen."

    With a grunt, Dragair stood tall from his private table. He seemed like a 75 year old hermit but at most he was 42. His face seemed like the uneven patterns of a mountain and his tired eyes were almost completely closed with only a sliver of black and purple coming from his iris. He took one gaze at all of the ancient texts and books that he had collected during the past 6 years and slithered out of the town library, heading straight for the King's grand wooden castle.
  4. Treeconator11

    Treeconator11 Ultranumb

    OOC: Woohoo! It's started! I sure hope that I do okay.

    Mt. Shadow

    Zack walks into his cave near the top of Mt. Shadow. He looks at his supply pile, and realizes he's all out. "Of course," he thought, "I'm already out of supplies. I could swear I had more." Sighing, he decides to go down to Sacred City to get supplies. He wonders, "Maybe I'll see someone I know down there. I doubt it though, I'm just going in to get some stuff." He leaves his cave, and heads off towards Sacred City.

    Sacred City

    Christian wandered around Sacred City, looking at all the buildings and places. He thinks to himself, "Amazing!" This place is a thousand times better than the last time I was here! Although, since this place was a dump last time, it isn't too hard, but that's beside the point." He then sees a large crowd gathering around a Noctowl, and wonders what's going on. He then decides to walk up to the Noctowl to see what's going on.

    Sacred City

    Hailey hides in the corner, looking around to see if anyone saw her. Realizing no one did, she chuckles to herself, placing the money in one of the pockets on her cloak, and walking away from the alley. She thinks to herself, "Now that I've got some money, what should I buy?" She walks near a building, and hears the Noctowl talking about the guild. When she over hears the part about money, she make her decision immediatly. She starts walking up to the Noctowl to join the guild.
  5. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Deep within Sacred Forest, The Abandoned City

    When one goes deep into the forest, they will eventually come across a labyrinth of tress, foliage and stone that emanate enough energy that even powerful Psychics would have a difficult time making it through.

    However, the reward is unexpected. A forgotten city of the ancients. The buildings made up of stone and resembling somewhat of the Aztec or Mayan Architecture. However, city is too strong a word, as it is not large at all. Some artifacts can be found on good days. On bad days, traps. Today was a good day for the one inhabitant of the city. A massive rock was being hauled out of the city's entrance by a Pikachu.

    "Wonder what is in this? Maybe a Gear," Diego said as he managed to burrow through the ground and appear into near the entrance to the forest. Before getting ready to haul the stone, his nose caught a scent... Blood... he noticed a Kirlia leaping away rather quickly. He decided to investigate. Managing the haul the stone with him, he managed to catch up to her after using Agility. "Where are you going so fast?" Diego asked her.
  6. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Multifield Town Park

    Elaira was in her favorite spot in the park, enjoying the sun. Her spot was a flower bed that had a variety of flowers that produced a soothing fragrance that soothed the soul of pokemon. She was lying out in the field, absorbing the sunlight and using synthesis as she bathed in the light. She spent most of her time out in the sun, occasionally getting a light snack and drinking up some water. Playing tag was her favorite thing to do, but today, it seemed like she wasn’t going to have anyone to play with today. She looked up at the sun and guessed that it was usually about this time of the day where one of the kids would normally pop up and ask to her to play with them. She sighed and walked a little ways to a river that flowed nearby and drank some cool water.

    She had heard rumors, mostly from the fire types that would often come by, that something big was going on at the Sacred City that they were recruiting pokemon to do something. Most of the rumors said that they were going to raise an army and destroy the shadow and chaos pokemon. She heard one nasty rumor that they were going to use the recruits and send them as a gift to the tribes as a sort of bribery. She grimaced at the thoughts of what could happen if that scenario was indeed true. She discarded most of the rumors that were told by fire types as lies. The thing about the guild in Sacred City recruiting pokemon, however, did seem reasonable enough to be true and it sparked something in her that felt foreign to her. She felt like she needed to explore and see what the rumors were about.

    She shook her head and sat down. She took her right paw and opened her small pouch and took out her prized possession, a wood copy of a leaf gear. Even though it would never do anything at all, it always fascinated her as to how these gears would work and how it would change the appearances, even personalities, of the pokemon. She had daydreamed often of being able to breathe fire, even breathing out ice. Perhaps the guild could help her with helping her locate a gear that she could use. She put the gear back in her pouch and closed it before standing up and walking to her patch and lying down in the warm sunlight. Perhaps a nap was all she needed to clear her head before she made her decision.
  7. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (Finally! YAAAAY! Sorry for the short post, not good at making first posts.)
    ((Feel free to make Hayate be the moneymaker, dealer, or Chef of the guild. It would make sense, since he is good at cooking, talking smooth, and cleaning.))
    (((I know, he doesn't want to join the guild yet, he's going to be protecting Melody from afar from the beginning, but yea, he's going to join later. Also, nobody knows if he's Chaos or not, if he isn't transformed.)))

    Hayate in the middle of Sacred City
    "...Well, Melody did say she would be at the guild thing, signing up... but... where is it?" said Hayate, confused. His terrible sense of direction was acting up. Well, he isn't going to join the guild anyway, but still, he had to keep an eye on Melody just in case. He began to ask around about where the guild is.

    Melody in the Guild Building
    "Finally! I get to join this guild!" said Melody happily. A few of the pokemon were staring at her, due to her power being not easy to control. She began to walk around, trying to look around while she can. That was when she saw two Eevees running to sign up. Ah Eevees, some of the kindest pokemon out there. Maybe she can make friends... Melody was tired from traveling this whole time. She approached the Eevee duo. They were obviously going to sign up too, anyway. She began to talk in the same, calm-yet-excited voice as always. "Hey, my name is Melody, what's your's?"

    Sakura in a random place she needed to go for a mission that I don't feel like choosing, cuz it's just a pain
    Sakura picked up the newspaper, and took a drink from her coffee. She had heard about the guild... it could help her find Hayate... but this was something she had to do on her own. Hayate was HER brother, and HER responsibility. Of course, if she ever finds Hayate, she would try to bring him back, and if impossible, she would bring him back with force, even if it was the last thing she would do. Meanwhile... the person she was supposed to follow went away. She sighed, and got up, putting her paper down. What has to be done needs to be done. Sakura is going to have to find her target before she gets to find Hayate.
  8. Pokefan0234

    Pokefan0234 Ka-Ra-Tay!

    Piro & Mana
    Near Sacred City Entrance

    Sacred City, a town once destroyed by the powers of an evil beast. Now, it was a vast and lively town, filled with Pokémon of all shapes and types. Hundreds of shops and bazaars lined the streets, selling every product imaginable, and children ran about without worry. Even from the city’s entrance, the tips of the town center and newly built Guild Hall could be seen peaking out into the horizon. It gave off an air of importance; though newly built, the air still smelt of courage and acceptance, reminiscent of the heroes who lived there so long ago. To many, the city was a haven, a place where all could gather freely for fun and excitement.

    To Piro and Mana, it was the birthplace of their very own business.

    Standing near the gate of the Sacred City were none other than the Quilava and Murkrow themselves, marveling at the livelihood of the city. Piro, his red eyes gleaming with the constant thoughts of another sale, tilted his gaze to the horizon, trying to make out the buildings. His business partner Mana sat happily on top of his head, her long wings hanging lopsided over his ears.

    “Sacred City…” Piro breathed. He flashed his never-fading smirk at Mana. “Brings back old memories, doesn’t it?”

    “Don’t you know it!” Mana chimed in her usual peppiness. She leapt off of Piro’s head and flew up high, shading the sun from her vision with her wings. Her eyes squinted as she tried to get a better view of the city. “Hey, hey, there’s some really tall building over there… I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before!”

    “That’s probably the new Guild Hall everyone’s been talkin’ about,” Piro answered, “I heard some rumors about it… something about it havin’ to do with the Shadow and Chaos.”

    “Oh,” Mana noted, and then, with sudden excitement, “Wow! It’s so big! It’s almost as tall as the town center!” She flew down and landed atop Piro’s head again. “Do you like it?”

    “Eh, I don’t really know much about it,” Piro replied. He smiled and added, “Guess I’ll find out when I see it, right?”

    “Aw yeah!” Mana exclaimed, “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go in!” She flew down and grabbed Piro’s arm, trying – and failing – to drag him along towards the city.

    “Now wait a minute, shorty,” Piro said, smiling, “There’s something we’ve gotta do first.” Mana turned around and landed on the ground, her head tilted to the side in curiosity. “Take off that bandana of yours.”

    “What?!” Mana doubled back in shock, “But why?” With a wave of his paw, Piro beckoned Mana to come closer. Slowly, she hopped over to him, her eyes wide with confusion.

    “Sorry, Mana,” Piro whispered in her ear, “But those bands are a symbol of our business. We can’t be flaunting around our industry if we’re going on vacation, right? And… well, you know how relentlessly those cops have been looking for us. They’ve probably got our pictures tacked up on a wall somewhere. We’ve gotta lay low for a while, that’s all.” Seeing Mana’s eyes tearing up, he added, “You can wear it later, when there aren't so many people around. Just keep it in that wherever-you-put-stuff bag of yours.” He smiled in reassurance.

    With a sigh, Mana removed the bandanna from her leg, and, taking Piro’s wristbands as well, stuffed them into her bag. The bag grew heavy for a brief moment before going slack, once empty again. Things said and done, the two made their way to the front gates of the Sacred City, and, ignoring the curious glances of some Pokémon as they went by, walked into the Sacred City. Instantly, they found themselves dodging past groups of busy shoppers and kids playing in the streets, and began strolling through town.

    “Wow! Look at all the shops here!” Mana exclaimed, zipping around to the different bazaars and glancing at all the merchandise. With a sigh, Piro followed her, keeping an eye out for any Gear shops that might be lying around in the sea of stores. Who knew what rare finds might be hiding in these stores? Perhaps he could take a few for himself… of course, while still being on vacation and all. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of an Espeon appearing from the shadows. Silently, he smiled; perhaps he and Mana weren’t the only wolves among sheep…

    “Piro, Piro, Piro!” Mana’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. He turned to Mana, barely avoiding a pair of Eevee racing by. Mana pointed excitedly toward a large swarm of Pokémon going towards the Guild Hall. The mayor, a Noctowl, was answering questions, along with a group of Pokémon who liked they were from the Guild. “There’s something going on at the Guild!” Mana exclaimed, “I think they’re taking recruits or something! C’mon, let’s go see!” Before Piro could answer, she sped off toward the growing crowd.

    “Right behind you," Piro muttered. He glanced one more time at the shops before running after Mana as fast as he could.
  9. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    A metang floated mindlessly in the sacred city. To the average pokemon, this Metang looked average. The difference? Rhydom was in it. Using his suggestive powers, the Metang floated in directions beyond it's own will. Why? The Metang didn't know. It was having troubles remembering things lately. But it didn't care, for some odd reason. It just floated around. On the inside, Rydom counted the steps, well, what would have been steps, until he saw his target. Rydom slipped off the Metang, who continued on his way. Rydom silently zipped behind different buildings, planning for his attack. He would wait for the moment, the perfect time to attack. He was tracking a wurmple, a simple target, but a very important one. He was heir to a throne in some distant land, which had some impact on the Chaos Prince's plans. It was not his place to question. The problem was, he was guarded by a entourage of strong bug pokemon. A Scisscor, A Heracross, Yanmega, and some more. So Rydom had to strike hard, and fast. He found his opportunity. The Metang he had left was causing a scene, probably going insane from prolonged mind control. But that was a matter he didn't care about. The gaurds created a line, shielding the Wurmple from the crazy pokemon. Rydom was in position, and striked. He sped, appearing as a lightning bolt, and used a Thunder at close range from right behind. The poor thing didn't stand a chance. Rhydom was gone by the time anyone noticed the burnt bug carcass. Rydom would not be seen by anyone at the seem. He was silently traveling, when he happened upon a familiar sight. A pokemon, a female one, from the Chaos order. Sakura was her name. Rhydom began to follow her, intrigued at what she was doing. They hadn't seen one another in a long time.
  10. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Sakura, following a Infernape, being followed by Rhydom in Syn Park
    Huh? Someone was following Sakura... She ignored it. In the worst cas,e she would transform into the flower form, and attack. Finally, her target came in sight. This was one of her few assassination missions, and she was not about to let this fail. Ah! The Infernape, which she was supposed to exterminate and leave a fragment of the claw of an Empolion in one of the wounds, making it seem like an Empolion killed the Infernape... This was requested, since the client was a Torterra, went into a closed area, which was a triple corner, one-way path that lead to a dead end. Sakura went ahead of the Infernape, and transformed into her final form.

    Soon, the Infernape got to the dead end, surprised to see petals flying everywhere. The petals surrounded the Infernape, and while he was destracted, Sakura's petals combined into her arm, and killed the Infernape from behind using the move both an Empolion and Lucario could use, Metal Claw. Sakura then checked the wound for any traces of a Lucario, used Water Pulse to make it more seem like a Water pokemon killed Infernape, then stuck the Emplolion claw in the wound. Since Sakura was petals when the Infernape was killed, she had no blood on her either. Then she realised, the person who was following her may have seen everything! Sakura searched for the person, until she found him. She sighed, recognizing the pokemon. Sakura smiled. "Hello, you were called Rhydom, right?"
  11. Zalck

    Zalck Back Again...

    Rhydom, whom is following Sakura, who has just killed an Infernape, in Syn Park
    Rydom Chuckled to himself. So he had been spotted. He wondered what gave him away, but decided to worry about it later. He gave an evil smirk. "Sakura, long time no see. Still working hard for the Chaos Prince, I see?" He levitated in harmony with a light sound. He observed the corpse behind Sakura. Must've been a request.
  12. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (Dang, short post. Oh well.)
    ((Oh, and when I put a : instead of a bold, it means I'm on my phone.))
    Hayate, in the Sacred City:

    "Okay, so, Melody is inside, signing up. I guess I'll wait for now." Said Hayate, being he caring brother he is. He stood next to the entrance, and began to wait, admiring the building. Then, he noticed a baby bird, still unable to try in a tree, trying to eat a bug on a higher branch. The small bird about to be eaten by a larger bird. Hayate's smile faded for a second, and he ran right up the tree using his super speed, stabbed a branch right past the larger bird's face, and he smiled gently. "Please go away without attacking this helpless bird. Or else, I may have to hit you next time."

    The bird, surprised, flew away, and as people stared, he gave a small piece of a berry to the young bird, and the bird, satisfied, chirped happily. Hayate helped the bird get back to its nest, and jumped down. Some Clefable who seemed to be of the guild approached him.

    "Hey, are you joining the guild? You seem to be really fast... we could use your help." Said the Clefable. Hayate smiled gently, and appologised.

    "I'm sorry, but I am not joining... my sister is. I am but a lone traveler who took in an orphan as his sister... How can I possibly help you? Besides, I'm pretty sure the guild wouldn't want me in the guild, if they got to know me..." said Hayate, being all gloomy at the last part. He knew, no Chaos would be allowed in the guild...

    Sakura, in Syn Park:

    "Yea, I've been requested for an assassination... well, if we're going to talk, going somewhere else would be better, right? I mean, someone died here..." said Sakura, kind of sadly. She never got used to doing assassinations. Sakura began to walk, being careful not to electrocute herself from the Rotom.
  13. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Sacred City- Guild Building

    “Hey, my name is Melody, what’s your’s?” As the two Eevee were little away from the guild people someone spoke to them. In unison they turned towards it almost as if they knew it was directed toward them. There was another Riolu here, smaller than the other one with pinkish eyes. Her friendly introduction actually made them feel quite comfortable. The smaller of the two with the one white eyed smiled back at her and moved a little closer.

    “Hello, I’m Dai and that’s my brother Asho!” He cheerfully chirped as he looked at his brother who didn’t move any closer. He stared at the girl cautiously with an air of distrusted. Turning back to Melody he just smiled on, “Don’t mind him, he’s always like that! So are you here by yourself? Oh are you going to join the guild too! I’m sure it’ll be fun if you do!” The pokemon hopped in place, his energetic personality just wouldn’t let him stand still.

    “Are we joining this guild or not?” Asho barked to Dai, even when he did he didn’t let his guard down one bit. He glanced back at the Riolu before turning away and going up to the old Noctowl. Dai when over to where his brother went, looking behind him to see if his new friend was also following. “My brother and I would like to join the guild, sir.” He spoke politely though there wasn’t any emotion in it. The bird turned to them.

    “I see some young ones…” The owl stopped and stared so very deeply at both of them as if he was trying to permanent embedded their face into his memory. He closed his rather dull color before stretching one of his wings out. “All right, please go over to Lulu. She’ll give you your supplies, some beginning money and a guild badge.” His wing pointed toward another rather joyful looking Riolu. They approached rather slowly as she was handing stuff to other apparent new-guild members.

    “Oh you cute guys are joining that’s great.” She was ecstatic as she began digging through one of the many bags she had carried out. Taking out some bags she stuffed some things into. “You get this bag, some healing items, status curing items… 2000 poke and this nifty badge!” She held the badge out it was a trapezoid separated into three triangular sections. The first section on the left had the sun surround by white, the center was dark blue on top with silvery stars that lighten up to a sky blue at the bottom, and the far right was black with a white crescent moon. The entire badge was quite smooth and light reflected off of it. “The sun, the moon, and the sky… three things everyone no matter how different sees. They live in harmony so we must strive to live in peace… Hehe nice isn't it, that’s the guild’s motto.”
  14. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (Darnit, if part of this pot is gone again, I might as well stop trying to post something on my phone.)

    Hayate in front of the guild building:
    "For the twelveth time, I'm not joining the guild! Please stop asking!" said Hayate. This Clefable didn't give up! And he now had two Golems with him as well, both of them with the same personality as the Clefable.

    "Fine, come with us. If you see how great it is, you'll join." Said the Clefable, and the two Golems picked Hayate up, and began to take him inside.

    "H-hey! Let me down! I don't want to go in there!" yelled Hayate, struggling. Normally, he could break free, but the Golems were strong, and their bodies were made of stone, as well. That, and Hayate has been running around the whole time, and he was tired.
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  15. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    Sacred City

    Blaze woke up from the top of his small house, that was on the edge of the Sacred City. " Man, that was a fun party last night." Blaze thought to him self as he jumped down. " I wonder if anything is going in town.' Blaze said to him self as he picked up his staff that was leaning on a tree, Blaze strunk the staff down and place it in his satchel. Blaze then began to walk towards the town, hearing muliple voices. " Oh great, the old Hoothoot's out and about." Blaze thought to himself as he saw the Mayor. "Wonder whats going on over there." Blaze thought once more as began to run to where he saw a Riolu and a Eevee. "What you guys doing?" Blaze asked the Riolu.
  16. Laevateinn

    Laevateinn Ghost-Type Trainer

    Sacred Forest

    Compared to moments before, Lendraf found herself strolling through the thick undergrowth of the forest, humming a soft tune to herself happily as she wandered. Unbeknownst to the Kirlia, however, was the fact that other pokemon were moving away from her, unable to cope with her annoying voice. Of course, Lendraf had the ability to teleport, as all Kirlia did, but what would be the point of that if she couldn't have an adventure as a result?

    The Kirlia suddenly paused to look up at what little light filtered through the trees that loomed over her and gasped in child-like amazement. "Oooh! Look at how dark it is!"She exclaimed, seemingly unaware of the creature about to pounce from behind, but then whipped around, firing a red orb that slammed into the creature's chest and hurled it into the base of a tree. A Mightyena, no doubt, probably one of many that lurked in the shadows. But as Lendraf eyed the corpse of the fully grown canine she couldn't help but giggle and wag her hand sternly at what remained. "Naughty, naughty doggie!" She scolded childishly and continued on her way, humming a wordless melody as she went.

    Sacred City

    Merlila fixed her eyes on the Riolu who appeared to be talking to a Chimchar, probably explaining to the pokemon about what was going on. She approached quietly, talking small steps as she approached. "Um... E-Excuse me," The Cubone stammered nervously. "You don't suppose you could tell me what'sgoing on here, could you?" Merlila wasn't exactly sure what she was doing, but whatever it was it had to be something good.

    Either way, she was about to find out.
  17. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    Shadecore Castle

    "I swear if I have to listen to another child offer me pizza I'm going to hit someone." Dragair though in a grumpy old tone as he slithered to the entrance of the throne room. He pushed the grand double doors wide open only to find the Yanmega perched atop the throne which was basically a huge Banzai tree. Anyone would have been scared to death to see this scary and sinister looking half dragon half bug thing standing atop a tree but to Dragair it just seemed like a little child hanging on a ladder.

    "Hey-a Dragair-a come stai? How are you man?" The Yanmega boomed at the top of his lungs with his thick italian accent.

    "Just tell me what I am here for Federico." Dragair grumbled, obviously still angered from sleep deprivation. He also hated at how Federico would never act kingly toward him or any other person in fact, but of course he was addressing the king by his name so he shouldn't be one to talk.

    "Ah yes, wait a moment. I need-a both you and your pupil to be here so I can give-a you both the mission I have-a assigned for you" Federico answered with a wide and mischievous grin which did not suit his appearance. He then flew off toward the Banzai tree, and took his place on it. He always was the type of person to want to look good and show off for whoever it was that visited him.

    "Loter? Why take me if you have Loter? The boy has already almost surpassed me in every way possible, all I need is a month with him and he'll be ready." Dragair insisted, really he just did not want to be sent on a mission. Even if he was the responsible one, everyone needed their sleep.

    Right as he said that, a hand with a purple neon glove appeared at the door to the throne room. As the stranger came in, it seemed more obvious to Dragair who it was.

    Shadecore Castle

    Loter was confused. Why would the king want to interrupt my training session if he is the one advised for it in the first place? Strange. But he guessed he would soon find out. As he was about to open the door though he heard Master Dragair and the King talking,

    "I need both you and your pupil" Loter listened on until he heard of what Dragair saying about him, about him surpassing the dragon in every way. "Wow" Loter thought, "Am I really that good." He hesitated for a moment at opening the door but soon found himself sliding his hand through the sliver of the door that was already opening and pulling the door opening appearing himself before his two heroes.

    He stood there, motionless and at attention. One leg resting on his knee and the other in a 90 degree angle. He was bowing before the King.

    "Good, I see you have studied the proper etiquette that I asked of you to research." Dragair observed, in reality he didn't care the slightest. All he wanted to do at that moment was to sleep but his polite attitude prevented him from knocking out.

    "Thank you Master." Loter replied, still in the bowing position toward the Bonzai tree. Federico was looking at him intently, he then swiftly at sonic speed flew in front of Loter. The wings created from the King's win made Loter's hairs rustle across his skin. After 5 seconds Federico finally said, "Well now boy, don't be so formal with me stand up. Now as for you too, before I send you out on this little mission I have planned out for you. You must spar with each other"

    Loter was surprised, he looked at the King with disbelief. In all his years working under Dragair, he had not once ever sparred with him. He could tell by his master's look of disbelief and tiredness that he did not want to spar either.

    "Surely you cannot be serious Federico?" Dragair remarked disbelieving of what his friend just told him.

    "Oh contrar, I have-a never been more-a serious. Now come-a we must go to the sparring room-a" Federico replied in a mischeivous tone. With a grunt, both Loter and Dragair followed.
  18. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Sacred City- Guild building

    “Me?” Lulu pointed to herself as she looked at a Chimchar that had approached her and then a Cubone both asking the same thing. Both their eyes appeared to be focus on her, so she assumed it was her they were talking to. She smiled, “This is the Sacred Guild rally. We’re hoping to get some new people to join our cause for a more peaceful world. If you interested, you have to talk to Mr. Mayor first. He’ll answer your questions, but Lulu can answer them too if you want. No need to be afraid though he doesn’t bite.”

    With a short explanation and a smile she noticed two Golem and Clefable, three members of the guild entering. The large rock turtles were carrying in another a Riolu. She sighed and quickly moved over there stopping in front of them. As she stood in front of them she didn’t look her usual happy.

    “Ah Lulu… it’s not what it looks like,” The pink fairy pokemon began with a nervous chuckle… he knew it was rare to see this Riolu not smiling. “We were just showing him how great the guild is.” Lulu’s ruby eyes moved of the pokemon being carried, he didn’t seem to want to be here. A real shame since it was a really nice place and nice guild.

    “Guys, you know you can’t force people to join. They have to join on their own; it’s not right to force your view on others.” She scolded them but it really wasn’t very strict or angry sounding coming from her. Even though they knew that was right, their persistence wanted to better convince this great asset to guild.

    Noticing that they didn’t want to give up the persuading session; she walked up closer the three pokemon about twice as tall as herself. Her paw looked as if it gentle touched the Clefable, yet that small interaction made the fairy fall and tumble about two feet away. As her ruby eyes looked turned to the Golem they got the hint and put the Riolu down before all three of them departed.

    “Lulu is sorry about that; they’re just really enthusiastic about the guild. You’re free to go.” The black and blue pokemon bowed apologetically before returning to her post, near some rather small interested pokemon, new guild members and few bigger new recruit. The one Eevee looked absolute amazed as he quickly turned to the other one. As Lulu looked at them, she couldn’t help but think they looked slightly familiar though she doubted that she knew them.

    “You see that, she barely touch that person and he fell over!” Dai’s overly excited tone screamed out and Asho didn’t say anything or even looked even the slightest impressed. Looking up at the Riolu he gave a really big smile. “Miss Lulu, right? You’re definitely her! The really strong Riolu that’s friends with our parents, Jolt and Lucian.”

    “Ah, you’re Ms. Jolt and Mr. Lucian’s kids, that why you look so familiar you just like Lucian.” She pointed at the calm and quiet sibling. Her eyes seem to glow with that knowledge. “Are they doing all right?” With that question the happy duo began having a rather lengthy conversation. It was really quite annoying for Asho he had to deal with one overly cheerful person all the time adding another didn’t make it much better. He just silently waited for them to finish so they could leave; he didn’t particularly like being around all these strangers.
  19. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    Blaze nodded to the Riolu with that knocked over the Cleffable as he began to turn and look at the Mayor. "So Mr Mayor what do I have to do to join the guild. Blaze said to the Mayor with an great of enthusiasm."Do I have to defeat a legendary pokemon? Or do I have to find a great treasure. Blaze said as as he took out his staff and grew it out to 3 feet in lenth.

    ((Sorry that its short.))
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  20. Treeconator11

    Treeconator11 Ultranumb

    Sacred City

    Zack walked towards the guild building, wondering why there was a large crowd there. As he walked there, he overheard conversations mentioning a guild. He thought to himself, "Well, it gets boring on the moutain. I wonder if I'll see Christian or someone there." He then entered the Guild Building.

    Guild Building

    When Christian entered the building, he was suprised by the amout of people who showed up. He also over heard someone saying something about a guild. Scanning the room, he noticed Lulu handing out the bags, and quickly ran over to her. "Lulu!" he yelled, "I haven't seen you in a while. Working for this guild thing now?"

    Guild Building

    Hailey entered the guild building, still wondering about the Quilava she saw earlier. "Did he see me?" she wondered, "Probably not, after all, only another master thief would have seen me." She saw people walking up to the Noctowl, and assumed he was the boss. She walked up to the Noctowl, and asked "Excuse me, where can I sign up for the guild?"
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