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Pokemon Power Legends II RPG (LSU allowed)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by InnerFlame, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego the Pikachu
    Sacred Forest

    "Thanks Arianna, you're the best. I need your help; I wish Glace would be teleported out if there was a serious threat to her. If there needs to be someone there, I can Substitute," Diego said. He then saw Night went off. "Can't those two stay in place without endangering themselves?" Diego said as he sat down in aggravation. "Keep them safe, please" he asked her.
  2. AbsolNinja66

    AbsolNinja66 Ninja'd: 2500

    Glace, Arianna, Lakota, Phoenix, Lyra

    "Phoenix, Lyra, chase after Night! Make sure nothing happens to her. I have an idea of what that girl might be up to," Glace said, with a smile on her face. "Alright, Miss Glace," they both said at the same time. That made them blush. Then, she motioned for Lakota to come. Glace whispered something in her ear, and Lakota understood. Lakota grabbed a rock, and smashed it into Darkeus' head, attempting to knock him out. Since he was already tired, how hard could it be?

    Arianna listened to Diego, and decided to keep her promise. "I'll keep them safe. Don't worry, Diego. Night went off with Crescent to the Purifying Springs. I think I have an idea of what she might do," she said, and then she floated off to where Night, Phoenix, and Lyra were.

    "I haven't seen you, Miss Arianna, in quite some time," Lyra said, while they ran to Purifying Springs. "You can help. If Crescent wakes up, then you need to put her to sleep again," Arianna nodded, and then noticed her dim surroundings. There was a lot of black trees, a sign that they were near Purifying Springs.
  3. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Sakura, Friendship (Hayate), Gotoku

    "Sorry about this, Lakota!" Sakura yelled as she chucked Friendship at Lakota. The two's mouths met with a kiss, and the puppy instantly turned into Hayate. Hayate blushed, but Sakura laughed. "Rule number 1 of Hayate. Kisses from a girl he cares about in any way, as in friendship, family, lover, so on, equals an instant kill to his transformations!"

    "Did you really have to throw me?!" Hayate barked, and Sakura childishly nodded. Rolling his eyes, Hayate growled as darkness enveloped him, and he turned into Flash Fighter. Gotoku turned into a black sword, and Hayate caught it. Instantly, it turned demonic, and Hayate swung it around as a test. Finally, he lunged at Darkeus. "You owe me for this!!!"
  4. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego the Pikachu
    Sacred Forest

    "Hey Hayate, glad to see you're up and awake. Maybe when we FINALLY get a FREAKIN BREAK, I can cook everyone my famous mac-and-cheese and lots of other stuff to celebrate," Diego said, really happy his friend was up and awake. He then Quick-attacked alongside Hayate and prepared a Brick Break for Darkeus. Arianna... keep both of them safe... so we can all return and celebrate we are all alive and well... he wished in his heart.
  5. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    Sakura, Hayate, Gotoku Sword

    "Naa... I'm going back to sleep after this." Hayate said, swinging around tiredly, but surely full of skill. Sakura, seeing this, facepalmed. Suddenly, still with blurry-ish eyes, Hayate began to swing wildly at Darkeus. "HALLELUJAH!!!"

    "GAH! I forgot that he acts like a drunkard when he just wakes up and gets into a fight right away!" Sakura yelled, as Hayate kept laughing like a maniac and swinging Gotoku around.

    "Miss- .... Sakura-.... Why-.... Did-... You-... Forget-... Why-... The-... Chaos-... Never-.... Amubushed-... Us?!" Gotoku questioned, and Sakura facepalmed again.

    "NOW YOU TELL ME!" she screeched, and Kazemaru laughed.

    "I didn't tell you on purpose, you know." Kazemaru chuckled, and Sakura glared at him.

    "I'm so going to laugh at your funeral." Sakura growled, and Kazemaru burst into laughter.
  6. kacqn

    kacqn Battle Subway

    Darkeus dodged Lakota's attack but let the others hit him. "That's for you, only because your Chaos." Darkeus walked inside the base. "Close the doors." He said to two guards at the door. The guards closed the giant steel doors.

    Night and Crescent
    Night ran to the springs, she knew that Glace sent some of her friend to find her, but Night wanted it as a surprise. Shards appeared around Night's body. She looked like a shiny Pokémon of her species. Her charm even glowed a bit. "I don't mean to hurt you..." she whispered. "Light Shard..." The shards around Night hit random places to make smoke.

    Night ran after the shards 'attacked.' Night knew that they would follow her, so she put another trap. She used another of her techniques to confuse them when they came. "Almost there..." she said.

    Purifying Springs was right in front of her. Night tried Crescent so she couldn't move her 'arms' and pushed her body into the springs. Night breathed. "That was more hard than expected. I guess I have to wait for a few minutes." Night sighed. "I should have brought a chair..."

    Crescent was slowly waking up. Once she was fully awake she tried to swim back up before she drowned.
  7. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH


    "Hmph, just see if i help you guys again" grumpled Halt. Cooling his sword with a breath of cold air, he shethed the sword, and walked off. Watching the others run off to the Chaos Base, he knew that even if he joined them with Kirin Mode again or yin or yang energy, he would be useless. Using metal claw, he carved a message for the others into the tree.

    Dear Friends, our pior engagement is here by concluded. The next time we meet, you will be on my hit list or i have been paid to eliminate you. It saddens me, but my desnity and yours were not made to intertiwn. Do not follow me. Sincerly, The Blood Saber

    Facing away from the message, Halt runs to the west, making sure to kill all pokemon who encoter him, leaving a trail of corpes behind him. Stopping ten miles from the tree he left the message, a wurmple croosed his path. It lost its head.
  8. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego the Pikachu
    Sacred Forest

    Diego simply sighed that Darkeus escaped again. Diego looked at the message that Halt left. "Arceus damn it, one of these days, I'm going to knock some sense into my guy friends," Diego said as he shook his head in exhaustion. He Brick-Breaked the two guards in the Chaos Base before using slicing the door open with an Iron Tail. "Do we chase them or not?" he asked as he was tired from all the mayhem going on. They needed to unwind.
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