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Pokemon Professors and Mythicals

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
So now with Professor Oak and Mew introduced as a pair in Pokemon Masters I wanted to hear your thoughts about various Pokemon Professors and mythicals from their respective Generations and which would work as good Teams/Sync Pairs?

My thoughts:
Oak and Mew - I think they make sense and work well together.

Elm and Celebi - as per Bulbapedia: Saying so himself, Professor Elm studies unusual Pokémon Abilities. Timetravel seems like an unusual ability. Kurt works better with Celebi, though.

Birch and Jirachi/Deoxys - Birch studies Pokémon habitats. This a bit of a odd choice. Space is a habitat for some Pokemon (including Deoxys) so maybe.

Rowan and Manaphy/Darkrai/Shaymin/Arceus - Rowan studies Pokemon Evolution. Out of all those Manaphy works the best as it is the only Pokemon whose Child (Phione) cannot evolve into it (Manaphy).

Juniper and Victini/Keldo/Meloetta/Genesct - we can take Genesect our right away since it screams Team Plasma. All between Victini, Keldo and Meloetta work well with her. Meloetta, though, has a very similar hairstyle (in the Piruette Form) and Color Scheme (in the Aria form) and is connected to history, myths and art. Junpier, on the other, hand studies the Origin of Pokémon so it works well.

Sycamore and Diance/Hoopa/Volcanion - since Sycamore studies Mega Evolution and out of these 3 only Diance has a Mega Evolution it seems to work best.

Kukui and Magaerna/Marshadow/Zeraora - Since Kukui studies Pokemon Moves and is a pro-wrestler I would say he screams Marshadow, which also has it's own Z-move. Zeraora is a close second, even to the point where I had a theory that Dia from Pokemon Anime is an alternative universe Kukui as they looked quite similar and Zeroara is a feline, just like Kukui's Incineroar. Magaerna works well with Mohm, though (Like in the anime).

Magnolia and Coco movie Mythical - even though we have very limited data, these two do not go well together. Magnolia and Calyrex is a totally different story;-)

Willow and Meltan/Melmetal - those 2 are clearly connected in the game.

Share your thoughts:)


We are so back Zygardebros
I never thought about this but I definitely agree with all of these. I do think Arceus could work with Rowan as you could argue it ties into the roots of all non man made Pokémon (well one of with Mew).


Veteran member
Keep in mind that some regions have multiple professors

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Keep in mind that some regions have multiple professors
I was mostly thinking about the main Professors. Still, there are also multiple Mythicals for most Gens starting gen 3 so it makes this thread even more fun:)

Anyone feel free to add any Professors and Mythicals they thinkg work well together;-)


Well-Known Member
I'd have Professor Rowan use Manaphy just because I like Manaphy the most out of all the Generation 4 mythicals, although Arceus would be a good fit for him too because of it looking so dignified.