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Pokemon Project: Mars(PG-13)


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Earth…is dying.

For the past 10 years, humans and Pokémon alike have lived in star ships while astronauts have worked on a project called “Generation: Mars”. We have successfully completed this mission.

They have entered enough carbon dioxide in Mars’s atmosphere to make it as temperate as Earth. This has caused the polar ice caps to melt, and Mars has once again been covered by water. We now have a new project to work on: “Generation: Colonization”. One this mission is finished, the colonization of Mars may begin, and life in space will be no longer.

We will need a team of specialized agents are going to be sent to Mars to deactivate the dangerous volcanoes, experiment Pokémon life forms, and create towns and cities until Mars is safe enough for the rest of the humans and Pokémon in space.

Please note that we only have openings for agents at beginning level. Our head officers have already taken their places.

There are only a few dangers to regard, such as volcanic eruption, construction failure, or losing of contact. If an agent faces any of these dangers, they will not be able to be saved. We have little technology on Mars. No satellites, no building except for Head Base, and no aircraft. This means that the agents will have to learn to live without advanced communication.

Agents will be on s strict schedule of working. They will not have time to goof off, or play around. This is for the human and pokemon race, not them. They will need to be physically fit, not a pound out of place. Their pokemon will need to be in the best condition.

These agents will need to be adults, at the age of 18-40. There will need to be at least 5 members on the team, and no more than 20. Please send your best agents knowing that it will be for that sake of the human and Pokémon race alike.

The ship will arrive at the Space Base in three weeks. Those of who that show up will be evaluated, then either sent back home or taken in as an agent.

Many may show, up and maybe none at all. The world of Mars may not get all of the help it needs. We might screw up Mars as much as we screwed up Earth. But we are the human race. With pokemon by our side, we will try our best to make Mars a new home. Hopefully, Mars will be our last home.

-Please follow the SPPF rules here.

-I will not accept members who have fowl language, bad grammar, or any other issue I find unacceptable.

-Please keep this at a PG-13 or lower when it comes to romance, language, or violence.

-I will have all of you start at the age of 18. You will be like n00bs of this, until I decide to kill your head officer, or make you go up a rank.

-Please realize that this game is going to take a LONG time. This game may last for years.

-You will generally get three warnings before I ban you.

-Although, if you are gone for 3 weeks without an excuse, (which you should PM to me) beforehand, you will be automatically BANNED. No warnings.

-I will look through your past posts to see your behavior on the forums. If I don’t like it, I WON’T accept you.

-I am not going to have a certain character. In the past, I have learned that this is bothersome. So I will just throw out NPC’s for you guys to deal with.

-Here is a new organized concept I have come up with. We can avoid being “ninja’d” by taking turns. So in the order that you signed up is how we will go. Now, if not everyone is signed on at the same time, then you just skip the people that are not on currently, and go on with your turn if there is no one else.

Yes, this means you will have to go through the endurable pain of going to the signup thread and clicking on the players usernames. Deal with it.

StarKiller333: ACTIVE!

PokemenZ45: I am active as well.

AshisDABEST!: Yup, me too.

Aggiegwyn: You three are the only ones active, please resume play.

StarKiller: Theo looks around to check if anyone else is awake. He turns to see his new friend Clarissa sitting upon the bed, sleeping. He pokes her shoulder hoping to wake her up.

PokemonZ45: Chris looks over, still not able to sleep, at Theo.
“What are you doing?!” He whispered.

AshisDABEST!: Clarissa wakes up and looks at Theo.
“What do you need, Thee-thee?”

StarKiller333: Theo ignores Chris’s questions and continues to talk to Clarissa.
“Come on, you can see the stars totally different here!” He says as he shakes her to keep her awake.

PokemenZ45: “I will go to, if you don’t mind…” He grunts. He knew his best friend liked Clarissa, but it didn’t mean he had to totally ditch Chris.

AshisDABEST: “Okay, just let me get some real clothes on first, okay?” She says as she gently get out of the bed and pulls out her braid.

-See? They all took turns, so now being “ninja’d” can’t happen unless you break these rules! I will give only warning s to those who break this new system.

-No saying: “Jeffery walks out of the base and see’s a Groudon sitting on the volcano roaring!”
I will want to throttle you for saying something like that, and warn you.

-You will begin with the choice of being a Agent(Explorer, mainly), Combat Agent, Medical Agent, Security Guard, Technical Agent(Scientist), Weapons Agent, and Architectural Agent.

If you are a Medical Agent, you probably shouldn’t pick a pokemon like Scizor, or if you are a Combat Agent, you shouldn’t pick a Magikarp as your fellow fighter, get it?

-Please remember that Mars is covered in water, so wherever you travel, you will either need a pokemon or a boat to travel. There are no airships yet.

Sign up Thread:
-Name (First and Last):

-Nickname (optional):


-Pokemon (only 2 or less, please):

-Nickname for Pokemon (optional):

-Personality for pokemon (please 1 paragraph or more for each pokemon):

-Background for Pokemon (please 1 paragraph or more for each pokemon):

-Personality (please 1 paragraph or more):

-Background (please one paragraph or more):

RP Sample(must be from a different RPG. Link or quote, please):


-aggiegwyn-Controller of all NPCs, GameMaster.

Please sign up to enjoy future regard of role playing.