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Pokemon Proton


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Okay, well, I'd like to introduce you all to my latest project.
It's a sprite comic 'Oh not another one!', I hear you cry. Well all I ask is that you can give it a go and tell me what you think.

I'll be keeping this page updated and add more features in the future.

All over the world people and Pokemon alike are disappearing. Pokemon trainer, Ray, finds he is amongst those people as an age old enemy, LeBaron, attempts to create his own perfect world in the hidden recess of the Fourth Dimension, a parallel world to the Pokemon one. Travelling not only through time and space, but between dimensions, LeBaron, is slowly ripping the universe apart and it is up to Ray, and a few other like minded individuals to discover the truth and end the scheme before the end of all worlds is upon us.

Volume One: 'Binary Solo'

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Oh, that's not the kind of sprite comic I was expecting. Are they custom sprites or something? It's a nice look, anyway. :)


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You should continue this, its pretty good.

One problem though:
The Pokemon Ranger sprites don't really go well with the FR/LG backgrounds.