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Pokemon Quest (Pokeminecraft?) Discussion


Informed Casual
It's no surprise that the Let's Go! games were the highlight of that reveal, but I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to think about this spin-off.

My first impressions are that they're not even subtle about their source of inspiration, from the blocky mons themselves to even the font for "Quest" in the logo. And do we really need another set of chibimon after Pokemon Rumble's wind up toys?

But then blocky Pikachu is so cute that I don't even care and I'm letting my guard down.

Bulbapedia says it's coming to iOS/Android in June, so I'm probably gonna pick it up that way since I don't have a switch (yet?)


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I like it, alot. I think alot of people not giving it a shot cause they want the 2019 game now and everyrhing else in the way is trash. That was me 10min into the conference but then i downloaded it, and now me and my daughter cant stop playing. Yes, its not the competitive game with EVs IVs AVs ABCs 123s and all that bologna, but its fun. And thats all that matters to me


The Real Tsareena
My husband hated the look of the game...and then I downloaded it on the Switch because I'll play anything Pokemon.

Now he's on the couch, playing it with a team stronger than mine. He even bought a bundle and got us a lot of cool stuff.

We would like for there to be more gens included . It's a really fun, casual game that you play for a bit then set down. Which is great when your game time is limited by a puppy.


The Real Tsareena
What exactly is a 'bingo bonus'? And how do you get it.

We just noticed this and haven't had a chance to explore it too much.
I downloaded this game a few days after it came out because I was away from my Switch out of town. I've been playing it for a few days now; I haven't progressed a whole lot because I've been taking my time with it and enjoying it. It's not bad! I was surprised when one of the very first Pokemon I got was a Porygon. I later got an Exeggute that has become one of the strongest I have with its Psychic attack. I've been grinding on the third area because I can't seem to defeat the boss Poliwrath on the last stage in the area.

What exactly is a 'bingo bonus'? And how do you get it.

We just noticed this and haven't had a chance to explore it too much.

The Bingo Bonus occurs when three of your stones attached to a Pokemon are in a row, either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally.


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Okay, so I just started playing this game recently, and right now, I'm stuck in Worlds 7 - 10. This seems to be where the long grind begins, and right now, I'm just going to grind ingredients and levels.

My main team so far is Alakazam, Venusaur, and Shiny Poliwrath. What have you guys been using?


Saiyan Jedi
I gave Pokemon Quest an honest try, and well I got to say it isn't for me, so I removed it from my Switch. Good for you all for enjoying it but like I said it just wasn't for me
I've been playing Quest everyday since its release and I'm still enjoying it. I ended up paying for the full version for the extra lives and cooking pots and it was well worth it in my opinion. I've been grinding on the (last?) four areas (the Ground/Rock/Electric/Psychic boosted ones). I've been taking my time filling my Pokedex while I grind. My Pokedex is up to 102 and I'm excited to keep going.

Mega Altaria

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I got Quest on mobile a couple of hours back and I've been enjoying it ever since. I chose Eevee as my first Pokémon and I'm up to the last boss in the Grass area and almost to the last boss in the Water area. My current team is Geodude, Pidgey and Vulpix.


Panda Power
Killed my phone's battery twice playing Pokemon Quest today.

Chose Bulbasaur like I do in every Kanto game. Had to swap between world 2 and 3 every other level, but i think that might have been the point.

I'm all for them adding the other generations eventually.

Captain Jigglypuff

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I like the game but I can’t get fully into it. I don’t hate it but I’m not obsessively addicted to it either. It’s one of those games I’ll play occasionally like Lego City Undercover Or Pokémon Pictocross.

Team Volt Grunt

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Been playing since it was available on Switch. Almost completed my pokedex, but I can't find a reliable recipe guide. If someone comes across one, can you link to it?

IGN has a decent one, but it's far from complete.


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I fired this up right after it was announced, played for half an hour or so and pretty strongly disliked it. It felt like a really mindless grind, cynically playing a numbers game to make me pay for loot.

Since then, I've gone back to it and discovered it's a really nice game to play while I'm writing or doing something else like that. I pop my Switch in tabletop mode, set up an expedition then let it play out on auto while I'm typing. I've come to appreciate it by seeing it as the Football Manager to the main series' FIFA, if that makes sense.


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Serebii's Recipe list is wrong about Ambrosia of Legends à la Cube. It's a super addictive game! I want all shinies :(


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This game is very boring to me. It's so slow and it bothers me you can't fully control the pokemon while in battle. Also, we should have the first 3 gens included at least.
Ok my initial thoughts on this game were very positive. I thought it was a nifty idea, I was further happy that I could shiny hunt in it. Then I encountered the issue. There was a glitch somewhere in the system and my save file was deleted. I contacted Pokemon via email and explained the situation to them and was told the game does not save on their end, which would have been fine...had I still access to the items I previously purchased. We spoke and I told them I did not mind starting over, but I wanted all of my pots and the like I purchased with real money returned, or a refund and I could repurchase the items myself since I was still interested in playing. They did this copy/paste thing and kept doing that no matter what I said, basically blaming the issue on me. I finally contacted Nintendo and they told me had my purchases been on console they'd have given me a full refund, then I contacted google play and while they could not refund me either they brought up my purchases made within the game for me to email Pokemon. They then flat out ignored me after I sent them, actual proof I was not lying mind you....so I stopped playing in protest. Was kinda depressing actually. :/