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Pokemon Rap Battles


so earlier this day their was a post in "General Discussions" about Pokemon rap battles. obviously it didn't deal with the rules of PGD. but since it is technically a game I figured it would be best be part of the games.

The lyrics must have pokemon in it.
Keep to the rules of Pokemon games in mind.
don't get to carried away.
Have fun.

I will let the next person begin. give Rain/Bow a chance to be first, since it was originally his thread.

Mr. Marowak

was wrong about Gen6
I see a Marowak, bone club swingin'
But it flies out of his hand and sticks in something 'en,
the bone flies outta the thing, turns out it was a fountain,
backed up water made a splash big as a mountain.

And I got drenched, and I grabbed a wrench and,
Darted to the fountain with my teeth all clenched and,
I was doing well, I was fixin it up,
When a Trainer had their Tepig singe my butt!

Trainer was laughing, walking South,
so I aimed the pipe and shot water in his mouth!
He looked ready to kill, but I di'nt care,
What he asked me, though, was, "Who did that, where are ya, where?"

I couln't really be subtle, so I put my team into a huddle,
They all went out for revenge, 'cept Gardevoir, who wanted to cuddle
I said no, but gave her an orange, (here we go)
She'd have ate it if it weren't for the mold with sporang...ium.

Drapion grabbed the guy, Hitmonlee kicked him high,
Tropius caught him, and began to fly.
Reuniclus and Kingdra, both with good aim,
had Psyshock'd and Surfed the dude, who was really lame.

Drapion set up Toxic Spikes, right where he'd land,
when Gardevoir's Shadow Ball hit him in the hand
Tropius dropped him from Sky Drop with a mighty CRASH!!!
When I saw his face, it was the face of Ash!

Down with Ash, bruddas!

Abstinence Pistols

Yeah, my names Hilbert, it sucks, I know,
Was just walking around, training on some Audino.
Saw some guys walking, they were dressed like total fags,
Came up to them and told 'em to pack their bags,
They like, "chillax, kid, we Team Plasma, son!
Freein' pokemon from their trainers, every last one!"
Now by this time I was tired of their sass,
So I busted out Scrafty and drain punched their ***.


Who dun dug diglett?
People always say, "What's that ugly thing!
It's call makes my ears want to ring!"
But I don't give a crap
I'll finish you off with a Poison ***** Slap!

I'm a gangster frog
with a gangster song
I don't care at all
I've killed a bear 7 feet tall

Trainers search and search
While a perch and watch
Once I made a mistake, "You can't find a ninja"
Then he challenged, "I can break your tibia!"

6 days later we were all prepared
Until, back from the grave, was a zombie bear!
They both were attacking
The audience heard bones were cracking

But of coarse they weren't mine,
It was the trainer's, a trainer named Martin Cline
He then fell with a smack straight to the ground,
then I picked him up and threw him so far he would never be found

Onto the Zombie Bear
Who had hardly any hair
I picked up a chair and stabbed it into his brain
Then used Poison Jab and smashed his veins

I was victorious and uninjured
Then the crowd was triggered
I was offered a position in the Octagon by a man named John Crombie,
but that was the time I fought Cline and a Bear Zombie.

Who can figure out which Pokémon this is about?

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
All I hear is:
"Flashing! Flashing! Constant Controversy!"
For all it's worth, say,
At least I wasn't as bad as that black wannabe b****!

They say I'm a computer glitch,
As bad as a MissingNo.!
But I'm a Pokemon,
for y'all who ain't know!

MissingNo. is a fake,
a phony, a p****, a Stan!
But Porygon be original!
Get it right, damn!

Not even my evolutions are featured in a show!
Hell, even Jynx that ho,
Got on that s***!
She be a trippin' and herself be a skit!

Wonder what she got under her skirt,
Wonder what the Mime's personal low.
Wonder why she got him,
And why he got a freakshow.

There are like tons of references to other songs:

White America - Eminem
Ether - Nas (which in itself is a reference to Eminem's Stan)

Mr. Marowak

was wrong about Gen6
EPIC Pokemon Rap Battles of History!
Marowak VS Scrafty

(Marowak)Oh, wait. That thing is that I'm supposed to be dissing?
That lanky mohawked lizard with its belt missing?
I've slaughtered level one Pichu with more talent than you.
What makes this more sad? They had no idea what to do!
I've got nostalgia on my side shredding you to pieces,
In first gen, they killed off enough of my species.
I'm wearing my mama's skull, you're in your old skin,
We all know how it helps you to screw all those dragons!

(scrafty) Well look at this zombie aardvark I gotta battle.
If we were real, by now you'd be food for cattle!
Your 3 feet tall, 99 pounds of total **** I'm gonna take down!
Maybe you should join your family, 6 feet underground!
You got a grip on that Thick Club, holdin on tight,
I'll outspeed ya and Ice Punch it far outta sight!
You got what, 2 attacks that you can use without it?
You can hope your Sub stays up, but I really doubt it!

(M) Dark and Fighting? You're live Skarmory bait.
By the time Hi Jump Kick lands, it's already too late!
You could fight with both hands if you ever bought a belt,
but those aren't your pants, just too much of your pelt!

(S)How is it you're better than me, little bastard?
I'm stronger, bulky, and I'm this much faster!
When you get hit by Surf, your lil' hat just hold it in, drown ya, tragic,
But hey! My attacks don't rely on a ****ing femur's magic!

Who won?

Who's next?

Bone Cold Marowak Guy said:
Marowak vs. Scrafty!



♥ Ace ♥
hey, hey, this is a little story
about a psyduck named Cory
he's not the most clever fellow
and he's really yellow
he always gets pushed around
he always get lost and found
he's not the most clever fellow
and he's really mellow
he has a little brother
and an old mother
his brother's name is dock
and his mamma has a ****
so no one understands
why he just doesnt die
everyone thinks he's emo
cause in a corner he cries
he is not a very smart fellow
and got hurt by a swellow

to be continued


Belly Slide
This is a tale of a good friend of mine,
he's fast, he strikes, he's a real big shine,
this little electric type isn't a Pichu,
he's Lightning the Blitzle ready to meet you!
He's swift, he's strong, he's a real cool guy,
he'll beat any poke but ground, FWI,
you look at his shocking mane,
his speed is as fast as a speeding train!
Well that's the end time to say so long,
but we aren't goin' anywhere far like Hong Kong,
Lightning is leaving, with shocking power,
so this is adios and time for a shower!


Taking Over Serebii
Ima rap dancing Slamma,
Punch punch ba-BAMMA.
Regigigas, throw you down,
Crush grip, you betta bound!

I may start some slow,
But you oughta know,
I tank for a while,
And then I kill a Mawhile!

I hitcha with hyper beam,
I may not seem lean,
But when it comes to killin,
I've got a livin!

With registeel, ice n rock,
I'm not someone to mock,
Pound you with some steel,
Make you a frozen meal,
And hit cha with a rock, feel?

You see, I pull land,
Makin the world,
Listen to my band,
Or get cha bones curled!

Som ppl call meh lame,
You might be one to blame,
But it's time to rap,
I made the ATLAS MAP.

BOOM chaka locka!

(give it up for lame regi!)


I choose you, when I turn on a dime,
Cinccino and Charles bout to bust this rhyme.
I gotta be truthful But i don't got the time,
I chose you Mamoswine use rock climb
All day, every night
Mandibuzz shows you who is right.
This bird ain't wack we don't need damn flight
Roost all day, and toxic for fun,
Infernape close combat son!
Now who's the one to tell me who is wrong,
You wrong! Rotom wash be sweeping,
gigalith is sturdy, quit your frustrating.
Look from the top all the way down,
Trainers run fast, crying with a frown.

I suck... Thanks :D

Mr. Marowak

was wrong about Gen6
You think you a badass battler, but you ain't nuthin!
DC'ing every time you lose, then go struttin'
You think your level 60 Pikachu is the best damn thing,
up until [Marowak used Bonemerang!]

Your Choice Band Mienshao miens nothing to me,
when I call out Shadow Tag Chandelure, the REALLY G.
Don't you see? I always whup your a** in battles, zero to five,
If you had actually EV trained, maybe your Zoroark would still be alive!