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Pokemon: Regional Academy[RA]


On my own here we go
Commotion erupted as the two kids started to battle. It startled Adrian so much, that he almost fell in the water. "Phew, that was close. Note to self, improve focus." He said to himself. He watched the battle. It was between a Snobby looking Rich Boy and a Girl that was so thin, she looked like she would snap in half any moment. "Hmm, school is going to be . . . interesting." Adrian said to himself. "But hey, whatcha gonna do, I mean, most rich kids are snobby, or have big egos." Wee, Weedle." Offense agreed. He looked around for something to do. He scavenged around a bit. He found some Rope. "Great, maybe I can hang it from the ceiling and wait there until the boat comes!" Adrian said sarcastically. He continued scavenging. "Hey, whats this thing?" Adrian said, finding a round white object. "Hey, this is a Premier Ball! Score! I'll just save this for later." He said to himself and Offense. He returned to his spot right next to the water. The battle was still raging. "Sheesh, if they can battle like this here, than I'm afraid of whats gonna happen in the academy!"


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Abby smiled at the thought of meeting new people until..."ALRIGHT YOU PEOPLE!" said a loud booming voice that made Abby jump as she missed the next part of his little speech that he said. "SO, Let's spice things up a notch. I'm Elias Kronenberg, the greatest, period. I think I could take any one of you People, and win. Why? Bercause I'm great and I know it. With that said," he stated as most people rolled their eyes however Abby just blinked, she didn't know what to say. He then asked for a battle with some forceful tone in his voice.

Abby heard Ven talk, "Hey, Alex, you should take him on! He will probley turn out to be your rival, I mean look at how he acts" as he nudged Alex a little forward. Alex gave Abby a pleading look as she just looked baffled and shrugged while watching the proceedings until “I’ll take that challenge!” some girl shouted as she walked forwards. Abby looked towards her, she was a lot more unconventional looking than she was which did make Abby wondering that is that really the way to go.

They started to battle, Shuppet verses Nidoran, it was a very tight battle which ended with Nidoran winning. "You're up next." he said towards Alex who Abby gathered would be a little worried. "Oh you'll be fine" she said right next to him. After the male thanked to girl for the battle, Abby knew that Alex was about to battle now. "Like I said, you'll be fine and Ven and I will be here supporting you, right Ven?" she said glaring at him as she crossed her arms under her chest "Considering you got him in this mess"


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The kid, or "Eli" as he called himself, agreed to battle Alex, Ven happy.

"Cool, if this all works out, he will have a rival. Man, I love TV Cliches come into real life.." Thought Ven.

He watched the battle, as both the Shuppet and Nidoran tried there hardest. But, the Nidoran came out on top. "You're up next." said the Eli too Alex. Before Ven could push him onto the battle stage, Abby started talking and said "Oh you'll be fine", continuing with "Like I said, you'll be fine and Ven and I will be here supporting you, right Ven?". Ven turned to look at her, she glared at him and crossed her arms under her chest "Considering you got him in this mess"

Ven put his arm around her, and said "Of course I do, no need to give me the glare of death." giving her a thumbs.
"And that other kid, Ken right?" He said, turning around too the other boy who didn't really know what to say.

"Besides, were all friends right, we have to have eachothers back." Ven said, thinking "Perfect cliche momment"

"And anyways, if you lose, we can just go on a long training montoage, I know how they work. I've seen enough of em old movies to know how it works."


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The battle was finished. It was Alex's turn for humilation like that girl. Not only that, but the entire school was watching as well. The Eli kid spoke, challenging Alex. I just have to figure out his battle strategy... Alex though in his mind.

"Oh you'll be fine" she said right next to him. After the male thanked to girl for the battle, Abby knew that Alex was about to battle now. "Like I said, you'll be fine and Ven and I will be here supporting you, right Ven?" she said glaring at him as she crossed her arms under her chest "Considering you got him in this mess."

Ven replied, supporting both Abby and Alex, wishing him luck. Alex reached for a pokeball attached to his jet-black belt. He deattached it, and pressed the button on the middle of the Pokeball, enlarging it. All right, Poliwag, it's all about you...Alex looked back at Ven, Abby and Ken. They were pretty good friends, even though he had only known them for a few minutes. The only person that barely talked was Ken, so he couldn't exactly call him his friend yet.

Alex pressed the middle button, this time holding it for about 3 seconds, causing the Pokemon inside to release. A bright, white light emerged, releasing a Poliwag. "Poliwag! Poli!"Poliwag jumped up in joy.

" All right, let's do this..." Alex said quietly, directing the sentence at Eli.


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Serra’s attention was diverted from the scene when she heard a battle going on. She walked closer to where she saw the rich guy battling a girl. She just shook her head as the battle from the shuppet and nidoran ended with the rich boy winning from the shuppet’s trainer making a mistake. She heard about how plain split would add up the remaining health both battling pokemon had and split it evenly. In theory, if you were about to lose and your opponent was in prime condition, it would be a smart move to even the playing field, but even with energy restored, fatigue would still be against you. She was distracted from her thoughts as the Elias, as he called himself, challenged a boy who didn’t seem to be thrilled to be battling in front of so many people.

She watched silently as the boy that was challenged, walked up and held his pokeball out in front of him before releasing the pokemon inside it. When the light had faded away, the pokemon inside the pokeball was revealed to be a poliwag. She knew that they were uncommon in the Hoenn region, mainly thriving in the Kanto region so thing should get interesting between two pokemon native to the Kanto region. Her vulpix looked up at her and let out a soft bark to get her attention. She smiled softly, knowing what she wanted, and knelt down and scooped her up into her arms. She looked back out on the makeshift battlefield and watched as the battle begun.
"All right, let's do this..." This Alex guy spoke softly, directing the sentence at Eli.Adjusting his Jacket and Cocking his head for a moment, the Egotistical Trainer simply shot back,
"Well if you're so eager to lose." Gloriosus, trodded into his spot directly across from his foe, a Poliwag. Eli's mind began to race at the thought of what he could do against this new foe. He doesn't look like he wants to be here, perfect. Plus, a Poliwag! Perfect, no Ghost Type shinannigans this time. I can Double Kick to my heart's content, and maybe even peck if the crowd here isn't too tired of it. Elias eyed the Poliwag carefully though,Hypnosis, I can't let that move it if this little tadpole here has it. Plus Poison Point is going to be moot now, it's all going to be up to Gloriosus's pure brawn.

However, Poliwags are very speedy Pokemon, much faster than any Nidoran, and as such Alex got first move.
"Poliwag, let's start with Bubble!" The reluctant trainer started, Poliwag seemed more enthusiastic and jumped happily as it blasted a wave of Bubbles from its mouth. While people don't normally associate bubbles with pain, Pokemon Trainers do. Yet, there was no way Gloriosus could dodge such a wide spray of Bubbles, and was hit for some fair damage by it. A basic start to say the least.

Now it was Eli's turn, "Gloriosus, Let's smash that Tadpole with Double Kick!" Finally, Eli was able to show off his Poisonous Hamster's Furious Footwork. Gloriosus began with a rather showy charge to his foe, and then skided to a halt. Turning around and unleashing the fury of his Back Legs onto Poliwag. The double dosage of Kicks did some decent damage to Alex's pokemon, yet Poliwag regained his composure and stood back up. Ready for another move.

Eli just hoped it wasn't the sleep inducing move that could be his downfall.


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Eli's Nidoran slugged Poliwag twice, but luckily, Poliwag was able to hold its ground. Poliwag was sent backwards a couple of feet, but regained its balance. " Nidoran's poison can't hurt Poliwag...and besides, my Bubble is a special attack, so I should be safe.." Alex said to himself quietly. He looked back at Abby and Ven. He then looked around at the crowd that circled around him. They talking amongst themselves, and Alex even heard one of them betting on who would win.

" My turn." Alex said calmy, yet quietly. " Poliwag, Bubble!" He commanded. Poliwag perked up, and ran towards Nidoran. Poliwag ran about 4 feet towards Nidoran trying to close the distance in a bit for maximum damage. Poli! Poliwag unleashed a small barrage of glittering, blue, circular bubbles, forcefully towards Nidoran, closing in on it.

Boom! A small booming noise, similar to an explosion, went off. The bubbles created a small explosion of dust and other debris, along with sprays of water. Alex loooked at the dust to be cleared up and see the outcome.

Did I hit it...?
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Ken sort of slipped into the back after his own embarrassing introduction, almost trying to hide. He listened to the others introduce themselves. Abby, Ven, and he thought the other boy's name was Alex. There was also Eli, the Rich kid. He battled a girl, whose name Ken didn't catch. He decided the best course of action was to head towards her, and see how she felt. Probably not very good.
Eli and Alex's battle had started. Ken was starting to memorize what moves and pokemon the people had. Nidoran knew Double kick and Peck, Poliwag knew bubble. The Shuppet knew Shadow Sneak, Pain Split, and Will-O-Wisp. He wondered what everyone else had. He tried to weave his way towards the girl. He didn't have anything, no potions and what not, but he was going to see what he could do. Maybe run her Shuppet to the Pokecenter before the boat arrived.
"Hey, are you alright?" Ken said to the girl.
The smoke cleared, while Eli was sure his Pokemon would still be standing the question remained, how much damage did he take?

Gloriosus stood amongst the clearing debris, looking fairly well, but still a bit weathered. Eli wanted to have his Purple Poison Pin Pokemon end this here and now with his ultimate move, Head Smash, yet something kept the patrician from using the move. He still had fear of recoil, he still wanted to keep it as a last resort.

With his Pokemon's safety assured, Eli began to speak to the crowd around their battle,
"So I'm sure you're all tired of this, but I think I'm going to go with Peck." There were some groans from the crowd at the unpopular choice of move, but Gloriosus and Eli went through with it anyway. Charging frantically the Nidoran leaped and dug its front teeth into the poor Tadpole. Yet even then, the foe still stood strong! Eli clenched fists and cursed under his breath. How much longer could that Spawn of a Frog stand?

Alex now made his move, and it was the same move he had made for the rest of the battle. It seems this Poliwag couldn't do much else.
"Poliwag, Bubble!" Alex called out, once more the Tadpole blasted a wave of deadly bubbles Gloriosus's way.

Once more they hit, and Eli groaned. He wanted to win, and he wanted to do it fast. His impacience at its peak, and it was time to end this battle once and for all. With a sigh and a Crack of his knuckles, Eli gave the command to the slightly fatigued Gloriosus.
"Gloriosus. HEAD SMASH!" The Nidoran gave a smile as it was able to use its most powerfull move, with a gleam of his horn, the Charge began. Smashing into Poliwag at the highest velocity, the move was a direct hit to the gut of the Tadpole. With Alex's pokemon falling over as Gloriosus actually flipped bag from recoil. Eli held his breath.

Gloriosus laid there on the ground for a few seconds, but then, shakilly, got up. His master Jumped for joy.

"I WIN!" He yelled with Glee...


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Peter found a seat tucked away in a corner and sat there, waiting for his friend to arrive. All the motion occurring around him wasn't exactly the easiest thing to take in at once, and he needed to save all his energy for the ferry to the school. The small spherical device on his waist wiggled a bit, but he clasped it quickly in his palms. He didn't want his Pokemon out of its Pokeball just yet; he feared it would give away too much. He noticed most of the other trainers had their Pokemon out but he didn't want to spoil the surprise to much. Instead he sat there quietly until he saw his friend Taylor barging through the entrance. He waved at her as she stumbled quickly over to him.

“HEY! Long time no see!” She exclaimed, running up to Peter with her bags clinking behind her. Her Shuppet appeared out of thin air and rested on her shoulder. “What’s up? Can you believe that we’re actually going to the same school? This is gonna be AWESOME! I can’t wait to get into some real battling!”

He laughed as she rushed through her sentences. "Slow down, Taylor." He looked around at the other trainers, making sure they hadn't drawn any attention to themselves. "I've been fine, and what about you? I'm glad I've got someone I know going to the same school as me." He grinned, offering to set her bags down next to his, but was interrupted by some psychotic kid standing on a platform in the center of the warehouse. He announced that he wanted to battle and was acting arrogantly, but Peter didn't want to deal with him. For now he wanted to have a nice conversation with his good buddy Taylor.

Until she dropped her bags and ran off, that is. He shrugged, watching as her Shuppet was sent to battle against the boy's Nidoran. The battle dragged on for awhile and Taylor was actually holding her own really well. Peter looked around at all the spectators, watching in awe as the two went back and forth at each other, until Shuppet eventually fell. Peter sighed, feeling bad for Taylor. He pushed through a crowd of people and found his way to her. "You did great," he started. He looked at Shuppet. "You both did great. I didn't even know you could battle so well." He laughed but sighed again as the boy started a battle with some other guy.

Another boy approached the two of them, asking if Taylor was alright. Peter waited for her to respond before introducing himself. "Hello there," he started, extending his hand for him to shake it. "I assume you're also going to the Academy? Taylor and I are headed there as well." He looked out at the horizon of the ocean, wondering how much longer they'd have to stay there. He couldn't stand the wait much longer, and all the excitement of the battles around was causing him to crave an adrenaline burst.


Back Again...
Ken looked to the other guy who had talked to him. He looked nice, and must have been the Girl's Friend. And her name was Taylor. Great, he was starting to get the hand of this 'people' thing. He hadn't known a lot of kids his age, and wasn't the greatest socialist, as some could probably tell. He was a bit shaky when he responded to the guy.

"Yea, I'm going to the Academy." He said, though it may have sounded some what snotty, like: Yea, I'm going to the Academy, Duh. He shook the guys hand and continued anyways. "My Name's Kenneth. Or just Ken. Yea, this academy is supposed to be about battling and all..." He let the sentence drop. He didn't want to ramble again. To save himself, he appeared to look out to the ocean. "Man, The water is blue here."


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Poliwag was holding its own against Nidoran. It managed to deal some decent damage. Suddenly, Eli commanded Nidoran to do the Move Head Smash.

" Head Smash?" Alex panicked abit. He knew that Head Smash was a rather rare move ona Nidoran, but it was powerful move indeed. The Nidoran Slammed against Poliwag, knocking it backwards, flipping in mid-air. However, the impact also damaged Nidoran.

" ....the Nidoran.." Alex said. He observed the other Pokemon. If Nidoran didn't get up, it would be a tie. Nido.. Alex frowned, with a surprised look on its face. The Nidoran got up, Eli shouting with joy. " I win!"

Alex just looked at Eli, then walked up to the defeated Poliwag. He bent down and patted it gently on the head. He then returned it to its Pokeball.

Hmmm...This guy...He's pretty good.Alex said in his mind. He got up, and walked towards Abby and Ven, and noticed while wlaking, that Ken had left. He approached Abby and Ven, and looked at them dissapointed. " Well...I lost." He said. He looked at Ven. " When we get to the school, I'll be sure to try hard. And then, we'll have a rematch." He said to Ven, as he found it to be a little, 'man-to-man' conversation.

Alex looked at his dark blue watch on his hand. " The boat's about to leave." He said to his new friends, still speaking rather shyly, as he still had to get used to them.


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The two pokemon both did great, but once again the Nidoran won.

"Aww dang it, he lost. I was so sure he could win too.." Ven said to himself, snapping his fingers.

After the battle, Alex came up too the both of them. He looked at Ven and said " When we get to the school, I'll be sure to try hard. And then, we'll have a rematch." finishing with "The boat's about to leave."

"Its ok buddy, when we get too the island, we can pratice all day and night, I'm sure you will get em next time." Ven said to Alex, trying to lift up his spirit.

"I've finally had some friends after so long, forgot how nice it was.." Ven thought to himself.
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“ Everybody! Listen up!” A voice boomed near the front of the harbor. Alex situated his head forwards to see what was going on. He saw a short, muscular sailor, yelling, seeming to get everyone’s attention. “ Welcome to the S.S. Tidal! I’m your captain for this voyage, and you play by my rules!” The voice boomed throughout the harbor, and you could obviously tell that he had been doing this for a long time. “ There is NO idiotic behavior on this boat! Do you understand?!” The Captain cleared his throat. “ There is NO battling on the boat! The crowd of student started to murmur amongst themselves. “ If you have an urge to battle, take it to the Battling Deck, located on the west side of the ship!” The Captain cleared his throat again. “ There is NO diving, NO feeding the Wingulls, NO fishing, No…” The Captain rambled on about the rules, which was practically making Alex doze off. Alex looked around at his friends. He looked at Abby, then quickly glanced at Ven. He smiled a bit, and for the first time in a while, he felt confident in something. He had some new friends, a strong rival, and whole new journey ahead of him, just waiting for him.

“ Are YOU ready?!” The Captain’s voice boomed. The crowd of students roared, like a mob. The S.S. Tidal’s slide-open doors opened up, allowing the students to slowly walk up a small ramp leading inside the boat. The crowd started to murmur as they walked up the ramp, pouring themselves inside.

“ So…” Alex said, as he looked down. He looked back up at his friends. “ You guys ready to go in?” Alex said. He looked at the back of the warehouse, only to see that his parents had gone. They were nowhere to be seen. Alex started to quickly, glancing around the huge place to find them. The crowd kept pushing him forwards to the boat, as he kept trying to see if he could see where they were. He just wanted to wave bye to them before he left, but it looked like he wouldn’t get the chance. He was getting closer to the boat, and then, by that time, he had already the S.S. Tidal’s doors. He looked back on final time, and saw his parents. They were all the way back, behind the gigantic crowd. They both waved, and Alex just smiled. He walked into the boat. The boat was huge inside, and there was a lot of room. There was a small café, and several sitting rooms. Alex moved aside from the crowd to wait for Ven and Abby.
There were mostly Boos and Jeers as Eli threw his hands up in Victory.
"Ahhh, Shut up all of you!" He yelled at the crowd, "Admit it, I'm better than each and every one of you fools!" The patrician knelt once more to give his pokemon his last on hand Max Potion, he was ready for a third battle, ready for one more person to try and beat him. Though Eli knew that obviously nobody out of these fools could take him down.

Readying to adress the crowd once more, a new sound caught everyone's attention. That sound being the horn of the now arriving ship. At last! Escape from this Harbor! Along with it, was a voice rivaling Eli's own in loudness, "Everybody! Listen up! Welcome to the S.S. Tidal! I’m your captain for this voyage, and you play by my rules!" A squat, muscular Captain shouted, "There is NO idiotic behavior on this boat! Do you understand?! There is NO battling on the boat! If you have an urge to battle, take it to the Battling Deck, located on the west side of the ship!” The Captain cleared his throat again. “ There is NO diving, NO feeding the Wingulls, NO fishing, No…” The Captain rambled on and on whilist Eli turned to his Pokemon,
"Good Job today my friend." The complimented Gloriosus on the battles before, his pokemon gave a harty nod in return. With a beam of light, the Rich Boy called back his Pokemon to its Pokeball. “ Are YOU ready?!”The Captain’s voice boomed. The crowd of students roared. The time was at hand to get back on the boat. Eli felt invincible, he was now sure that everyone at this Academy was just one big Pushover, and that we would have an infaliliable winning streak at his time here. Nothing could stop him.

As he stepped on the ramp, Eli have a hearty laugh, some poor sap had been knocked off the Ramp by the mob rushing to the Ship. Was it cruel to laugh at somebody's plight like this? Yes. But at the same time, Eli was no adult, he was at the age where the woes of others seemed comedic.

With a deep breath upon boarding, Eli went to the Ship's helm and stared off out at the sea before him. The future looked good...
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Adrian was dwadling around when he heard a loud Horn and a captain type dude yelling something. He got startled so badly, that he almost fell in the Water. Managing to cling to the surrounding railing, a few inches away from the Water. He maneged to work his Backpack off and get it on the ground. But he was still hanging there. "Ok, slowly now, slowly . . ." Adrian said to himself, hoisting himself up and onto the floor again. "Phew, that was close." "Wee." Offense agreed. The captain finished talking about the rules. And before Adrian had time to react, the huge crowd of kids of all ages came charging twords the boat. "Whoawhoawhoawhoa -AAAHHH" Adrian yelled, as he was knocked right off the Platform and into the Water. He came up, spit the salt water out of his mouth, and immediatly choked and gasped for air. The entire student body was laughing at him. "Oh tee-to-the-hee" Adrian said sarcastically, climbing out of the Water. The captain looked at him very dissaprivingly. "I THOUGHT I SAID NO DIVING!!!" He yelled. "But I-" "NO BUTS!!! NOW GET ON THE SHIP!!!" Picking up his Backpack which was still on the Platform, returned Offense to its Premier Ball, and remained out of the way so he wouldnt further embarres himself. "Im gonna be the last one on apparently." He liked attention, but only when it was good attention. 'Ugh, my first day of RA, and Im Soaked, and in Trouble. UGH!!!"


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"Nice to meet you Ken." He noticed that the boy with the Nidoran had won yet another battle. He was already posing a threat and they weren't even on the ship yet. Peter suddenly smelled steam off in the distance and heard a faint horn off in the distance. Their boat was docking! Peter turned in excitement to Kenneth and Taylor but raised an eyebrow as he mentioned something about the blue water. "Well I see it as more of a gray-green but to each his own," Peter joked. He picked his bags up off the floor and also handed Taylor hers as a man in a sailor's uniform made an announcement, pepping up the crowd of students.

“ Welcome to the S.S. Tidal! I’m your captain for this voyage, and you play by my rules!” The voice boomed throughout the harbor, and you could obviously tell that he had been doing this for a long time. “ There is NO idiotic behavior on this boat! Do you understand?!” The Captain cleared his throat. “ There is NO battling on the boat! The crowd of student started to murmur amongst themselves. “ If you have an urge to battle, take it to the Battling Deck, located on the west side of the ship!” The Captain cleared his throat again. “ There is NO diving, NO feeding the Wingulls, NO fishing, No…” The Captain rambled on about the rules, boring everyone to death. Once he finished his little speech, the crowd stormed onto the ferry.

Peter watched as everyone rushed onto the boat. One kid fell into the water during the rush. Peter laughed quietly to himself and turned to Taylor. She seemed to have accepted her loss by now so Peter let her lead the way to the ship. He told their new friend Ken he could follow along if he wanted. It was best to travel in groups; at least that way, the journey wouldn't be so lonely. Peter's Pokeball began to shake even more, and he started to fear it would open up. Sometimes his Pokemon's psychic abilities caused for some undesired situations but he had learned to live with it.

The wiggling stopped, and Peter let out a sigh of relief. He didn't have to worry about Natu getting lost in the sea of people. He wanted to check out the pamphlet for the school, but it was tucked into his backpack and he was still waiting for the crowd of people to board the ship. He found a bridge that wasn't as crowded and the three of them began the trek onto the upper deck. Peter told Taylor and Kenneth he'd meet up with them later as he made his way to the lobby and set his bags down, pulling out the brochure for the Academy. He read over it, making sure he had all the basic knowledge down, and replaced it in its original position. He stared out the window and waved goodbye to his home, eager to begin the path to his future.
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Thirthy Minutes Before: Slateport City, Hotel.

"Luke, you're going to be late! Take Growly and the money with you and get to the harbor already!", his mother said to Luke. Luke glanced at her, then sighed. He was already sick with the long boat ride from Sootopolis to Slateport, and now this.

"Do I really have to go? Why can't I just go on an epic journey with Growly and capture some new Pokémon?", Luke sighed. He wished he could do that, but...

"No, it's too dangerous. When you're fifteen, we'll allow you to go. If you still want to, that is...", his father chuckled. That was all his parents said when he asked them if he could travel around the world, catching Pokémon.

"Of course I will.", Luke said. "come on, Growlithe. We'll have to get to Slateport.", Luke sighed again, then went out the door.

At the Slateport Harbor

"Everybody! Listen up!”, Luke assumed it came from the front of the harbor. Wow, that guy had a loud voice. Luke kept walking to the harbor and glanced at his watch. He had made it a few minutes before the boat left.

“Welcome to the S.S. Tidal! I’m your captain for this voyage, and you play by my rules!”, the captain boomed over all of the loud noise in the harbor. "There is NO idiotic behavior on this boat! Do you understand? There is NO battling on this boat!". Luke was alarmed, as everyone else was. He loved battling, though he wasn't the best at it, but that's what school is. Teaching you how to get better at things.

“If you have an urge to battle, take it to the Battling Deck, located on the west side of the ship! There is NO diving, NO feeding the Wingulls, NO, No..". Luke lost count of how many NO's the captain had said. Finally, the captain stopped.

"Are you ready?!", the captain boomed. Luke smiled. At last, the captain had stopped his stupid, massive set of rules. The other children were practically going crazy with excitement, but not Luke. I mean, he hated boat rides, he didn't want to go to school, what else could go wrong?

Luke waited for the other people to go on the ship, then entered the boat itself. While going inside, he saw writing in blue saying S.S. Tidal.

The name of the ship...Luke thought as he entered the ship. As he entered, he saw three people talking to each other. Obviously friends. Luke looked at them, then turned to a café. He wanted some friends too. It would help ease his seasickness and maybe the boring feeling he would get when he entered the school.

If I can make any friends...Luke sighed. If he could make any friends...
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"Next time, Ven don't put your arm around me please" Abby ordered very politely. Abby watched the battle as Alex's Poliwag took on the Nidoran of the other guy who name she didn't know. It was a very tough and grueling battle which ended very close in the other guy just won with is Nidoran getting up in the last second with the other guy yelling out, "I WIN!" as Alex returned his Pokemon while Ven remarked "Aww dang it, he lost. I was so sure he could win too.." as Abby sighed and shook her head. " Well...I lost." He said to both Abby and Ven as they looked a little disappointed as he then looked at Ven and started to talk to him, " When we get to the school, I'll be sure to try hard. And then, we'll have a rematch.". Abby looked at him with her dark grey blue eyes and started to talk, "Look I mean well ummm you did great, you'll get him next time" she said trying to find words as she smiled as well.

"The boat's about to leave." Alex said as he looked at his watch on his wrist. Then a few orders from the Captain came out before they got on the boat. "There has to be a swimming pool" she said "or at least somewhere we can I relax on the boat" she got on after Alex well asked them. They all entered the boat and saw it, "Wow this is great" Abby remarked pushing some of her red hair off her eyes. "But there has to be a pool" she said looking around until she bumped into a random guy who winked at her while she was about to apologize which then made her blush. "Anyway, the sun looks good and there has to be a pool or at least somewhere I can relax in a bikini" she said to both Ven and Alex until she found the sign for the pool. "Pool" she squealed in delight as she ran towards the pool and saw that it was closed for the trip "What" she said very upset "but why, why n' why". She then slumped into a chair.

"Anyway while we just sit, why don't we get to know each other" Abby exclaimed "I'm Abby McGuire, 16 and from Slateport and both my brothers went to the academy, so it is a family thing in a way and I have a Staryu and not much else" Abby exclaimed very upset with the pool.


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Adrian recollected himself. Mostly everyone was on the boat now. He looked around. He noticed a dark haired boy wearing Red and Black. He looked nervous and kind of shy. Adrian decided to walk over and greet him. "Uhh, hi, you look lost. Im Adrian, nice to meet you!" He said, holding out a drippy wet hand. "Im a bit of an outcast here, and I just wanna get to know someone, so, whaddya say?"