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Pokemon: Regional Academy[RA]


Vintage much?
Abby's question was answered by Alex, "We get a different type of Pokedex, that have a Dex Sync feature." he started "In other words, we can talk through the speaker of the Pokedex, instead of using phones, and phone numbers" as Abby looked impressed as they both walked towards their dorms.

It was still raining as Abby looked at her top, "Well that is going through the wash" she sighed walking through a small creepy forest until they reached there. The boys red dorm rooms were opposite the female's, so it was easy to see Alex. "It will be easy to keep tabs on Alex" she thought as she smiled while walking towards the dorms. Alex started to talk, "Great.." He said. "The Blue Dorms aren't too far from here." in a very dull tone which suggested that Eli would be nearby "Hey, that's great that means Ven with him being in the Yellow, shouldn't be too far as well from us" knowing that if she mentioned Eli, it wouldn't have went well.

"Well, I'm going to go settle in. I guess I'll catch you later." Alex said as Abby smiled and nodded. They both walked opposite directions to their respective dorms. Abby walked in hers and opened the door, "Alright I'm alone so far, so pretty good and now time to unpack" she thought as she pulled out a lot of objects from her bag. "Clothes, check" she said taking out all her clothes and ordering them in her closet that she knew she would have to sure. "I'll take the bedside table with the mirror" she thought taking out all her hair care products and well stuff that makes her look better. She took out everything include stuff that wasn't needed just to make her side as Abby and clean as possible.

"Alright lets see who comes through that door" she thought as she left one side of the room perfectly untouched for the next girl, who was to be her roommate enter.


Mr. Soul Stealer
James laughed as Growly fell to the floor. Then, he looked at Elektrike.

"Elektrike, use Quick Attack!". As Growly struggled to get up, Elektrike smashed into him. Growly flew into the air and smashed into the ground hard. Luke looked around desperately. All of the other people were doing reasonable with their opponents. He decided to attack.

"Growlithe, Ember!"

Growly got off the ground, jumped into the air, and skillfully puffed flames out of his mouth. Luke smiled and cheered. Until, Growly fell to the ground, utterly ruining the attack. James took this chance to attack. He glanced at Elektrike again. Another thunderbolt flew to Growly, zapping him.

"Growlithe, get up!", Luke said desperately. In shock, he found he couldn't. Electricity came out of Growly and he was stuck on the ground. Paralyzed. Luke stared at him as he was repeateadly shot by lightning bolts. Luke groaned as he was hit another time. James laughed again. And that was the moment Growly struck. He jumped up from the ground, swirled in midair, showed his fangs, and jumped on Elektrike, biting him, with barely any evidence of of his pain. Both James and Luke stared at him in awe as he jumped back after his succesful bite. Sometimes, Luke thought he would do better at contests.

Soon, James recovered and retaliated.

"Thunderbolt again!", he was still too shocked to glance at Elektrike for an attack. Luke looked at Growly as the thunderbolt hit. He was getting more and more exhausted by the second. Soon, he would fall...

Elektrike tackled Growly again, ending the battle. It was all over.
Eli stepped into the room, a smile became bestrewn upon his face as he realized his luxury, in dorm room terms anyway. The room was split in two, each half had both a Bed, a Blue Rimmed; Blue Topped Monitor and Computer, and a Video Phone. The only difference, was that one half was more decorated and messy than the other, and this half also had a Blue Colored HD TV ready to go. No doubt this more furnished part of the room was Seth's.

"Well, I must say, I had no idea you were Blue. I would have given you a bit of respect during my battle." Eli shook his head and laughed,
"As I said before, don't be underestimatin' me." Seth smiled as he walked back to his computer, "Does dis mean you're going t' spare me from your 'Wrath'?"
"No," Eli smirked as he walked over to his side of the room and set down his Backpack, "I'm still going to blow you out of the water in a battle one of these days." The Patrician quickly unzipped, his backpack and pulled out three rolled up posters for decoration.
"Ey! You like Elvis?" The Upperclassman asked as Eli unrolled the First poster, it was the Lobby Card for the 70s film Saturday Night Fever.
"He's alright." Eli shrugged, "But I must say that I prefer Disco." Seth made a disgusted face,
"Er, you like anythin' GOOD? Maybe Hendrix or Somethin'?" Eli rolled his eyes at this comment, people were always bringing disco down. Little did they know that it was the Greatest type of music, much like how Eli was the Greatest Trainer. Yet Seth was right about Hendrix, as Eli rolled the second poster out, it was the cover to Axis Bold as Love, and the Third Poster, this being an image of the band known as The Doors.
"Yeah, Hendrix is great!" Eli answered, and with this Seth pushed a few keys and his Computer began to play Machine Gun. Music to hang poster up by, Eli supposed.

After this was done, the Patrician's next job was to release his Pokemon, Gloriosus. Throwing the Pokeball onto the Bed, the Nidoran stood relieved to be relieved of fainting. The pokemon looked around at his surroundings, before giving a
"Nido!" of a Approval.
"And guess who our Roomate is!" Eli quizzed his Pokemon, then stepping to the side to reveal the former foe, Seth. Gloriosus seemed just as confused as Eli first was, but quickly accepted this odd yet new ally.

"So, how yous' likin' it here so far?" Seth asked his new roomate. Eli thoguht for a moment, and gave his answer,
"Well, I certainly expected less Riff Raff, though I doubt I'll see much of it here in Vaporeon Blue."
"Yeah," Seht shrugged, "I'm about as close to Riff Raff as you'll get in dese' parts." Eli continued on gloatingly,
"The trainers I've faced who were on the S.S. Tidal with me were certainly easy though, just further prooving the Fact that I'm the best of the best." Seth rolled his eyes a bit at this, "I have met this one guy, Alex, who seems to have become a rival of sorts for me, though I'm the better between us. But you see," Eli sat back on the bed and struck a thinker pose for this next part, Gloriosus hopped onto the Patrician's shoulder, "There's this one Girl who is a friend of his, and I think I've a crush on her."
"Really? Crushes Already?" Seth laughed a bit,
"Hey!" Eli retorted, "If you saw her, and the way she acts even when I talk of the greatness of myself, you would understand!"
"Not denyin' you. Maybe you can point her out t' me in the mornin'" The upperclassman suggested.
"Maybe." Eli shrugged

"So," Eli took a turn to ask a question himself, "Was that Houndour your only Pokemon? I'm guessing not." Seth laughed at this notion,
"Course not! Houndour's just my latest. If you want t' check out th' rest of my team, here they are!" From his Computer desk, Seth tossed out Five Pokeballs in rapid succession, and Five powerful pokemon burst out. Starting with a Raging Beige Pig Monkey, Primeape; next came a ferocious Ice creature covered in Moss and Hair, Abomasnow; Number three was a squat and slightly chubby volcanic Camel, Camerupt; the Fourth was a Bird who knew who was boss, Honchkrow; and finally, a Pupa with dangerous contents, Pupatar. Eli was in awe over his Roomate's team.
"Impressive," The patrician nodded, "But once I get six pokemon, I'm sure I can take them all on." Seth just gave a sarcastic response,
"Sure Eli, Sure..."


Back Again...
Ken walked to the registration desk again, not seeing anyone he knew. He handed the papers to secretary, a man this time, who quickly pulled out new papers, and a bundle of clothes.

"Ken! Tough luck on your draw, bud." The man said. Ken nodded his head, and let the man continue. "We have a medical center over there," He said pointing "For your pokemon, of course. Here is your clothes. We've placed you in Jolteon Yellow." Ken took his clothes, almost looking quizzical. The man seemed to sense his question. "You see, with the amount of funds that have been deposited in your account, the school didn't see fit that you be placed in a higher class, in case you.. Well you know."

The problem was, Ken did know. His Grandpa could only afford to put one year in the tuition account. Ken didn't think it was important, but the school must have. He accepted his clothes, and made his way to the medical center. After that, he headed for his Dorm Room. He spent a while finding it, until he came upon the door. Before he entered, he saw Jackson entering the dorm next door. Now THATS interesting... Ken thought before entering the door himself. He found his room did not have anyone in it yet. He wondered who he would be rooming with. If he was lucky, maybe himself. He opened up his backpack on the bottom bunk, and unpacked the clothes he had brought, and looked at his uniform. Now that's ugly... And going to be a problem He thought. But he just put them in his dresser, and didn't do anything yet. He pulled out a speaker set, which he sat on his desk. They wirelessly connected to his tablet, which he had put a bunch of songs on before he left. He started playing 'cooler than me' by Mike Posner, when he sent out Drana, and the two sat around... not really doing anything.


<---My fave PKMN
The sun pierced Alex’s room, as the dawn approached. “ Ughhh…” Alex said. He got up, out of his bunk, and went to a small sink in the corner of his dorm. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. He looked himself in the mirror, and then washed his face, cleansing himself. “ First thing’s first, I got to brush…” He whipped out his toothbrush form his backpack, and started to brush.

After about 10 minutes, Alex was ready for school. He looked at his watch. “ It’s 7:45. I got lots of time to kill. May as well head to the cafeteria and grab a bite to eat.” He said. He grabbed his Pokeball, with Poliwag inside, and he also grabbed his Luxury Ball, and attached it to his belt as well. He grabbed his Room locator card, and headed out.

Once out, he looked to his left. It was the Girl’s dorm. “ I wonder if she’s awake.” He didn’t want to seem creepy or anything, so he wondered if he should go and wake up Abby. “ What if the other girls saw me? What would they think…?” He was being overcautious, but wanted to avoid humiliation. “ Awww…what the heck.” He said. He decided he would go and get her.

Knock! Knock! “ Hey, Abby, you in there?” He said, as he awaited a response.


Vintage much?
Knock! Knock! was the only noise Abby heard as she groaned while getting up. She was wearing a purple tight top and blue boxer shorts as she got up as she walked towards the door. She looked a mess in her opinion, her hair wasn't straight but it was it was very messy and all over the place. "Yes" she said opening the door as she saw Alex, her eyes widened. "Alex what are you doing" she asked as she let out a little groan and a yawn and then she realized what she was wearing and she blushed.

The purple top was very tight on her making her chest bigger as well as her blue boxer shorts were pretty short. "What are you doing here?" she asked while she stood at the door with a look that was very tired and a bit annoyed. "Oh nevermind, just wait outside I'll get ready quickly" she sighed as she closed the door and started to wash her face, brushed her teeth, freshened up, changed clothes and fixed up her hair in a remarkable 20 minutes. She wore a blue top with white patterns on it as well as her jeans and sandals as well as her red jacket. "So I could look a little better" she said as she took her Pokeball and her card. "So what now" she asked Alex as she walked outside closing the door.


Insert Title Here.
-------------Morning, 7:00--------------------
"Mi Min" was the first thing Ven was hearing. It was his pokemon, Zero, trying to wake him up.
"We fell asleep?" Question Ven. Normally he goes to sleep later, but he was too tired from the previous day to not fall asleep earlier.
Ven looked around the room
"I guess no ones staying with us eh? Well that's fine by me, I probably try to hang out in Alex's room for the mostpart anyways. I wonder if they have a TV." Ven said to himself.

He got up, and put on another change of clothes. Wearing the same long grey sleeve shirt and grayish blue baggy jeans combo from yesterday, he slipped on his shoes and left.
Although, that didn't last long, as he opened the door up, Zero standing on the bed holding his jacket, looking at him with a "Really" look on his face
"Sorry buddy, looks like I almost forgot you. And my jacket it seems." Ven said to Zero, laughing a bit. He took his cut up yellow jacket and put it on, Zero hopping on his back.
"Minun" Zero said in a asking tone.
"I don't even know if we need to put it on, but we might as well" Ven responded. They had this connection from being with each other for so long, Ven could more or less guess what Zero was saying, partly because of his hand movements as well.

Ven took a step outside, saying "Seems like the weathers cleared up." to himself.
He starts looking around, trying to see if he can spot the red dorm, then which he sees the red Dorm. He begins to walk over too see Alex at a door waiting, only too see Abby open the door.
"Oh Alex, you sly dog you." Ven thought. "I didn't know you and Abby wanted some time alone. Well, I might as well 'help' you, I do have a lot of knowledge on these kinds of things. Thank you TV."

As Abby walked out, now in another change of clothing, Ven ran up to talk to them. When got near, he was about to say "Hey guys" but instead he tripped, falling down face first in front of them.
"I'm OK, don't worry about me.." Ven said too the two as he raised himself off the ground. "Anyways, I fell asleep before we could go get some food yesterday, so how about we make up for it today, at breakfast perhaps?"
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"'EY!" A loud voice pierced Eli's mind, the rich boy just rolled over trying to drown out this voice, but he then felt somebody shaking him. "C'mon Eli, we gotta' go get some breakfast." Eli correctly identified the voice as Seth's, trying to wake him up.
"Alright! Alright! Alright!" Eli swatted his hand to try and get his rommate away. "Just give me a few minutes." And with a long sigh, the Patrician began to get up, slowly but surely. When he was finally sitting up in bed, you could barely tell that his eyes were open, and his hair was completely messed up. Eli stumbled onto the floor, and to his dorm closet, which now held his clothes. A button down dress shirt, some fancy pants, the Egotisical Trainer's choices were the usual. Except for the jacket, Elias died a bit inside when it finally hit him that he couldn't wear his signature sports coat, and instead had to wear the Blue...thing. With a quick change, and a bit of a pat down for his hair Eli was now ready to go.

Seth was busy at his computer screen, but turned around to see his Roomate now ready for the first day.
"Great, now I can finally get some food in 'dis stomach. Let's go to the cafeteria." Seth said, Eli patted his stomach at this brilliant idea,
"Sound's good to me, I'm starving!" And with that, the two left their dorms.

It was a cloudy morning, though it didn't seem like it was going to rain, as Seth and Eli walked into the main RHPA building, they passed by none other than the Red Dorms.
Huh, I didn't realize Abby and...Alex were so close. Eli pondered to himself, as he and his roomate entered the School. After following Seth blindly for a bit, they came to a huge room, with good number of people already inside. The Cafeteria no doubt.

"Wow, Pretty large place." Eli stated to has friend as they manuvered through the tables.
"Yeah, it sure gets th' job done of holdin' everyone. Line's over there, let's go before it gets any longer." Seth pointed out a slowly growing, and already quite long line of people, all ready to eat the first meal of the day. Tohugh it took a while, the Blue Jacketed pair finally reached the food. Eli took a Stack of Three Pancakes, which he proceeded to drown in Syrup, about Half a Tailow Egg, and a tall glass of MooMoo milk. Seth on the other hand took a Pair of Pancakes, but many more Tailow eggs, and instead proceeded to grab some water.

Taking seat at a rather large table, the Duo began to eat, while Eli waited for somebody else he knew to enter the Cafeteria.


<---My fave PKMN
"Yes..." Abby said, who still seemed to be half-asleep to Alex. She then suddenly widened her eyes at the sight of him. " What are you doing?" She suddenly blushed all of a sudden.

I knew it was a bad idea to go knock on a girl's door at 8:00am...He thought.

Alex blushed abit too, but tried to cover it. " Oh nevermind...just wait outside and I'll get ready quickly." She closed the door, and Alex stood outside,, patiently waiting. He looked at his watch every minute or so, just to make it look like he was doing something, and not give the wrong idea to any nearby people who may have been passing by.

After about 20 minutes, she had come back out, and closed her Dorm room door. " So I could look abit better." She said. Alex just smiled abit, with no reply. " So now what?" She said.

" Hey guys-" They heard a voice coming from nearby, and suddenly saw a young boy trip and fall. It was Ven. Alex helped pick him, but didn't really ask if he was okay, as he already had said it himself. "Anyways, I fell asleep before we could go get some food yesterday, so how about we make up for it today, at breakfast perhaps?" Alex looked at Abby and Ven, and nodded.

" Sure, I'm hungry too, so let's go." They started to walk towards the school, through the small, creepy forest, that wasn't so creepy in the daytime.

Once they arrived at the school, they headed for the cafeteria, located near the lobby. They entered through the medium-sized doors, and saw that there was a whole slew of people. The line was going by pretty fast, so they decided to wait in line, and soon enough it was their turn to pour their food.

Alex looked a the menu. " Ummm..." He didn't really eat much, but was starving, so he took some MooMooMilk, and three pancakes, but no Taillow Eggs. There was also a small package of Pokemon food for your Pokemon if they were hungry. He took about 2 packs, for safe keeping, as Poliwag had already eaten in his Dorm room. They found a table to sit down, but it was rather empty.

" So..." He said. " Let's eat."


Vintage much?
"Hey Guys" both Abby and Alex turned around, it was Ven who kind of tripped over a hole. "Are you okay?" asked Abby as Alex helped him up. Ven started to talk, "Anyways, I fell asleep before we could go get some food yesterday, so how about we make up for it today, at breakfast perhaps?" as Abby nodded as Alex said something along the lines of "Lets go", so all three of them walked towards the cafeteria as they took food, Abby took a few pancakes and milk as they found a table to sit down.

However Abby spotted someone, "Hey, guys ummm I'll be back" she said quickly as she walked past them and towards the direction of Eli whom she also walked past while flicking her dark copper red hair away from her eyes. Abby saw him and figured that she will talk to him later as she continued to walk. "Abby, Oh my god" said a female voice as Abby smiled "Kelley" as she greeted each other with what seemed to be a little joke and some giggling. "So was the night" Kelley asked as Abby looked at the girls nearby, Kelley looked at her and noticed that Abby was looking at her friend. "Oh Abby, these are my friend..." Kelley started to rattle off names as they all were introduced. "Girls this is Abby McGuire" Kelley introduced as the girls all said hello except for one who said something else, "Are you the sister of Nathan McGuire, The Nathan McGuire" she asked as Abby smiled "Of Course" as they all were in awe. Abby noticed that she was feeling a little guilty and hungry for leaving Alex and Ven. "Well someone with fashion sense, Kelley she should be part of our group" one said as Kelley nodded "So Abby, you're up for later you know just hanging out because I guess you want to also hang with your friends" Abby's stomach started grumbling "and eat".

After talking to them for a few minutes, Abby left and walked past Eli again as she waved a little while walking to sit with Alex and Ven. "Sorry guys, where were we?" she asked as she start to dig into her food. She did feel a little guilty in ditching them but it was her personality, she was a people's person, popular if you may but she was nice and tried to at least get to know as many people as she could. She looked around, she noticed Eli sitting with some guy and she noticed a few others she saw earlier but never spoken to as well as her roommate whom Abby didn't see a lot of. "Alex, look about this mourning, did I still look good....I'm kidding" she laughed as she continued to eat as she flicked her dark copper red hair away from her eyes again "But I should have been up earlier" she remarked looking at her food.


On my own here we go
The Night Before

Closing his laptop and changing into his boxors and a sweatshirt, he cleaned up his empty dorm and looked at Offense. "Well, we're here, and theres no turning back now. Lets do our best in Battling 101 tomorrow morning, Ok?" "Wee-dle!" Offense chanted. "Well, whaddya say we get some rest. We had a long day." Adrian looked at his wet cloths. "Yeah, a LLLOOONNNGGG day. We went from Lillycove to the Harbor, from the Harbor to the Water, the Water to the Boat, the Boat to the School, had an extream Battle, and Decorated our Dorm. Not to mention dance the day away. So, I'll use the bedsheets to make a bed for you, and we'll get to sleep." "Wee." Offense agreed. So they both climbed into their beds and got to sleep.


BZZT!!! BZZT!!! BZZT!!! Adrians Laptop Alarm blasted. "WHOA!!!" BOOF!!! Adrian was startled so badly, he fell out of bed. "Stupid alarm, maybe the top bunk wasnt such a good idea. And, oww!" He moaned, getting up. Offense was completely unaffected by any of it, and sat there, sleeping away. "Offense, wake up!" Adrian yelled. Offense opened one eye halfway. ". . . Wee? . . ." C'mon sleepy head, time to get ready and get going! Class today!" ". . . Dle . . ." Offense stretched, got up, and crawled under the door. "Hey! Wait up!" Adrian yelled. He quickly threw on some Black Underarmor, he Yellow Jolteon Jacket, and his Blue Jean Shorts. He grabbed his White Beanie, and ran out the door, hoping to catch up to Offense. When he finnally found the Calfeteria, he found Offense, sitting on a seat at an empty table, munching on a big bowl of Sitrus and Lum Berries. There was another bowl right next to the one Offense was eating out of. "Hey, how'd you- Im not even gonna ask." Adrian said rather surprised. He just sat down and ate the berries. Him and Offense sitting at a table alone. "*Sigh* If only we had a chance to make some friends." He finished his breakfast of Berries and returned his tray. "Well, time to find the classrooms!" Adrian said, walking out of the Calfeteria and into the school. "Ugh, this place is so big! Lets see, Room 1, Room 2, 3, 4 . . . 10? 50?! 175?!?! 1 again!? UGH!!! Ok, Im lost now. . ." Adrian moaned after his long journey across this Numerically Confused School.


Eon Collector

Serra felt something wet lick her face. She groaned and turned to face the other way only to be licked again on the face. She gave up trying to sleep and sat up and gave a huge yawn. She looked down and saw Lira sitting there with a twinkle in her eyes. It was almost like she was laughing at her. Serra was too groggy to scold her as another yawn escaped from her. She looked blearily at the clock and saw that it was 6:55 a.m. She mentally chided herself for not setting the alarm at 6:30 and hurriedly changed clothes before doing her morning routines in the bathroom.

She was ready to leave at 7:20 so she had some time to at least eat some breakfast and get her vulpix some food. She made sure she had everything she needed before leaving the room and locking it. She heard a rumble from below and she grinned at Lira. “Hungry, are we?” Lira just grumbled and looked away although she could see her cheeks flush. She giggled and walked down the hallway, passing the flareon and jolteon hallways before reaching the cafeteria. She got some sweet pokechow for her vulpix and ordered herself two pancakes with one scrambled egg. She also got the milk as her beverage and found an empty seat near the end of the table to eat. She set Lira’s food down next to her and ate quietly. The pancakes were great and were almost like the way her mother would cook pancakes at home. She thought that the eggs were a tad salty, but it was good for the most part to her.

She thought she took too long to eat although when she did finish, it was close to 7:45 which gave her plenty of time to clean up and get to class. She checked her schedule that she brought with her to find out which room she was to report to and then went there with her vulpix right behind her. She was surprised when she entered the room that she was one of the few people that came in early. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was ten minutes till the class would start. She picked a seat close to the front and laid her vulpix across the desk and softly rubbed her vulpix, lost in her own little world.


Insert Title Here.
When they finally got close too the food, Ven tried to think what he would have. He could smell the fresh food, coming from the kitchen. "You know what Zero, I think I'll just get it all." He said to Zero

"Minun mi.." Zero responding with along with rubbing his belly.

"I think they have something for you too buddy, don't worry." Ven told Zero.

As they closer, they stared getting there food. Alex only got one drink and three pancakes, and Ven was sadden. Even though Ven was a skinny kid, he liked to eat a lot, and when the food smells good, he likes to eat to much sometimes. Ven grabbed two MooMooMilks, four pancakes, and three eggs. He also grabbed a package for his Minun, and followed Alex too the table. They sat down, and Alex looked over at Vens food, then Ven.

"What? I'm hungry, and I havn't had any food for a while. I'm suprised you didn't get much food." Ven told him.
Ven put the little box of pokemon food on the table, and Zero hopped off his shoulder and opened the box, going at the food like a monkey going at banana's.

"I bet I could finish before you~" Ven told Alex in a joking way, then started going at the food, eating a lot of it, and fast.
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The eating habits of the Blue Duo, Seth and Eli seemed to mirrior one another. While Eli was more cultured in his munching, using his knife and Fork skillfully, and always keeping good manners with a napkin on hand; Seth was more animalistic, scarfing down as much food as possibly in as little time as possible.
"Good stuff, eh?" The Upperclassman asked, he was barely audible with all the food in his mouth. Eli swallowed and replied,
"Yeah, it's quite good for school servings, but at least I'm eating my portion slow enough to get a taste out of it." Seth just gave a laugh, a few bits of egg flying out of his filled mouth as he did so. Eli just turned away, Seth's barbaric manners were the last thing the Patrician wanted to see while eating.

Luckily Eli had turned in the nick of time to see her. Who was "her" you might ask? Well, Abby of course. She was walking in the direction of Eli's table, and upon seeing the Blue Clad wonder gave that flirtatious flick of Hair, the kind you see in the movies, and then continued on by.
"Was that..." Seth began to ask,
"Yes, that was her." Eli nodded, turning back to Seth's direction.
"Ya' got good taste in women my friend."
"The only problem I have is, as I said before, she's good friends with my apparent Rival, that Alex guy over there. I'm no fool, I bet you there's some romantic intrest going on there." Eli noticed that she was finished talking to a group of Girls, and walking back in his direction, Eli whispered to his Roomate, "Hey, look sharp."

Abby walked by again, this time with a Smile and wave directed at Eli. Which caused the Patrician to wave back slightly. Once she was gone, Seth gave his two cents,
"Don't count your, before 'dey hatch Eli, I think she definetly likes ya'."
"Oh really?" Eli gave these words some thought, "Perhaps I should go over there and make small talk then?" Seth just nodded and gave a thumbs up, an obvious yes. So, even though Alex and the other guy were at her table as well, Eli as cocky as he was payed no heed, and strutted right over to Abby's table. Proping himself up against one of the empty chairs there,

"Hello Abby," Eli spoke in a rather Cheery tone, "Alex" he said in harsh monotone, "Other guy." This last part being directed at Ven, whomhe still really didn't know. The Patrician then turned back to the reason he was over at this table, the girl. "Enjoy your night in the Red Dorms? I'm sure their not nearly as good as Blue, but they've got to be at the very least halfway decent right?"
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<---My fave PKMN
Abby went off all of a sudden, stating she will be back. Alex turned around to see where she was headed. She went towards a group of girls, and then all of a sudden started to giggle. " Girls." Alex said while taking a sip form his Milk. " You know Ven, I really don't understand them. They always travel in packs, and gossip about the dumbest things." He took another sip, this time also taking a bite out of his egg. " They better not be talking about me." He paused for a moment, trying to think of something to expand the conversation. " But it would be funny, if they were talking about you." He laughed. He hadn't made a friendly joke like that in a long while, so he tried to enjoy it. Ven challenged him to a eating contest, but he refused. " You're gonna blow up if you eat that fast."

Abby came back, right after Alex and Ven had their manly conversation. "Sorry guys, where were we?"

" Nothing." Alex said, while smiling abit at Ven like he was hiding a secret. " Just having a man-to-man conversation with Ven over here." He said. They started to eat after that.

"Alex, look about this morning, did I still look good....I'm kidding!" she laughed as she continued to eat as she flicked her dark copper red hair away from her eyes again "But I should have been up earlier." she remarked looking at her food. Alex started to blush after that, and tried to compute his brain to process what she had just said. Everytime a girl mentions something about her looks, Alex's brain seems to slow down for some reason.

He tried to think of something to say that wasn't insulting, or that would make her freak out. " Ummm...yeah, I guess so." He said, with a slight chuckle in his voice. " You weren't late getting up, I was just early." He said, trying to relieve Abby of some of her guilt.

Right then, Alex's enemy showed up. Eli. He started to walk this way, in a rather cheery mood. Alex wasn't exactly angry, but he didn't want to deal with Eli. People like him just ticked him off. " Hello Abby!" He said in a unusual cheery voice, which the went monotone, harshly. " Alex." He then looked at Ven. " Other guy." Alex looked at Eli. He wasn't going to get up and start anything, but he at least wanted him to call his friend by his name.

" His name's Ven." Alex said in a monotone voice, fairing against Eli. He looked directly at Eli, then turned back towards his food, and Ven.

"Enjoy your night in the Red Dorms? I'm sure their not as good as Blue, but they've got to be at least halfway decent right?" He said.

" They're alright." Alex said. " But they'll do."


Taylor Thompson

“Here you go!” Taylor said as she handed her completed battle form to one of the teachers behind the desks. The teacher glanced at it for a moment, occasionally raising an eyebrow at the strange tactics she had employed or squinting at the tiny letters she had wrote in. Finally, she pulled out a cardboard box from underneath one of the desks and, with a forceful shove, managed to pry it open, revealing a dozen of red school uniforms. Snatching one off of the top pile, she folded it and handed it to Taylor without a word. Taylor checked the size. Small. She shrugged; it was probably the lowest size they had.

Another teacher handed her a piece of paper, and Taylor walked away with it, glancing at the room number and the name of her roommate. According to the paper, she’d be stuck in the Red Dorms with an Abby-something-or-other. Truthfully, she wasn’t too happy about having another person share a dorm with her. For one thing, she liked to go out at night and explore; having to creep away without waking her roommate would be a pain. On another note, she tended to decorate her room in haunted house décor, which probably wasn’t going to be happening with another person walking around. Maybe she could just scare them out or something.

Then again, she hadn’t met her roommate yet. Until then, she’d have to give the benefit of the doubt to her dorm-mate.

A streak of lightning flashed across the sky, causing a few students nearby to shiver with fear. Taylor, however, smiled at the sound of the thunder. A perfectly ominous night… could the day get any better? She couldn’t miss out on exploring the woods nearby; not with the full moon shining so bright in the sky.

Without thinking, she walked into the creepy woods, flashing each shadow she came across with a wide grin. Taking a Poke Ball off her belt, she threw it into the air, releasing a newly rested Geist. At the sight of the menacing darkness, Geist’s eyes widened with happiness. It was just like Mt. Pyre… only with more trees.

“You know what, Geist?” Taylor began as they walked through the woods. The path they followed hadn’t been cleared in probably a few years. “I think we did pretty well today.” Geist nodded, his eyes scanning the foliage for signs of Pokémon hiding in the shadows. “I mean, we didn’t win a single match,” Taylor continued, “but, hey, I don’t think we’ve fought this hard since… ever, really.” She raised an eyebrow at Geist. “Find anything interesting?” Geist shook his head.

Suddenly, a strange light began to shine through the branches of the trees. For a moment, the duo stared at it, unsure of what to do. Finally, with a quick exchange of glances, they fled behind the nearby trees.

Three students, each wearing a different colored uniform, walked through the forest, passing through the trees as if they didn’t even exist. They were pale, unhealthily pale, with dark circles forming under their eyes. The middle one held a flashlight, which wavered back and forth, threatening to go out at any moment.

“I-I think… we’re lost…” the yellow-uniformed student whispered, her words mixing into the wind. Taylor could hear her heart thumping in her eyes. Could… could they really be… ghosts? She glanced at Geist out of the corner of her eye and frowned. He was shivering slightly, his eyes wide. Funny; he never acted so scared around Ghost-types…

The students continued walking, disappearing into the darkness. A few minutes passed in silence as Geist and Taylor watched, wondering if they would appear again. When they didn’t, Taylor hopped out of her hiding spot and ran over to the area where the students had walked. No footprints. She couldn’t believe her luck.

“Dude…” Taylor whispered, “I think that was our first encounter with a paranormal! This is amazing! Geist, you gotta come look at this! Err… well, come not look at this… you know what I mean.” No answer came. She frowned. “Aw, c’mon, Geist. You’re a freakin’ Ghost-type. How could you possibly be scared of a couple a- GAH!”

She screamed as a shivering purple cloth landed on her head. Pulling the Pokémon from her face, she dragged the shaking Geist to her shoulder. “How many times have I told you not to do that?!” She exclaimed, her voice echoed through the forest. Geist hugged her shoulder, his eyes darting around the woods. Sighing, Taylor declared, “Well, it’s late enough as is. We might as well get to our dorm before someone finds out we’re gone.”

They made their way through the woods, stumbling out of the forest and into the girl’s dorms for the Flareon house. Her bags, which she had left under a boulder to prevent getting them wet, had been completely untouched. Smiling, she snatched her bags from the ground, heaved them onto her free shoulder, and walked into the dorm.

The door closed behind her with a soft creak, and she threw her bags onto the ground beside her bead. A frown appeared on her face as she examined the room. The dorm had been divided into two separate sides; two dressers and two beds with two tables beside them, only one of which had a mirror. A closet and a bathroom sat side-by-side in the back of the dorm; the closet was already halfway full with a set of clothes Taylor was tempted to take. Only two windows lined the dorms walls: one in the front, and one on her roommate’s side of the dorm. Fortunately for her, Taylor’s side was void of most sunlight.

Taylor quickly changed into a set of dry pajamas, leaving her wet clothes hanging on a rack in the bathroom to dry overnight. Returning Geist to his Poke Ball, she threw her unpacked stuff onto the table beside her and went to bed, her mind still racing about the ghosts she had encountered…

The Next Morning…

By the time Taylor had woken up, her roommate was as good as gone. On the bright side, this gave her plenty of time to finish unpacking and setting up her room in just the perfect way. By the time she was finished, her side of the room looked as if Halloween had come early. Several bottles of unidentifiable liquid sat by her daily care products, along with a specially designed, glow-in-the-dark magnifying glass. Posters of the various “unloved” types – Darks, Ghosts, Bugs, and Poisons – hung diagonally above her bed. A cork board had managed to fit itself in the middle of the posters, and was already filled by miscellaneous papers and morbid newspapers articles. She had already plugged in a lamp and a black Ipod system – complete with a black Ipod – into a nearby wall. Finally, a selection of books sat at her bedside table, including such works as “A Ghosthunters Guide to the Galaxy” and “Ghostbusting: For Dummies.”

After a quick change and a shower, Taylor sprinted out the door, Geist following behind her sleepily. “Hurry it up, Geist!” She shouted, “We’re gonna be late for breakfast!” In the midst of all her redecorating, she had forgotten to keep track of the time.

By the time they reached the lunchroom, only a few people were still eating their breakfast. Grabbing a tray from off a shelf, she snatched the remains of pancakes, MooMooMilk, Tailow Eggs, and a few packets of Pokémon chow. Sitting down at a random table (and getting a few stares in doing so), she stared through a window and into the forest beyond, absentmindedly going through the events of the ghost’s appearance in her mind. Grabbing a bag of Pokémon food with his mouth, Geist did the same.


Vintage much?
"You weren't late getting up, I was just early." Alex said while Abby smiled "Manly conversation eh, I won't ask and don't tell" she remarked while looking at Ven's food. They were talking until "Hello Abby," from a male cheery voice, Abby looked to her side and say Eli, who then in a dull monotone voice said "Alex" and then "Other guy", Abby looked a bit puzzled. "Enjoy your night in the Red Dorms? I'm sure their not nearly as good as Blue, but they've got to be at the very least halfway decent right?" he asked as Abby was about to reply until.

" His name's Ven." Alex said in a monotone voice and responding to the question, "They're alright." Alex said. "But they'll do." as Abby smiled very nervously "Oh god" she thought in her mind until she spoke "Hello, Eli how are you?" she asked him as she thought of a quick fire answer "The night was good, I just hope my roomie well isn't eccentric" she muttered the last part "If I can keep my clothes a closet, it is fine that is if it could fit" she smiled while finishing up with her food.

"I didn't see her at all" Abby thought while she was thinking about her roommate what she would be like until. "Hey Abby, come with us for a second, we have to tell you where we hang out" said a blonde girl along with Kelley as Abby smiled to the boys and walked with the girls. "Thanks for that, it was getting a bit weird when two rivals are well competitive" she muttered to the girls as she yelled out "Catch up with you guys later" as she walked away with the other girls.


On my own here we go
"152.63?! WHAT KIND OF SCHOOL IS THIS?!" Adrian yelled as he wandered the hallway with Offense. He wandered aimlessly in the deserted hallways until he came across room 101. When he looked inside, he saw on the Chalkboard that it said "Battling 101". "Ya know, I feel stupid for not piecing that together in the first place." Adrian said, rather embarressed. He took a seat and waited for a teacher - In which there seemed to be none, or other students, Except for one that had a Vulpix, but he didnt pay much attention to her because a Fire type versus a Bug Type isnt good. He looked at the Clock. "Wow, I must have finished breakfast early, still 10 minutes till class. He looked at Offense, who had made his way up the wall, on a Book Case, and onto the Ceiling. He hung from the tile right above the Door, waiting in ambush for the next person to come through the door. "OFFENSE NO!" Adrian yelled. "DONT YOU-" He was cut off by the door opening and Offense spraying them with a ton of String Shot. "Dare . . ." Adrian finished his sentence. "Oh Dear God Im in trouble." He rushed over to the door to see who was entangled in the mess.

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Ven was eatting his food like no tomorrow, when Abby came back. Ven really didn't care, they were just talking about stuff. He did stop eating when he heard Eli's voice.

"Hello Abby!" He said in a unusual cheery voice, which the went monotone, harshly. " Alex." He then looked at Ven. "Other guy."
"...Other guy." Ven thought, about to something compleatly stupid.

"His name's Ven." Alex said in a monotone voice

"Enjoy your night in the Red Dorms? I'm sure their not as good as Blue, but they've got to be at least halfway decent right?" Eli said.

"They're alright." Alex said. "But they'll do."

Abby then left with a few friends, but Ven didn't care. He was still thinking "Did he just call me, that other guy?"

Ven stood up suddenly, looking down at his food, then looking up and toward Eli.
"The names Ventori, but Ven for short. Don't forget it." Ven said, more serious then normal. He then pointed at Eli "Me and my buddy Alex here beat you, isn't that right Alex? We're gonna have a montage and all that jazz, then we're coming for you."
Ven then started lighting up, getting back to his happy mood.

"But first of course, it's food time. So lets save this rivalry for later, ok bro?" Ven said, more jokingly.

Then turning to look at Alex, Ven said "Don't worry, I'm also a love doctor. I've seen a lot of those mushy shows about romance, so I'll help you beat Eli in that department too, if you catch my drift."


<---My fave PKMN
Abby suddenly left, right out of the blue, leaving Alex and Ven to fend for themselves against Eli. However right after that, he saw Ven getting abit agitated, and more serious than his usual self. "The names Ventori, but Ven for short. Don't forget it." Ven said. He then pointed at Eli. "Me and my buddy Alex are here to beat you, isn't that right Alex? We're gonna have a montage and all that jazz, then we're coming for you." He said. " But first of course, it's food time. So lets save this rivalry for later, ok bro?" Ven said, more jokingly.

Alex just stared at Ven who just basically told Eli to back off. He the proceeded to say something in front of Alex and Eli. "Don't worry, I'm also a love doctor. I've seen a lot of those mushy shows about romance, so I'll help you beat Eli in that department too, if you catch my drift." He said this quietly, but Alex was able to hear it.

" Wait..." Alex said. " Are you talking about-" Alex suddenly stopped and looked at Eli, making sure if he was listening. He then sighed a bit, trying to cover it up, and continued to eat his food, with Ven.