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Pokemon Regional Academy[RA]


<---My fave PKMN
The crowd cheered once Judy's Pound attack connected with Agua's face. The Squirtle shot backwards from the impact and landed on its stomach, but suddenly jerked upwards. There was a mark on Agua's face where Reyes' Pokemon hit him, and Agua sneered at Judy upon readying another attack. Alex looked at Reyes, and caught him smiling, probably due to the fact that Judy's attack had connected. "You having fun, Reyes? Guess what? There's more coming your way, so you better do better than that!" Said Alex, laughing a bit, but at the same time nervous. He wondered what to do for his next attack, trying to think of something to knock Mincinno off guard.

Let's see...Agua has better defense than Mincinno, so as long as Agua gets a good shot at Judy, it should be good...I just gotta watch out for the Pound Attack... Alex pointed his finger at Judy, and commanded Agua. " Alright, get in close Agua!" His Squirtle ran towards the Minccino with some fancy footwork, and shot out a Water Gun in a relatively close range at Judy's torso.


The North Wind
Reyes was glad that his attack connected, but Agua didn’t seem to slow down at all. He seemed to have pretty good defenses and endurance. That would be a problem for Judy since she was not as durable; however, her speed was a bit above average, and Squirtles tended to be on the slow side. Reyes and Judy would have to play to their strengths and use hit and run tactics if they wanted to win. Alex began to taunt Reyes, but his words didn’t sound too convincing.

“Oh trust me, I can do better. I’m just getting started!” Reyes retorted. Reyes noticed Agua rushing in to attack before he used a Water Gun attack.

“Aqua Tail, then follow up with Pound,” Reyes shouted. Judy quickly used the attack as way to defend herself like she did previously. She quickly spun around and used another Pound attack against Agua.


<---My fave PKMN
((OOC: Since the RP is going by kind of slow, I'm going to go ahead an pick up the pace, as I am assuming everyone pretty much just wants to go to the academy already. Also, I know it's getting hard to discuss the RP without a discussion thread, so I am trying to get one approved.))

The Water Gun clashed with Judy's Aqua Tail, creating a spritz of mist in the air, slightly hazing the small area where Agua and Judy were battling. Judy suddenly used another pound on Agua, knocking him backwards to Alex. " Awww..." Moaned Alex. Agua got up, and shook it off, but Alex knew he took a beating from Judy. Agua got went on one knee, struggling to get up, but regained balance. Alex saw this as a good time to intervene and forfeit. " Alright, Reyes, you win." Alex said, with a slight kiddish smile. He walked up to Agua, and returned him to its Pokeball, vanishing in a lustrous red light which retreated into the Pokeball. The crowd groaned, as everyone started walk away, soon leaving only a few people talking amongst themselves and Alex with Reyes. He walked up to Reyes: " Good match." Alex said, giving a handshake. "There's no point in both of our Pokemon getting beat up before we even get to the Academy. There's not even a clinic on the ship."Alex, said chuckling a bit during that last part. " But...we can have a real match later when we get to the academy. Once we get settled in of course."

------------The Docks------------

Captain Lloyd had announced the arrival of the island, and that the ship had just docked and was ready for the students to leave. Alex was relieved they finally made it to the island, as he was getting rather seasick looking out at the ominous seawater. "Leave form the Western Exit! Make sure you don't shove anybody, everyone will leave the ship!" Lloyd's hoarse voice echoed throughout the ship on the PA system, but it was hard to hear through all the chatter and bustling of students trying to leave the ship. Alex made his way through the crowd, and eventually made it to the western exit, where everyone was walking along a trail uphill, like some sort of pilgrimage. "It's not raining anymore..." Alex thought to himself, mumbling a bit. The clouds were dark grey, and covered the sun, darkening the setting. It wasn't raining, but it was still cloudy, with not a ray of sunshine in sight. Alex started to walk alongside some other students, as they made their way uphill, towards the academy, which could be seen from the docks. " Man, that's a big academy..." Alex said, looking at the Academy. He glanced around to see that the island looked much bigger than it actually looked like in the brochure. There were beaches, forests, and caves on the island, all inhabited by various Pokemon. The academy itself was gigantic. It had a huge dome, and a couple of tower-like structures, connected to the building. The building was nice, warm yellow colour, with various blue doors all around the building for easy access and exit. The main foyer part of the building had a hints of Red, Blue, Green and bright Yellow in a striped pattern, signifying the Houses.

A few minutes later...

Alex had reached the academy, where the students were walking into what seemed to be a stadium. There were large blue metal doors, which were opened, and students were just walking in. Alex couldn't see what was going on, so he wormed his way through the crowd to get a better look. As he entered the building, he gazed in awe, as the students poured in, getting seated. The arena was massive, it looked like it could have rivalled the big name stadiums across the country. There was a large rectangle platform in the centre, with stadium seats all around the perimeter of the stadium for spectators. The students were getting seated, and Alex decided to go take a seat in an empty area. He swirved, and snaked his way up a couple of stairs and managed to find a spot with about 5 empty seats. He sat down, and noticed something. There was a tall man, with a dark grey beard, head shaven, standing on the platform in the middle of the stadium, with a mike. He was wearing light orange dress shirt, with a purple tie and black dress pants. Not the best combination to Alex, but he didn't really care. "Attention students, please make your way to a seat, and remain seated!" He said. He repeated this several times, as students kept coming in, chatting with one another. " May as well get comfy." Said Alex.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Craig Benton

He had finally gotten his lunch, which was nothing truly unique in the fact that it was a simple turkey sandwich and a bag of potato chips with some bottled water. He decided to eat it there and then, as he knew that it might be the only chance he got to do it. Only problem was, halfway through the meal, it was already time to go. Captain Lloyd had announced the ship's arrival, and Craig wasn't exactly pleased at the fact he had to pack and wrap everything up and struggle to find a moment to finish the rest of it, or attempt to eat on the run, which was never an enjoyable experience.

"Leave form the Western Exit!" Lloyd shouted on the loud speaker. "Make sure you don't shove anybody, everyone will leave the ship!"

Craig rose to his feet, but the crowd was a fiasco. Endless chatter, shoving, and hasty pushing to be the first to arrive at the academy. Craig just shrugged. The way these kids were shoving, it was like they were taking a voyage to Heaven instead of a Pokémon academy. It was still a school, and a school meant work, studying, and examinations. These kids were probably thinking it was all meant to be about fun.

After finally getting off the boat, Craig joined the rest of the students heading toward the academy, a rather large campus. The new kids were taken in the sights, spellbound by the size of the island and the large main building. Craig had seen it before, so it really wasn't anything new to him. They hadn't changed much about it from last year, but he figured that to a newbie like most of these kids were, it was probably quite a sight.

Orientation was about to begin at the stadium, and Craig knew from previous years that it was going to be mainly a welcoming speech, the opening of the new academic year, and all the events and plans that were going to be featured this semester.

"Attention students!" The headmaster shouted, using a microphone to speak over the chatter. "Please make your way to a seat, and remain seated!"

It was none other than Headmaster Patrick Richards, a tall man with a dark grey beard that Craig though looked like it really needed to be shaved. Meanwhile, his head was balding. Craig was just hoping this year's opening speech wouldn't be long. Last year's "self-assigned Pokémon task" speech was a snoozer.

"Ha, ha, who's this dude?" One student laughed at the headmaster. "Dumbledore?"

Craig couldn't help but smirk. The resemblance was a bit uncanny. Either way, Craig took a seat, and decided to finish off the rest of his lunch. One young boy kept bouncing up and down in his seat, shaking the entire row. Meanwhile, some other kid had let out his Bulbasaur, and Craig couldn't help but shake his head in disbelief as two students, an arrogant, stuck-up girl in the yellow house with her Bunneary try to on a punk of a kid from the blue house with the Bulbasaur, really thinking they could squeeze a battle right here, right now in the stadium seating area just before the opening speech.

Truly an experience in culture indeed.

Flash Sport

Whatcha gotta say?
OOC: I wanted to wait for MeltingCORE’s post,
but I guess I’ll just go ahead and have Evelyn move along…​

Evelyn Yvette Carson | 16 | Female | Green

Where had the time gone? Inattentiveness towards the passing of minutes truly did appear to make it fly for the ship seemed to have arrived faster than anticipated in spite of the storm. At least to Evelyn it seemed that way. The crippled girl only realized this when the speakers gave that small, yet audible pop followed by the hoarse voice of the ship's captain announcing their arrival. "Leave from the Western Exit! Make sure you don't shove anybody…” At least that’s what she assumed the captain blared over the PA system because the noise level had increased significantly. It appeared that their arrival caused adrenaline levels to spike, evolving the excited chatter into an obnoxious roar. “everyone will leave the ship!" That last statement was a curious one. Who would want to stay aboard the ship? Then she remembered the previous year. It turned out that one of the new students had gotten a combination of cold feet and homesickness. From what she could remember, she thought him to be around ten or somewhere close to that age and being on his own was a new thing. Though she had only heard about it in passing, it was said the kid had remained aboard and managed to hide himself in the ship’s boiler room. Several days had flitted by without anyone knowing the boy was missing until one of the sailors happened upon him after the boy emerged to get something to eat. What the consequences turned out to be, Evelyn couldn’t say, but she was glad he was found before he got injured.

After assuring her new friend she could handle the gangplank, since it was now a downward slope, Evelyn bid Shapes farewell and wished her well in her classes. Swinging herself around, Evelyn wheeled towards the Western Exit where the colorful, disembarking horde bottlenecked the egress. She noticed quite a few gaps she could have slipped into that would’ve gotten her to the door, but she didn’t fancy an elbow to the face or any other part of her body. Despite the captain’s demand, shoving and roughhousing were inevitable. Those who tried to place a bit of space between themselves and the ones ahead were unceremoniously forced forward, sometimes directly onto an individual’s back. Shouting matches would then ensue, although briefly, which were often punctuated by the demands for challenges at a later date to resolve the issue. The issue really wasn’t a big one. All anyone had to do was apologize and let bygones by bygones, but she guessed that wouldn’t satisfy them. Pride was on the line and most wouldn’t dare commit an action that portrayed them as weak. Instead, strength could only be measured in battle where the winner would receive unofficial rank of superiority above their challenger. An apology would never be uttered, but defeat took its place.

Evelyn patiently waited for the mass to thin itself before making her way towards the door. After rolling onto the deck, Evelyn realized she had forgotten to put on her raincoat, but found she had no need for it. At some point the storm had abated and the rain had ceased. The gray billow remained, however, and continued blocking out the sunlight, keeping the day rather gloomy. Evelyn kept her hands on the rims, but adjusted her grip so the wheelchair could roll quickly, yet safely down the plank. Upon hitting the bottom, she returned a sheepish smile to the grinning sailor who stood at one side of the plank. He probably wasn’t use to seeing people in wheelchairs and probably thought her descent looked like fun. That was nothing new to her either though it usually came from the really young kids who wanted to play around in a wheelchair because it “looked like fun.”

Finally on land where they could spread out, Evelyn broke away to the outside of the fragmented file and continued towards the gymnasium. Being on the island again brought a sense of relief. Having attended the academy for three years, it felt like a second home to her and was still magnificent in her eyes. A flock of taillow flew overhead towards one of the towers, spiraling around the structure before alighting somewhere at the top. Although the island contained Pokémon native to the Hoenn Region, it also served as a habitat for those that were not. The majority of those had been imported from other regions to give the island a diverse wildlife.

“Looks like the orientation is in the stadium again this year,” she said to Ultros who sat and watched quietly, having gotten use to the sights and sounds of the academy. Evelyn caught the tail end of the headmaster’s statement just as they entered. The man unnerved her, from his height to his manner of dress. She didn’t know why, but he always did. Scanning row after row of seats, Evelyn decided upon a spot where three seats on the lowest row were empty. She asked Ultros to teleport them there and he did so before anyone claimed the seats. She didn’t want to block the view of someone already seated. Knowing it might be awhile before the orientation began, Evelyn rolled the wheelchair as close as she could to the barricade and relaxed into the chair, waiting for the program to begin.

Ralts | Ultros | Male | Confusion, Teleport, Charge Beam

Shadow XD001

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(OOC: Jegretis said I could join the RP since it's only at the beginning and my character only got accepted recently, so here I am! Sorry if my post seems a little rushed, I just wanted to catch up to you guys. :p)

Brett Salas | Blue | Swift/Buizel

After waiting a few hours on the boat ride to the Regional Academy, the captain had informed everyone that they had reached the Regional Academy.

"Finally!" Brett cried, jumping out of his seat his excitedly. Swift was fast asleep on his lap, but the poor weasel fell off of Brett's lap and made a loud thud.

"Bui, Bui!" Swift yelled at his trainer who was too busy looking out at the horizon to notice his Pokémon yelling at him. "Bui, Bui, Bui!" Still Brett ignored him and watched as the Regional Academy started to appear more clearly in the horizon the closer they got.

"Magnificent" was all he could muster before Swift lightly hit him with a Water Gun attack in the head. All drenched, Brett yelled, "What was that for? Oh, I didn't notice the bump on your head, Swift. But look! That's the Regional Academy!" Brett turned back around and Swift also saw the Regional Academy, now in full view. "So first we have to go to the Stadium it seems. Let's go!"

The boat finally came to a complete stop and Brett sprinted out the boat and grabbed Swift's hand, not wanting to leave his companion all alone. He ran over to where the Stadium was and saw that he place was already packed! Wow, there's a lot of students at the academy! I don't even think that's everyone yet! He thought to himself as he found a seat next to a boy with a Squirtle.

"Hi, my name's Brett and this is my partner Buizel, who I call Swift. How are you?"

(Jegretis also told me I could have my character talk to his, so Brett is talking to your character Jegretis, if you don't mind)

Flame Mistress

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Candice "Candy" Viloria | Yellow House

After the battle between the two boys had finished - it was pretty boring, to Candy's opinion, and the boy with the Squirtle had been a coward and had forfeited the match, although his Squirtle was nowhere near battered - the ferry finally arrived at the magnificent Regional Academy. Candy noticed that she wasn't as shocked as she had been last year, but then, it had been her first year here, and she'd seen the academy for the first time ever in her life.*

Once off the ship, Candy tapped Hydro slightly on the beak, which was more than enough to awaken the drowsy Piplup. With a yawn, Hydro opened his eyes, and finally realised that they were now on the island - though all he could really see was the immense flood of students, and the academy building towering above them all. The newcomers were gasping in awe at the sight of the academy building, while students who had been here the year before were idly chatting with their friends or their Pokémon, heading towards the stadium.*

"That's right!" Candy said, smacking herself on the forehead. "We have to go to the stadium! Hold on tight, Hydro!" And with that, she rushed through the crowd at a blinding speed, with poor little Hydro clinging onto Candy for dear life.*

Dumbledore - the nickname Candy and her friends had given to the headmaster of the academy - was standing on the rectangular platform in the middle of the stadium, dressed in an orange dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants, as well as a purple tie. He had the fashion sense of a Wobbufet, it seemed...

Candy noticed some of her friends from last year in the distance. They spotted her first, waving at her frantically, and Candy waved back. Not all of them had made it into Yellow House at the end of last year, so she was probably going to be separated from them for a while... Sad, but true. *

Seating herself on one of the random seats inside the stadium, Candy got herself comfortable, and also made sure that Hydro was getting comfortable, too - He definitely needed a good rest.*

Avenger Angel

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Craig Benton

Headmaster Richards, the one who most of the academy's students nicknamed "Dumbledore" due to his uncanny likeness in appearance and faculty position to the wizard from Harry Potter, had started the orientation. Most of the students had silenced, but there were still plenty of unruly ones. Still, most of Richards's speech was louder thanks to the speakers, and he drowned out most of the chatter and noises of a few of the Pokémon battles that were taking place between the aisles.

"Ladies and gentlemen, faculty and students of the Pokémon Regional Academy," Richards began in a slow and steady voice, opening up the speech. "I would like to welcome you to a new academic year, one I trust will be inspiring, motivational, and will be full of precious memories and experience that you will use in all your future endeavors."

Craig sighed as he finished off the last of his lunch, and crumbled up the wax paper the turkey sandwich came in before tossing it into the paper bag. It was pretty much the same snoozer speech as last year. He even believed there was a website out there that had these kinds of speeches already prepared, kind of like mad libs, only with filling in the names of the school and faculty.

"It is one of our most precious and important pastimes to understand, grow, and experience life with Pokémon," Richards continued, using a rather monotone voice. "At the Pokémon Regional Academy, you will learn these precious facets, as well as understand aspects and core values of Pokémon that most trainers overlook and don't recognize. This, ladies and gentlemen, is your self-assigned task, an important step in growing up and deciding what you want to do with your life."

The first thing Craig wanted to do with his life was just get out of there. But, ever year, they did this orientation. He already knew most kids were here for the battling, thinking learning from the Pokémon Regional Academy would give them an edge. Usually it did... if they paid attention. After drinking the last of his water, Craig figured probably only a quarter of the students were even still listening, and that number was probably steadily dropping.

"Now, don't be concerned if you were not admitted to the house of your choice," He continued. "While all students here aspire to be recognized as the best of the best, what matters most is that you achieve your own personal goals, aspirations, and commitments. For some of us, that will be a challenging road ahead. For others, it may be just within grasp. In either case, you would do well to set your goals to be higher than what is easy for you to achieve. If I could offer you any advice for the future, hard work, commitment, and teamwork is what I would offer. Teamwork with your friends, your family, your coworkers, and especially your Pokémon. Yes, it is a long and difficult road ahead for all of us, but you need not take it alone. Help and assistance can always be found if one knows where to look, and who to ask."

Craig couldn't help but let out a yawn, a gesture that went silent among the chatter, the ruckus, and the loud speech itself. Some years, the speech went relatively quickly. Other years, it carried out for over an hour. Still, if kids thought this one was long, they should see the one at graduation. Diplomas were somewhat useless if half the graduating class died of old age before leaving the stadium.

The boy next to Craig had unwrapped a Snickers bar, and took a big bite out of it. Meanwhile, to his right, the young, blonde-haired girl with the t-shirt and denim shorts pulled out a blank Pokédex and decided to go through it's features. But as Craig knew, a blank Pokédex was just as fun and exciting to play around with as a calculator was.

"Eraaaggh! Use your Pound attack, Cinnabun!"

Craig couldn't help but see the battle between that one girl's Buneary against that other boy's Bulbasaur was only getting more vicious by the second, but the even more intense battle was not between the two Pokémon. He looked over the girl, and saw a face that was angry and determined not to lose, especially not to this kid. Craig couldn't help but have a hunch that they knew each other, and definitely hated each other's guts. Meanwhile, just as he looked into her face, her Buneary clasped her paws together and clunked the Bulbasaur on the head, right between the eyes. The boy, probably another bratty, spoiled kid, looked miserable when the Bulbasaur complained from the headache, and just rolled over, passing out like a light.

"No way!" He whined out loud. "That was cheap! You stupid maggot, is that the only way you can win with your dumb Buneary!? What a joke! You probably have to do things like that because you suck too much otherwise!"

"Oh shut up!" She shouted in response. "You only suck because you suck, William! Admit it, you lost, you suck, and your Bulbasaur is nothing more than an easy and fun to smack target. Just be happy at least other, better trainers will get more experience from beating the stuffing out of him."

Well, it was definitely more interesting and entertaining that Richards's speech. They continued snarling and shouting at each other until one of the teachers, an old bat named Mary Ellen who taught Pokémon history, scolded them both and pulled them outside. And like that, the fun was over, and Craig was left having to listen to Richards again.

"So with all that said, I welcome you all, both newcomers and veterans alike, to Pokémon Regional Academy," Richards finally concluded. "May you all gain the insight to a valuable and prosperous future."

At this point, Craig figured it was probably time to head off to the dorms and get unpacked. It was a pain, taking bags and bags of clothing and supplies up to his room, but he was hoping this year he would get a room on the ground floor. Trying to get a spot on the elevators with fully loaded bags was next to impossible, and going up the stairs with loads of other students carrying giant bags of stuff was never easy either. But, if he was on the ground floor, it would be much easier. However, considering every dorm building had ten floors to accommodate the large number of students, that was unlikely. Last year, he ended up on the eighth floor, and that was a nightmare. And the year before that, it was the sixth. Craig was convinced that if he had to go to the eight floor or higher this year, he'd be tempted to just use a tent outside. Sure, it would be a pain in the neck during the winter, but considering how much of a pain it would be to haul everything up so many stories, he wasn't going to push his luck... or his muscles.

Flame Mistress

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Candice "Candy" Viloria | Yellow House

"Ladies and gentlemen, faculty and students of the Pokémon Regional Academy," Richards began in a slow and steady voice, opening up the speech. "I would like to welcome you to a new academic year, one I trust will be inspiring, motivational, and will be full of precious memories and experience that you will use in all your future endeavours..." Dumbledore began his always slow and steady voice.

Candy hardly paid attention to the speech, on the verge of falling asleep, while Hydro impatiently sat on Candy's laps, shifting his position every now and then. Dumbledore rambled on about about the Academy, blah blah blah, the rules, yadda yadda, the aims and goals and achievements, blah blah blah, potential of students, yadda yadda. Approximately three quarters of the students had switched off already, playing with their C-Gears or Pokedexes, or having whispered conversations with one another, or even trying to stay awake (like Candy). Those fifteen minutes of the speech seemed like fifteen hours to both candy and Hydro.

Finally, the speech was over - Candy figured that her attention span towards Dumbledore would decrease each year, since she already knew everything, and it would just be plain boring to listen to the same speech every year. But anyway, everyone was now shuffling towards the exit (the stupid stadium only had one, for some reason), eager to go to their respective dorms and unpack their luggage.

Once Candy had reached the Yellow House dorm building, along with Hydro as well as her luggage (two small suitcases, one containing her sanitary items, mangas and secret stash of sweets, and the other everything not included in that group), the dorm rooms were already being assigned to the students. Candy seriously hoped that she'd be assigned to a dorm room within the first five floors of the building - last year, she had been assigned to a room on the 10th floor, and although the view of the island from her room had been spectacular, going to the ground floor with all her books as well as Hydro had always been a pain.

Eventually, Candy was assigned her dorm room. She eagerly checked out the small piece of paper on which the three-digit number of her dorm room had been written, and Candy sighed with relief when she saw the number on it: 401. It was conveniently close to the elevators, as well as the staircase, and not to mention, it was located on the 4th floor, which was great.

"Well, Hydro, looks like we've nabbed ourselves a great room," Candy told Hydro with a smile, and Hydro, who had been sitting on her shoulder, cheered as well. He was scared of elevators, and painstakingly slow elevators plus the extra time taken for elevators to go down ten floors equalled a pain in the butt for the small penguin Pokemon.


The room was just like any other; a clean double bed, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a TV, a studying desk and a chair, as well as an en suite with a toilet, a sink, and a shower, not to mention a small balcony. The view was alright, with half of it being the sea and half of it being the stadium (which ususally didn't have a roof, so Candy could potentially just watch the battle from the balcony).

Satisfied with her room, Candy set to unpacking her luggage.


The North Wind
The battle between Reyes and Alex reached a conclusion once Alex decided to forfeit. Reyes was excited about his win even though it was due to his opponent bowing out. He returned Judy to her
Pokeball after thanking her for her stellar performance. He then looked up to Alex with a grin and accepted his handshake as Alex began to speak.

“Nice effort, but I told you I would win. I’ll be looking forward to that rematch.” Reyes said teasingly. Soon, they arrived at the island. Reyes was definitely excited. He always got riled up when he returned to the Academy. No matter how often he came here the excitement would never fade. He grabbed his things before rushing off of the boat to avoid the bustling crowd.

The grand island was home to the even grander academy. He knew this place like the back of his hand. It was his home away from home. As Reyes moved closer to the academy, he was being motioned over to the stadium. A few students were scattered throughout the arena. Reyes saw a few people that he met from last year, so he decided to sit with them. They started up a conversation about various Pokemon and what made them appealing.

The headmaster began to speak in order to settle everyone down. His sense of style was something that Reyes never understood, but to each his own. Orientations were going to start soon, so Reyes began to pay attention as the conversation between his friends died down.

Flash Sport

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Evelyn Yvette Carson | 16 | Female | Green
Green dorm

“Feels kinda like home doesn’t it?” Evelyn asked Ultros as she looked into their empty dorm room with walls of mint cream and checkerboard tiling of dark green and white. Natural light spilled through their single bay window, which framed the distance seascape and cloudy horizon, and with a sill wide enough to lie on. She bet the view looked even better from one of the higher floors. Unfortunately, that aerial view would be left to her imagination. Even if there had been a solid reason for her to travel to one of the upper floors, she had no way of getting there aside from Ultros, but she really didn’t want him to waste his energy on trivial things. There was talk of the dorms getting elevators to make it easier for students when they move in and out, but Evelyn guessed the idea died for it could reach fruition. One of the faculty members had originally suggested it on her behalf after the second year. She figured installing elevators would be a costly venture and there had yet to be enough disabled individuals to apply to the academy for them to give it serious consideration. Not to mention they thought the students moved in just fine. Evelyn didn’t mind. All that mattered was that she had someplace to stay.

The room was bare aside from Evelyn’s things, which had graciously been delivered. Against the left wall were two naked, single-sized bed separated by two modern fitted wardrobes embedded into the wall with wooden sliders. Separating the two closets was a single, full-length mirror. Bookshelves and desks lined the right wall with a single sixteen-inch television set seated on an ebony refrigerator, compliments of Evelyn’s parents. The fridge was a new one because the last one she had began smelling like fish; she never kept seafood in it, but guessed it had something to do with improper defrosting. Adjacent to the window was another doorway that led into a small bathroom complete with a tub, shower, and sink. That was definitely something Evelyn was grateful for. She couldn’t imagine using public washing facilities. Not that she was snobbish or anything, but that was way out of her comfort zone.

Evelyn breathed in deeply, though there was really no smell to be had. Being in her old dorm room felt comforting and the animated chatter of students passing by enlivened her. “Guess we should start unpacking. Now’s as good of time as any.” Then her sights landed on her motorized wheelchair to the left of her bed. “First things first.” Evelyn rolled over to the other wheelchair and carefully positioned herself. With the help of Ultros she managed to thrust herself into the other without putting much weight onto her legs and causing herself intense pain. She switched the chair on and it gave a soothing hum in response. “That’s a lot better don’t you think?” Ultros nodded in agreement, a friendly smile on his face. Unlike other motorized chairs that had sticks for maneuvering, Evelyn’s had spheres embedded into the armrests instead, which gave her control. Placing a hand atop one, she moved it forward and reveled in the freedom it provided without making her arms burn. Just as she wheeled in front her luggage did a knock sound at the door.

“Nurse Bailey!” Evelyn exclaimed, happy to see a familiar person.

“Hello, Evelyn,” the auburn haired woman greeted, her posture and brown eyes radiating warmth. “Getting settled in okay?”

“I guess. We just got here not too long ago,” Evelyn told her. “I thought you were going to Unova.” She had informed Evelyn she considered going abroad in order to become a field nurse in Unova after the previous school term was up.

“Yeah,” the woman comically drawled, rolling her eyes towards the ceiling. “That was the plan, but things happen.” Evelyn silently nodded; choosing to ignore the vague expression of sadness hidden behind that happy façade. “How was orientation?” she asked while pocketing her hands in the pale pink, knee length skirt of her nurse’s outfit.

Evelyn shrugged. "The same. I find it kinda fun to listen to the headmaster." She sheepishly added. "Does that make me weird?"

Nurse Bailey gave a small chuckle. "Not at all." Then she motioned towards Evelyn's legs. "Getting any better?"

“I don’t know. The doctor said it’s not improving, but neither is it worsening. He thinks the rehabilitation might be what's keeping it from progressing.”

“And speaking of that, I came down here just for that reason. We need to schedule your sessions. Do you want the morning, midday, or afternoon session?” Evelyn thought about it briefly before choosing the morning hours before classes began. She would probably be sore for most of the day, but it was better than fumbling around in the dark on her way back to the dorm. “Alright, morning it is. Do you want some help unpacking?”

“That’s okay. Ultros and I can handle it. You probably have a lot to do anyway.”

“Alright then. Guess I’ll be seeing you a couple of days from now.” With a smile and wave, the woman departed.

Evelyn returned her attention to the suitcases. “Time to get started.”

Ralts | Ultros | Male | Confusion, Teleport, Charge Beam


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Alex Ganston | Red | Squirtle

"Hi, my name's Brett and this is my partner Buizel, who I call Swift. How are you?" Alex looked to his side, as some student sat next to him. Alex didn't really feel like talking him, but he didn't want to be rude.

"Hey, the name's Alex." He said, as turned his attention back to the headmaster, who started to give his 'welcome' speech. Alex suddenly looked to his side again, and noticed the kid was wearing blue. Darn...how are all these students a higher rank than me? Alex thought, getting rather annoyed, but he knew the reason he was in Red was because we wasn't exactly the most hardworking student. He wanted to get to Yellow before he left, but sadly, that dream is just a dream, and was far off from the reality. It's a pointless pursuit of happiness.

Before long, the headmaster was finished his speech, and Alex was finally relived. He wanted to get out of the school and head to his dorm to unpack. He was getting antsy and right when the headmaster had finished, he joined the crowd that left the arena, and headed outside towards his dorm, which was located not far from the school, but was farther away than the rest for some reason. Alex looked at the dorm, which was situated at the top of a hill. "Man, everything's so much work." He mumbled, while walking towards the dorm, slouching as if he just woke up. People were behind him, walking towards the dorms. All the other houses were located within the school, but the Reds' were located outside.

----At the Dorm-----

" What the..." Alex looked, as he saw his dorm. It looked like it was put together by amateurs. It was literally a gigantic cabin, which had stairs that reached three floors. The wood was old, and had mold growing on it, and creaked once Alex had stepped on the stairs.He reached his dorm, and opened the door with his dorm key. The door creaked, and he turned on the light, which revealed a fairly average room. There was small TV, a couch, a small washroom, one bunk bed, a desk with a computer, and a large window for sea gazing. Alex wasn't impressed, but he knew he couldn't complain, seeing as this was complimentary. "Alright, let's unpack."

End of Episode

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Calliope "Cal" Chase -- Red House -- Shuckle

Shuffling quickly, Cal made her way off of the boat. She could feel Coope squirming slightly as he hit the bags and shoulders of the other rushing students. She steadied him with a pat on the shell as she continued on.*

Moving with the flow, the brunette entered the grandiose assembly hall that she had seen many a time before. Another familiar sight, the bearded headmaster, caught her eye as she made her way into the many seats that lined each side of the hall. Moving Coope into her arms and throwing her bag to the floor, Cal dropped down onto one of the open seats. As the old man began talking, Cal found herself nodding off, eventually slipping off to sleep.

Minutes later, Cal found herself awakened by movement around her as students began moving off to their dorms. "Finally," she sighed, joining into the migration.

---At the dorm---

Trailing behind the main group of Red House girls, Cal's cobalt eyes caught sight of the building she would be living in for the ninth time. Checking the Pokedex she was given, Cal had a look of relief, seeing that her room was again on the third floor.

Pushing through the aformentioned group of girls, who seemed to be fond of blocking the staircase, Cal made her way to one of the rooms on the highest level. At the top of the wooden stairs, she cut a hard right, causing her bag to catch the corner of the railing. "Crap," she spat, "probably broke something."

Brushing a few stray strands of hair from her face, Cal made her way to the last door on the floor. Turning the slightly tarinished knob, she made her way into the room. "Awesome," she said, a smile on her face, "alone again."*

The room was sized perfectly for the single occupant it was intended for. A small, wooden table and chair sat in the corner to the left of the door. Looking across the room, Cal spied an open door that led to a small bathroom. In the far right corner, she saw one of the beds she had grown accustomed to sleeping in. Like always, the bed sat facing the TV. Kicking her way across the carpet, Cal threw her bag on the table as she made her way to the bed. She set her Shuckle on the foot of the bed before flopping down on it herself.

Using the black remote that had been resting on the sheets, Cal switched on the TV. As she flipped through the channels, Coope crawled up and began nuzzling her chest. Finding nothing to watch, she dropped the remote and began to stroke the Shuckle's head.*

"Ok, buddy," she said with a yawn, "let's you and me take a little nap. I think we deserve it after the dya we've had." The response she recieved was another small nuzzle from Coope.


Vintage much?
Joel Cooper

Joel didn't care for all the speeches and all that stuff. It was not in his nature to actually care about those things. Actually nothing much was in his nature full stop. He cared more about women and people than anything else. He did have the looks, so why not. I could hear bits and pieces from the major speech that everyone who was present was listening to the speech that was going on and on and on. Once that was finished, they were instructed to actually go to their rooms. It was going to be tough because there were a lot of people around here. So it would be very long and physical to actually get to their dorms let alone move five steps. Although Joel did wish he was taller as he could see over the top. "Oh man, I can smell BO" he hated the smell of body odor in which he could assume that a few people didn't even know what a deodorant was.

Finally Joel reached the massive Green Dorm. "Sweet" he smiled walking towards it. He finally entered the Green Dorm and instantly bumped into the woman he saw at the harbor a while ago. "Joel?" he could hear his name after he bumped into her. "Hannah, hey how was the boat ride?" he asked. She smiled flicking some of her blonde hair. "Could have been better. Battles, it was so boring when you don't get to battle" she laughed "It was alright, yours?" she asked Joel. "Nice and relaxing but no battling, saving my skills for later" he smiled. "That's what they all say when they have none" she remarked. Then there was an awkward silence "Yeah I should go...give me a call when you're settled in Joel" she smiled and then started to wave until she hit a wall. "Ummm yeah bye" she then walked away with Joel looking dumbfounded "Cool"

Joel made his way to his room. It was nice. "Awesome" he laughed. He could see a computer, books, a massive bed and a wardrobe. "Missy" he released his Pokemon. "We have a lot of packing to do" it was going to be a long afternoon for the brown haired male alongside his Misdreavus.


Charizard King!
Steve Smith

The headmaster's speech, in one word, was dull. In a few more words, Steve swore it was worse then last years and it made Steve so very bored. Half way through he was told to put Spook away because he was disturbing some of the younger ones. How was he meant to know that he kid was scared of ghost types? Finally the speech ended and Steve could finally leave. On the way to the Red Dorm he took out Spook.

"Come one buddy, lets go meet our new room mates." He said, picking up his pace.

Eventually, after much barging and pushing, Steve reached his new dorm. 'Never a dull moment.' Steve thought as two girls had a cat fight, and their cat-like pokemon joined in. Steve sat down and looked around the room, slightly pleased with it. he set up a picture of his mother by his bed and put up the poster of his dad and started to throw some darts that he had at it.


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Cindy "Shapes" Chambers
Time was fleeting, a dissipating sand that slipped through Shapes’ fingers. Hours spent in the friendly warmth of her new friend, Evelyn, were gone. In fact the whole day - the misty trek through the rain, the cramped waiting docks, and the boat ride - they were all gone in a flash. Even the school’s opening orientation and the task of finding her room was already done and over with. Shapes’ stared at her luggage briefly before saying something.

“Wow. We’re actually here.”

Inferno was silent as he hopped out of Shapes’ embrace, hobbling around to examine the room. To see if he approved. From what Shapes’ saw as she looked around her room, the Blue House seemed to have simple, pristine quarters for the students. Nothing terrible but nothing too exciting either. In a corner there was a freshly made cot. An oak nightstand stood beside it, a lamp and alarm clock sitting up top. In another corner was a small chair and desk set, probably to encourage studying. There was another small nightstand underneath one of the room’s windows. On that nightstand was a tiny television, one of the older models (older it may be, but still fairly nice). Shapes’ walked into the bathroom to be greeted by a barrage of matching blues and whites. A perfectly simple bathroom. But funnily enough, Shapes noticed a painting of a bouquet of azure flowers. Nothing was wrong with the painting but it did feel like it belonged in a hotel, not a teen’s room. When Shapes walked back into the main room, she found Inferno standing on her bed. He raised his arms and shouted…


…and that meant that he found the room to be alright.

“Yeah, it is pretty nice, isn’t it? Let’s unpack our crap.” Shapes said with a grin.

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Craig Benton | Yellow House | Cyan the Buizel

Fourth floor. Craig couldn't complain about his dorm level assignment, as it could have been much worse. However, that didn't comfort himself him otherwise when it came to hauling clothing and other belongings upstairs. Hauling furniture either demanded using the elevator, which was extremely busy and very booked already, or having to get help and haul it up the stairs, which not many students attempted considering the stairs were also quite busy, and would be full of groaning students if they had to make way for a piece of furniture to come up.

Craig had wisely decided to settle in early, taking care of the heaviest belongings, such as the mattress, the dresser, desk, and chairs that he needed, and used the elevator whenever he could. In the beginning, it was easy, but later on, after most of the students were coming back from lunch, they began to make heavy use of the dual elevators, leaving many students waiting for a ride with their heavy belongings. A long line quickly formed, and was one that many students found themselves waiting on time and time again as one load went up and the students had to come back down to make the additional trips to get the rest of their belongings up to the room they needed to go to. Thankfully for Craig, being on the fourth floor meant he could accomplish this rather quickly. If he had been assigned to the ninth or tenth floor, his head start over the students that left for lunch definitely wouldn't have counted for very much.

Most of the furniture that Craig was bringing up to the dorm was from last year. Thankfully, most of it was able to go on the elevator, but whatever couldn't had to be disassembled and then reassembled once it was brought into the room. Not too many pieces required this, so it wasn't too much of a bother and wouldn't cost him hours of time when it came to reassembling all of his furniture in his room. Even so, it was really only the mattress that gave Craig the most amount of trouble. He made sure that was the first thing he brought up, because trying to get it onto an already fully loaded elevator was impossible. However, later on, getting a desk chair or a lamp was easy, and most of the time it didn't cause a disruption. Plenty of times, he saw students waiting and waiting in the lobby of the yellow dorm building, and Craig knew most of the time, the only chance they'd get to use the elevators was when almost everyone else was done. While he was almost done himself, he saw the line going out the door, some students bringing in large and totally unnecessary things, like 40" flatscreens, huge dressers, bookshelves, and other large pieces.

"Meet any new friends yet?" One student, a young long-haired boy wearing a yellow fleece and black jeans asked Craig on the elevator.

"Not really," He muttered, mostly keeping to himself as the elevator began its ascent. "Word of advice, be careful who you befriend. Academically speaking, they could be your worst enemy."

"Psh, that's something a bookworm would say," The other student scoffed, crossing his arms. "Live a little, school isn't supposed to be all dread and exams."

Or so he thought. Craig had his suspicions that the boy was a first year student, and somehow got lucky to be in the yellow house. He knew, anyone that partied and went wild with friends didn't stay in the yellow house for very long. Typically the yellow dorm was as quiet as a library, as Craig knew that most of the students here in this house were far more focused on their studies than social networking. Very rarely did anyone play loud music, throw parties, or get reckless during the academic year. Those kinds of activities were for the summer, if unless the student was enrolled for that part of the semester as well.

In truth, Craig enjoyed the peace and quiet. He could imagine things must be pretty loud and annoying over at the Red and Blue houses, where they generally had students that were way out to party and have fun all night, and not really care too much about tomorrow's exams. He knew they were going to bury themselves by trying to wing it.


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Serra Layo – Blue

Serra sighed in relief when the boat ride was over and they got off the boat. She trailed behind the group of students as they walked into the school and headed towards what appeared to be a stadium. She took a seat and listened as someone started to give a speech about their school and what their goals were. She got bored slightly midway through the speech and fiddled with her blue pendant. She was thankful when the speech was done and they were told to head to their dorms. She followed most of the students that had something blue on them to their dorm area and soon started looking for her dorm. She was surprised when hers was near the stairway on the second floor. She sighed as this probably meant that her dorm would have a lot of outside noises of students going up and down the stairs. Thankfully, her luggage was simply what she had in her bag. When she looked in her dorm, it looked like the rooms you could get at a pokemon center, only a bit more basic. She was interrupted from looking further into her room by a student walking by saying, “This house is the best, with all the parties and other things.”

She didn’t quite like that idea, but since she couldn’t exactly change her dorm room, she would be stuck down here with some of these party goers as her neighbors. She just hoped that she would be able to do well in school. She closed the door and locked it before unpacking what little things she brought with her, mostly just a picture of her and her parents and diary, to her embarrassment, which she wrote in time from time. She should really burn it as it had some really bad secrets that shouldn’t be left out, but she couldn’t burn her best friend.


The North Wind
Ricardo Reyes: Blue

The headmaster wrapped up his extremely long and droning welcome speech. Reyes hadn’t even realized he stopped talking until a friend of his nudged him and told him to get moving. Reyes quickly grabbed his bags and followed the crowd of students as he made his way over to the Blue dormitories. He hadn’t realized how much the school’s student body had grown until he saw how massive the crowds were. Reyes wasn’t sure who his roommates would be, but he hoped it wasn’t someone completely annoying and intolerable. Reyes normally would have a room to himself, but due to the influx of new students he had to share a room.

Reyes dragged all of his bags into the elevator and went to the top floor. The more spacious rooms were here. Reyes found his room and quickly unloaded his luggage from the elevator. Someone seemed to definitely have gotten here before him, but they weren’t around at the moment. Reyes unpacked his things and put them all in their proper places before plopping down on his bed. Before he was able to get too comfortable, the door opened. He sprang up quickly and tried to peer around the corner, but he couldn’t see from his bed.

Around the corner came two young men. One of the boys had fiery red hair styled into a Mohawk that contrasted with his pale skin, a thin face, and wiry frame. He appeared to be about the same age as Reyes. The other guy was appeared to be slightly older, very tall, and muscular. He had tan skin and brown hair with a tiny bit of blonde mixed in.
Reyes quickly got to his feet and greeted the two guys, “My names Reyes, and if you don’t annoy me too much we should get along fabulously.”
He offered a handshake to the both of them. They both accepted. The red haired fellow introduced himself as T.J. The brawny guy was simply known as Austin.

They struck up a conversation in an attempt to get know each other.

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Brett Salas - Blue - Swift the Buizel

The headmaster wrapped up his long speech, finally. Took long enough. Brett thought. Now to find the Blue Dorm. That Alex kid was wearing Red, so I'd best not follow him if he's going to the Red Dorm. He picked up his bags and followed the rest of the students to their dorms, walking behind people who were wearing Blue because they'd be heading to the same destination. After a a few minutes passed, Brett asked if the students were in the Blue House and they laughed, saying they weren't and had a different color on, too.

"Thanks for now getting me lost." He told the group of students and walked away, looking aimlessly for the Blue Dorm. Brett asked pretty much any he saw if they knew where his dorm was. The Morning light was starting to vanish and it would get dark soon. Darn, if I don't find this dorm soon, I'm in big trouble! He thought running around frantically.

Eventually, he found the dorms. There was a door that led into the school, and he entered. Brett went up the stairs and found a door that led to his dorm. He examined the area, and put his bags near his bed. "Huh, pretty nice place." He said, noticing the TV, computer, and the beds as well as books and the amazing view from the window. Brett unpacked his belongings and turn on the TV.

(If anyone wants to start a conversation with Brett, you can. He's in the Blue Dorm watching TV, obviously)