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Pokemon: Renegades (G)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by junior_64, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. junior_64

    junior_64 Pokémon Weatherman

    Pokémon: Renegades​

    GM: Junior_64

    As new champions begin to rise and the Unova tradition of the triple battle becomes known to the Pokémon world, Team Rocket rises from what seemed like eternal defeat to challenge the Johto Region. Pokémon Trainers rapidly increase in power as new Pokémon are discovered. One man fights for control of the greatest Pokemon in a lust for power. That man is Giovanni, secretly thriving in the deep core of Team Rocket. He calls upon allies to help him apprehend every legendary Pokémon, and then overpower Arceus, giving him the utmost control over the world. The allies are none other than teams Magma, Aqua, and Galactic. Together, the four societies, all of different motives, join together in order to seize control. Each team wishes for the power so they can carry out their own wishes: Aqua and Magma to awaken Kyogre and Groudon and destroy Rayquaza, Galactic to rid the world of what they believe to be unnecessary complications, such as emotion, and Rocket to obtain the control (period.) Giovanni secretly plots to stab the other teams in the back once Arceus is vanquished, but for now, the four societies form the Cardinal Union, and begin their quest for power.

    Meanwhile, many young trainers who were persuaded by the Union Leaders' tact are now breaking away from the Cardinal Union and trying to fight back, but the ever-pwning Elite Fours of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh believe them to be outlaws, and they start to search for them. Under them are the thirty-two combined regions' gym leaders, who fight for the newly formed the Berserk Forty-Eight, comprised of the four regions' gym leaders and Elite Fours, (plus Wallace, Steven, and Cynthia, accounting for Leaders and League members that show up twice, like Koga and Lance). Kanto's Psychic Leader Sabrina and Hoenn's Tate and Liza uses their gyms' teleportation technology to establish the SilphNet, a vast teleportation network which is linked to every Pokémon Center in the four regions. SilphNet is based in Saffron City in the Silph Corporation building. The SilphNet is open to the public, and is often infiltrated by the Cardinal renegades in order to escape the Sixteen.

    The renegades strive only to inform the 48, and the world, about the Union's nasty plot to take over the world. They band together in order to survive, and form the Arceus Coalition, named for their self-proclaimed duty to save Arceus (and the world) from mortal peril. The Coalition based themselves at Sendoff Spring. In the first few encounters between the Sixteen and the Coalition, the Sixteen believed the Coalition's story to be a fraud, simply am untruthful alibi. So the Coalition begins to search for proof of the Union's plan. After tons of tedious investigation, the Coalition found the only practical way to find proof would be to defeat the Cardinal Union by beating them to the legendaries, which is easier said than done; however, many of the renegades have histories with legendary Pokémon. They took their companions and set out for Eterna Forest to capture the weakest known legendary Pokémon, Rotom. And so the battle begins. Three forces. One world, to be saved or conquered...



    1. All regular RPG rules apply.
    2. No Generation V Pokémon, sorry.
    3. You can make your character be on the Cardinal Union or the Arceus Coalition, but not the Berserk Forty-Eight! The 48 are ALL NPCs from earlier Pokémon games.
    4. No foul language. Nothing worse than 'crap.'
    5. I mentioned that renegades tend to have histories with legendaries; please include this in your player's history, but NOT IN THEIR TEAM. Also, don't work around this by having your player 'befriend' a legendary.
    6. Shiny Pokémon are 100% allowed. Go crazy.
    7. A Pokémon is allowed to learn moves that it normally wouldn't, just don't do anything ridiculous. e.g. Uxie using Will-o-wisp, fine. Wooper using will-o-wisp, not fine. Empoleon using fly, OK. Diglett using fly, not OK.

    Sign-Up Form(s)

    If you're on the Coalition:

    Team: Each Pokémon description should include its name, species, ball, gender, whether or not it's shiny, its moveset (NO MORE THAN 4 MOVES), and a brief personality description. Remember, no legendaries! I suggest you have a Pokémon that can use Fly, or you'll have to sneak into the SilphNet every time you want to make a long trip. Too many times into the SilphNet at one time and you're caught, the SilphNet is faster than flying though.
    Appearance: About a paragraph
    Personality: About a paragraph
    Skills: As long as necessary.
    Flaws: At least three sentences (to prevent Gary Stus/Mary Sues)
    Former Team: The team this renegade broke off from; include why they joined and left. (They may have left because of the Cardinal plan, or for different reasons)
    Trainer Class: Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, Junior Professor, Collector, Junior Nurse, Watcher, etc. I'm not talking about video game trainer classes like Youngster or Lass.
    History: Please include the aforementioned history with legendaries.

    If you're on the Union:

    Team: Each Pokémon description should include its name, species, ball, gender, whether or not it's shiny, its moveset (NO MORE THAN 4 MOVES), and a brief personality description. Remember, no legendaries!
    Appearance: About a paragraph, does not have to exactly follow team dress code, but make it similar. e.g. Galactic player should have odd-colored hair, but may have different clothes, Rocket grunt might have normal clothes but a Rocket logo patch on his jacket's shoulder, etc.
    Personality: About a paragraph
    Skills: As long as necessary.
    Flaws: At least three sentences (to prevent Gary Stus/Mary Sues)
    Current Team: The team this criminal works for; include why they joined. Please note that you'll still be referred to as a Cardinal Grunt, Cardinal Admin, etc.
    Rank: Grunt, Admin, Executive, Adviser, or Scientist
    History: Optional but strongly encouraged.

    Here's my form:

    Lancaster Tempestt
    Otto (Male, Cherish Ball)/Shiny Castform [Knows Energy Ball, Shock Wave, Blizzard, Weather Ball]{Otto is very optimistic, even, ironically, in Rain form. He always helps his fellow Pokémon.}
    Holly (Female, Quick Ball)/Snover, non-shiny [Knows Energy Ball, Wood Hammer, Blizzard, Ingrain]{Holly is very stubborn and persevering, she never gives up in battle. She has a warm love for her trainer and teammates. She is somewhat of a tomboy.}
    Link (Genderless, Master Ball)/Shiny Porygon-Z [Knows Tri Attack, Conversion 2, Discharge, Giga Impact]{Link was dispatched to be adopted at a Pokémon Day Care because it was flawed and not fit for laboratory use at the computer lab of its origin. It uses lots of irony and metaphor and loves taunting its foes. It speaks English, like most other man-made Pokémon (Mewtwo, etc.).}
    Shelby: (Female, Cherish Ball)/Growlithe, non-shiny [Knows Will-o-wisp, Fire Fang, Bite, ExtremeSpeed]{Shelby is spastic, cheerful, and always energetic and excitable. She's loving but sometimes (rarely) aggressive.}
    Cato: (Male, Ultra Ball)/Shiny Hitmonlee [Knows Close Combat, Hi Jump Kick, Mega Kick and Blaze Kick]{Hitmonlee has epic skills, but not much emotional depth. He always pulls through in battle, but nothing means anything to him but victory.}
    Gwen (Female, Quick Ball)/Shiny Delibird [Knows Blizzard, Present, Fly, and Return]{Gwen is level-headed, intelligent, and is always thinking three steps ahead. She's the tactical genius of the team.}

    Appearance: Lancaster is twelve years old and 4'4". He has tanned skin, brown, almost black hair, and brown, rectangular glasses. He wears a hat identical to the one worn by Ash during his time in the Hoenn region, and sports a violet vest identical (except the color) to that of Red, the Kanto hero. He always wears blue jeans and a black t-shirt under his vest, with his Pokéball belt running from shoulder-to-waist under his vest.
    Personality: Lancaster is very moody. His emotions are usually very extreme or completely neutral. When he's happy, he's overjoyed, when he's sad, he's depressed, when he's angry, he's furious. He is very smart and puts brains before brawn in every situation, including Pokémon training. Lancaster believes Pokémon training and battling is based almost completely on intelligence and time: knowing about type effectiveness, balancing movesets, using medicine and battle items wisely, knowing which Pokéballs to use, etc. He believes that Pokémon should be treated humanely, but that they can be used as tools to some extent. He believes species and stats are not completely sealing a Pokémon's level of power, smart training can make any Pokémon great, even a Magikarp. Lancaster loves drawing Pokémon, which lead to his career as a Pokémon Watcher.
    Skills: Lancaster is of great intelligence, above-average athletic ability, and slightly above-average speed/agility. He is great at art.
    Flaws: Lancaster is very short, which is a bit of a hindrance. He cannot breed at all, despite a lot of trying. He hates having his team at low health and sometimes loses progress due to a less-than-necessary trip to the Pokémon Center.
    Former Team: Team Galactic. Lancaster believed that Cyrus could help the world, and remained with Team Galactic under the rule of Charon, hoping Cyrus would return. His hope continued to thin until the launch of the Cardinal Union project, which was the last straw for him. He then joined the Arceus Coalition, and in hindsight realized how blind Cyrus was and how much he could've damaged the world.
    Trainer Class: Watcher
    History: Over a long period of time, Lancaster finally claimed his first Pokémon League victory; over Kanto's Elite Four with his brave Blastoise. Originally from Mossdeep City, he then returned to Hoenn and defeated their Elite Four with his tyrant of a Blaziken. He gained multiple League victories over Kanto and Hoenn, and then finally made it to Sinnoh years later, where he quickly vanquished the Elite Four. However, he wouldn't defeat Cynthia again for a few years. It was a while after his Sinnoh victory that he joined the Galactics.
    As a young child, Lancaster had frequent dreams depicting A Pokémon too strange to be from earth. One vision showed the Pokémon plummeting through the stratosphere from outer space, another simulated delving into the Pokémon's mind to find only the image of a DNA helix. He would also often sleepwalk and sob in his sleep, frequently both; when he did, all he remembered in the morning was the eerie half-memory of a sinister presence, a presence he later attributed to Darkrai.


    Silver Fang



    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  2. Shinpora

    Shinpora Member

    Craaap, why no fifth gen? :(
  3. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Because we don't know that much about the Unova Pokemon besides their appearance, type, abilities, and attacks? Because we only know their Japanese names for the most part? Because Black/White isn't available outside of Japan yet?

    Actually, I'm glad for no 5th-gens being allowed for the above reasons. Anyway, welcome to the Serebii forums, and glad to see that you passed the anti-n00b test! ^_^ In fact, your RPG looks so interesting that I would like to sign up! For now I'll reserve a spot, but as for the character I had in mind...

    This part really gave me an idea for which character to use here... I'm planning on having my character be one of these "outlaws", having been in one of the teams that formed the Cardinal Union but left after the union was formed. I might also give him history with a legendary. Would that be okay?

    Also, just out of curiosity, is RPing as more than one character allowed?
  4. junior_64

    junior_64 Pokémon Weatherman

    As to why there are no fifth gens, Kiruria hit it on the nose. Actually, the point of this RPG is to either play as an outlaw (Arceus Coalition) or Cardinal Union member. Whichever you choose is fine, just be sure you use the correct sign-up form. Your idea for a character is EXACTLY where I was going with this. :D
    I'd rather you use one character; is that okay?
    And for the record, this was 100% my idea, I spent like, all day yesterday on this. ^_^
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  5. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt Hiruko

    Walrin,male ,non shiny, net ball: knows Sheer cold, ice beam, giga impact, and surf; tends to be arragent and bull headed, but listens only to Halt.

    Weavile, female ,non shiny, luxury ball: knows Slash, shadow ball, night slash, and Hail; expert thief, sneaky, and affexionent to halt

    Roseselia, female, shiny, pokeball: knows magical leaf, solorbeam, sunny day, and weather ball; special to halt, flirts with male enimes to throw them off their game

    Critical, male Shedinja, non shiny, pokeball: Shadow sneak, shadow ball, Sliver wind, toxic; floats around Halt's head whenever its out of its pookeball and it has a similar personality to Halt's.

    Critical, male Ninjask, non shiny, pokeball: X-scissor, slash, Sliver wind, toxic; Clings to Halt's back whenever its out of its pookeball and it has a similar personality to Halt's. Both it and its brother have the same name and when in battle support each other to the best of their abilities.

    apperence: thin, with brown hair, has a fedora with the team agua symbel on the front, wears a team aqua uniform with a slash through the symbel, wears boots that are pitch black compared to the blue uniform, about 4'9" with a small amount of hair on his face, 13 years of age

    Personality: tends to stay away from a fight to protect his pokemon, but when in battle he is ruthless, a little shy to others and gives great respect to his supiors in Team Aqua, would rather use his potions than take trips to the pokemon center

    Skills: can tell if a pokemon is strong or not with one glance, would rather anylis his oppennets from a distence than learn in combat

    flaws: avoids combat at all costs, would rather stay away from others, and can be emotional in battle

    Team: member in Team Aqua, he joined to keep Aqua away from his home town Fortree City, when Aqua needed someone to "join" the comliation for infromation, he jumped at the chance

    Status: douple ageant for the comlition

    History: his sister is the gym leader, so he was always over looked. Fed up with his sister being better than him, he joined Team Aqua for a chance to be better than Winona. Instead, they became enimies so Halt waited for a chance to join the renegades. With the new assignment, he gains knowlegde from Team Aqua and give it to the renegades. His first pokemon was Critical, a nincada that was wounded in a bad battle aganist his sister when they were both young. He rasied it since, and his two best pokemon came from it.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  6. junior_64

    junior_64 Pokémon Weatherman

    Please add to this a little. Maybe include some history with legendaries. Also, why exactly did he join the renegades? that didnt make sense to me. Anywho, add to/fix your history and you're in. :D
  7. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    halt met Raquza when he flew over the city when he was 8. he followed and met the dragon in a nearby cave. cince then, halt was always watching the skies hoping to see the dragon and ride it once again( because the dragon brought him to the city where kyogre and groudon were fighting) he joined the renegades when Archie assigned him to spy on them. Halt wanted to help the renegades so this gave him perfect cover to join. He has been a member of Team Aqua since he was 11 and has been the youngest character. oh, and where is the rpg? i can't find it in the forums.

  8. junior_64

    junior_64 Pokémon Weatherman

    Approved! not gonna make the actual rpg till we have more players, tho.
  9. gameboy350

    gameboy350 Back from the depths

    I hope this RP won't die.(like every other RP I've played.)

    NAME: Simon Raider (I'm really bad at thinking of names)
    Nero: (Male,pokeball) Blaziken (Knows fire blast,sky uppercut,blaze kick and fire punch)Without a doubt the powerhouse of Simon's team.very loyal and adventurous.

    Shard: (male,great ball)Cacturne (Knows needle arm,sucker punch,spikes and solar beam)A very serious and stubborn Pokemon.Always follows his strategy.

    Mag: (male,timer ball)Probopass (knows zap cannon,magnet bomb,rest and sandstorm)

    Appearance: Simon is tall for his age,and is also very thin.Has brown hair which is usually messy,and eyes of the same color,with glasses.He usually wears a black jacket with a hood on cold days,but he almost always wears a long sleeved shirt,covered by his jacket or not.One last thing I should mention is that he has really long arms for his age.He is 12 years old.

    Personality: Simon is a person who usually keeps his thoughts to himself and doesn't speak much,but if he has to take the role of the leader or is angry,he can keep taking for hours.He is very caring towards Pokemon,which makes his Pokemon very loyal to him.He is a great at making strategies,but tends to rush in unprepared when his friends are in danger.Simon usually doesn't get angry,but if you underestimate him or his Pokemon,He'll be sure to make you pay.

    Skills: Simon is a great strategist,a OK runner,a good climber and is quite good at fixing things.He is also very good at moving from place to place unnoticed.

    Flaws: Simon has a secret fear of water,which makes him avoid swimming usually.He also has below average physical strength,which makes him bad at lifting heavy things.His sight is also very limited without his glasses.

    Former Team: Simon used to belong to team magma,because of his fear of water (and the fact that he used to be a slight pyromaniac).
    He thought that team magma's plans would help the world,but later he realized that many Pokemon would die.

    Trainer Class: Trainer

    History: Simon had a normal childhood,he had friends,hobbies and went to a good school.But one day,his parents were killed by a freak tsunami wave.His entire city was flooded with water.He struggled not to drown,but was knocked unconscious by the wave.He later woke up at a beach,and saw a drowning Torchic in the distance.He helped it,and rushed it to a pokemon center.He then saw a giant blue pokemon in the sea.Did that pokemon save him? He didn't know,but what mattered to him was that he got his first pokemon.A few weeks after the incident,he joined team magma,where he stayed for months,until he realized that the team was going to kill millions of Pokemon.He destroyed the Small team magma Hq he was in,and left.

    (I was in a rush when I wrote this,so there may be a few mistakes)
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2010
  10. junior_64

    junior_64 Pokémon Weatherman

    gameboy350, you left out Simon's age. Add that and you're in...
  11. gameboy350

    gameboy350 Back from the depths

    Added the age.
  12. gameboy350

    gameboy350 Back from the depths

    Actually, I want to change my Character's age to 20.I hope it's OK.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2010
  13. junior_64

    junior_64 Pokémon Weatherman

    I'd rather you make your characters younger, both of you, gameboy and kiruria. try to keep it 11-14. Once you guys are accepted, we'll have enough players to start RPing. The RPG is
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2010
  14. gameboy350

    gameboy350 Back from the depths

    Ok then.My character is 12.
  15. Shinpora

    Shinpora Member

    It was just a simple question, there was no need for adding the question marks to the end of everything, coming off as if you're talking to a retard.

    The appearances and Japanese names are plenty to go off of for an rp, IMO. It's pretty easy to predict how they would move and fight, it's an rp anyway, a lot left up to the imagination. And the vast majority of people on Serebii probably know about the pokemon.

    I have no problem with your reasoning, just try to be more civil, I was just asking a question.
  16. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    @Shinpora: I certainly didn't mean to treat you like a retard--I was just guessing at reasons why the Unova Pokemon weren't allowed here (hence the question marks). I apologise for having accidentally offended you.

    @junior_64: 11-14? Why so young? It seems rather odd to me how people in that age range can even be accepted into those Teams in the first place. given that these are criminals we're talking about. But hey, it's your RPG, not mine. However, since Lupin's age is part of his character, changing that means I'll have to change a bunch of other things (like Appearance and History). That or just start over with a new character.

    Hmm, it's true that I'm used to RPing characters in their late teens or twenties, but I'll see what I can do to fix my signup or re-do it. But whatever I end up doing, I'll just edit my previous post with the changes when they are made.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2010
  17. Silver_Fang

    Silver_Fang Active Member

    NAME: Bill Silvers


    Nickname: Oliver
    Species: Marowak
    Gender: Male
    Pokeball: Standard Pokeball
    Shiny: No
    Personality: Oliver follows the belief speak softly and carry a big stick, quite literally. He is completely loyal to Bill and will do what he asks without question. When left to his own devices he tends to meditate and train. Oliver is very single-minded in his mission to be a strong partner for Bill.

    Moveset: Bonemerang, Leer, Headbut, Earthquake

    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Haunter
    Gender: Male
    Pokeball: Dusk Ball
    Shiny: No
    Personality: Haunter is a cheerful and upbeat pokemon. He enjoys playing pranks and generally causing mayhem, he is very obedient to Bill though and is able to put aside his chaotic nature to carry out orders.
    Moveset: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Curse

    Nickname: Tiamat
    Species: Charizard
    Gender: Female
    Pokeball: Standard Pokeball
    Shiny: Yes
    Personality: Tiamat is very quick to anger and is always ready to attack. She is a very proud pokemon. She obeys Bill but if she feels her honor is at stake she will hunt down her foe and defeat them at all costs even if it means defying his instructions.
    Moveset: Fireblast, Fly, Smokescreen, Flamethrower

    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Lickitung
    Gender: Male
    Pokeball: Great Ball
    Shiny: No
    Personality: Being the newest member of the team Lickitung doesn't have any real attachment to Bill apart from the typical pokemon/trainer relationship. He will generally follow orders...unless he feels like doing something else. Lickitung is easily distracted and prone to wander if left to his own devices.
    Moveset: Lick, Body Slam, Rollout, Wring Out

    There is nothing at all intimidating about this boy. He stands at five feet even and has baby blue eyes, light brown hair, and a baby face. His hair is about average length and usually tussled a bit. While he is fourteen years old, his child-like appearance makes him look more like a tall ten year old.

    While he's at the Headquarters Bill wears a finely tailored black 3-piece suit with a gold “R” embroidered just above the breast pocket. While it isn't standard for someone of his rank he believes in the old adage “Dress for Success”.

    When not at the headquarters he'll wear whatever is the most comfortable, which usually consists of a solid color t-shirt, blue jeans, and some old tennis shoes. These clothes are devoid of an “R” patch because his jobs typically require subterfuge and secrecy.

    Personality: Bill can be whoever you want him to be. He's portrayed a great deal of covers during his time with Team Rocket. At his core he is a rather quiet and reserved individual he cares for his pokemon and would prefer to stay at home with a good book than go to a party. He is fiercely loyal to Team Rocket. Bill feels that he owes them a great deal and he will stand by them until the bitter end. He finds it rather easy to strip away his personality and become whoever is needed to complete his mission.

    Skills: Above-average intelligence, good at manipulating others, acting, and lying

    Flaws: While Bill has a powerful mind his body is lacking. He is very weak physically, unable to lift much more than 20 lbs. Bill has little experiences with fist fights, as he prefers to talk his way out of them and the few he's been in have been one-sided victories for his opponent. Running is another weakness. While is an alright sprinter any kind of distance exhausts him greatly, leaving him as easy prey for whatever or whoever is pursuing him.

    Current Team: Team Rocket. Bill's parents died when he was young and he was adopted by a Grunt of the organization. After spending much of his life with them he couldn't imagine doing anything else and signed up on his tenth birthday.

    Rank: Admin

    History: Bill's family lived a quiet life in Cerulean City. He was born there and would have lived a quiet and peaceful life, if it wasn't for a boating accident that claimed the life of his parents. When he was barely a year old his parents decided it was a good time to re-ignite their love for each other. They had gotten a sitter from a local ad and went out to re-create their first date. The weather became dark and a storm destroyed their small rowboat.

    The baby-sitter felt pity for the small child. She adopted Bill as her own. Unbeknownst to the other townsfolk she was a member of the criminal organization Team Rocket. Amy, the woman that adopted him, taught Bill as much about pokemon and Team Rocket as she could. He seemed to absorb the knowledge like a sponge. Amy was proud of her brilliant adopted son.

    His life continued and Bill moved around the world with Amy wherever her missions took her. He learned a lot about the world. However, because of his unique situation he came to believe that this criminal behaviour was normal and acceptable. It wasn't until he was seven that he realized that people thought Team Rocket was evil. It didn't make any sense to him. After all, his mom was taking pokemon from unfit trainers and giving them to people who would unlock their true potential. What could be wrong with that?

    It was on his tenth birthday that his “mother” had a special present for him. It was a bright shiny pokeball and a Team Rocket uniform. Bill's eyes lit up when he saw them. The pokeball contained a young Cubone, which Bill named Oliver. He put on his uniform and his mother took him to the headquarters in Viridian City to meet Giovani and receive his first assignment.

    He was given the task of stealing a pokemon from the Pallet Town lab. It didn't matter how so, long as he brought back a pokemon that wasn't a Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander as those could just be handed out.

    Bill left the lab and immediately changed into a pair of street clothes and stuffed his uniform in his backpack. It was a bit of a journey but Bill managed to make it to Pallet Town in one piece. He walked into the lab and asked Oak for a starter but as he did he let himself fall back into a shelf knocking it over. He did his best to pretend to be apologetic as he helped fix the shelf slipping a couple of the fallen pokeballs into his bag. After the shelf was back in order Professor Oak explained that the starters had all been accounted for. Trying to look defeated Bill said that he'd try again next time and left.

    He returned to Giovanni victorious. He released the two pokemon. One was a Shiny Charmander and the other was a Jolteon. Giovanni smiled and took the Jolteon giving the Charmander to Bill as a present for a job well done. Giovanni made Bill recount how he managed to return so quickly, as most of the Grunts waited until nightfall and then broke into the lab. He was impressed with Bill's ingenuity and had one of his trained “Face Men” mentor him.

    Two years passed and Bill learned the subtle art of manipulation and lying. It was so simple sometimes. People were always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and see the good in others. All you had to do was pull the right strings and whatever you wanted was yours.

    Bill adopted a rather rigerous training regimem with his pokemon. Mission after mission, Bill returned successful. His pokemon more powerful, and himself more experienced. While trying to acquire a pokeflute from Lavender Town Bill came across a Haunter. The pokemon was captured and soon became an integral member of the team of his desire and proficiency at causing mayhem.

    He continued to do jobs and became a valuable member of the organization. At fourteen, after four years of dedicated service to Team Rocket he was promoted from Grunt to Admin.

    Giovanni called Bill into his office on the day he was promoted. He could barely contain his excitement. It looked like he was getting a job from Giovanni himself. He had always dreamed of this day.

    Giovanni explained that there were a group of rogue members of the Union and his services would be required. Since Bill had been operating in Kanto it would seem unlikely that he would have met the others and so he charged him with infiltrating the group, gathering intel on their plans and goals, relaying them back to Giovanni and if at all possible putting a stop to them. With that he was led to a Silphnet teleporter and was transported to Eterna City.

    ((Will probably edit profile tomorrow. I'm rather sleep-deprived at the moment.))
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2010
  18. junior_64

    junior_64 Pokémon Weatherman

    Perfect! Approved, gameboy and silver.
  19. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Well, I eventually decided to just start fresh with a different character. After all, we do need a girl in this RPG. I know I said I would edit my second post, but decided to just delete it instead.

    Haha, I took the Blissey in this signup directly from my Platinum game, where my trainer name also happens to be Eve...

    Name: Eve Hickleby


    Fooly (Mime Jr, Female, Ultra Ball--knows Psychic, Trick, Copycat, and Substitute)
    Fooly always has a smile on her face and an eagerness to play. She's generous and happy just as she is, but is a bit of a kleptomaniac.

    Pippi (Shiny Clefairy, Female, Heal Ball--knows Moonlight, Magical Leaf, Attract, and Metronome)
    Whenever there's a problem, Pippi is the first to volunteer to help out. Though she fears nothing, she tends to be clumsy... except with computers, which she has lots of skill with.

    Aradia (Mismagius, Female, Dusk Ball--knows Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Psywave, and Perish Song)
    Aradia loves to make a spectacle of her attacks by altering their shape. The suffering of others pleases her and gives her energy. However, she hates battling.

    Pan (Flygon, Male, Nest Ball--knows Dragon Dance, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, and Fly)
    Pan loves adventure, but hates being in crowds. Also is very moody, but tries to act tough around strong-looking Pokemon or people.

    Lucky Doom (Blissey, Female, Pokeball--knows Thunder, Blizzard, Counter, and Softboiled)
    This Blissey loves to battle and bully smaller Pokemon. By donning a tiara, she dubs herself queen of the team, ordering others around and making fun of them as she pleases.

    Appearance: At the crazy and supposedly lucky age of thirteen, Eve takes on a rather unusual appearance. Fragile and petite, she stands at 4'9", with skin of a light almond colour, and hazel eyes. She has attempted to put her lavender-coloured hair up in pigtails with green ribbons, but since it's rather short, some of it hangs on the sides of her face or alongside her neck, being straight as can be. As far as outfit goes, she wears a short dark purple dress with triangular jagged edges at the bottom (like in a faery costume), with a thick black belt around the waist and a little black sweater on top of that. Underneath she wears magenta leggings and black knee-high boots that are fuzzy at the top. For storing her belongings, she carries a purple shoulder bag with a star on it. And finally, hanging from around her neck is a dark green ocarina with a leaf on it.

    Personality: Eve has the sort of attitude that makes her sound like good criminal administrator material when on the phone. Her usual tone of voice suggests apathy and cynicism--she certainly acts business-like around older people especially, but makes little or no attempt to speak in a polite manner (though she seems to have never heard of a swear word before). Selfish is a good word to describe her as well--though she might obey others' orders, she won't be eager to do so unless it very clearly benefits her, or if she can't come up with a better idea. This also greatly inhibits her ability to be generous. When threatened, she retaliates with her own threats, harsh ones like threatening to kill someone.

    Much of the above applies almost exclusively to strangers or business partners, and it is a facade Eve puts up to hide her nicer, "weaker" side. By bottling up her emotions when around people, she is prone to having those emotions leak out and overwhelm her. But overall, she deals with them better when alone. She holds a strong belief that Pokemon are not tools, but they're not like one's children either--just friends or team members. And despite her selfish attitude, she believes in equal exchange--that if someone does something nice for her, she feels obliged to do something nice for them in return. For example, in return for her Pokemon being of great help to her in battles and contests and everyday life, she tries to give them credit whenever possible, and put lots of Seals on their balls.

    Skills: Eve is very good at lying and keeping a poker face. She's also good at imitating certain voices and, of course, playing her ocarina.

    Flaws: She tends to make careless decisions or lash at her friends during one of the "emotional leakages" described in the Personality. Also, she is physically fragile, and can't run without tripping due to her right leg being artificial below the knee (that part can't be seen, hence why I put it here instead of Appearance). And she gets really ticked off when someone insults her, even if they were just teasing. The sight of an Abomasnow scares her out of her wits.

    Former Team: Galactic (see History)

    Trainer Class: Coordinator, but does some battling as well

    History: In the beginning, Eve was a performer, taking part in school plays and karaoke events whenever possible. She used to collect Pokemon plushies, and would often have them battle each other. Living in Hearthome City, Sinnoh, she was able to make frequent trips to both Amity Park and the Contest Hall, both of which became her favourite places. In fact, her first role model was Fantina, and she used to dream of becoming an assistant in her gym. When she was eight, she received her first Pokemon: a Happiny which she called Lucky. But Eve liked collecting real Pokemon just as much as the plushies, soon ending up with five Pokemon on her team.

    But these Pokemon got really hard to handle at first. Lucky, especially, enjoyed destroying her plushies, Pan (who was a Trapinch then) liked to put them in his mouth, and the others liked to cause trouble around the house. Eventually Eve's parents got fed up with this, suggesting that she just go on a Pokemon journey instead. So she did, and ended up enjoying the exploration of the rest of Sinnoh. Her aim was to become a spectacular coordinator just like Fantina, but decided to try earning a badge or two as well. After traveling all over Sinnoh, she decided it was time to challenge Fantina's gym... and was really upset to have lost the battle. And Fantina's words to her after the battle were (following a sentence in French): "Do not follow another; follow only yourself. Embrace the darkness, and have no fear of expression."

    At that point Eve decided to take a break from traveling for a while, thinking instead about what her real purpose was, besides just becoming a coordinator. She wanted to do something that would influence the world, and put her in a place of power perhaps. She wanted to be able to use the talents of herself and her Pokemon to make an impact, to be in control. And then, she heard of Team Galactic, of its efforts to create a new world and banish unnecessary things like emotion. Eve, who often cursed the existence of her own emotions, joined in the hopes that her membership would make her both a better person and a better trainer. She saw the immediate effects of some of this in the evolution-inducing technology they were using on some of their Pokemon. In fact, Pan and Lucky both evolved to their final stage that way.

    Even though she was now in Team Galactic, Eve still had time to travel a bit in her free time. During this time she continued to hone her coordinating skills, and did a bit more exploring. One place she heard Team Galactic talking about that sounded interesting was Sendoff Spring, and a supposed portal to another world in it. Curious, Eve decided to explore this place, only to fall off a bridge that ended mid-air and land in the spring. But then she discovered Turnback Cave. It was an odd place with strange marked pillars and lots of fog... but there was something else, a shadowy figure that had been watching her. Soon she was facing a monstrous, ghostly dragon who kept glaring at her. Fear could not be helped, but then Fantina's words jumped across her mind: "...embrace the darkness, and have no fear..."

    Next thing Eve knew, she was flying through space, passing by fragments of land and a waterfall floating in midair, and eventually landing on a hard stone surface. She found herself amidst more pillars, but this time it was an open space. And at the top of a mountain. In front of her, a portal shrank into nothingness. Confused and frustrated, she began her descent down Mt. Coronet, only to encounter a massive Abomasnow on the snowy part of the slope. Terrified of the sudden appearance of this monster, she fell backward and slipped on an icy ledge, then fell onto a ledge far below. She barely had time to reach Pan's Pokeball before passing out...

    Eve woke up in the hospital, and discovered that her right leg had been amputated. But that wasn't the only bad news. Having discovered Eve's short blue hairstyle and ID, her mother now knew that she was in Team Galactic, and was furious. So Eve found herself grounded as soon as she got out of the hospital, and faced a threat of being turned in to the police. But even with an artificial leg, she found it possible to sneak out through her window one night. Then she headed over to the Team Galactic headquarters for her next mission, but made the grave mistake of explaining her absence with the truth. Her fellow grunts laughed at her, and her boss fired her, saying that people with a physical disability were insignificant weaklings.

    Unable to argue with the Galactic admins, Eve stormed down Route 214 like a Gyarados on a rampage, eventually going back to Sendoff Spring and staying there for a long time. But she wasn't the only one there. Other people, who were in situations similar to hers, were not only present, but planned to unite and form a coalition to stop the forces of the Cardinal Union. Eve saw the Arceus Coalition as her last hope of survival and accomplishment, as well as a form of revenge against Team Galactic especially.
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  20. AbsolNinja66

    AbsolNinja66 Ninja'd: 2500

    NAME: Aaron Lamont

    Lakota (Salamence)
    Poke Ball
    Not Shiny
    -Dragon Dance

    Lakota is a very courageous Salamence. She has a great bond with Aaron, and would do anything to protect him. Lakota doesn't have a problem when Aaron rides on her when she uses Fly, and, in fact, enjoys it. Even when Lakota uses Outrage, it doesn't go completely insane, and stops when Aaron tells her to. Lakota means 'friend.'

    Blaze (Blaziken)
    Poke Ball
    -Flare Blitz
    -Blaze Kick

    Blaziken is the level-headed Pokemon of Aaron's team. He thinks of the best strategy to tell Aaron. Blaziken is always obedient to Aaron, but sometimes gets out of control. He is also very mindful of others, like how they would react if he said something to them.

    Crest (Shedinja)
    Poke Ball
    No Gender
    -Destiny Bond
    -Mind Reader
    -Confuse Ray
    -Shadow Sneak

    Crest doesn't talk, but is very aggresive in battle, shown by the power it has in battle. Crest is very inhibited, and is often shy around Aaron and other trainers. Crest also spins around when he is called out to battle, for an unknown reason.

    Frostbite (Glalie)
    Ultra Ball
    Not Shiny
    -Ice Fang
    -Double Team

    Frostbite is often tearful, and cries if it loses. He only does this because he thinks Aaron will get mad at him, which is never the case. However, Frostbite battles as best as he can, which is the thing that Aaron thinks matters most.


    Aaron is often wearing very casual clothes. He has blue eyes, which can be used to show his piercing gaze. He has a light skin tone. He wears a red t-shirt with a Poke Ball on it, and blue shorts with white stripes on the sides. He often wears fingerless gloves when battling. He is 14 years old, and often carries a yellow pack. He has black hair, which is often spiked up in the front. He also wears blue sneakers, with white socks.

    Aaron is often cheerful, and is friendly most of the time. In battles, he is always reassuring the opponent, even if the situation is hopeless. He battles as hard as he can, and trains hard as well, but not so much as to tire his Pokemon out. He can often travel very far by foot, but often uses Salamence to travel to far-away places.

    He is a great singer. His Pokemon love it when he sings them to sleep at night. Aaron's favorite song to sing is Iris. Aaron can also cook, and he often makes great Pokemon food.

    He often is faked-out by trainers who pretend to be crying because they are losing against him, and then they reveal their true side and beat him. Aaron can often cry with his Glalie sometimes, but not often. Aaron also has trouble being aware of his surroundings, so he can easily be ambushed by the Union.
    Former Team:

    Aaron used to be apart of Team Magma. He joined because he thought Groudon could help save the world from the overflowing seas. He left, because he never thought that all the teams from the 4 regions would come together to take down all the legendary Pokemon, and take down Arceus as well. Aaron slipped away to escape Magma's clutches.
    Trainer Class: Trainer

    Aaron was born in Ever Grande City, with a loving family. They often went out for strolls in the meadows of it, but never dared to go into Victory Road. They feared they'd get lost in the eternal maze.

    Aaron decided he wanted to go through the adventures of Hoenn, and so he ventured out into the land of Mossdeep using the Ever Grande Ferry. He challenged everyone in the gyms at Hoenn, and soon beat the Elite 4 up to Phoebe.

    Glacia often commented on how weak Aaron was, and proves by beating Aaron one-on-one with Glacia's Walrein versus Aaron's Frostbite. Frostbite was knocked out by Walrein after a devastating Sheer Cold attack. Aaron tried numerous times to outmatch Glacia, but could never do it.

    Soon, Aaron joined Team Magma, and was happy to do so, as he grew his idolism to the Legendary Ground Pokemon, Groudon. However, days after Team Magma joined the Cardinal Union Aaron had a dream about Rayquaza telling him to quit, as the Cardinal Union would control all legendaries, including Rayquaza, and Groudon.

    Aaron immediately slipped out in the shadows of the night with his Pokemon, devastated that the Cardinal Union would do such a thing. He apologized to his family in a letter, and immediately flew away to Lavaridge Town.

    He soon was told to go to the Sinnoh region to catch Rotom, in Eterna Forest. So, he embarked on the ferry to Sinnoh.
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