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Pokemon: Return of Darkness (Discussion)

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by BugPokemonMaster316, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. BugPokemonMaster316

    BugPokemonMaster316 Well-Known Member

    Pokémon: Return of Darkness
    Approved by Kamotz.


    It has been seven years since the defeat of the organizations known as Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma. All has been peaceful, until now. The teams have been resurrected by the Gym Leaders and Elite Four to become Team Galva. However, there is a higher power than them, who rules over the entire organization.

    All regions have been affected, sparring Kanto. Johto has been overrun by the Plasma Branch whilst Hoenn has been taken by the Galactic Branch. The Magma and Aqua Branches have seized Southern and Northern Sinnoh respectively, and the Rocket Branch has created the Team Galva headquarters in Unova. Kanto remains untouched, for now. The Resistance defends the region every day, but is pushed farther back into Kanto as well.

    The Resistance force is led by Lance of the Elite Four and it includes the Gym Leaders of Kanto as well. They remain the only ones to not join the evil teams. However, the Resistance is slowly losing the battle. They need stronger members, but have nowhere to acquire them from. That is until Lance sent out the letters. The letters were sent to each home in hope that the teenagers of Kanto would help defend the country, but there were no replies. Kanto is slowly spiraling into turmoil and soon into complete chaos. The Resistance is weakening, and they need help.

    That is where you come in. As a teenager ranging from thirteen to eighteen, it is your duty to fight Team Galva and save the Kanto region and the world. Each trainer must defeat all of the Gym Leaders in order to prove their strength. This will land you a spot in the Resistance.Once this is done, the real fight begins against Team Galva. First, the Johto region must be cleared, followed by Hoenn, then Sinnoh, and finally Unova. In order for each region to be cleared, the Gym Leaders must be defeated as well as the Elite Four. However, during this time, Pokémon have become rarer due to the war. The Pokémon surrounding cities may not be caught, only those in remote places. This is due to the fact that the Pokémon in and around the city act as it's guardians when the Gym Leaders are away. This aspect applies solely in Kanto, in other regions you may catch Pokémon anywhere you wish.

    So go ahead and begin the journey. You will experience good times and bad times, but in the end it will be worth it. Now go on, and save the world.

    Dear citizens of Kanto,

    At this time ,our beloved region is at war with the despicable Team Galva. The Resistance and I are in desperate need of help, as the enemy has become to powerful. We put our trust in the youth of Kanto and request that all children aged thirteen to eighteen begin a journey to earn a spot in The Resistance. In order to do so, each person attempting this journey must battle and defeat the Gym Leaders to prove themselves as Resistance material. The region of Kanto now lies within you. Please respond and defend your country.
    Call at 973-555-FOUR


    Dragon Master Lance

    1) All SPPF Rules apply.
    2) No God-modding, bunnying, etc.
    3) This is PG-13. There will be some swearing, violence, and romance. However, this is not an all out war, so no gore. Also, please act mature, the RP is not about young children, it's about teenagers.
    4) Notify me if you will be gone for a long period of time.
    5) Post often and make the posts long in length. No little chit chat, long paragraphs including large amounts of detail.

    1) Please notify me if you want to catch/evolve a Pokémon.
    2) You have a limited number of moves Pokémon can use, similar to the games. In this case it is four.
    3) During battles, you get TWO dodges. Your moves may also miss if they don't have 100% accuracy in the games.
    4) No legendaries, pseudos, or rather rare Pokémon right off the bat. Possibly allowed later in the game.(Ex: Scyther, Chansey, etc.)
    5) You can start with ONLY one Pokémon. You can catch others later.
    6) This RP will start in the Kanto region
    7) You must wait until two people have posted before you can post again. This is so that it doesn't just go between two people the whole time.

    Appearance: (What they look like, clothes, hair, eyes, face, etc. Make it at least two paragraphs)
    History: (Background information. Family life, events that happened, etc. Also two paragraphs)
    Personality: (How they act around others. Be original! At least two paragraphs.)
    Reason for Attempting to Join the Resistance: (No saying "Because they want to" Be original!)

    Pokémon Species:
    Method of Obtaining:

    Name: Vincenzo "Vinnie" Bimbi

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: To start off, Vinnie has deep brown eyes, which often change from a light brown to a darker version. Fitting with his eyes, is his hair, dark brown and almost appearing black in the sunlight. When he grows out his hair, it becomes thick and bushy, which crushes his dreams of styling it into a mohawk. Unlike most of his friends, he has some short stubble, which he wants to grow out into a full beard. Moving along, Vinnie has a stocky, wide build, but is slightly on the heavy side. He considers himself to be overweight, but his friends tell him not to worry about it. Vinnie stands about 5' 4" a little short for his age. His legs are on the shorter side so it's no surprise that he isn't that tall.

    In the clothes department, Vinnie is anything but formal. He tends to prefer basketball shorts instead of jeans and a plain T-shirt rather than a long sleeved one. Skate shoes can often be found on his feet, along with the occasional sandals. Glasses and a hat often decorate his facial area, along with a pencil he keeps behind his ear. Besides those accessories, he has a necklace, decorated with Bug Pokemon that was given to him by his grandfather and a watch with etchings of Steelix carved into it.

    History: The city of Mistralton, the place where Vinnie was born and raised. He had a sister, who was five years younger than him, a father who was a pilot, and a mother who was a stay at home mom. Growing up he was very loud and fun at home, but often rather quiet at school. Despite this, he was always the smartest in his class, but had trouble with sports and socializing. He had two good friends, Skyla and Aaron. He always enjoyed hanging out with them despite the fact that they were slightly older than him.

    However, change came when he was thirteen years old. His father took up a new occupation of being an arborist, so they moved to Pallet Town in the Kanto region. Vinnie sorely missed his hometown and his friends, especially Skyla whom he had a crush on. In Pallet Town he was homeschooled and continued to do well in school, but not as well as he had in Mistralton.

    Personality: Vinnie has an all out jumble of personalities. When he is around his family, he tends to be very out in the open and fun loving. However, in public he tends to act shy and is socially awkward, especially around girls. He is a stickler for following rules and hates it when people break them. Vinnie would much rather spend his time with Pokémon than people. He finds them to be more interesting as well as more accepting of him. Despite hi seemingly quiet and secretive nature, he cares about everyone and can't stand to see people getting hurt, even if he hates them.

    Going along with his strand of personalities, he is also a very worried person. If something has even the smallest chance of going wrong, Vinnie thinks it will. This has steered him away from many things, including riding in a plane, going swimming in a lake or ocean, and even playing certain sports.

    Reason for Attempting to Join the Resistance: Vinnie wants to join the Resistance not because he thinks that he will be the best or strongest addition, but because his parents say the experience will be good for him. They say it will help him become physically and mentally stronger, while also bettering the community. Vinnie agreed to do it, but only because he wants to become mentally stronger.

    Name: Katrina "Kat" Becker
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Kat is short and skinny, standing about 5'2", with a fair skin tone. She has a short, rounded face, with long blonde hair partially covering her right eye in the front and cascading down her back in a ponytail. She has normal eyebrows, and bigger-than-normal baby blue eyes. She has a small, girly nose that tips up at the end, and a small mouth with thin lips. She has a scar under her left eye. her chin is fairly rounded, but still points at the end. Her body is almost perfectly proportional, and her arms and legs are skinny and bony. She doesn't have much of a feminine shape, sporting narrow hips and small breasts.

    For clothing, the usually wears a light blue dress, with short t-shirt sleeves, and a short flowing skirt that's torn at the hem. Under that, she wears white leggings. Her shoes consists of white tennis shoes. She also uses a blue barrette to keep her hair from covering her left eye.

    History: Kat was born to a single mother in Viridian City. Her father left a few months before she was born. Her mother ran a grocery store to sustain Kat and herself, but it was always barely enough. From a young age, Kat learned to live off of very little. When she was five, her mother couldn't afford her going to school, so Kat was home-schooled. Because of this, she never really got to see the other children much, so she grew with her imagination as her friend. She came up with a "friend" she named Link, who looks much like Totoro. (The story behind that was she saw a stuffed animal that looked like it, and she loved it from first sight. So, she made him up in her imagination.) When she was able to see other kids her age, they made fun of her for having an imaginary friend. From then on, her distrust of other people began. Even though "Link" was her best friend, she made up multiple more "friends" to fill in the gaps, most of them based on animal-like creatures, or local pokemon. She played outside all the time, and got better and better at athletics and gymnastic-type sports. She taught herself how to fight by watching the other kids do it, and then mimicking them with one of her "friends." A couple months after her seventh birthday, she found some of the boys who tease her ganging up on a vulpix. She tried to tell them to stop, but every time they would just shove her off. Eventually, she got tired of it. In a fit of rage, she chased away the boys, throwing punches at them whenever she could. She came back to the vulpix and befriended it, naming it Ninya. It stayed by her side wherever she went, and eventually she was able to get her hands on a pokeball to catch it. When she got to middle school age, her mother found a man suitable for being a good husband. The two dated until Kat was fourteen (which, she didn't care), and then got married. Kat's new father had a fairly good paying job as being a doctor for the surrounding area, and by the time Kat was old enough to go to high school, her parents signed her up immediately.

    By this point in time, Kat learned to keep her imaginary friends to herself, and to not talk to them when others are around. Even then, however, there were some people who would not stop bullying her. She got farther and farther away from people, not talking much to anyone and keeping closely to herself. This got her shunned even more, labeling her as one of the outcasts, and never speaking to her unless it was to poke fun of. By about the middle of the year, she had had it. And that's when the letter from the resistance came. Despite her parents' pleas, she went off and joined the resistance anyway.

    Personality: Kat is the perfect example of split personality - there appears to be four different sides to her. On the north end of the spectrum, she's very spacey. Her mind is usually never on the ground, and she's always with on of her "friends." Her thought process is all wibbly-wobbly, and she can barely stay on one subject unless she's totally focused on it. But if she's totally focused on one thing, then everything goes out the window. She's also not very good at inferring things, and it can take a couple times before she can actually catch on to things. However, this is only in the midst of people. If she's allowed to completely zone out into her own little world, she can come up with some pretty complex plans, and once she comes up with them, she can actually execute them. She's also very good at fighting. She's very smart and calculating, but other people tend to distract her, so she never seems like it.

    Kat also has an explosive side to her. If someone is doing something that she cannot tolerate, she will explode at them, fighting with the best of her abilities. She will not stop until she either acknowledges she can't go on, or she gets her way. However, she can also become depressed, and incapable of motivation, and imagination. She basically loses all of her friends in this states, except for Link, who usually calms her down. Neither her explosive or depressed side lasts for more than a day.

    Reason for Attempting to Join the Resistance: She's tired of being pushed around, and bullied. She wants to met other people, who might accept her. And, in the process, she can fight back what's pushing everyone else around.

    Other: She occasionally gets migraines.

    Name: Cristiano “Cris” Guerrero
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Cris is a tall average built kid; he is 5’7 and always has his hair spiked up and colored blue. His eyes are colored light brown which look hazel in the sun, Cris has a scar above his right eye where he was attacked by a group of Rattatas. When he smiles you can see his two dimples on his cheeks, his nose is just a bit bigger than most people have. He has light brown skin and has a small goatee and a mustache to match, if he decides to not color his hair blue it reverts back to the original color of black. If his hair gets to long for him to spike it up how he likes, he will usually wear it combed down and not up how he likes. He has an abnormal look of finger nails since he is always constantly biting them when he is nervous, he has a birth mark on his hand in the shape of a little smudge.
    Cris wears a regular t shirt with a picture of mew on the front; he has dark skinny jeans and all dark blue shoes as well. His T- shirt is from a contest he won and since then it has been his lucky shirt, he requested mew as the pokemon on the shirt since he has always wanted to see one. He wears skinny jeans because all of his friends do to and he wants to follow the current fads, he always wears a black and blue belt with the design of Umbreon around it. His shoes were a gift from his father on his 16th birthday; he on occasion will wear all black shoes if it matches with what he wears. He has a blazer he can wear when it gets cold out; the blazer is colored black with white stripes going down the sleeves. He has two arm bands that he wears that glow in the dark, he has these incase he ever needs just a little bit of light.
    History: Cris was born and raised in the City of Cinnabar Island; he was there until his 9th birthday when he and his family moved to Slate Port city. Cris had a normal life here in Hoen until the day it was taken over, on that day he turned 16 and had his chance to retune to Kanto. He currently resides in Kanto as of now in an undisclosed location, but it was his experiences in Hoen that shaped who he is. His father was a watercraft engineer and loved fixing and painting boats, his mom was a practicing nurse at nearby pokemon centers and enjoyed it. He is an only child so his parents expect the best of him and his abilities, he has been to three different schools but none have given him the challenge he so needs and ends up doing bad. He has a few friends but his closest friend of all was Steven; although they were really close Steven would have leave for days and usually months leaving Cris alone. He loved to play soccer but the other kids refused to play with him because they felt he was not as good as them, he practiced every day when he had the chance after school.
    Cris missed Cinnabar Island but he could not return, his father was too comfortable in his job and his mom was rapidly becoming a great nurse. Cris loved Slate Port city for its beach and variety of boats that came in to the docks, he like his father loved boats and loved the ocean very much. His father explained that he wants him to follow in his footsteps and work on boats as he did, Cris does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps but could never tell him that. Steven has told him many times that he should think about venturing out into the world, but Cris could never leave his family under selfish circumstances. Cris loved being surrounded by the ocean and loved boats but he did not know how to swim, he has tried to learn many times but it just doesn’t come easy for him at all.
    Personality: Cris is a very nice person and loves to meet people; sometimes people instantly dislike him for no reason. He is very reliable and will always stand up for those who need a friend, being this way has opened doors to make new friends. He is always honest when it comes to conversations with other people; Cris is also a somewhat hygienic person but never an extreme one. He loves helping out his dad when he can, though he does not enjoy it the way his dad does he still likes to help. His mom rarely needs his help since she is hardly at home; this has made him a bit sad that he is not that close to her.
    Cris will always follow the rules no matter where or what they are, even when he disagrees with some of them he still follows them. Cris loves all kinds of pokemon and every chance he gets to play with one he does so, Steven would always show him different kinds of pokemon he has seen on his journeys. He is also a relaxed person when it comes to problems; he believes that good things will come if he tries hard enough. Cris always looks on the positive side of things in any situation, no matter what the outcome of the problem he will always keep his held up high. Cris always stood for what was right and hated what was wrong, very humble and respected among those who knew him well. Cris was very excited about turning 16 and his only real wish was to return to Kanto, now that he was turning of age and with the situations of the take over he knew Hoen was no longer safe.

    Reason for Attempting to Join the Resistance: Cris had just turned 16 when his best friend Steven had gone to join up with the resistance, before he left he tried to convince Cris to join up with him but Cris could not go. One day his parents came to him and said that he should go and join up with his friend, that it will help him go out and see the whole world of pokemon. Cris had his parents support and he knew that this was a great decision; he heard about their cause and knew he would do what he could to make a difference.

    Name: Holly Tempest

    Age: Seventeen

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Taller than almost all of her friends and most of the other people she knows, Holly stands just shy of 6'1". Her eyes switch every two weeks or so between green, grey and blue. At the beginning of the story, her eyes are midway between grey and blue, shifting towards blue. At the beginning of her life she was thin, but between nine and thirteen she put on some extra weight. Not liking the way she looked she began watching her diet and doing more physical activities, and by sixteen had reclaimed the flat stomach that she wanted, although this still left her with some awkwardness about her appearance (addressed a bit more at length in history and personality, respectively). She has soft skin, with a very slight tan. She has very long, straight, light brown hair that goes down to just above her waist.

    Generally very shy about her appearance, Holly usually wears non-flattering clothes, with a focus on comfort and usefulness. Except for special occasions, she wears grey trackpants that are just a little bit loose, a colored t-shirt under a hoodie of her favorite color, blue. She wears the hood down and open no more than an inch from the color. She also has black sneakers and skate gloves with the entire fingers, mostly to protect from blisters and to give her a slightly better grip. When she started her journey, her parents bought her a green backpack with a pokemon emblem on the back and many different pouches for many different things

    History: Holly was born in Hoenn, spending the first part of her life in Fortree city. When she was little she loved to play in the trees, and would climb all day. Her parents, Alexander and Alexa, never sent her to preschool or kindergarten, and her first experience of school was at six, going into the regular school program. She got bored immediately, and didn't do very well. She didn't understand type match-ups, status effects or stats as well as the other kids despite being better at academic subjects like math, but as she discovered books, she fell in love with reading, causing her to be in the trees less and less. As she stopped playing in the trees, she slowly got out of shape seeing as how that was almost her only source of physical activity. As she read more and more, she got better at the pokemon side of her school work. She started doing practical training with the school's pokemon, entering mini-tournaments and competitions and doing very well, though not winning regularly. She only really noticed how she had gained weight when she was eleven, the change having been fairly subtle. It bothered her at twelve, and hindered her at thirteen, at which time she resolved to fix it. She ate berries that she found in the forest rather than the processed foods of the grocery store, and started spending more time in the forest again, building up a better physique as well as muscles and physical capability.

    At school, Holly had many friends at the beginning, but as she became less and less physically active later in her school life, she also had less and less friends, eventually getting down to only one friend she spent time with regularly. This made her self-conscious about her appearance as she thought that what was driving them away was her appearance, when in fact it was more about less shared activities. Because of this decline in social interactions, she found herself a little bit more miserable each day. After turning her physical fitness around in the middle of what amounts to high school, she met a boy named Kevin. They became fast friends, Josh too, and she realized she had a crush on him. They tentatively started dating, though Holly still didn't know everything about him by a long shot, partially since Holly was shy around him, and him confident around her and everyone else, her even more so than with most other people. Holly's parents, as well as a few other families, including Kevin's, moved away from their home when team Galva started sinking into power in the region. They fled the region, travelling first to Johto. They realized that things were just as bad there, and hearing rumors that Kanto remained free, they travelled to Kanto with Josh's, Kevin's, and one other family. Theirs was one of the last boats into Kanto before the evil team locked down transportation. They all found a new home in the same place, Cerulean city, Alexander having suggested that the families from Fortree stay together. No more than two months after settling into their new home, Kevin disappeared, leaving a note saying that he had left to join team Galva because he wanted to go back to his real home, and they were going to be the winners because they had all the elite four of many regions in the organization. It was after this that she received the letter, and it was during one of her bursts of passion that she demanded permission from her parents to go out and help, then set off on her journey with a backpack of supplies.

    Personality: Though she's almost always quiet, shy and timid, she occasionally gets small bursts of passion that push her to do things that she really oughtn't do, or say things that she wouldn't dare under normal circumstances. More often than not during these bursts, she will say something loudly that's usually very important for some reason, then blush and look away, fidgeting where she stands, or sits. It was during one of these bursts that she accepted the invitation on the letter.

    Around certain people, she can act normal, people that she feels very comfortable with such as her parents, Josh, his parents, and the Treecko she caught, but in most situations, Holly would prefer to be alone and quiet than in a crowd and making noise. During pokemon battles, she forgets her shyness and becomes tactical, calculating and focused. After the end of the match, she will return almost immediately to her normal self, though pleased because of how she did.

    Reason for Attempting to Join the Resistance:
    After Kevin left and joined the other side, she became infinitely more aware of how the families of the members of team Galva must feel, and she resolved to help the families by defeating them. She wasn't sure how she would manage to do this however, but when she received the letter calling for help, she made immediately saw her chance and took it.

    Name: Perrine Hazelgrove

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Perrine is on the short side, standing at a 4'11", with a face she thinks is perhaps a bit too big. Her hair is an extremely dark shade of bluish purple, which is often mistaken for black. While she usually wears what she thinks to be a frustrated look on her face, most people actually think she looks more sad than anything else. She owns a pair of celadon blue eyes, with arching, low set eyebrows (which is probably the main factor of her looking “sad”). Her nose isn’t exactly standard material, either. Perrine has one of those button noses (which she frankly hates), and coupled with the big face, she obviously isn’t happy with herself. However, she is thankful that she’s more of the skinny type than the bulky type. And while her complexion is more of a pasty pale color than anything else, she doesn’t really mind, as long as people don’t start staring at her. Scowling isn’t uncommon with her, and trying to pin someone down with one of her glares isn’t unheard of, either.

    As for clothes, Perrine isn’t picky, as long as it isn’t too sizes too big or small. As a result, she’s rather lacking in the fashion department, which marks her as “dorky” amongst most other girls. Her standard attire is usually limited to a T-shirt and jeans, unless the circumstances call for something otherwise. However, she does have a large variety to pick from, so she doesn’t get bored of wearing the same thing over and over again. As for jeans, she owns mostly long ones, with the occasional mid-length and shorts. One thing that all her pants have in common, though, is that they all have pockets. A lot of pockets. Perrine usually just keeps bits and pieces there, since she never knows if something might come in handy.

    History: Perrine spent most of her childhood days in the Unova region, residing in Striaton City. With no siblings and both her parents with stay at home jobs, she led a relatively normal lifestyle. Most of her time was devoted to her schoolwork, as she had nothing else to do, really. As a result, she always got the best grades in her class, unlike everyone else (who had other things on their minds). She didn’t really mind that she had nothing else to do, really, since she didn’t know what else she could do with her spare time.

    However, one day, she happened to come across the subject of Pokemon trainers, and promptly gained interest in the topic. Soon, she found out the basics, and started researching some of the details. At this time, though, her parents announced they had to move to Kanto, which only mildly upset Perrine (she didn’t have any close friends there, anyways). Once they settled down in Fuchsia City, her parents, of course, presented Kestrel (her current Pokemon, a Purrloin) to her. She’s had him for a while now, but she’s still trying to train him. According to her, he’s been very “stubborn” so far, but she’s sure she’s at least trained him to be a little civil around others. A while afterwards, her parents came up with the idea that she should go help the Resistance - after all, if Team Galva was really a threat to the region, she should go and help. Perrine wasn’t too happy about that, but she reluctantly agreed (pleasing her parents is something that’s very, very important to her). Also, she’s still keeping to herself and not really trying to make any friends.

    Personality: Generally speaking, Perrine isn’t exactly what you’d call a “friendly person”. Sometimes described as a hater, she absolutely can’t stand being given nicknames, as well as being around people she thinks to be “idiots”. However, she does have a rebellious streak, and will stubbornly do what she thinks is the “right thing to do”, even if the majority is against it. This often gets her into dangerous, or at least awkward situations. “Taking risks” seems to be something she likes to do - whoever doesn’t take them is considered in a coward in her mind. Unfortunately, she seems to take them much too often, and takes too many unnecessary ones at that. Pleasing her parents seems to be something she strives to do, as she can’t stand to see them disappointed in her. As for Pokemon, she doesn’t really see them as friends, or companions - she sees them more as her allies. She knows that the Pokemon might as well turn on her if she tried to dupe them, so she’s not even going to try.

    On the downside, she does have frequent moments of self-doubt, and is more than a little lacking in self esteem. When criticized, she usually pretends to shrug it off, but really, she takes it seriously, and will probably at least try to get some sort of revenge later. Something Perrine really can’t stand, however, are cliches. Seeing someone name their Pokemon something like “Ember”, “Cutie” or “Thunder” is enough to set her on edge - she might even go as far as assaulting the person involved. Strange or uncommon names, however, always catch her attention (she’s always been one for unusual things).

    Since she used to be one of those studious students with good grades, Perrine still has a knack for reading and anything to do with researching. Well, basically, anything that even slightly resembles what she used to do at school. On another note, though, she was, and still is extremely bad at geography and reading maps. So if you get lost, you really shouldn’t be relying on her for help.

    Reason for Attempting to Join the Resistance: Perrine didn’t really want anything to do with the Resistance in the first place - the only reason she joined in the first place was to please her parents. They thought it was a “noble” thing to do - getting their daughter to join the Resistance so she could save the world. Perrine knows they didn’t really mean any harm - they just didn’t really understand that she was more than a little reluctant to leave.

    Species: Joltik

    Nickname(if any): Sparky

    Personality: Sparky's personality is overall very childish and fun loving. He likes to jump around and shoot playful sparks at other Pokémon. In addition, he somewhat a coward, often running away from confrontations and hiding when he hears fighting. Sparky tends to like most people, and shows his affection by sitting on top of their head. This is often how Vinnie carries him around.

    History: Living next to Chargestone Cave as a kid, Vinnie was bound to find a Joltik. One Winter, when Vinnie was at the age of eleven, he saw sparks of electricity outside during a blizzard. He quickly rushed outside to see what it was and found a baby Joltik buried in the snow, nearly frozen to death. Vinnie rushed the small Bug Pokémon inside and warmed it up by his fireplace. When the Joltik was fully healed, Vinnie's father wanted the Joltik returned to Chargestone Cave. However, the entrance was blocked due to the blizzard, so Vinnie was able to keep it until the Spring. By this time, he had nicknamed it Sparky and the two had developed such a bond that Vinnie's father let him keep it.

    Ability: Compoundeyes

    Known Moves: Pursuit, Thunder Wave, Fury Cutter

    Species: Vulpix
    Nickname(if any) : Ninya
    Personality: Ninya is quiet, and analytical. She works things out in her head, and thinks of life as like a game of chess- you always need to be thinking ahead. She rarely speaks, but unlike her trainer, enjoys company and attention.
    History: A couple months after her seventh birthday, she found some of the boys who tease her ganging up on a vulpix. She tried to tell them to stop, but every time they would just shove her off. Eventually, she got tired of it. In a fit of rage, she chased away the boys, throwing punches at them whenever she could. She came back to the vulpix and befriended it, naming it Ninya. It stayed by her side wherever she went, and eventually she was able to get her hands on a pokeball to catch it.
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Known Moves: Hypnosis (EGG), Ember, Tail Whip

    Species: Growlithe
    Nickname: Pyro
    Personality: Growlithe is a very even tempered pokemon when it comes to meeting people, if he is threatened however he will not hesitate to attack to defend himself. Growlithe is first seen as being a very intimidating pokemon, but Growlithe is one of the nicest pokemon you could ever meet. He is very playful and love to run around a lot, he dislikes the rain and is afraid of it and its thunder. Growlithe rarely uses his Roar attack because he never backs out of a fight, he will challenge those bigger than him without fear or hesitation. He is very loyal towards Cris and will do everything he can protect him, he shows his affection by constantly following him closely. Growlithe loves to eat all kinds of berries no matter what the taste; he has only one berry he dislikes which is the Tomato berry.

    History: A long time ago on Cinnabar Island when Cris was 8, he and his friends had gone on a picnic to the nearby volcano. While they ate and talked they heard a sound coming from the bushes, they looked and a pack of rattatas came out sniffing there food at hand. The kids decided to run and they did, but Cris tripped and fell covering himself in the food, the rattatas then jumped on him and began their attack. Out of the bush next to Cris came a loud running thump noise, and just like that Growlithe appeared and fired a massive roar attack to scare off the rattatas. Growlithe bent over and began to look Cris until he awoke, once awake Cris thanked Growlithe and decided to rewards him by taking him home. His father did not at first approve of Growlithe because he had his sons first pokemon would be a water type, but eventually he let it go and a strong bond was formed between Growlithe and Cris. During his time in Slate Port city Growlithe would rarely go outside, he was playful but being a fire type he disliked being surrounded by water.
    Ability: intimidate
    Known Moves: Roar, ember, tackle

    Species: Treecko

    Nickname: None

    Personality: Treecko is curious and excitable, and not at all shy around anyone. He will jump and climb on anyone, even someone he's just meeting. When he first met Holly he was nervous around people, but grew out of that almost immediately. In battle, Treecko listens attentively to Holly's orders, and he likes her battle style of slipping around the opponent until he can find an opening. Treecko likes being inside his pokeball, but he also likes being out, so he ends up spending about half his time in the ball. Whenever he isn't in it, he's usually either in the trees around Holly, on the path next to her, or climbing her.

    History: One day in Fortree, when she was sitting in a tree after getting back in shape, she spotted furtive movement a little ways over. She focused on it, and caught a glimpse of a Treecko. Having seen many before, she almost dismissed it until she saw it again, and noticed something odd: it's eyes, instead of being yellow like most of them, were blue. She was intrigued by it, but before she could do anything, it ran off disappeared. Over the next years, she would see it intermittently, watching her. The day that her parents told her they were leaving, she ran out to the forest to where she had seen Treecko before, and yelled "Bye, we're leaving!". Little did she realize, the pokemon followed her, not willing to let her only friend leave. It hid out on the boat, barely making it on time. On the boat, she noticed the blue-eyed Treecko again. She figured out it had followed her, and thought it might want to stay with her. She asked her father for a pokeball, and a pokemon with which to catch it. She battled it on the deck, and caught her very first pokemon. While Holly was training with the Wood Gecko pokemon, she discovered that he could release a blast of powerful energy from his mouth. If Treecko had been able to speak to her, he would have told the tale of his father the Altaria who'd met his mother on his way through the region. He had been heading home towards the volcano, but he fell in love with the beautiful Sceptile immediately, and stayed in the forest to woo her (succesfully I might add). The young pokemon had inherited his father's ability to breathe a powerful stream of dragon-typed energy.

    Ability: Overgrow

    Known Moves: Dragonbreath, Absorb, Quick Attack.

    Other: Treecko is male, and has the particularity of having blue eyes as opposed to the usual yellow.

    Species: Purrloin

    Nickname: Kestrel

    Personality: While Kestrel does share some traits with his owner, Perrine and him do have a few things that set them apart. Of course, Kestrel is more of the patient type, willing to wait to figure out a strategy, then launch an attack, quite the opposite of Perrine. He’s also talented at hiding things, stealing things, and causing mischief in general. Unknown to Perrine, though, Kestrel isn’t fully tamed (and probably never will be), and pretty much just does whatever he wants to do, which may or may not include ignoring his owner in the middle of a battle. Kestrel rarely shows any affection for anyone else other than Perrine, and when he does, he’s usually just doing it to take advantage of them. Something he’s really touchy about, though, is the marker scribbles all over the lighter parts of his fur. Tease him about it and he’ll make sure you regret ever saying anything.

    History: The first time Perrine met Kestrel was back when she was still five years old. At the time, she had just found the Purrloin digging up her favorite berry plants (at the time, she had no interest in “cute” things, so she refused to be charmed). Of course, that didn’t sit very well with her, and she immediately got into a little spat with him. In the end, Kestrel (barely) managed to get away with his little prank, but not before Perrine got permanent marker all over his fur. Of course, Kestrel wasn’t very happy, and pinned her as his main target for pranking. Her parents, though, never caught wind of this, as they weren’t exactly the curious type - and, besides, they had better things to worry about than Perrine running around the house with markers. A few years later, they did managed to catch a glimpse of Perrine with Kestrel, and, since she was interested in Pokemon journeys around the time, that she wanted a Purrloin as a starter (and that she really liked Kestrel as an individual).

    At that time, her parents decided that they had to move to Kanto - it was too dangerous to live in Unova anymore, they said. Perrine wasn’t too happy, but didn’t object to the idea. Unknown to her, however, they had caught Kestrel for her, and were going to give him to her to “cheer her up” once they arrived in Kanto. Upon arriving, they promptly presented Kestrel to her. Perrine, of course, wasn’t too happy to see the Purrloin, but realized that there wasn’t really any other choice, since releasing him into the wild would obviously have consequences. Training him wasn’t easy, though, as Kestrel kept on trying to ruin Perrine’s life whenever possible. After a few months of work, though, Perrine and Kestrel have managed to get along with each other, and maybe even develop some affection for each other.

    Ability: Unburden

    Known Moves: Scratch, Growl, Sand-Attack
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  3. Sketchie

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    Okie-dokey- I'm going to put a list of Kat's mind friends here, so that I can keep track of them. Is that okay?

    Link - Looks like Totoro - Is very kind, and speaks in roars and growls.

    Kelly - A tall, slender woman, wearing a pink t-shirt and overalls. Her hair is a long blonde, matching her pale skin tone. - Is basically a grown-up, confident version of Kat. Speaks in a sing-songy alto voice.

    Svenn - He is a little taller than Kat, with spiky blond hair and violent blue eyes. He is wearing a Pokemon Ranger suit. - Is much like an older brother, kind, but loves a good prank. Or two. Or three. He speaks in a tenor voice (much like a 17 year old would), and has a slight New York accent. Calls Kat by her nickname "sweets."
  4. BugPokemonMaster316

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    That's fine. It can also help the others if they get confused.
  5. 493pkmns

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    I would like to be able to catch the Pidgey from my post. If not, that's fine.
  6. BugPokemonMaster316

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    I'm not so sure about it, since we only recently left Pallet Town, and we can't catch the Pokémon near there.

    Here is a list of areas in Kanto we can catch Pokémon: Mt. Moon, Viridian Forest, Rock Tunnel, Victory Road, Route 25, Route, 17, Route 13, Route 12, Route 20, Seafoam Island, and Safari Zone.

    Sorry if it sounds limited, but we can't catch Pokémon near the towns and cities in Kanto.
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    No that's fine. I get it :) I'll lose it after somebody else posts. By the way, does that mean Kamoarc quit? Never mind, just saw what you said in the sign ups.

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