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Pokemon Revolution: Advent Phoenix (Rated T)

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by EonMaster One, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. EonMaster One

    EonMaster One saeculum harmonia

    Well, guys, we’re finally here.

    It took fifty-eight chapters, several hundred (if not thousand!) pages, and hundreds of thousands of words – not to mention a total of about four years, but here we are.

    For those of you that are new, or might have simply forgotten, I’m EonMaster One, veteran member and fanfic writer of SPPf. This is the Pokémon Revolution Trilogy, a trilogy of fan-fics based very loosely on the game and anime worlds. All three involve original main characters as well as occasional cameos by trainers and people (mainly gym leaders) from the anime and game world of Pokémon.

    The first fan-fic I wrote, Pokémon Revolution: Johto, actually started as Pokémon: Johto Generations about five years ago. That fanfic died and was revived three years later in its present incarnation, which I saw all the way to its completion on March 22, 2007, with the posting of the 58th chapter. It would actually be a good idea for any new readers to read that fanfic first, as it is the beginning of the journey of Travis and Katrina (the main hero and heroine, respectively) and covers many questions that you would no doubt have about them if you were a new reader.

    I predict that this second part of my planned trilogy might be a bit easier for a few new readers, as the Pokémon Journey remains an integral (and necessary – though I won’t spoil anything here) part of the heroes’ adventure.

    DISCLAIMER: This fanfiction, like the entire trilogy is an AU (alternate universe) work. There are objects, characters (human and Pokémon), concepts, ideas, and events that might be based on, but do not appear in, the game, anime, or manga versions of the Pokémon World.

    Pokémon, the license and products thereof, and the 493 confirmed canon species all belong to Satoshi Tajiri...I think I spelled his name right. With the exception of the obvious canon characters, all featured characters and fan-made Pokémon belong to either myself or fellow authors here on the Serebii.net forums and the rights to use them must be obtained with the creator's permission. I do not make it a practice to lend out my human characters to very many authors as it affects and might conflict with said character's intended storyline. If I've created a fan Pokémon, however, I usually lean toward answering a request like that positively. Of course, not all fan-made Pokémon in this fanfic were created by myself. Eventually, I will finish citation of all featured fan Pokémon at the chapter of their first use, but until then, anyone who wants a fan Pokémon from this fic is going to have to ask me which ones are mine and which one's aren't - and then obtain permission from the appropriate person if they want to use them.

    Finally, this fic is rated T - intended for readers ages 13 or older. I tend to be very descriptive in Pokémon battles, but probably the bigger concern (as the worst you'll get from the former is slight descriptions of blood) is the human-on-human violence contained in the story. I try to avoid completely outlandish, horror-movie-style gore, but because of the content of this story, human beings are going to be injured, bleed, and die on many occasions. It contains some strong language (although most occurrences of strong swearwords are censored either by asterisks or by comic parenthetical comments). As for sexual content, while there are several romances within the story, each with varying degrees of physical contact, all but the most sheltered teenagers (who likely wouldn't be on a forum like this one anyway) should be able to handle it easily. There are no detailed sex scenes/lemons, but a few characters (all female, obviously) are or will be pregnant and produce offspring, at which point there's no getting around the fact that something must have happened. As for that, let me say that I wonder as to the real-world preparedness of anyone thirteen or older who has absolutely no knowledge at all on the subject.

    So, with all that said, let us begin.

    Welcome, new readers and old, to the second part of the Pokémon Revolution Trilogy:

    Pokémon Revolution: Advent Phoenix​

    Chapter List:

    Return of the Phoenix Arc (Chaps. 1-8)

    Chapter 1: Landing of the Phoenix
    Chapter 2: Adversary (Part 2)
    Chapter 3: Blue Streak (Part 2) (Part 3)
    Chapter 4: Breakdown and Takedown (Part 2) (Part 3)
    Chapter 5: Pursuit of the Scarlet Shadow (Part 2)
    Chapter 6: Start of A Rocky Road (Part 2)
    Chapter 7: Return of the Phoenix (Part 2)
    Chapter 8: Onslaught from the Wood! Kenjiro's Decision (Part 2)

    Pirate Passage Arc (Chaps. 9-12)

    Chapter 9: A New Adventure! The Natus Sets Sail! (Part 2)
    Chapter 10: Backlash! The Selma's Vengeance (Part 2)
    Chapter 11: One Journey Ends (Part 2)
    Chapter 12: The Sapphire Stratagem (Part 2)

    Dewford Arc (Chaps. 13-18)

    Chapter 13: A Day On The Sands (Part 2)
    Chapter 14: Dreadnaught's Order (Part 2)
    Chapter 15: The Wise Man and the Wanderer (Part 2)
    Chapter 16: A Collage of Confrontations (Part 2)
    Chapter 17: The Art of Knuckling Down (Part 2)
    Chapter 18: At Last, Restored (Part 2)

    Mauville Arc (Chaps. 19-23)

    Chapter 19: The Eye of the Voltyger (Part 2)
    Chapter 20: Two Arrivals (Part 2)
    Chapter 21: Spare Not the Rod (Part 2)
    Chapter 22: Revolution In Flight (Part 2)
    Chapter 23: A Destiny Accepted (Part 2)

    Prelude to Battle Arc (Chaps. 24-31)

    Chapter 24: Elrik, Lord of Verdanturf (Part 2)
    Chapter 25: The Heart of Stone (Part 2)
    Chapter 26: Act Two (Part 2)
    Chapter 27: A Step Short of Oblivion (Part 2) (Part 3)
    Chapter 28: Pyrokinetic* (Part 2)
    Chapter 29: Finally, Clarity (Part 2)
    Chapter 30: The Distant Storm (Part 2)
    Chapter 31: Fire Starters (Part 2)

    First Campaign Arc (Chaps. 32-??)

    Chapter 32: The Gambit, Successful Part 2
    Chapter 33: The Good, the Brad, and the Ugly
    Chapter 34: An Angel With Broken Wings Part 2
    Chapter 35: Revenge Served Flaming
    Chapter 36: The Hatching Scheme++

    + Tentative Chapter Name +
    ++ Confirmed Chapter Name ++

    First off, let’s set the table:

    Chapter 1: Landing of the Phoenix

    2012, Sootopolis City, Hoenn​

    In Hoenn, there is a large island. On this large island sits the capital and royal citadel of Hoenn, Sootopolis. In that citadel, there is a large room. This large room belongs to King Elvanan of Hoenn. Hoenn has been known for its slight technological advantage on the countries of the continent of Albara – Johto and Kanto. On the other side of that, however, compared to the governments of Johto and Kanto, which are essentially federated republics, Hoenn’s government – a monarchy – is rather archaic. As in the vast majority of monarchies, the oldest son is to be the crown prince – and therefore become king in the event of the king’s death or permanent incapacitation. What had happened in Hoenn, therefore, was a kingdom’s worst nightmare. For, in PA (Post-Adventus, the world calendar with 1 being the first globally recognized appearance of one of the three High Legendaries – that is, Lugia, Ho-oh, and Rayquaza – to a human being) 1990, the Queen of Hoenn had given birth to twin boys. King Elvanan loved both of his young sons equally and dearly, to the point where he simply could not choose between either of them for a successor. Both sons were good young men while their father was living, but their personalities were different. One son was extremely intelligent and masterful at diplomacy and internal affairs. The other grew up to be a military genius, as well as a master swordsman in his own right.

    But one of them had to be chosen. Only one could rule, and the other would likely be shunted sideways into some sort of advisory role (though he would still be second in line to the crown in the event that the other brother died in short order, neither one having found for themselves a suitable wife, let alone borne any sons).

    In this large room – with red carpet with golden designs, was an enormous four-poster bed worthy of a king. In this bed lay the current monarch, His Royal Majesty King Elvanan. Now sixty-two years old and with his health rapidly deteriorating, he had called in three men to his chamber, sensing that the end of his life was very near. He stared blearily toward the covering over his bed, reflecting on his life. He had been doing a lot of reflecting over the last several days. Did he indeed have any regrets? Anything that he wished he could have done differently? He wished he could have told his wife that he loved her one last time before she passed in on in childbirth to his two sons. He wished that he could have better fostered the relationship between his own country and the two nations of Albara. He wished, laughing inwardly, that he could have been confident enough in the ability of his country to run without him to vacation outside of it for at least a short while. He wished...

    There was a knocking in on the door and it opened. A short, bald, and unscrupulous-looking man in his forties wearing a white collared shirt with fancy black and red trim as well as black slacks, walked into the room. His eyes, wreathed in apple-green irises, peered out from under his thick, black eyebrows, which had much more hair than his bald and rather shiny head. To complete this picture or shadiness, he bore a thin mustache and a jet-black goatee that jutted straight down from his strong chin like the edge of a sword.

    “Malachi Gorba...” the aged king groaned. “You’ve arrived...”

    “Your Majesty,” Gorba, the king’s chief advisor, replied with a respectful bow.

    “Have you...” Elvanan asked, “...brought them?”

    “Yes, sire,” Gorba said. Stepping away from the door, Gorba allowed in two young men, both wearing lordly garbs with capes, but looking altogether different. One young man watched his dying father through violet eyes behind a curtain of long, black hair. He wore two iron shoulder pads that were attached to his red cape, which trailed behind his black-and-red outfit. The other young man wore no shoulder pads. His hair was the same-length as his brother’s, but a chestnut brown. His eyes were also a significantly lighter shade of purple than the other young man’s eyes. They were rather almost lavender in their color. His outfit was a lot like his brothers with two major differences. First, not preferring the military appearance, he wore no shoulder pads with his green cape. Also, his outfit, whereas his brother’s was red and black, was green and silver. In reality, it was a bit hard to believe that these two young men were twin brothers, but there was no doubt that they were princes.

    “Father? Are you alright?” The brown-haired young man spoke with an extremely worried look on his face, stepping forward.

    “Yes, Elrik, I’m fine...” Elvanan said weakly.

    “Prince Elrik, Your Majesty...” Gorba said with a strange look on his face that looked suspiciously like a grin. “Death...is only another part of life.”

    “He’s not five years old, Malachi,” the black-haired young man said, looking askance at his father’s chief advisor. “He can handle it.”

    “Gorba...” groaned King Elvanan. “I have a question.”

    “Yes, my king?” Gorba said.

    “Who would you have?” Elvanan asked weakly. “To rule over you...who would you have?”

    “It depends...” Gorba sighed. “Your Majesty...Your Majesty!!”

    For Elvanan had seemingly stopped speaking mid-sentence. Gorba ran over to the king’s bedside, as did the two princes. The king of Hoenn had ceased to speak...

    Ceased to breathe...

    Ceased to live.

    Righting himself, Malachi Gorba turned around to the two princes, and said four words that would change the fate of a kingdom.

    “The king...is dead.”


    It had been a week since the king’s death. The castle had been locked down, and no one was allowed in or out. A necessary measure, according to Prince Edgar, until a successor was chosen. Strangely enough, it was Elrik that was quarantined in his own room by Silver Knight guardsmen. But he had figured something out – he desired no civil war, so he had made this decision.

    Prince Elrik jumped as the door to his room, which looked a lot like the king’s bedchamber except for the fact that it was smaller and had considerably more books, was opened. In stepped his twin brother, Prince Edgar, along with Gorba. Why were two guardsmen with them, though? And where did they get the black armor? The king’s soldiers usually wore silver armor. On top of that, the armor that they wore while guarding the castle in peacetime was considerably lighter. Presently, however, these soldiers were wearing their full armor, almost as if they were preparing for battle.

    “Brother, we have good news,” Edgar said loudly, walking toward Elrik, who backed off a step or two. Even as his twin brother, Elrik thought that Edgar’s very demeanor was very intimidating. “You may freely leave the castle now.”

    “I’ve come to a decision,” Elrik sighed. “For the sake of the country – to keep us out of a conflict as brothers and to keep our country from civil war...you take the throne as King.”

    “That’s where you’ve made a mistake,” Gorba muttered, appearing from behind Elrik. “You act like we are giving you a choice in the matter.”

    Elrik looked at Gorba and his own brother, and his eyes widened.

    The next several minutes had been a blur. Elrik, to this day, has no idea how he made it through the castle to the stables and then out of the castle without being at least touched by one of these new black guardsmen, who seemed to be positively popping up all over the place in the castle. Presently, he was riding his own Rapidash from the Royal Citadel with all haste. To his enormous surprise, he had been joined by two other riders. These men – both relatively important figures in Hoenn’s military – were seemingly anticipating an effective coup by Edgar. They had never truly supported Edgar, even though he was the more military-minded of the two brothers.

    “You’ve become a good rider, Your Majesty, if it is alright for me to say,” Elrik looked to his left. On the Rapidash there was a middle-aged man of almost fifty years of age. He had milk-chocolate wore a blue outfit with a white scarf that made him look rather like a nomad. His dark gray hair fell to his neck and was the exact same length all the way around, and his beard – also a graying black – was trimmed to be roughly the same length all across his chin. He was carrying what appeared to be a scimitar at his waist.

    “This isn’t the time, Sir Roald,” Elrik replied, looking dejectedly downward and seeing only the saddled neck of his Rapidash.

    “Rashid, how long to the port?” Roald asked a young man that was riding astride him and looked a lot like him. This young man (who could have passed for a boy, honestly), looked simply like Sir Roald as he would have been about twenty years ago. His youthful face, brown skin, brown eyes, and perfectly-trimmed curtain of black hair sat atop a body clothed with nearly the same clothing ensemble that his elder counterpart was dressed. One difference, however, is that his weapons of choice seemed to be twin sabers.

    “Not long now, Father,” Rashid responded.

    “Good,” Roald growled. Elrik’s worried face as he looked ahead of him caught the aged, dark-skinned warrior’s attention. Out in front of them stepped three of the black guardsmen, each about six feet tall.

    “Sir Roald...” Elrik groaned worriedly.

    “Damn!” Roald swore, drawing his scimitar. “I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this...”

    “Father...” Rashid sighed. He didn’t like the idea of being forced to fight fellow Hoennite soldiers. Reluctantly, he drew both of his sabers and assumed a battle position on his mount. Both of them had extremely long spears designed to forcefully dismount riders. Roald and his son had to be quick.

    “NOW!” Roald shouted. Both of the men swung their weapons around their steeds without looking while the Prince trailed behind them so as to not get caught in the crossfire. Yelling was heard as the Prince got through barely, having to dodge a pair of wayward spears as he rode past the guardsmen.

    “Did we hit anything?” Rashid asked his father.

    “I’m not looking back to f–LEFT TURN!!” Roald yelled suddenly, as they were approaching a gate that held a sharp left turn that spiraled down around a rocky cliff into a slope that led to the lowest level of the city. Sootopolis was arranged in three rings that were all mainly made into that shape by the large lake in the center of the city. There was only one level to go. As the Prince and the others emerged on this level, they realized that several guardsmen had already beaten him there and had already had designs on killing the Prince. No doubt Edgar had offered a reward for bringing him Elrik’s head. As long as Roald and his son were present, however, that reward would never be claimed. The two warriors reared back and pounced on the guardsmen with their swords, tearing a hole right through the small line. The remaining guardsmen turned and began to chase the riders.

    “They’re chasing us!” Elrik exclaimed.

    “Don’t worry, Prince, they can’t catch up with us,” Roald replied.

    “We’re going to be trapped,” Rashid groaned with a blank looked on his face. “The port. We’re going to be trapped.”

    “You give up too easily!” Roald chided his son as they (in single-file) rode through the last tunnel to the harbor. The clip-clopping of the horse Pokemon’s hooves changed in tone as the surface on which they rode changed from stone to solid wood.

    “Your Majesty!!” a shout sounded from the Prince’s far left. There were two people dressed in silver armor with red-and-white helmets. One of them was a tall, burly man carrying a great sword. He had silver-blond hair and a tough face. The other was a short, young woman who had her blonde hair arranged in two braids that hung under her red-and-white helmet. The prince, under different circumstances, would have smiled at seeing her. Behind them, the prince saw a small ship with mostly white sails and one green (that hadn’t been there before), upon which appeared to be several knights, who were dressed in their peacetime armor plating and seemed to be making preparations to cast off.

    “Good girl,” Prince Elrik sighed, petting his Rapidash as he dismounted her. His two protectors followed suit, and all three steeds were led by three different knights across the plank of wood and onto the ship.

    “We made it,” Roald groaned. “It was pretty close, though...”

    “Sir Izaak,” Prince Elrik sighed, “What’s going on here?”

    “It appears your brother has seen fit to banish you from the castle, Your Majesty,” the middle-aged knight replied.

    “I had a strange feeling it would happen,” Elrik muttered.

    “So did we. So, the day His Majesty died – rest his soul – we sent out a call to any soldiers that would be willing to support you as King,” Izaak replied.

    “We didn’t anticipate the lockdown, though,” Roald said, walking up alongside the brown-haired prince. “We wanted to get you out peacefully, but then things got a little hairy.”

    “ ‘A little hairy’? We had to fight our own soldiers!” Rashid groaned. “Who knows how many we killed on our way here...”

    “I took care not to beat them too badly,” Roald replied. “How about you?”

    “Of course I did!” Rashid exclaimed. “Several of those men were my classmates...”

    “Rashid, calm down...” the prince said in a calm tone that wouldn’t have elicited any other response. “What’s the use of this??”

    “You might have conceded the kingship to your brother,” Izaak replied, “but Gorba still sees you as a threat.”

    “So...he wishes to remove me,” Elrik sighed. “Just because I’m the only left in the Thalrair family...the only other that has royal blood. What a mess...”

    “That’s the truth,” Roald said firmly. “So, we’ve got to get you the hell off of this island and somewhere safe where Edgar can’t touch you.”

    “Why?” Elrik asked.

    “Because we want you alive!” the young woman to Izaak’s left side said rather firmly. The prince turned in her direction and caught her eye. Immediately, the woman bowed and said quickly, “Your Majesty, please forgive my disrespect...”

    “Please excuse my daughter, Your Majesty,” Izaak piped in quickly. “That was just a slip of the tongue, it won’t happen again...”

    “Ivanna,” Elrik replied, shaking his head. The young woman looked up, having registered the informal use of her name. Turning toward Izaak, he asked, “Are you asking me to stand against my own brother? Even if I was willing...”

    “Edgar might be a military genius...” Izaak started to reply. “But there’s no denying his imperialism and even his cruelty. Surely, you have seen it as well.”

    “Yes...but...” Elrik sighed.

    “There’s no time for this conversation!” Roald yelled suddenly, drawing his scimitar. When Elrik turned around, he saw several soldiers in black armor advancing toward their position. They were hemmed in. With only way off of the harbor, they had nowhere to go. Roald and his son were in front of Elrik with their weapons drawn, but they would not last long against those numbers, especially since they lacked any defensive equipment whatsoever.

    “Sire! Board the ship! Please!” Izaak pleaded, brandishing his great sword. Elrik backed onto the ship. He saw Ivanna drawing her longsword as well and shouted from the ship.

    “Ivanna! Get back onto the ship!”

    “I’ll be fine, Your Majesty!” Ivanna shouted. “Set sail!”

    “All of you, back onto the ship!” Prince Elrik shouted. “Th-that’s an order!”

    With those words, Rashid, Roald, and Ivanna pulled away from the line, leaving Izaak by himself. With a couple dozen soldiers in black armor coming toward him, Izaak did not look like he intended to budge.

    “Sir Izaak!” Prince Elrik shouted. Suddenly, he felt a lurch under him. The ship was starting to set sail as the ramp that Elrik and the others had used to board it closed and melded into the ship’s wooden railing. “Sir Izaak!”

    “I’ll hold them off here!” Izaak shouted. “Ivanna!”

    “Father!” Ivanna shouted, leaning over the railing as she watched her father slowly shrink into the distance.

    “We’ll see each other again!” Izaak shouted. “Until then, you command the Silver Knights and guard the Prince with your life!!”

    “Father!” Ivanna repeated.

    “Sir Izaak!” Elrik shouted as well.

    In a matter of seconds, the ship was out of sight, gone around the huge rock and headed for open sea. Seeing that, Izaak turned around, brandished his large sword and said to the advancing mob, “Anyone who seeks an early death, come forth! Long live the king!”

    The ship was quiet. While the rest of the people had backed away, Ivanna continued to blankly stare over the railing at absolutely nothing now but open water. After a few minutes of shocked silence, the prince approached her.

    “Ivanna,” he called. Ivanna turned around and began to bow, but the prince waved her off. “Stop that. Why are you always so formal?”

    “The proper respect must be shown to a prince,” Ivanna replied, “Your Majesty.”

    “We’ve known each other since we were small children,” Elrik replied.

    “That might be so,” Ivanna said, bowing again, “But you’re still the prince, and I am nothing but a guard.”

    “Well, it looks like I’m not a prince anymore,” Elrik commented. “And even if I were, I’m not much more than just another man who happened to be born to the Thalrair royal family.”

    “With all due respect, Your Majesty...I wish you would not say that,” Ivanna replied, facing him. “Your Majesty is gentle and virtuous, just like we wish this nation to be.”

    “Ivanna...” Elrik sighed.

    “I shall keep the promise I made to my father, and continue to guard you with my life,” Ivanna replied formally with another bow. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must see about our destination.”

    “Alright,” Elrik sighed as the blonde-haired lady knight walked off. Elrik sighed and looked over the railing at the rippling reflection of the full moon on the night-darkened waters of Hoenn. “Father...was leaving...the right thing to do?”


    Using all of the skills and agility taught to her, she sprang from tree to tree in this dense forest. Her scarlet hair trailed out behind her, and her green outfit, torn in places, continued to lose more shreds as her forest-green-clad pursuers followed her exact path, sending darts and the occasional fireball after her one by one.

    Her nearly sixteen years of memories had been a blur. Her muddled mind held very few singular and distinguishable memories, the first of which was a baptism – a sprinkling of water upon her forehead at the age of five – an age at which she could not understand the purpose. Then, immediately after that, she remembered hands...merciless and firm, hands that held down her small, completely bare body and put her head into a blanket as she felt a burning pain right under her left shoulder. She remembered flailing her legs and screaming into the blanket, wishing for either salvation or death right in that moment – but neither came...until finally, the brand was removed and her tiny, sobbing, choking, trembling frame wrapped in the blanket that had been the only containment as she had released audibly her agony.

    She had never allowed those hands – or any others – to touch her, ever again. Yes, they had tried...they had said that it was one of the ‘requirements’, and part of the ‘training’...but she had never allowed it. She grew up watching and being forced to imitate the men and women around her, all bowing to a large golden dragon in a dimly-lit room that reeked always of incense. She had been forced to watch the ‘training’ of the other girls and young women around her. No one ever said a word. She knew the Seven Sacraments...”to the return of Arceus – Faram.” She knew the ritual prayers. She knew the techniques which she had been taught – techniques that were to hasten the Appearance...by punishing heretics. She knew not joy, happiness, peace, or love. But she had heard whispers about them...whispers that drifted in from the outside world – a world she was told that she could not enter.

    Months ago, she had seen her opportunity. An orb held inside the dimly-lit room...she took it, took her weapons, and ran. She was pursued, of course...one who joins the Faith – willingly or not so – cannot simply leave, for there was always a risk that this person would ‘evangelize’ – or, perhaps the proper word was ‘expose’ – the Faith to outsiders. She had no idea how she had been so fortunate. She found a passing ship and stowed away without so much as being suspected, until she made it to the mainland. There, she drifted from place to place, hearing rumors about the deaths of kings, princes, and knights.

    But she was pursued – and had been pursued for nearly a year now...and was being pursued. She groaned as a throwing knife slashed her left arm. She dropped down from the trees, hitting the ground with a loud thud.

    Shadows passed over her head, rendered colorless and nearly invisible by the angle of sunrays filtering through the canopy of green above her. She sighed, held the grapefruit-sized, emerald-green sphere close to her, and stayed perfectly still. She looked left at her arm – trickles of blood began to drip from the wound, running down her arm, and heading for the forest ground.

    Seeing nothing to use for a wipe – at least nothing that would not make her wound worse – she lowered her open mouth to her left arm. The metallic taste was horrible, but it was a small price to pay for not leaving a trail. Looking up with a bit of blood dripping from her lip that made it look like she had been hit in the mouth, she took a deep breath, righted herself, and ran, as quietly as possible with the skills that she had mastered, west...clutching the green orb in her hands.
  2. EonMaster One

    EonMaster One saeculum harmonia

    May 15, PA 2013

    A teenage boy took in the warm spring breeze at the sunny apex of a rolling hill overlooking a small town in the southern half of Hoenn. From here, he could see the many small buildings that comprised the residences of this town, as well as small shops and stores. At the eastern edge of the town (that was, of course, judging by the sun, which had just recently risen in Hoenn and was currently burning right into the teenage boy’s eyes as he was attempting to look down on the sight before him) was a large domed building that seemed to be attached to a reasonably large field. It was there he had to go. The fringe of his navy-blue hair, which was spiky and hung mostly around his left eyebrow, tickled his face gently as the wind played with it. The breeze died down, and the teenage boy felt a small thump on his back as his nearly-waist-length braid returned to its original position after being blown away from his head and toward the side. The two bright, sapphire-colored orbs that dotted his gentle and yet strong-looking face closed, opened, and gazed again over the land that would be his future.

    He looked down at his own clothing. His shirt was a loose-fitting button-down with short sleeves. It was mainly navy blue, like his hair, but the portion of the shirt from the bottom of the shoulders up was a bright white. Below this shirt was a pair of navy blue pants that had white stripes running the entire length of the pant leg. Under these were his navy-blue sneakers with royal-blue trim and fresh, white laces. Slung over his shoulder was a one-strap backpack, which was – big surprise...navy blue with silver trim. Around his waist was a belt with one red-and-white sphere on it and five empty slots where it appeared that five more of this same ball might go. That red ball was a Pokéball, for this youth of fourteen was a Pokémon Trainer, now on his second journey since receiving his Trainer’s License at the age of twelve, nearly exactly two years ago in the year 2011. His first journey was interrupted by extraordinary events surrounding a war against a tyrant with demonic powers. For the details of this war, which are far too numerous and cumbersome to record here, it would probably serve you best to read the first chronicle concerning this young man – as this story is his second. Also at his waist, interestingly enough, was a sword with a white sheath that seemed to be fashioned after the Eastern style of blades. This sword was his good-luck charm, in a way...as it would be far worse luck for him to perhaps need it (though he doubted that he would) and be lacking.

    “We’re finally here...” he sighed as he continued to look at the town below him. ‘Here’ was indeed the town of Littleroot in Hoenn – home of the topmost Pokémon authority in the entire nation, Dr. Bruce Birch (people in Hoenn just called him Professor Birch), as well as the starting point for many a trainer whose goal it was to participate in the Emerald Tournament in September.

    “<Whew...I have to get my legs back under me...I’m used to the feeling of being on a ship, but getting off is still a bit wobbly,>” a female voice sounded from somewhere around the boy’s ankle. The boy looked down, smiling at this lavender creature with a gem on her head and a forked tail. This Espeon had been his loyal partner since his first journey two years ago, when he had acquired her as an Eevee from Prof. Birch’s Johton counterpart, Professor Horatio (named after the famed military strategist who led Johto to victory during its war for independence over two millennia ago – but that is a story for another day) Elm. “<How are you feeling, Travis?>”

    “Actually, Angel,” the boy of fourteen replied, “I’m feeling great. The breeze works wonders for that kind of thing.”

    “<You’re higher off the ground than I am,>” Angel commented, to which Travis responded by laughing.

    Laughing...he was doing a lot more of that nowadays than he was at this time two years ago. Even before the crisis of the war, Travis had not been what you would call a laughing individual. In fact, were it not for his kindness, honesty, and unwavering sense of justice, he probably would have been a very difficult person to be around. Before that war, he was not necessarily unhappy...but if he was happy, it took a lot for him to show it. At the ripe old age of twelve, Travis had always been the consummate professional when it came to his Pokémon training and his life in general. Then the war happened. As he emerged from it, he realized that it did him no good to be constantly worried – life was too short and too uncertain.

    “You sure got up here in a hurry,” a girl’s voice rang in Travis’ ears, prompting him to turn his head. Up the hill came a girl that was fourteen years old as well – only younger than Travis by just over four months. She was wearing large shades with two tones in the lenses. These sat on her baby-blue eyes and took up a reasonable portion of her face, which was surrounded by long hair of a rose-pink color. Her tank top was mainly black and exposed her midriff. On the front of the shirt was what looked to be a pink, jagged claw mark design leading to a heart, in which was a capital ‘K’ in gothic-style lettering. On the back was the brand name “Katfight”. Her pants were white and a bit tight-fitting, and her pink sandals completed the outfit. Also with her was a small, pink bag in the same style as Travis’, in which she carried supplies. She walked around to the front of Travis as a small, black creature with red eyes, one oblong, golden ring on its head, and several of these golden rings on other spots of his body, came alongside Angel and earned a look that told him that she was happy to see him.

    “And you sure didn’t, Katrina,” Travis said with a smile. This was one of the reasons that he had learned to smile more. The teenage girl approached Travis, tilted her head up, and essentially grabbed one of his lips with her own two, letting go ever so slowly as both her lips and the boy’s then curled up into warm smiles. This was nothing new for the two fourteen-year-olds, as they had been a steady couple for approaching two years now.

    In their world of adolescent infatuations and whirlwind romances, Travis DePaul and Katrina Sasano were definitely an exception rather than a rule. Whereas most relationships that occur at their age would be based on, at best, a selfish, idealized view of the other individual, Travis and Katrina were one of the few couples (and, at their age, there were very few) that genuinely did love each other because of their virtues and despite their faults. Neither one hid anything from the other because, in their world – a world in which they had literally stared together over the rocky cliff of Despair to the yawning, bottomless pit called Death...a world in which they had stood both in Hell on Earth and the Hell found in themselves...

    In that world, only she could fully understand him, and only he could fully understand her.

    As individuals, and as a couple, they were different – set apart. Not set higher or lower, but on a parallel plane – a plane which, without seeing what they had seen, hearing what they had heard, and feeling what they had felt, no one could ever hope to reach.

    She turned around, gazing toward the city through her sunglasses, and grabbing his hand. The wind played with her rosy hair as she gazed down upon the building in town.

    “Just down the road,” she said. “A few more minutes of walking and we’ll be registered for the Emerald League.”

    “This time,” Travis replied with a smile, “no interruptions. No cancellations, and no rabbit trails.”

    “<Ain’t that the truth,>” the Umbreon piped in. “<I think it’s safe to say that war was one hell of a rabbit trail.>”

    “<Crescent...>” Angel sighed with a laugh. As Travis had chosen Angel as the sole Pokémon to bring with him from Johto, so Katrina had chosen Crescent. Crescent had been with Katrina for slightly less time than Angel had been with Travis. Katrina’s very first Pokémon was a Bayleef known as Riti (short for the Bayleef’s original form, Chikorita), but this particular Pokémon didn’t like fighting all that much and, therefore, Katrina left her, along with three of her other Pokémon, in the care of Professor Elm of New Bark Town, where she and Travis both lived. Therefore, that only left Crescent, who had developed a strong bond with Katrina since being with her. In fact, the only one with whom Crescent had forged a stronger bond was with his counterpart, Angel.

    “So, it’s that big building at the east side of the city?” Katrina asked.

    “I guess it would have to be,” Travis replied. “There doesn’t seem to be much else going on in this town. Then again, you can see all the way over there.”

    “That’s true...alright, let’s go,” Katrina sighed. “On your mark...get set...”

    Katrina let out a shrill scream as Travis, with no warning whatsoever, lifted her onto his back and tore down the hill, Angel and Crescent sprinting in their wake.

    ~~~ *** ~~~

    Five minutes later, Travis and Katrina were walking down Littleroot Town's Main Street, the latter laughing wildly. As they walked, she was leaning her head on his shoulder. Crescent and Angel were having an animated conversation behind him. What about? There’s no telling – but apparently, at the end of it, Crescent said something that made Angel blush furiously. As they walked, they drew looks from the few denizens of Littleroot Town that were out and about this time of day. Random strangers waved at Travis from the sides of the street.

    “You know...” Katrina sighed. “This time around...we need to enjoy it.”

    “Enjoy...what?” Travis asked.

    “Being together, silly,” Katrina laughed, hitting Travis’ shoulder jestingly.

    “Yeah, well...” Travis replied, “Last time, we were sort of...bouncing off of each other, I guess.”

    “Ha ha...” Katrina giggled. “...’bouncing’...violently.”

    “It wasn’t that bad,” Travis said.

    “Speak for yourself,” Katrina replied. “We’d been ‘bouncing’ for years, and I was a little bit bounced out at that point. Not to mention the fact that both of us were a little bit...”

    “Nuts,” Travis finished. Katrina burst into laughter.

    “Yeah, that’s a good way of putting it,” she said. “But, you know the old saying...what doesn’t kill us...”

    It was Travis’ turn to laugh this time. “So...when you say we should ‘enjoy being together’...what exactly did you have in mind?”

    “Well,” Katrina replied with a bit of a giggle, reaching up and tracing around Travis’ face with her index finger. “Everything that we didn’t do the first time around. We’re definitely going to the beach every time we can.”

    “The beach?” Travis repeated. “Sounds good, but...why so particular about that?”

    “I wanna be able to show you off at least once,” Katrina muttered, an impish grin on her face.

    “Showing off isn’t very nice,” Travis commented, jestingly wagging a finger at her.

    “Maybe I’m tired of being nice all of the time,” Katrina replied mischievously. “Besides, it shouldn’t be a secret that I’m lucky to have you.”

    “Uh-huh,” Travis uttered, smirking. “I definitely think it’s more the other way around.”

    “We’re almost there,” Katrina commented, finally letting go of the boy’s shoulder. In front of them was a large building with a white dome.

    “Good grief...it sure looked a lot smaller than this from where we were standing...” Travis groaned.

    “Meaning ‘two miles away’,” Katrina commented.

    “That’s a good point,” Travis replied, approaching the doors and making to open them. For some reason, he was surprised when the doors suddenly split apart without his touch at all.

    “This is a state-of-the-art lab,” Katrina reminded him.

    “Yeah...yeah, that’s right...” Travis muttered sheepishly, putting his hand into his pocket.

    Somehow, back home, Professor Elm always seemed to manage with a relatively small laboratory. This monstrosity, however, was anything but. As soon as they entered, they were walking through a large room with tables and huge stacks of books. There was even a desk where a young woman who appeared to be in her twenties was apparently settling in for work. She was wearing a white lab coat and had very short, blonde hair. She was also rather tall, but that might have been the six-inch heels talking.

    “I always wonder how you don’t trip in those things...” Travis muttered to himself.

    “Never mind that!” Katrina replied, elbowing him. “She works here.”

    “You think she’d know where Prof. Birch is?” Travis asked.

    “It’s a better bet than just looking around. This isn’t Elm’s lab,” Katrina answered, “Prof. Birch might just be in a place where we can’t see him from here.”

    “What with the size of this place, I wouldn’t be surprised,” Travis muttered. “Maybe we should just try to find him ourselves. She doesn’t look like she wants to be bothered.”

    “Tch...no matter how good of a boyfriend you manage to get, you’re always gonna get the same two things...” Katrina muttered. “He’s always going to fall if he gets hit in the crotch...”

    “Hey, why don’t you try being me for a day?” Travis cut in. “Or better yet, try being Shiro for a day...”

    Shiro was Travis and Katrina’s best friend from home. A couple of years ago, he had met a girl named Madeline Marius from Cherrygrove City, a town just to the west of their hometown. The two had been traveling together ever since. It was a safe bet, though, to assume that Shiro was currently in Johto right now. He was a bit constrained from leaving until at least the end of June, as he also happened that year to win Johto’s teen skate championship, and therefore had to defend his title in Goldenrod City every June. He’d won last time, and, as his only real rival (a guy by the name of Leo Richter, whom he had stripped the title from in 2011) was now eighteen and had been offered a professional contract, he was a pretty sure bet to win it again, barring some miracle performance from a relative unknown. Other than that small stipulation, though, he and Madeline were essentially thrill-seeking drifters. They loved to travel to unknown countries with no particular agenda. The sticking point of Shiro’s relationship with Madeline, though, is that, when they had just met, Madeline had a habit of kicking males in the groin when she didn’t get her way. It was a very destructive habit – as far as the men were concerned.

    “...and you all hate to ask for directions! Seriously, what is it with that?” Katrina asked, shrugging her shoulders. “Machismo, genetics...testosterone...”

    “I get your point,” Travis said in exasperation. He knew Katrina wasn’t really mad at him – because, if he’d done something to genuinely piss her off, both of them would know it.

    “You’re not as bad as most guys, though – I’ll give you that,” Katrina smiled, turned away from Travis, and walked toward this lady who looked a lot like a librarian. Travis figured that he might as well follow her, and did, followed himself by Angel and Crescent.

    “<This place is huge...>” Crescent muttered. “<Is this one of those labs?>”

    “<Yeah – but this one’s way bigger than the one back home,>” Angel replied. “<I guess we’re trying to find the ‘Professor’ – otherwise known as the ‘very skinny man with a pale face, huge glasses, and no social life to speak of.’>”

    “<Isn’t that a stereotype?>” Crescent asked. “<How do you know all Professors are like that guy?>”

    “<It’s what they usually look like,>” Angel said coolly.

    It took a moment for the young woman to register the presence of others in front of her as, when they approached, she was in the middle of an almighty yawn. Sleepily, she looked out in front of her. Her eyes focused and saw a boy with navy-blue hair and a girl with pink hair. Sleepily, she sighed, “Good morning. Can I help you find a book?”

    “So, this is a library...” Travis muttered.

    “Actually...we were wondering if we could find the Professor. I think his name’s Birch,” Katrina replied. “Is that right? We’re not from here.”

    “Professor B-B-Birch...” the librarian answered, stifling another yawn. “Alright...”

    She pressed a button that appeared to be on a desk next to her computer and spoke into a microphone.

    “Doc, there’s a couple of kids out here that say they’re looking for you,” she murmured, running a lot of her words together.

    “You get the feeling this chick isn’t a morning person?” Travis said in an aside to his girlfriend.

    “Pretty much,” Katrina replied with a smirk.

    “She’d better straighten up,” Travis muttered. “Mom worked as a clerk for Prof. Elm up until she got pregnant with Kylie. She told me, ‘the worst thing you can do as a clerk is look like you don’t want to be there’ – ‘cause, then, your customers won’t want to be there.”

    “I’ll keep that in mind if I ever want to be a receptionist,” Katrina replied with a smirk.

    “How would you feel if you had to get up at six on a Saturday?” the receptionist suddenly piped up.

    “Today’s Friday,” Katrina commented. The receptionist responded by saying another word under her breath that also happened to start with the letter ‘F’.

    “You shouldn’t be so rude to your patrons, Leslie,” hearing a jovial-sounding voice, Travis and Katrina swung around. Maybe it was the exaggerated mental effect of seeing him for the first time, but Travis could have sworn he felt slight tremors with every step this man took toward them. Granted, Travis had seen bigger guys. This man was short, but he had to be at least 230 or 240 pounds – and that would be a very well-distributed 230 or 240 pounds. If Travis’ estimation was right, this man was about the weight of a fully-grown male Donphan – that is, 250 pounds. His brown hair sat wildly upon the top of his rather round head. In addition to that, he had sideburns that curved all the way around his chin, forming a brown beard as well. His white lab coat (Travis didn’t know that the people who made lab coats could manage to fashion one to fit this man’s frame) covered a black t-shirt and went down to his shins, which were covered (as well as the rest of his legs) by khaki pants.

    “<Well...so much for the ‘skinny and nerdy’ theory,>” Crescent commented. “<Look at the size of that guy...>”

    “<No kidding,>” Angel replied, blinking in a bit of shock.

    “Oh...Doc,” Leslie muttered, looking a bit foolish. “When did you get here?”

    “I needed to get a notebook because I’m planning on doing some field work today. I think I left it up here,” the large man in the lab coat said. Suddenly, remembering something, he looked down at the two teenagers in front of him. “Oh – sorry, forgot to introduce myself. Bruce Birch, Pokémon Researcher.”

    Taking Prof. Birch’s proffered hand and fearing that her own would get broken, Katrina said, “Katrina Sasano.”

    “I’m Travis DePaul,” Travis said, also shaking Prof. Birch’s hand. Looking down and pointing out the two Pokémon, he added, “That’s Angel – she’s mine – and Crescent.”

    “Travis DePaul, did you say?” Birch asked. Travis nodded. “Excellent. We’ve been expecting you.”

    Travis and Katrina looked gave each other glances at Birch’s comment.

    “I’m assuming you came here because you wanted to register for the Emerald League?” Birch asked.

    “That’s right,” Travis replied.

    “Alright – follow me, then!” Birch said enthusiastically, turning around and striding toward the door on the far end of the library from which he had emerged, seemingly humming to himself. Although Birch was a big man – almost the height of his father and definitely heavier – Travis found it very hard to be intimidated by the guy upon meeting him. He, Katrina, and their two Pokémon followed Birch through the doors, which opened (as Travis expected) automatically as Birch approached them.

    Travis’ eyes nearly bugged out when he saw the setup of Birch’s lab. First of all. He took a couple of steps before his stomach hit the railing and he realized that he was definitely on the second floor. He looked to his right and realize that there was a sweeping staircase that ran around the outer wall of this room, leading to the ground floor below. This part of the lab looked like Elm’s, but with machines that were much bigger. Furthermore (and this made Travis smile), there was a door through which one could leave to visit the Pokémon habitats. Despite all of this advanced equipment, Travis definitely had a feeling that Birch was out there much more often than he was in here. Birch struck him as a practical, hands-on type of guy. Elm would have loved to have someone like this as an assistant, as he was just one of those people that didn’t much like getting his hands dirty. Not that he didn’t enjoy Pokémon – he just wasn’t a very physical being. Travis heard Birch say something to him, but, concentrating on something else at the moment, wasn’t exactly sure what it had been.

    “Travis?” Katrina’s voice snapped him out of his daydreaming.

    “Huh? Er...” was all Travis could utter – rather stupidly at that. “Sorry. What was that?”

    “I said, I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather,” Birch replied.

    Travis, his eyes downcast and suddenly very concentrated on the equipment below, muttered, “Oh...right.”

    “Hey, now, I wasn’t trying to depress you when I said that!” Birch exclaimed. “Perk up!”

    Travis tried his best and, finally, managed to curl his lips upward into a smile. “He’s in a better place now, I guess...”

    “So, what brings you here to Hoenn?” Birch asked as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

    “Well, I started as a Trainer two years ago,” Travis replied. “I didn’t get to finish my journey because...well, it’s a long story.”

    “I heard that Johto’s league got cancelled in 2011,” Birch commented.

    “Yeah...” Travis said, relieved that he didn’t have to explain all of the details. “On top of that, I got hurt...”

    “Hurt?” Birch asked. Travis sighed. This time, he would have to explain details.

    “Had a bad fall,” Travis replied. “I broke...what was it again?”

    “Right wrist – that’s his throwing arm,” Katrina answered. “A rib...”

    “I thought it was two ribs,” Travis commented.

    “Oh – that’s right...” Katrina said. Birch turned around and looked at Travis, raising an eyebrow. “And, a femur...”

    “Ouch,” Birch muttered sympathetically.

    “...in five places,” Katrina finished. Birch grimaced.

    “Good grief!” he exclaimed.

    “So...basically, according to doctors, I shouldn’t really be walking right now,” Travis sighed. “Much less traveling anywhere...but I recovered in a year, and here I am.”

    “You’d better be grateful for being young,” Birch replied darkly. “I know, if I broke my leg even once at this age...I’ve had broken ribs...and those aren’t fun.”

    “Tell me about it,” Travis said with a slight laugh. “What happened to you?”

    “Field work...” Birch replied. “Hacked off a couple of Tauros...”

    “Oh, boy...” Travis muttered.

    “Took me a good six months to get back to a hundred percent,” Birch replied as he approached a desk with a computer, clicked a mouse a few times, and sat down. “But, I still do field work – and I still enjoy it. You think with all my physical activity, I’d be a little more in shape, but that’s okay. Er, name?”

    “Travis Shelton DePaul, the third,” Travis said.

    “Date of birth?” Birch asked.

    “July 28, 1998,” Travis replied.


    “New Bark Town, Johto,” Travis replied.

    “Blood type?” Birch asked. Travis’ mouth hung open as he turned to look at Katrina. He didn’t remember being expected to provide this. He couldn’t remember off the top of his head, either. Just as worry was about to set in, Birch’s hearty laugh rang through the lab as he chuckled, “You should have seen your face. Gender, male...starter Pokémon – Espeon, female. Nickname – Angel...”

    Travis laughed. He rather liked Prof. Birch. Not that he didn’t like Prof. Elm, but Birch was more his type of guy. He obviously had the head knowledge – or else he wouldn’t be a Professor – but he could mesh that with a practical approach to Pokémon, as well as a sense of humor. Birch clicked a button on his mouse and said, “There! You’re done. Now, you next...”

    “Katrina Lynn Sasano,” Katrina said without Prof. Birch asking the question.

    “You said Sasano,” Birch replied. “I think I’ve heard that name before, but I don’t remember exactly.”

    “My father’s President of Ericsson International,” Katrina sighed. Ericsson International, based in Goldenrod City, was the foremost manufacturer of modern gear and equipment for Pokémon Trainers. Katrina’s father, Drew Sasano, was essentially second from the top in terms of absolute authority.

    “Really?! Isn’t that something,” Birch replied. “I thought you were the daughter of a famous fashion designer or something...”

    “That, too,” Katrina muttered. Her mother, Nicholette, was the designer of the ‘Katfight’ clothing label (which explained why ninety-nine percent of Katrina’s substantial wardrobe at her rather large house back in New Bark Town bore this brand name). Katrina was very close with her adoptive mother, who had named the clothing label after her. “A lot of people are surprised that I’m a Trainer, actually...”

    “Date of birth?” Birch asked.

    “December 1, 1998,” she answered.


    “New Bark Town,” she replied. “Oh, and it’s A-positive.”

    Birch laughed, as did Travis.

    “Good one,” the latter commented.

    “Touch?,” Birch chuckled. “All right, let’s get the last of it. Gender – female. Starter Pokémon – Umbreon, male. Nickname – Crescent...and, you’re all squared away. So!!”

    Birch exclaimed rather loudly, jumping out of his seat in exuberance and prompting Travis and Katrina to temporarily freak out and back off a bit.

    “Er...” Travis muttered. Katrina just laughed.

    “There you have it,” Birch said, slapping his hands together and creating a great echo off of the domed ceiling of his laboratory. “You’re officially registered for the Emerald League.”

    “Thanks – where do we start?” Travis asked.

    “Isn’t it Rustboro?” Katrina asked.

    “Actually, no...” Birch replied. “Or I should say, ‘fortunately’. Hoenn’s got a rookie gym leader by the name of Stella, so the League stuck her at Petalburg. I think she’s just a year older than you two, actually...”

    “A gym leader at fifteen? That’s insane!” Travis exclaimed.

    “Wasn’t Brandon only thirteen when he got the job?” Katrina asked. Brandon Grant had been, at the time that Travis journeyed through Johto, the Bug-type specialist Gym Leader of Azalea Town.

    “He got it from his brother, though...” Travis replied. Brandon’s brother was Bugsy, who was now seventeen. “But he got kicked by Kenny, anyways...”

    “Seriously?” Katrina replied with a bit of surprise in her voice. Travis and Kendall Forrest had been acquaintances and had even traveled together at one point in Travis’ journey. Kenny was always talking about how he would like to take Brandon’s post and oust him. You can imagine Travis’ delight when the news came in 2012 that Kenny had been successful. Kenny’s gym was now one of the rare dual-type gyms in the world. Apparently, Kenny not only loved Bug-types, but had become rather fascinated with Grass-types as well.

    “Yeah...he’s not the only guy I ran into that’s got a job as a Gym Leader,” Travis said. “You remember Zinnia Roberts?”

    “At the tournament in Olivine? Where’s she leader?” Katrina asked. Travis had fought a close match with number-four-ranked Zinnia Roberts, an emo girl that (he never told Katrina this) was taken with him and was pretty vocal about it. Travis was very surprised when he found out that she, of all people, had risen to the rank of Gym Leader.

    “Ecruteak City,” Travis replied. Katrina’s smile faded a bit. Ecruteak City, unfortunately, had been the site of several bad memories for Travis and Katrina. First off, Travis had gotten into a fist fight with his former archrival, Nathaniel Elm. Nate had been involved in the war as well and went missing just after it ended. Travis and Katrina had not seen him since. Also, however, they met a young woman named Luna who had ousted Morty and become the Gym Leader at Ecruteak. However, through a series of events, the young woman was murdered weeks after they met her. It was, in fact, one of her Umbreon that was adopted by Katrina and now traveled with her as her partner.

    “<Luna...>” Crescent sighed, becoming pensive. He had been very close with his original Trainer and, therefore, her death was still rather difficult to talk about.

    “<It’s all right, Crescent,>” Angel said, licking his cheek to comfort him. “<At least you know where your sister is.>”

    The other Umbreon that had belonged to Luna was Crescent’s baby sister. By a happy turn of circumstances, a girl that had been adopted by a family in Katrina’s neighborhood of Gilchrist Heights in New Bark Town happened to have this Umbreon with her. Thus, the Umbreon (now nicknamed Artemis) was taken into this family as well as the girl. Another coincidence was that this girl claimed to know Nate, and that she and Nate had been on very good terms as at least friends – but Katrina, who lived near her and knew her rather well at this point, knew that she and Nate (if this was indeed the same Nate that they knew) had been much more than friends.

    “<Yeah...>” Crescent responded. “<I sure hope Artemis is doing alright without me. We were so happy to see each other again.>”

    “She’s a Dark-type Gym Leader...” Travis said. “It sure fits her personality.”

    “Sounds like there’s been a few job changes out there,” Birch said, bringing two white bracelet-like bands to the two Trainers.

    “So, Stella’s the first Gym Leader,” Travis replied. “Hold on a second...what are...”

    “There’s a couple of things different about the Emerald League,” Birch replied. “I believe Johto has a ranking system?”

    “Yeah...” Travis replied. During his journey, he and Katrina had been very highly-ranked, which drew admiration from some people and ire from others.

    “Well, in Hoenn, it actually matters,” Birch said. “Pokémon battles are even more of a spectator sport here than they are in Johto. So, fans who pay obscene prices to go to the Emerald League Tournament want their money’s worth. The League determined that the best way to do that was to rank their Trainers. These bracelets are linked to a satellite.”

    “A satellite? Wow, you guys really do go big,” Travis commented.

    “That satellite’s linked to a supercomputer – like that one, but bigger,” Birch said, pointing at an enormous screen behind him. “This computer covers your win-loss record, mainly at Gyms and League-sanctioned tournaments. But, also...and excuse the cliche – it’s not about whether you win or lose...”

    “It’s how you play the game,” Travis and Katrina chorused, both shaking their heads at Birch’s triteness.

    “Exactly,” Birch replied. “The League, for one thing, doesn’t like Trainers that always get owned by a Gym at least twice before they win a badge. But if you can pull out close matches and make it look good for the fans, the League’ll know that fans will pay to see you duke it out in Evergrande. Simple enough?”

    “Yeah...simple enough,” Travis replied, in slight disbelief that Birch had just used the terms ‘owned’ and ‘duke it out’ in normal conversation.

    “The fortunate thing about this is that it’s not as subjective as it sounds,” Birch replied. “That computer calculates the vast majority of the scores. But don’t worry if the time comes and you’re not ranked. If you’ve got eight badges, you still can get into Evergrande. Only problem is, you’ll have to claw your way to the top of a prelim tournament, while the guys that got seeded just wait for you at the big show.”

    “So, if you get to Evergrande and you’re not ranked, more battles –“ Katrina commented.

    “– Ergo, more chances to get knocked off,” Birch said. “So, it’d be in your best interest to try to make it into the Top Sixty. In order to get one of those last four slots, you might have to go three or even four extra rounds.”

    “Ouch,” Travis groaned, taking a bracelet, putting it on his right wrist, and giving the second to his girlfriend. “Well...I guess I’ll have to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

    “You sound confident,” Birch commented.

    “Well, I didn’t come all the way out here just to lose,” Travis said firmly.

    “That reminds me...you’re not the only Trainers from Johto in this tournament,” Birch said. “I met another guy and girl. They were early birds – they got here about a week ago.”

    “Really?” Katrina replied, looking at Travis as she donned her own bracelet.

    “Wonder if it’s anyone we know?” Travis said, raising an eyebrow.

    “There’s no telling,” Birch said. “Well, if that’s all...no – wait a sec, it isn’t. I was wondering...you guys think you can do me a favor? It’s not too strenuous. I think you’ll enjoy him, in fact.”

    “‘Him’?” Travis repeated in confusion. Birch walked over and grabbed a Pokéball off of a circular rack that seemed to have several slots. “I buy these starters from breeders in Hoenn and give them to the kids that come from this town. But we started using new starters and everybody wants those. So, this poor guy had nowhere to go.”

    Birch hit a button on the red-and-white sphere and an extremely bright, white light shot out of it. This light formed into a bipedal Pokémon that looked rather like a mutated version of a certain insurance company mascot. He had yellow eyes that were large and bulged out of his lime-green head. His body, for the most part, was also the same color, except for his belly, which was a pinkish-hue and bore a stripe. He had a huge, forest-green tail that tapped the floor of the lab in relief at being let out of the ball.

    “<So...whaddaya say? One of you guys want to pick me up and add me to your team, or am I gonna be a free agent for the rest of my life?>” he said in an extremely enthusiastic voice.

    “A Treecko!” Travis exclaimed. “Nice!”

    “Nice indeed,” Birch responded. “This guy’s been itchin’ to get himself a Trainer forever. From the little that I’ve seen of him, he’s a real gamer and really competitive.”

    “<I could do one heck of a lot worse for an agent,>” the small Wood Gecko Pokémon commented, pointing back at Professor Birch’s khaki-clothed legs.

    “A real champ, isn’t he?” Birch asked. “So...what do you say?”

    “Sounds good,” Travis replied. After a rather long pause, during which the Treecko’s bulging, yellow eyes looked up at Travis hopefully, the teen trainer exclaimed, “I’ll take him!”

    “<Whoo-hoo! Good call!>” the Treecko whooped in jubilation, jumping up into the air. High-fiving Travis with his tail, he shouted, “<Just watch – you and I are goin’ straight to the top!>”


    About an hour later, Travis and Katrina were on Route 101, the short road between Littleroot Town and Oldale Town. Whatever was with that Treecko, it must have been contagious, because on the way to Oldale, Travis had a marked feeling of exhilaration and just could not stop jumping around.

    “Please don’t bottle up all of your excitement, Travis,” Katrina said with a smile, calmly walking with a Partner Pokémon at each ankle. Travis was bouncing happily down the road, looking up as flocks of a blue, swallow-like creature that Travis knew was native to Hoenn and couldn’t remember the name of at this point, flew overhead. The sun was approaching high noon, and the weather was even better today than it had been on the day of his first departure. On that day nearly two years ago, Travis had gotten caught in a storm. Today, though, there was no cloud in sight.

    “<You’re being a stick-in-the-mud,>” Angel sang good-naturedly.

    “<Hey, what’s going on...>” Crescent muttered. “<Where’d he go?>”

    For Travis had indeed disappeared. There were several trees around this dirt road, but not so many so that Katrina couldn’t see where Travis was. Where could he have gotten off to that quickly–

    Katrina screamed as she felt an unknown force lift her legs out from under her and continue to move. The next thing she knew, she was being carried bridal-style. She turned her head, and there he was. After a few seconds, he let her down. By the time she was on the ground, she had caught the bug. She held out her hand and a ball of light formed in it. It lengthened into a staff, which she grabbed as the light faded. This staff was white and ended in a golden crescent-moon shape. In the middle of that crescent was a white, pearl-like orb that seemed to be hanging onto absolutely nothing. This staff was a symbol of her heritage as an Aurillian. A long story short, she was royalty of an ancient civilization that had access to powerful magic. That orb began to glow a bright bluish-white. She began to twirl it around, causing the glow to create a trail of light wherever the core of the staff traveled. The light began to waft slightly, almost as if it was allowing itself to be caught and directed by the spring breeze. It caught across Travis’ face and lightly caressed it, giving him a feeling of warmth and comfort. He stopped for a second as Katrina reached the top of the hill and stopped as well. He ran up to catch up with her. Sensing him there, Katrina gradually started to fall back. She was still nearly upright when her head came to a rest on his shoulder.

    “Just like always,” she laughed. Reaching back for Travis’ hands, she clasped both and wrapped them around herself. Letting his chin rest on the top of her head, he looked over her. For the second time today, they were standing atop a hill overlooking a town. This one looked even smaller, but that might have been for the fact that it had no laboratory. This was Oldale Town, and here they would spend the day and stay until tomorrow, when they left for Petalburg and the first Gym. Looking down, he found that Katrina had released her hand, leaving his arms around her exposed midriff. Even after two years, this was the first time they’d had that much contact other than a kiss every now and then...but somehow, this time, it didn’t feel all that awkward. Not natural, perhaps...but not awkward.

    “We’re Trainers again,” Travis said, holding Katrina close to him.

    “Yeah...we are,” Katrina sighed.

    And as they overlooked this second town, they knew for sure that, for this summer, this land was theirs.

    This summer, they owned Hoenn.
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