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Pokemon Ruby team... help please :D

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Tadej, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Tadej

    Tadej Member

    so... i'll start playng ruby in few days.... so im planning my team :D
    I was thinking of :

    i have few problems:
    1. most of my team are spacial attackers... what should I do
    2.Which pokemon should I get? for the empty slot...or should i use HM slave?
    3. Reccomend me any batter pokemon?

    This team is just for ingame, and I was playng it as a kid and i dont remember most of it... so if i can get any of those pokemons in aftergame please tell me.
    And I'm really sorry for my bad eanglish
  2. Boxofcookies

    Boxofcookies Member

    Hey there,
    Swampert and Golduck are no gos. You already have a water type, you don't need two, so drop Golduck.

    A great Pokemon for you would be Shroomish. You need a grass type, and you need a physical Pokemon, so it's a 2 in 1 deal(Shroomish evolves into Breloom, a grass/Fighting type)! You find Shroomish in the Petelburg Woods, so you get it very early too.

    As for Flygon, it is a good Pokemon... BUT it can't even fly until it is level 35, and isn't a Flygon until level 45. And leveling it up can be SO annoying! I would know, I trained one. If you want a flying type sooner, train a Zubat. I know, I know, Zubats do suck. Crobat, however, does not. It has one of the highest speed stats of its generation. But, if you really want Flygon, so be it.

    Now about that remaining slot... maybe a electric type will be your taste. Like Electricke or Magnemite. You could choose something else too, just don't double type.
  3. Tadej

    Tadej Member

    so i got shroomish... i have two of them both on lvl 11 and I don't know which one to choose?

    1. Shroomish
    Nature: Quirky
    -Hp: 36
    -Atk: 16
    -Def: 21
    -Sp. Atk: 16
    -Sp Def: 21
    -Speed: 13

    2. Shroomish
    Nature: Admant
    1. Shroomish
    Nature: Quirky
    -Hp: 34
    -Atk: 15
    -Def: 20
    -Sp. Atk: 12
    -Sp Def: 28
    -Speed: 15

    I would go with quirky one because it has better IV-s ... but what do you think? tell me :)
  4. LimeSoda

    LimeSoda Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I have no idea if the adamant nature one will end up having more attack even though it has less [im assuming] attack IVS
  5. bluecrimson

    bluecrimson Sea Ruby Trainer

    That first Shroomish of yours is a real winner. Fantastic IVs around the board besides Speed, and it'll end up with a higher attack than the second one. If you can deal with attacking second a bit more, it's pretty easy to make the choice there.

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