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Pokemon Rumble Rush - Mew Forest

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Bryan Daube

New Member
Hello, I was playing Pokemon Rumble Rush this morning and found something very weird when searching for a new area. When I clicked the map it waited a few seconds and then said nothing was found. But then when I clicked okay, it sent me into a map called Mew Forest. I have a screen shot of this as well. This is not listed on the site anywhere as a location. Maybe it's a glitch...cause all that seems to be there are Bulbasaur, Oddish, Bellsprout,and the boss Ivysaur. I've now played it like 100 times. Any ideas?


Call me Del
I think people can re-name them. There's an edit button next to the name. I had one for Moltres, allegedly, and the boss was Metapod. If you can re-name them for others to see, then I think it might just be trolling I'm afraid.
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