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Pokemon Rumble World - FC Trade Thread?


Future Gym Leader
I was wondering if there is/should be a FC trade post.

since you can get 30 diamonds just by having 10 friends online.

Heck you wouldnt even need to post a lot of info. just your timezone, when you usually play and your fc. like this:

  • FC: 3282-2110-8760
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (Toronto, Canada), GMT -5
  • Available: 1pm-8pm


New Member
FC: 2595 0510 6905 - Erica
Time Zone: Central (AR, USA)
Available: 6pm-9pm

I'll add all three of you later today, so please add me back. :)
FC: 1504 6305 0204 - Tsugumii
Timezone: UTC/GMT +10 (Brisbane, Australia)
Available: frequently.


New Member
Rumble World Friend code

Hi ! I need friend code for Pokemon world to unlock diamond !

This is my friend code : 3668-7261-5576

Thank you =3

Tiger RPG

I have add everybody above my post. Please add me too.

FC : 3024-6769-7253
Time Zone: GMT -5


Well-Known Member
My FC is 3153-4963-3703.
Time Zone: UTC-06:00 Central Time (US & Canada)
Available: 10:00-11:00 P.M on weekdays; frequently on weekends
I added everyone above. Please add me as well. Thanks.


Pokemon Professor
FC: 0189-8015-5186
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (Toronto, Canada), GMT -5

I'm adding everyone above, if you post try to come back every now and then and add those who post after you.


New Member
FC in signature
Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 (Italy)
Available: frequently.

I've added everyone, add me please


Well-Known Member
Yikes. Looks like this thread is dead...


New Member
yeah... Please everyone ! On my side i just need 3 other FC !!!
It's not to hard a quick friend code !!! please !!!!


yeah... Please everyone ! On my side i just need 3 other FC !!!
It's not to hard a quick friend code !!! please !!!!
Name: Mac
FC: 0834-4098-5870
Timeline: -6 Central time USA. Randomly out through the day. Only wifi is iPhone hotspot
Everyone add me back please!


I've added everyone on this thread.
FC: 2208 - 6426 - 2784
GMT: London/Lisbon/Dublin