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Pokemon Safety Exercise: The Not A Movie

Discussion in 'Games' started by Frozen Sunset, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. ;025; Hurry up Marco, Grandfather is going to to tell us our future!
    ;028; It's too early for that old bird, just go by yourself *buries his head into a plush pillow*
    ;025; You know Kaylee will be there, and I heard she's got a new ribbon.
    ;028; What are we waiting for? Let's go see what Grandfather has to say!

    1) Obey the SPPF rules.
    2) No bashing and/or flaming.
    3) Listen to me as the owner.
    4) If you don’t respond to 3 challenges in a row your contestant will be auto eliminated.
    5) Contestants won’t be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Instead there will be held auditions. (They will be explained on the bottom of the page)
    6) Don’t go whining if your character isn’t accepted.
    7) Keep RPing to a minimum.
    8) PM me about your character if you think that it isn’t developed/portrayed well.
    9) No endless conversations if fillers are requested.
    10) If there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask them to me, but ask them in a PM.
    11) Have fun! This is a game after all and that’s what games are meant for.

    Game explanation

    The game I started with, and eventually allowed to be followed by horrid sequels is back!

    Each challenge you will get 3 possibilities to complete it (ex. A. in a tree B. under a rock C. In the water). If you pick the right one spot you will gain 6 pieces of old gold, the mediocre choice will give you 4 pieces of old gold, but pick the wrong one and you will only get 2 pieces of old gold.

    All points will be assigned by a rng. So please don't complain about a rock being a better place to hide than the sea. The rng will also assign you to a random place if you do not reply within the set time (but you will receive only half the points if this happens).

    Each player will start out with 100 life points and lose 10 life points each round (regardless of where they hide).
    But they can use their coins to heal/protect themselves or to attack other contestants.

    Defensive items
    Oran berry: will heal 15 life points - costs 14 gold pieces
    Temporary fort: will protect them for 2 rounds (including the Offensive items) - costs 18 gold pieces
    Lum shake: heals status problems - costs 5 gold pieces
    Happy Juice: will randomly heal you by 12, 14 or 18 Life points - costs 15 gold pieces
    Love Letter: Can be given to any other contestant, this will cause them togive you all the gold pieces they earn the next round - costs 15 gold pieces

    Offensive items
    Stealing Mankey: will steal 10 points from 1 character and give it to you (spiteful)- 16 gold pieces
    Haunted necklace: will be given to a random player, and will then remove 10 LP - costs 10 gold pieces
    Pokémon trap: will cause status problem to affect on other contestant of your choice, until they heal themselves with a "Lum shake." - costs 8 gold pieces
    It can randomly cause one of the following:
    Poison/burn: will remove 2 LP until it is removed
    Paralysis: they will only receive half their earned coins until it is removed
    Sleep: they will be inactive for 1 full round (not able to gain gold or use items)


    Sir DJ - Marco the ;028; and Paulo the ;025;

    Lawmaster - Thowt the ;310;
    ShadeAce - Nico the ;308;
    Lost Requiem - Orchid the ;090;
    ElectricPokeLover - Sparky the :587:
    Dracoste - Agar the ;472;
    Ponymon - Derek the ;015;
    Charze - Remy the ;207;
    ansem the Wise - Nigma the ;475;
    CuriousHeartless - Kiba the ;318;
    Ruby XII - Vinci the ;083;
    WizardTrubish - Swimmy the ;129;
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2012
  2. Thank you Mods :)
    Feel free to post your characters....you'll have about 5-7 days I'm guessing.
    Yes you may edit your post until I say you may no longer.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2012
  3. Ace of Shades

    Ace of Shades Well-Known Member

    Name: Nico
    Species: Medicham ;308;
    Gender: Male
    Personality: As a boy Nico lived a pampered life style. After his parent's tragic death in an arson he inherited their billions of dollars. He led an inspiring career in magic and found his assistant to be his true love. One night when he was going to propose his hotel room went up in flames, there he learned that it was a secret organization of robin hoods who not only killed his parents but that they tried to kill him and his fiance to be was their ringleader. Nico barely escaped with his life and none o his money. After that he turned to a life of crime, specifically a con artist coning others for his own gain. He will use his powers, disguises, and take advantages of people's flaws and desires to abuse their talents or gain their possessions to help him in his quest. After he does con people out of things he will wipe their minds back to a few basic details, but if they resist he will take more extreme measures and execute them. Nico is afraid to love again and isn't very trusting of people.
    Fears: Fire, Love
    Dreams: To con those who wronged him and his family
    Additional Information: he wears a magicians top hat and walks around with a cane, his calling card is flaming spade.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  4. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    Species: Farfetch'd ;083;
    Name: Vinci
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is......an artist. He used to make many artistic paintings such as the Mona Lickitung, Adoration of the Magikarp, and The Battle of Accumula, he had become a world-renowned artist. After many wonderful creations, he lost his muse. He decided to join a tournament of sorts. It looked as if he could win, but after a bomb went off during the tournament, he went into a several month coma. Severe injuries to many pokemon like Vinci caused this tournament to shut down.

    He has forgotten who he was, and although he still creates art, it is now Abstract Art. He has also grown to have two sides to himself. One seems to have a problem with hitting on the first woman he sees, the other is the Vinci previously mentioned, an abstract artist.

    When in "Abstract Form" as we shall call it, he is more focused on his artwork than anything, and if his artwork is insulted, he strives to perfect it.
    When in "Suave Form" as we shall call it, he would usually just search for roses to give to his current target, and use cheesy pickup lines. Although typically, the fact he's a farfetch'd causes these attempts to fail horribly.

    Fears: Abstract: Being horrible at what he does, and bombs.
    Suave: Being unable to try to sweet-talk a girl, marriage.

    Dreams: To - ironically - one day become a famous artist, believing he never created any of his famous masterpieces.

    Additional information: Usually he needs to be hit on the head to switch between his two forms, though sometimes an attractive girl will snap him into Suave Mode, or the bagging of his artwork will send him to Abstract. He is typically in Abstract Form.

    (OOC: .....In Tribute of Pokemon Royal Rumble, I am using my favourite pokemon from said game. R.I.P. PRR X, July 2011-December 2012)
  5. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    I'll give this another try.

    Species: Carvanha ;318;
    Name: Kiba
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Unlike most Carvanha, Kiba is very calm. He is the next in line to be a Priest of Kyogre so he has been raised in a secluded life. His predecessor's health is deteriorating, so Kiba was allowed on this show before having to become the next priest and not being allowed to leave his home territory. He has been treated well his whole life, so while he isn't mean he can be a bit awkward at times, especially when someone goes against something he's said. Kiba has been given high quality lessons in life, so he isn't a genius but can do well for himself. Kiba is not very powerful, and rarely even tries to fight usually.
    Fears: Going back to the temple before really living, and Bears.
    Dreams: To succeed somehow in his life.
    Additional information: His powers as the Priest of Kyogre are starting to work up and can randomly come and go. When he has his powers, he is powerful, brash, and has millennia of knowledge. However, since he is not actually the priest yet these are just flashes of another personality and not Kiba so he can't remember what happens when his powers activate.
  6. Recon

    Recon 11001101011101010100

    Species: ;053;
    Name: Katze Kotolnos
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Katze is extremely carefree and easygoing, despite being a former death merchant and vice-captain of an army. Even when serious, he retains his carefree nature, addressing others casually. However, when serious, his training will kick in and can easily knock the stuffing out of a Pokemon twice his size. He is currently traveling and trying to atone for his actions while in the army, meeting with success so far in doing so.
    Fears: Being forced to return to his former lifestyle.
    Dreams: Becoming the mayor of a town located on the back of a tank.
    Additional information: He isn't exactly a straight arrow, if you know what I mean.

    PS: Internet cookie for the person who guesses who my character is based off of.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
  7. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    Species: :643:

    Name: Grand Harbinger of Truth (GHot)

    Gender: Genderless ("born" male)

    Personality: GHoT is completely and utterly obsessed with the truth and as such absolutely detests anyone who has ever told the slightest of lies. If it finds out someone has lied it'll proceed to Purify them (Read: Burn them to ashes with Blue Flare and then burn their ashes for good measure). GHoT is completely stoic under any situation (unless someone lies, of course) for emotions would disturb its search for the truth. When not Purifying people or searching for either lies or the Truth it tries to convince people to join its cause, mostly through longwinded bombastic speeches about the Grandness of its ways. Though other means are possible.

    Fears: Telling a lie. Finding out reality doesn't exist.

    Dreams: Making a world where there are no lies. Finding out the whole Truht of existance.

    Additional information: To be as undisturbed as possilble in its search it has given up any semblance of gender.
  8. Josef Stylin

    Josef Stylin I want to die

    Species: Roserade ;407;

    Name: Harvey

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Harvey grew up in a musical word. His parents were famous musicians and they wanted him to follow their legacy despite him not wanting to be a musician, he wanted to be a cop. But his parents didn't care so he recieved classes from the most talented teachers who certainly didn't put any less pressure on him. Due to all the pressure he recieved, he couldn't deal with his life. When he danced and singed such beautiful songs, you would think he was living the dream, but the truth is that behind that beautiful voice, there was a timebomb. Now, after all of the depression and pressure, Harvey was indeed a singer and a dancer. But now he became truly obsessed with it and can't speak properly. Instead, he sings his thoughts.

    Fears: He is afraid of failure. When he does fail, he gets extremely frustrated and angry as it reminds him of the pressure he went through as a child.

    Dreams: He wants to be in peace with his inner, music-hating self.

    Additional information: He can dance as a battling method if he finds himself in a thight spot.

    Okay, this was probably my best attempt at a character yet tbqh.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2012
  9. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Species: Shellder ;090;

    Name: Orchid

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Orchid is a very calm, and graceful clam. She hails from the colder, Arctic seas, where she lived alone for most of her life. She spend most of her time their making various clothing and accessories when she wasn't trying to survive against the constant cold. She loves to talk about fashion and constantly tries to design clothes and new styles out of what ever materials she has available. She even has won several awards for being a fashion designer, besides being a simple bivalve

    She is naturally competitive, and is normally cold to those who are lazy. She hates lazy, rich people, as every time she's been around them all they do is spend their money on useless things in life. This is one of the things that do tick her off the most, people spending money like it's water.

    She also have a phobia of snakes. She hates them with a passion, and normally never designs clothing involving a snake motif. Though, she does love the taste of eel, but those really aren't snakes.

    Fears: Snakes, and other serpentine creatures.

    Dreams: To become the best fashion designer in the world

    Additional information: Her shell is the color of opal.
  10. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish much more beastly

    I'm bringing Swimmy back
    Species: ;129;
    Name: Swimmy
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Put simply, Swimmy is not the brightest. He rarely ever knows what's going on and sometimes seems to have a memory span of less than three seconds. You never know what he's going to say or do next and it rarely makes sense. He's pretty dumb and will almost always do the least intelligent option. Because of his distinct lack of intelligence, Swimmy annoys practically everyone he meets, although the few who bother to get to know him find out he's a nice person, and although he's not exactly a rocket scientist, his heart is usually in the right place.
    Fears: Lightning and evil banana overlords
    Dreams: To win something. ANYTHING!
    Additional information: Swimmy often talks to, befriends, and even dates inanimate object. He is currently married to a chair, although the relationship is pretty shaky.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  11. I hope to god this is a joke....
  12. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish much more beastly

    You mean my accidental post of a blank sign-up or the return of Swimmy?
    keepitsimple likes this.
  13. Lluc

    Lluc Cute Rodent Trainer

    Personality: Despite the fact Sparky is young, he is actually smarter than most young people. He is really optimistic and always looks to the bright side. He's pretty witty and prefers to fight with wit. He is easy to scare,make sad or mad though. He likes to stop fights and try to make peace. He loves to have fun but knows that work comes first.
    Fears:Creepy crawly things and angry people
    Dreams:To be an artist who makes masterpieces
    Additional information:Sparky is not the strongest Pokemon around. He's actually pretty weak. His knowledge does make up for it.
  14. VS

    VS ♡.♡

    Species: Ponyta ;077;
    Name: Derpy Hooves
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Derpy is an accidentally funny Pokemon. She never tries to be funny, but she turns out to be. This may be because she is very
    stupid. When she was a filly(baby) she was hit on the head many times, making her eyes crossed at all times. She works for a cargo company, where she is often scolded for dropping fragile objects from cargo planes. One of her "talents" is baking muffins, though she loves baking muffins, she doesn't exactly know HOW to, and burns them. Occasionally, she wears paper bags on her head and hooves, and says that she is a, "paper bag wizard." She loves to sleep, and takes naps very often. She can write amazingly funny poetry. She is offended if called her name.
    Fears: Embarrassment, being made fun of, and hurting herself due to her crossed eyes.
    Dreams: To cook a perfect batch of muffins, fix her crossed eyes, and to understand what's so funny with her.
    Additional information: Would it be possible for her to be able to fly, I know Ponyta can't but GODMODE! it just feels better, if not, okay.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2012
  15. Armando Payne

    Armando Payne Well-Known Member

    Species: Shiny :386-s:
    Name: Illyria
    Gender: N/A
    Personality: It's an Old One, a God from aeons ago brought back to Modern Day times, as such it's incredibly callous and disrespects everybody it sees, all it wants is to fight and eventually take over the world.
    Fears: It has only 2 fears, losing it's powers and losing it's life.
    Dreams: One day, this world will be destroyed and Illyria may rule again as leader of this world.
    Additional information: Heavily based upon Illyria from Angel.
  16. Dracoste

    Dracoste Dracode telepateeeh!


    Name: Agar

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Agar was part of the Woodland City Council. Untill a new Council member came. Agar was heavily against the idea of a new member and started to sabotage all the work of the new member. After a while the rest of the council got air of what he was doing and expeled him from the Council, and from Woodland City.

    Agar's quite an old man. And he's a cold person, always telling others what is on his mind, never sweetening things down. He's especially cold towards the youth, he find that young ones should never be in charge of something and that wisdom comes with age. He was the Council leader of Infrastructure, and has a great insight on things and on structure and logic. He loves to have arguments with anyone. But hates it to lose them. He isn't a sore loser, and accepts when he lost. He always follow the rules and make sure others do as well.

    Fears: Personal attacks while in an argument. Young people in charge of things. Rulebreakers.

    Dreams: To build a city in which he is in charge. No youth, a true paradise for the old and wise, ruled by the old and wise.

    Additional information: He prefers walking to flying. He finds that flying is for the reckless youth and people that can't order their time.
  17. Good job everyone. The minimum characters will be 10
  18. Charze

    Charze Always flyin'

    Species: Gligar ;207;
    Name: Remy
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Remy is an isolated Pokemon that has a less than ideal history. Being an orphan since he was a child, he was forced to wander the streets in search of some guidence. This guidence he did find, but in the form an evil wizard. From him, Remy dwelled in some aspects of the Dark Arts, gaining some magical power. However, despite his evil history, when he heard of the wizard's plan to use Remy as his assistant to take over the world, Remy fled, and from there the good inside of him was released, trying to do what he could with his dark magic. This includes trying to help people, and by performing the occassional magic trick.
    Fears: People thinking he is evil, orphanages, people not beliving in magic.
    Dreams: He dreams of one day being able to find the evil wizard and defeat him to stop his evil ways. He'd also like to live in a nice big house.
    Additional information: Because of his dark magic aspects, he wears a black cloak. And he also wears a black top hat he found at a yard sale to appeal to the magician's crowd. His Dark Magical powers sometimes can happen irradically, for better or worse, as he has not yet completely tamed them.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012
  19. Spacial

    Spacial procrastination

    Species: ;015;
    Name: Derek
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Derek is a secretive Pokemon, who barely shows any emotion. He is extremely violent, and always carries his knife with him, to "use if neccisary". As a child, he spent most of his time beating up Pokemon that were weaker than him, and had a reputation as a bully. In his teenage years, he gathered a large criminal record for mugging, stealing and a few cases of GBH. Despite his dangerous attitude, he NEVER gets angry. Derek always wears his James Bond style tuxedo, which he treats like a baby, and will most likely attack anyone who touches it. He is very logical, and always thinks before acting, but to Derek thinking means thinking of ways you can beat up either whoever is telling him to think, or any random stranger standing near him. He is actually quite clever, but he has a twisted view of the world, and thinks (not Derek thinking, normal thinking) that if someone dies, they come back to life as an object, and if you hit someone, you'll receive experience points, which he believes are the way to 'level up' in life, and get reincarnated as a cool object like a gun when you die. He sees everything in inverted colour.
    Fears: Geography, Gangnam Style and cardboard boxes
    Dreams: To be in the mafia, to have a minion, to have sex with a woman who's willing to have it with him
    Additional information: He's a secret brony
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2012
  20. Charze

    Charze Always flyin'


    Bump :)
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