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Pokemon Safety: Solitary Confinement

Discussion in 'Games' started by Frozen Sunset, Apr 17, 2011.

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  1. To fill the void some possible rumors:

    - Pokémon Safety will bring back the exercise
    - Jim will reveal himself to be a woman
    - There will be 10 contestants instead of 12
    - All co-hosts will be on a quest
    - Jimbo will get a rash
    - Sandy will destroy Narnia
    - The island from season 1 will be invaded by hoppip
    - There will be 13 co-hosts
    - It will take place in space
    - Leaf will propose to Milotic
    - Milotic will reveal he's a man
    - There will be a challenge involving various cheeses
    - Zorro evolves
    - A "person" will eat poliwag
    - Jim will die
    - the number 7 will be mentioned in every post

    So knock yourselves out discussing this I can confirm at least 1 is true.

    (filler for my co-host)
    Last edited: May 15, 2011
  2. Robotic Wind

    Robotic Wind Banned

    I sent it....
  3. samurottwarrior

    samurottwarrior WAZZUP!

    If I don't get a 6 on this I think i'm dead :(

    Sent, Late as usual but thanks for having a good period of time to send in :)

    Most probably:

    - Leaf will propose to Milotic

    After the honeymoon:

    - Milotic will reveal he's a man
  4. Robotic Wind

    Robotic Wind Banned

    I think there will be ten contestents instead of 12
  5. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Samurott, why? You still have 2 turns left in Temp fort. The cheese sounds realistic
  6. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    ooc i know which one is true and he said one is defiantly true so just choose one,,,,,for now
    ;475; Ok after our "friend" mr. mime got very thirsty i had you get water
    1 get water from mcdonalds was chosen by ;188; ;251; :623: :560: ;149;
    2 get water from mysterious lake chosen by :573: :547:
    3 Dont get water has randomly chosen by :560:
    ;188; a bottle of water please
    ;251; this is too easy
    ??? HURRY UP
    ;149; hurry up yourself whoever you are
    ;220; EXCUSE ME
    ;475; oh that wont turn out good but I am sure they can sort it out so I give them 4 coins
    ;475; At the mysterious lake
    :573: got the water now time to carry it up
    :547: Here is your water mr. mime
    ;122; mr. mime who are you talking about
    *takes off mr. mime suit*
    ;060; You guys messed up when sending us back to the island so thanks for the water we should play rock band sometime here is 6 coins *runs off*
    :560: *yawn* so bored
    ;060; hello little boy
    ;475; before this gets too ugly we give him 1 coin for choosing randomly
  7. ;028; Yuck.....mimes. Hey Jerry have I ever told the one about a mime in a playground? Oh we're on....
    Hi everybody and welcome back to Pokémon Safety!
    :496: That was embarassing, I like it!
    ;028; Anywho it looks like we can get started with the challenge so..
    :623: um excuse me Jim I am getting a signal.
    ;475; a signal?
    :496: he is a ghost.
    :623: I must leave, the president is in grave danger. *sinks into the ground*
    ;028; ok then.....goodbye.
    :496: I'll pretend not to be hungry.
    ;028; So that leaves you 6 contestants to survive by yourself for 48 hours in:
    1) a hole
    2) a closet
    3) the air vents
    You will have 36 hours to comply...
  8. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    :496: Aw, why did he have to go protect the president, I spent all that time getting people to be stupid enough to go attack him.
    My evil twin must be destroyed. Meh, I'll keep going on here, maybe my lackies will finish off my brother president.
  9. ;028; This is where the "solitary confinement" comes into play!

    (oh yah In case you didn't know I've been updating the stats, including eliminated contestants)
  10. Dracoste

    Dracoste Dracode telepateeeh!

    Someone ordered a filler?
  11. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    :496:Oh boy, I'm so excited right now!
    Lets see what happens, thankfully I fixed the Air Ducts using this nail. Wait, this nail?!
    (Air duct collapses right behind Zorro)
    Oh boy, now to fixing it, hopefully before the rest of the hours are over.
  12. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    so which one do you hope jim might also make true bekidding i am hopping for
    - There will be a challenge involving various cheeses to be true i love cheese
  13. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    I dunno, I hope that Zorro evolves, it would be cool to be Serperior, the much hated starter.
  14. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    - Leaf will propose to Milotic i dont care what jim says i am saying this must be true but not according to jim so pick another you guys
  15. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    Second place for hopes is
    - Milotic will reveal he's a man
  16. lawmaster

    lawmaster What is that?

    she isnt i know that much
  17. *A cloaked figure walks into the room*
    ;000; Hello Hello Hello.......contestants had to survive by themselves for a while in:
    1) a hole
    2) a closet
    3) the air vents
    ;000; Jim is having tea right now, so I will be seing how things go.....


    ;188; well I've been alone in this hole for 48 hours......it's jank!
    ;251; closets are better than nothing *wimpers*
    :573: air vents mean adventure!!!!
    :560: hole.......alone..........yes........
    ;149; this closet is alot creepier than I thought.
    :547: air duct of freeeeeeedom!


    ;000; Before Jim went for tea he mentioned something about a boogie man in the..
    ;149; EEeeeek I'm outa here!!!!
    ;251; That wasn't nice.
    ;000; a whopping 2 coins. Oh goody. But the air vents I should mention...
    ;000; A certain co-host left out the screws. 4 coins....
    :573: I'm gonna barf...
    :547: @_@
    ;000; Which means the hole was best 6 coinseth...oh goody, oh goody.
    It's too bad nobody went crazy from being alone, I love the crazies.
    ;028; ok I'm back, now get outa here!!!
    Your next challenge is to go fishing! You can choose the:
    1) deep cold water
    2) small warm puddle
    3) the washroom toilet
    ;028; You'll all have 24 hours to respond!
    ;000; This has been pokemon safety....yes.
    ;028; What are you....get outa here!
  18. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Yay! Six! Booya!
  19. Dracoste

    Dracoste Dracode telepateeeh!

    Owowowowow, falling for the second time from the Air vents isn't nice @_@ I wonder which co-host forgot the screws *looks at Zorro*

    DARN! 1 coin short for the Temporary fort. Sorry Mistisk, but you should be happy with an oran berry. One oran barry for miss Mistisk(wolftamer)!

    And again, thank you for saving me several turns ago, sorry I couldn't give you a temporary fort...
    Last edited: May 19, 2011
  20. ;028; looks like the favor has been returned.
    ;475; how sweet.
    :496: I want anger and fighting, not a hippie party!
    ;028; one oran berry for Mystisk.
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