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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread


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As much as I like Iron Valiant I believe Iron Thorns should be the strongest Future Paradox and have 590 BST taking into account how much Tyranitar and Salamance are showns as counterparts in Scarlet and Violet. Especially since both Paradoxes have 4x weaknesses (Roaring Moon to Fairy and Iron Thorns to Ground) and both are based on Pseudos. Am I the only one with different impressions?

I think the reason is Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon both take inspiration from Mega's. I'd have probably preferred Iron Thorns myself as the more powerful but it is what it is.

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I think the reason is Iron Valiant and Roaring Moon both take inspiration from Mega's. I'd have probably preferred Iron Thorns myself as the more powerful but it is what it is.
Yeah, most likely.

So based on Pokedex numbers and position in the story we can agree the Paradox pairs are:
Great Tusk - Iron Treats (obvious)
Slither Wing - Iron Moth (obvious)
Scream Tail - Iron Bundle (Cute and first to appear in Area Zero)
Flutter Mane - Iron Jugulis (both flying/floathing)
Sandy Shocks - Iron Thorns (Electric-type, connected to minerals and appear in the same place)
Brute Bonnet - Iron Hands (both based on fully evolved Pokemon with similar BST and high attack, also the only ones left)
Roaring Moon - Iron Valiant (partially based on Megas, higher BST than rest, Sada/Turo Ace).


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Just took down a third Team Star base, but now I don't wanna fight Team Star anymore.

Now that I'm learning how they came to be, I feel like such a jerk. I wish I could join them instead.
Don't worry, it all ends happily. Just keep at it. :)

Was busy Surprise trading Wattrels that I caught to get a Kilo for my Violet Teams and got a Japanese Charcadet and thought about Masudaing it but then I remembered that its shiny sucks. :(


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Defeated Eri of Team Star which was an almost solo task from Kilowatterl with a bit of help from Firagarif and Clodsire.

Got called back to Uva Academy to take it down its boss which turned out to be Penny that her fellow grunts were trying to recruit (huh?) into Team Star near the start of the game. Fortunately the punishment for them was not too severe considering the school rules they have broken (not just uniforms and truancy).

Regarding catching Pokémon I got a Revaroom and Noivern from outbreaks. Still find it baffling I have not even seen a Barboach yet, did have the seen data for Whiscash but have yet to find one.

Current team:
Skeledrige (Nizoont)
Clodsire (Miasmaros)
Kilowatterl (Thorr)
Azumarill (Praxis)
Tauros, Combat Breed (Askr)
Tinkaton (Susie)

Firagarif (Floria)
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I have now completed the main game, by way of battling

the Professor Sada robot and the second Koraidon.

That ending is both one of the most devastating and most incredible endings to - any - videogame, let alone a Pokemon game.

I can say, with hand on heart, Pokemon Scarlet is probably the best Pokemon game, on storyline alone, that we have seen. It is pure writing genius throughout.

I am now into the postgame and now running round
Area Zero catching Paradox Pokemon to trade online for their Violet counterparts. I have caught the second Miraidon too. My run of only catching them in Pokeballs - continues! I have caught 279 Pokemon this way now.

The team is now:

Palafin lv68
Pawmot lv69
Dachsbunn Lv68
Revaroom lv69
Skeledirge lv70
Baxcalibur Lv 72

Pokemon caught to end of main game = 279/400.

After 17 days and five hours since release, I completed the Pokedex, with the final entry being a soft trade for Miraidon, Pokemon number 400, appropriately! This is the fastest I have ever completed a Pokedex, and I am pleased to say that every one of my 399 Pokemon in my living dex is captured in the plain, vanilla, red and white standard Pokeball. A strange achievement and yet there it is - the first time I have done this. I will be doing that again in future gens!

It has been an interesting week catching, breeding, evolving and trading the last 150 or so Pokemon I needed to complete my Pokedex and get the shiny charm.

I've tried EV/Hyper training to make my in-game team more competitive online, for which I have the dubious records of won 3, lost 7 in single battles and won 3, lost 20 in double battles. Every team I have come up against seems to have the same three or four strategies, one of which is the Tatsugiri and Dodonzo pairing which feels nigh on impossible to beat.

I have given my original Skeledirge unaware as an ability, and been using a moveset that really presses throat spray. This is great, provided nothing uses earthquake. Which virtually everything does. I don't know how you keep skeledirge around enough to keep him alive. Feels like an incredibly slow special glass cannon.

I've been playing around with choice band and choice scarf sets for Palafin and Pawmot. The latter feels way too glass cannon-ish to keep on the team, sadly. The former doesn't feel anything like the unstoppable force that Smogon says it is. It's predictable and both my own and other teams Palafins regularly get wiped out on returning to the battlefield, because we're expecting it and we have set up our teams to cover for it.

If anything, Tatusgiri should be banned, but that's for another thread...

Baxcalibur is both a don and also a glass cannon, especially with a tera type of ice, which has great synergy with ice shard, but only if you time it right against the opposition. The use of the assault vest has made no discernible difference, so I might go for a Jolly nature and try to out speed a few things unexpectantly.

Dachsbunn is a liability. Way too fragile. Which is a shame because she's a GOOD GIRL. Proper feels for the dog bun Pokemon, one of the best designed Pokemon this gen. If there was a way to make Dachsbunn competitive, I'd keep her in. I can't see it right now sadly.

Revavroom, if you get in at least one shift gear, becomes a bit of a powerhouse, but he doesn't work well as an entry hazard starter. He needs a better movepool to act as a sweeper, but arguably his typing, which has a huge ground weakness, is his biggest problem.

Overall, my rule for only using gen 9 Pokemon has now come to an end with the filling of the Pokedex, so I will be looking at old favourites like Garchomp again soon, but it really has been fun using some of the new Pokemon. Team building awaits.

Team at final "recent happenings" update for Pokemon Scarlet from me:

Palafin lv100
Pawmot lv100
Dachsbunn Lv100
Revaroom lv100
Skeledirge lv100
Baxcalibur Lv100

It's been a lot of fun, time to go update my review thread.


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Sir Kingambit refused, I captured. Claimed Shiny Tandemaus, Luxury Ball. Total shiny count is now 33.

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Booted up Scarlett, and yet again I ran into a random shiny: this time's a Hoppip.


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Started off with a Koraidon Dash over to West 1 to find the Flocks of Wattrel. Took a couple of Catches to find a decent one, but that just gave me Wonder Trade fuel. where it turns out it was Charmander day. Got 4 charmanders from people trying to Shiny Breed. Also got a Decent eevee and a Sprigatito. With all the Wonder Trading, i decided my next step was doing all the In-game Trades. Luckily from my 2 or 3 day experience a few weeks ago, i know where Flabebe are now. So this time it took about an hour to find one. Also had a spare Wooper from catching Glooper, expecting the Trade. While in Cascarrafa for the Trade i found some expensive clothing stores. Was mentioning how i had to much Money and now i find Gold socks worth 45k and 80k backpacks. On my way around i stopped in Medali and found the entrance to Area Zero. I was thinking it was a "Spawn there after a cutscene" or "talk to NPC and teleport" thing. Last stop was Levincia, and with help from a Peanut Butter Sandwich, i found Pincurchin on the beach just outside town. Snom, Johto Wooper and Gengar all acquired.

So now all my pokemon were about lvl 19 or 20, so it was time for a gym. I chose Artazon first since it was closest. Glooper evolved during a Sunflora battle. Aqua had no trouble for most of the Battle, until a surprise Rock Throw from Sudowoodo. Thought it'd only use Trailblaze. Glooper got the KO.

Quizzler - lvl 21 Quaxwell
Glooper - lvl 20 Clodsire
Gumball - lvl 21 Tinkatink
Cheese - lvl 20 Raichu
Quadette - 21 Tandemaus
Aqua - lvl 20 Wattrel


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Randomly found and caught a shiny Lechonk.
After that, I have defeated the Pokémon League and Team Star. Now I'm finally ready to reach the Area Zero.
Final team: Meowscarada, Flamigo, Espathra, Tinkatonk, Glimmora and Dondozo - ranging from level 65 to 70.

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Got back to playing today. I beat the Poison-type Team Star base, evolved some of my party Pokemon and have been focused on catching all the new species in the game.


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So I finally worked my way through all of the main storylines and finished Violet. I’m now working on some of the post-game content. I’ve caught the 4 sealed Pokemon and completing the gym inspections/rematches. I’ve challenged the Bug and Psychic type gyms so far and will be doing the others as I have time.

My main team that I used for the E4, Championship, and Area Zero is:
Darwin - Palafin, Level 62
Godzilla - Baxcalibur, Level 59
Lightning - Kilowattrel, Level 68
Tinkerbell - Tinkaton, Level 69
Zero - Ceruledge, Level 69
AllieCat - Meowscarada, Level 75

Key Reserves:
Ribbons - Sylveon, Level 56
Tokugawa - Pawniard, Level 45
Moby - Cetitan, Level 48 (I could only use the first half of the name I wanted to use because of the filter…thanks Nintendo!)
Pixel - Espartha, Level 44
Sunset - Dusk Lycanroc, Level 46
Firebird - Talonflame, Level 49
Doughnut - Dachsbun, Level 45
Kamen Rider - Lokix, Level 41
Bill Cipher - Naclstack, Level 35


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I started preparing a lot of pokemon for battle stadium both singles and doubles. I HATE breeding this gen it is such a downgrade lol. So i have been farming money to just bottle cap them since it now works on level 50 mons which is not difficult to train up. I have also been doing a lot of raid battles as I need to change few pokemon tera type which is a bit of a grind. . Still not 100% sold on tera raids but they are growing on me.
I am little bit behind getting a team ready as i thought paradox will be allowed for the first season so i ev and iv trained few of them and had to re think my team all together lol


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Found a Glimmet :D
Fought the Orthworm Titan so I could search deeper into caves for Glimmet.
I was a bit worried that it would take ages to find one after reading how rare the thing is online (1% in caves!)
But then I found one within 15 minutes just by running through the Orthworm tunnels close to the area where you fight the titan.


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Was flying to the Bug Gym town (can't recall the name atm & can't be bothered to look it up lol) for an outbreak and the first thing I saw was a Shiny Smoliv. This is my 3rd full odds Shiny. Already have an Arboliva on my main team so will leave this alone for now.


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Just completed the Pokedex! Hopefully I can get my hands on a shiny Pawniard now. I have defeated all the Titians, beat 2 star leaders, wanted the TMs Thief and Foul Play ha ha ha, and have only one league badge.(Note: completing the Pokedex without easy access to Ultra, and Quick Balls was a pain, and I only got the 1 badge to change tera types but never had too…)

Does anyone know how many Sandwich recipes are there, kinda want to complete as many “side quests as possible before taking on the Pokémon league.


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Defeated Arven at the Poco Lighthouse who in a not so subtle way noted of the second person that could assist him to make it into Area Zero.

Before I take on the Pokémon League focusing on filling a few holes in my Pokedex. Some of my notable captures are the wild Tera Raichu and Eelektross and Rotom near Levincia. Now hoping I can catch a member of the Hatterene line, where its pre-evolution spawns seems not so obvious.

Current team:
Skeledirge (Nizoont)
Clodsire (Miasmaros)
Kilowatterl (Thorr)
Azumarill (Praxis)
Tauros, Combat Breed (Askr)
Tinkaton (Susie)

Firagarif (Floria)


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Played some more today, beat the steel titan after stumbling across it. Also will take on the poison squad base (my 2nd one). Now I’m feeling it with this game, I’ve caught a bunch of mons so far that I’m eager to use (mainly old but some new) and am keen to evolve some of my new ones. I’m blind all the new mons so it’s fun learning things as I go, not knowing all the answers. Like I just found out one of my fav new mons was Shroodle’s evo the whole time, didn’t realise until I was battling it lol. Other than that it’s pretty standard but the gameplay’s always fun and the open world is great so far. It is surprisingly challenging at times too


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Started with all the current level 1 School classes while i was busy with other things. Most of the school rewards seem useless but, at least it kills time. Then on my way out of the gate toward Cortando, i ran into a Shiny Hoppip. So now i have 1 of my pre-corruption shinys again. Also found an eevee outside of Cortando which i didn't know was possible. Dont plan on using them, but with the Surprise trade Eevee from last time, i now have a Jolteon and Flareon. Went for Titan Bombirder first before the bug gym, to unlock surfing and explore some more. Didn't Terralize this time, so Gumball had an easier time this round. She also evolved against what i assume was the Wild Titan Bombirder on the way back down the mountain. Couldn't catch it though even after 5 ultra balls. I then decided it was time to replace Cheese, since Aqua was part electric type. Only problem was i already have 8 types covered by everyone else on my team. Eventually settled on a Sableye from the caves below Bombirder. One of my favorites and I always seem to use one in every Generation its available. Enter Hades the Sableye. Then it was finally time for the Bug Gym as i was close to the lvl 25 limit already. Aqua had almost 9-10 levels on Katy so it was a breeze. She also evolved after the fight. While trying to decide what to do next i went Surfing around the barrier of Paldea exploring the islands. it was on a random island outside Porto Marinada that i realized Quadette evolve into Maushold and lost Pick Up. It was also here that my "What to do" question was answered. Caught a Crabrawler on the beaches and Aqua managed to defeat a lvl 30 Veluza.

So my next objectives will be Team Star: Dark and attempting the Water Gym in Cascarrafa

Quizzler - lvl 27 Quaxwell
Glooper - lvl 26 Clodsire
Gumball - lvl 27 Tinkatuff
Hades - lvl 24 Sableye
Sandstorm - lvl 23 Crabrawler
Aqua - lvl 27 Kilowattrel


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I just got to the plot twist of the story, and... damn.

I had to take a moment. That reveal really messed me up.