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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread


Manta ray enthusiast
I have gotten quaxly from a surprise trade and evolved it to quaquval. Then I got cinderace (finally!). Today, I did my first masuda method / first ever breeding (never done one in the history of my playthroughs) and got a shiny sprigatito, making it my 3rd shiny (shiny chaney and altaria before), then got my 4th by evolving it into shiny floragato. I will get my 5th when it becomes Meowscarada. I plan to add him to my team one day. Then I got lokix for the first time kicking off my journey to get every pokemon. (Shiny cat was accidental bc i was gonna get a normal cat to trade with austin’s codes for a fuecoco but no way i’m trading this boy)


Doing Their Best
Got my first Ability Patch drop (outside the guaranteed one for beating Cinderace the first one) from a Staraptor Raid which I promptly used on Skeledirge. Have been using my medium Exp Candies on some of my raid slayers to avoid breaking the max item cap, also got an Adamant Sharpness Gallade off a 5-star Raid which will save some resources if it ends up better for taking down Greninja. Almost done with all the academy classes, Tyme’s fifth class was notable in noting the Surf vs Hydro Pump debate (sadly the class ending before it can get into the often mangled physical Rock moves).

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I finally got Iron Valiant and Iron Thorns today! I also evolved a few Pokémon that I had and didn’t want to hunt for their evolved forms. I also bought a Razor Claw and gave it to my make Sneasel although I could always remove it and breed for another Sneasel with an Egg move to evolve. I also bought two Soothe Bells and gave them to the Eevee that I want to become a Sylveon and the Snom from the in game trade. I am going to breed my male and female Eeveloutions to get three more Eevee for the remaining Eevelutions that I need. Luckily they are the ones whose Evolution Stones can be bought from Delibird Presents.


Got more ability patches from the 6-star raids. Weird they didn't pop up from the Cinderace ones but beggers can't be choosers, I guess.

Anyway, I'm really surprised how well Ceruledge does in some of them. The other day's fighting/fire Taurus and today's normal tera Heracross were walks in the park. Triple immunity with ghost typing + Flash Fire is quite cool.

Phil Rohan

Well-Known Member
Arrived at Levincia today and did some exploring. (I'll challenge the gym once I've done some more training.) I managed to find a shiny Grimer by the Levinica lighthouse (my fifth shiny in Scarlet); I also got a mass outbreak of Rotom, which is good, as those seem to be very rare.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
In Scarlet, I caught Flutter Mane, Brute Bonnet, Scream Tail which I nicknamed Screamer, and Koraidon


Well-Known Member since the DP Series.
I’m sad that I am in the post-game of my 2nd playthrough. Have 21 Pokemon in rotation so I do have a severly underleveled team, which still managed to defeat Geeta.lol Now i am halfway fighting gym leaders for the Academy Ace Tournament.

What sucks is that I cant rotate Pokemon between matches during the tournament, bummer.

Copley Hill Gym

Well-Known Member
So current stats:

Pokémon Scarlet - 400/400
Master Rank Single & Doubles - Season 1

Main team: Jolteon, Sylveon, Armarouge, Palafin, Annilhape, Baxcalibur

Pokémon Violet - 254/400
No competitive play yet

Main team: Quaquavel, Garganacel, Iron Treads, Bombirdier, Espathra, Ceruledge

Honestly, I thought doing the second game after the first would be a chore, but the variety of ways of filling the Pokedex (searching and catching, wonder trade, straight up trades, tera raids) is actually still very satisfying. It is a bit of a surprise when I find a Pokémon I thought I had already caught (likely because I have, just on Scarlet not Violet).

Looking forward to catching them all on Violet soon, just 146 to go! Less than Pokémon Red at this point!


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
Now I'm offiially burned out on Legends: Arceus and my Scarlet team are all level 100, I've started my first playthrough of Violet, and I'm up to the first battle with Arven outside the Professor's lab. I chose Fuecoco as my starter this time, naming him Gustave, and I'm using Pawmi, Lechonk and Fletchling as temporary team members until I can get my actual planned team together. I plan on having Clodsire, Dachsbun, Clawitzer, Medicham and Arboliva on my Skeledirge team, and thankfully both Wooper and Fidough are just around the corner. No Shinies so far, but I didn't encounetr any Shinies at all in my entire Scarlet playthrough either so I'm not holding my breath.

Phil Rohan

Well-Known Member
Today I evolved my Gimmighoul, and I also evolved a Tandemaus - I got a Family of Three Maushold on my first go! I then caught another Tandemaus and evolved it to Family of Four Maushold, although interestingly, that form isn't showing up in my Pokédex. I'm not sure if that's a glitch - are anyone else's Pokédexes only showing the first Maushold form they got?


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
My Violet playthrough is going well, I've done seven gyms, four Team Star Raids and four Titans. I did struggle a bit with the team I'm using early on, but now everyone's fully evolved and have better moves we're steamrolling through pretty much everything. I even found my first Gen 9 Shiny today, a Sneasel on Glaseado Mountain, so I'll have to look up where to get a Razor Claw.

The team consists of:
- Gustave, Level 49 Skeledirge with Flamethrower, Torch Song, Hyper Voice and Shadow Ball
- Toadfish, Level 47 Clodsire with Sludge Wave, Earthquake, Toxic Spikes and Poison Jab
- Coffee, Level 48 Dachsbun with Play Rough, Crunch, Baby-Doll Eyes and Fire Fang
- Pinchy, Level 46 Clawitzer with Water Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse
- Lucia, Level 48 Arboliva with Seed Bomb, Terrain Pulse, Energy Ball and Leech Seed
- Ong-Bak, Level 47 Medicham with Zen Headbutt, High Jump Kick, Force Palm and Recover
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Well-Known Member
I've been doing some Greninja raid battles. after catching my first Greninja, I went on ahead and captured 2 more. (have more extra switches and game files so I can repeat capturing lv7 star raids)


Sketcher of Smeargles
Hoping Chesnaught is next for raids.

I find it funny, but my postgame team for just traveling around is just a lvl 100 Pawmo, Scorbunny and Froakie. Would be nice to have Chespin join the crew.

Once Home is up, Quaxly will join as well.


Hoping for my boy Chesnaught as well.

It's the last member I needed for my planned DLC/post-game team

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I caught a Lucario in Violet inside a Raid Den. It has the Dragon type Tera and I taught it Dragon Pulse so it would have a STAB move when Terastallized. I keep missing Riolu and Lucario in the wild so this was very helpful.


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
I'm still hoping that the Scarlet and Violet DLC features the Kalos Starters as gift Pokemon, like Bulbasaur, Squirtle and the Alola Starters were in the Isle of Armour, because I'm absolutely not going near any 7 star raids, I'm not even skilled enough for 5 star raids let alone 7.

Despite that, I got lucky with a 5 star raid and received some Herba Mystica, so I tried out a sandwich recipe that supposedly boosts both encounter and sparkling power for certain types, in my case Ground, but unfortunately for the whole 30 minutes the meal power was active I didn't find any Shinies, so I've wasted what will probably be the only Herba Mystica I can get in this playthrough, because like I say, I usually lose 5 star raids.
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Well-Known Member
Is it a common thing now for people to disconnect in the battle stadium series 2? I tried some games the other day and I got losses for games I was going to win.

It wasn't like this for me in series 1. Maybe the odd game, sure, but this is ridiculous.