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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread


Just have fun
Guessing Unaware Skeldirge would be great against it? You ignore the Attack boosts and is immune or resists all its moves. Second best may be Gholdengo who also hard walls its move set (though can’t ignore the Attack boosts).
Gholdengo is perfect for this one. I came in with gholdengo and the other people in the raid brought chi-yu skeledirge and ceruledge. I used one metal sound and and a atk cheer and the chi-yu killed it in one blow no shield or anything


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
I managed to catch Walking Wake (I keep calling it Crashing Wake...) today, but Iron Leaves is giving me a few problems because I don't have anything in my current Violet save that's good against Psychic. What I might do is beat a few Ghost raids until I have enough Ghost Tera Shards to change my Ceruledge's Tera type.


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Well I caught an Iron leaves thanks to my starter Skeledirge. Glad it wasn't a seven star raid.

Also now managed to get a Walking Wake in an online Tera Raid (first time I ever did one). It is is very cool design.
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You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
I'm not sure if I've done something wrong, but after buying the DLC I tried getting the Mystery Gift Zoroark, but when I type the code in it kept saying "the server is busy" and to try again later, but when I did try again it said the code had already been redeemed and I couldn't use it again. It's done this on both my Scarlet and Violet save files.


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Managed to become Champion, defeated Team Star, and completed the Area Zero story. Caught all the Paradox Pokémon on Scarlet bar Roaring Moon and the second Kiraidon.

Onyx Tanuki

Ma! There's a weird 'nuki in the yahd!
Just nabbed Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. Walking Wake was fairly easy with the Bellibolt I already had, but it would be a bit helpful to have a support mon that has Snowscape or Chilly Reception since that can eliminate the boost to its Hydro Steam and Flamethrower. Iron Leaves took a few tries, but I think it was less a matter of actual difficulty and more that some absolute doofus decided that Chien-Pao was the perfect pokemon to run, and decided my Arboliva had to die because I tried to attack the team's Iron Hands with Pollen Puff. It was easy enough once I got into a competent, troll-free team, though; these are just 5-Star raids after all.

Bellibolt @ Big Root
Ability: Electromorphosis
Tera Type: Electric
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 HP, 252 SpAtk, 6 SpDef
- Parabolic Charge
- Charge Beam
- Acid Spray
- Electric Terrain

If you've got Rain Dance support, you could probably swap Parabolic Charge for Thunder and Big Root for Lefties or Zoom Lens, but this worked well eough for me.

Arboliva @ Leftovers
Ability: Seed Sower
Tera Type: Grass
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP, 6 SpAtk, 252 Def
- Giga Drain
- Reflect
- Leech Seed
- Pollen Puff

Considering I ended up going pretty heavy on support, Strength Sap or Helping Hand could have replaced Giga Drain.

Copley Hill Gym

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So I now have 402/402 for Scarlet and intend to do the same for Violet shortly by way of catching Iron Leaves and Walking Wake.

I caught a shiny Great Tusk yesterday, and two shiny Scream Tails, whilst trying to catch a shiny Slither Wing (unsuccessfully). My intention is to try and catch at least one shiny of each of the paradox forms now (the newest two excepted).


Guessing Unaware Skeldirge would be great against it? You ignore the Attack boosts and is immune or resists all its moves. Second best may be Gholdengo who also hard walls its move set (though can’t ignore the Attack boosts).

My experiences with Skeledirge through randoms wasn't that good.

But surpringly, I've won with a team that had Meowscarada...


Exceptional Queen of Growth
I like missed the Greninja raid trend because something was going on with my Nintendo card so currently random trading for one. Also doing more online battling and trying to find ways to use my Pokemon in double battles. Never would've though SV would be the game were I get into competitive battling


Gives 'em the slip..
Been scouring Glaseado Mountain for two days searching for the elusive Shiny Cetoddle with a Spicy Bitter Klawf noddle sandwich. Shiny Snover, Snot Bear, and 3 Bergmites no less, but my whale is nowhere to be found. The irony is not lost on me; in a sea of white whales, I obsessively just want a big black one.



The Meme Supreme
Well I finally went and started Scarlet, after waiting for months for any sort of update to fix the performance issues! Did said update work the way I was hoping? No, it did not. However I also upgraded my Switch to an OLED rather than my OG model which has seemingly helped to reduce the issues I had with the game initially.

I'm two hours in roundabouts and I've cleared up to Mesagoza (literally saved as I walked into the city) and I've had a lot of fun so far! In all my brief experiences of playing I only ever got up to the Pokemon Center on Poco Path? Whilst I had explored the area a bit I'd completely missed exploring around there and found some ruins with Gimmighoul coins, Flamigo and a whole bunch of Drowzee. That was pretty fun, it feels like Legends: Arceus in terms of exploration but has that comforting feeling of a mainline game progression system (i.e. gyms) that means I actually stay on track! I'm a little bit over-levelled thanks to capturing all the available Paldean Pokemon in the area (minus the Squawkabilly that are meant to spawn on top of your house) but I also now have 4 team members thanks to a lovely forum-goer who traded me a Greavard egg, so I've got a lot of team members to train very early on. Just a team of cuties at the moment, you love to see it!

Scarlet Team:

Rockodile the Fuecoco, Level 11
Tackle, Leer, Ember, Round

Beans the Pawmi, Level 9
Scratch, Charge, Thunder Shock, Quick Attack

Chonker the Paldean Wooper, Level 9
Tail Whip, Mud Shot, Tackle, Poison Tail

Zero the Greavard, Level 8
Tackle, Bite, Lick, Tail Whip
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Had a fun solo 6-star raid...

Steel Tera Talonflame. I went with Ceruledge. Luckily the NPCs gave me a Drifblim which burned it turn 1.

That allowed me to get Swords Dances 3x.

And it got better. The Talonflame at one point set up the Sun which made Bitter Blade stronger.

Then on the last sliver of health it used a fire attack. And I had Flash Fire. Even inside the shield, the remaining health went to zero.


The Meme Supreme
“Chonker the Paldean Wooper, Level 9”

Sorry to be that guy, but there is but one appropriate nickname for Paldean Wooper.

…And that is Pooper.
Believe me I genuinely considered it, but I think Chonker is better overall! Was that or Eclair!

Since my last post... yesterday, I made my way through the lag-fest that is Mesagoza and got introduced to the school system this game is running. The city itself is a bit underwhelming since there's not a lot of actual substance to it? But it's pretty! Bought myself a Charcoal for Fuecoco, disappointed myself looking at the clothing options and then headed on to the school where I met Penny and Team Star as a whole. Did all the boring tutorial stuff, attended some lessons and then finally got to start the game properly!

My first point of call was Cortondo, where the first gym was since Katy is the lowest level boss and the recommended start for playthroughs trying to follow the game in level order. On the way I caught a few new Paldean dudes including a Maschiff I nicknamed The Don and a Tinkatink I nicknamed Menace - both joined the team and rounded out my squad! I also caught a Smoliv and Nymble, and later on a couple of Charcadet and a Klawf. Got sidetracked a few times looking for items which was neat, the TM selection early on is insane! When I reached the first gym I quickly realised I was actually under-levelled, which I found surprising. I guess it makes sense since I have a full team but I was expecting experience to be a bit weird like it usually is in the early-game for Pokemon...

Katy was a surprising challenge even though I was only one level below her team! I started with Wooper who set up Toxic Spikes against her Nymble, who hit weirdly hard with Struggle Bug. Poison Tail spam wasn't enough to KO it so Wooper ended up fainting, requiring Tinkatink to come in, tank a couple of hits whilst I used a Revive and take it out with Fairy Wind. Pawmi then got absolutely annihilated by Tarountula's Bug Bite, with Charge-boosted Thunder Shock doing not a lot so Tinkatink had to be switched in again and take it out with Metal Claw. Fuecoco then Terastallised against her Teddiursa and got smashed with a 5-hit Fury Swipes, but we held on to 2HKO with Tera-boosted Ember! Was a dicey battle, awesome!

From there I made my way east towards the Titan Klawf, although I haven't battled it yet. Fuecoco evolved along the way which was nifty! I do like Crocalor as a derpy lil middle stage evolution. So far my team is pretty solid, Tinkatink has been my MVP so far thanks to its typing! Pawmi has been pretty underwhelming but I expect that to change upon evolution. Everyone else has been solid but nothing exciting. Which is fine! Plenty of time for excitement.

Scarlet Team:

Rockodile the Crocalor, Level 16
Ember, Bite, Round, Incinerate

Beans the Pawmi, Level 16
Thunder Shock, Charge, Nuzzle, Dig

Chonker the Paldean Wooper, Level 16
Poison Tail, Mud Shot, Acid Spray, Toxic Spikes

Zero the Greavard, Level 16
Bite, Lick, Dig, Headbutt

The Don the Maschiff, Level 16
Snarl, Bite, Scary Face, Hone Claws

Menace the Tinkatink, Level 16
Flash Cannon, Draining Kiss, Pounce, Rock Smash


Ghost-Type Master
So I caught Walking Wake, and I'm not gonna lie, the little idiot's growing on me. lol

He's like a big, giant, adorable dumb puppy.


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
Got a Screaming Tail in a surprise trade, a few trades later i got a Scorbunny in a Wonder Trade and he is level 50 Cinderace after a few raid grinds.
I don't care for Iron Leaves though. I've caught a Walking Wake too but took a damn long while to join one.

I'm wasn't exactly fond with a twin-tail Suicune raptor but he helped me a lot with winning the Academy Ace Tournament.
It went with= Arven then Jacq then Dendra then Geeta as the last opponent. Arven was the toughest.
But I guess Suicune's impressive speed and natural access to Flamethrower (to counter ice types) made a huge difference.

The lack of pokedex entry for it and iron leaves is disappointing since the dlc isn't coming until winter.


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
Just got a Froakie a few minutes ago and now i FINALLY have a Greninja in one of the newest games.