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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - Recent Happenings Thread


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I have one of each story left. Ghost, Fighting, and Dragon. I think I'll finish off Path of Legends first...as soon as I figure out how to summon the Titan.

Copley Hill Gym

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I have now caught the
legendary quartet, beaten Arven, and have just battled the Elite Four, who were surprisingly powerful, but matching up types and terrastalising at the right time sent them all packing.

I am now about to take on the
with this team:

Palafin lv63
Pawmot lv63
Dachsbunn Lv63
Revaroom lv63
Skeledirge lv64
Baxcalibur Lv 65

From there, it will be onto the Great Crater of Paldea...

I have now completed the main game, by way of battling

the Professor Sada robot and the second Koraidon.

That ending is both one of the most devastating and most incredible endings to - any - videogame, let alone a Pokemon game.

I can say, with hand on heart, Pokemon Scarlet is probably the best Pokemon game, on storyline alone, that we have seen. It is pure writing genius throughout.

I am now into the postgame and now running round
Area Zero catching Paradox Pokemon to trade online for their Violet counterparts. I have caught the second Miraidon too. My run of only catching them in Pokeballs - continues! I have caught 279 Pokemon this way now.

The team is now:

Palafin lv68
Pawmot lv69
Dachsbunn Lv68
Revaroom lv69
Skeledirge lv70
Baxcalibur Lv 72

Pokemon caught to end of main game = 279/400.


Panda Power
My games seems to have rewarded me as an apology for the game crashing. I Found a Shiny Hoppip flying around South 2 outside Cortondo. I also recieved a "Roaring Moon" from a Surprise trade at one point. Still no Flabebe luck unfortunately. I tried searching around West 1 for awhile since South 1 wasn't working, and found a Floette instead. Regathered my Sun Stones from the Desert and made my way North. Caught a second Paldea Wooper for the Trade in Cascarrafa. Trying to find a path up Glaseado mountain without the Titan HM Upgrades was easier than i thought. Though Glooper might not like me very much after getting Knocked out by many Wild Pokemon. After flying back to Mesagoza, it occured to me that maybe Flabebe doesn't appear at night. I think that Floette was right on the edge of Day turning to night/evening.

Now i wait until it decides to be Day Time. I wasn't even planning on using the Snom from the trade, but now i want to find the stupid Fairy.

Disco - Quaxly - lvl 15
Atomic - Pikachu - lvl 13
Glooper - P. Wooper - lvl 13
PeaPod - Fletchling - lvl 14
Hurricane - Hoppip lvl 15
Manchester - Wooper lvl 18


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The Fighting Crew Boss is giving me a lot of trouble. Summoning the Dragon Titan you have to find the little guy saying 'Titttann!' If that helps? Also I tried the E4 and I have got to grind some more. Going in blind for type order may have been a mistake for that one. XD


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Finally found a Pincurchin and finished the trade for Pincurchin for a Haunter that turns into Gengar. Sadly the trade does not scale pokemon Pincurchin you give her so she got a level 47 Pincurchin while Gengar is level 25.


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Finally found a Pincurchin and finished the trade for Pincurchin for a Haunter that turns into Gengar. Sadly the trade does not scale pokemon Pincurchin you give her so she got a level 47 Pincurchin while Gengar is level 25.
At least she’s not giving you a Haunter with a Everstone just to prevent the Haunter from evolving like what happened in one of the previous games.

Honestly I’ll never understand why that trade that gave you a Haunter with an Everstone was even a thing in the game that it happened unless it was solely made for the purpose of trolling people.


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Beat the final gym leader and I very clearly did it in a different order to the recommended as the final one I had left was the normal gym and I was very overlevelled. Wasn't intentional I just kinda overlooked that city.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
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I beat the Bug and Grass type Gyms. I beat the Rock and Flying Titans. I also went ahead and caught a Frigibax. It's one of the new Pokemon I was looking forward to.

My team


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Just need to finish the conclusions of the three "routes" and then I'm onto "route four" aka Area Zero.


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Does charcadet respawn in that cave near the bug gym town? I accidentally killed it and it wont respawn so far.


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Defeated the Steel Titan and made my way to Zapapico, claiming the Punching Glove from the League rep for defeating at least six Trainers at East Province Area 3. Also returned back to Uva Academy to undertake a few lessons and Levincia to gather some of the items scattered there. Going to be making the trade for Haunter and catching the Steel Titan before I return for the Gym battle at Cascarrafa.

Current team:
Crocalor (Nizoont)
Kilowatterl (Thorr)
Clodsire (Miasmaros)
Tinkatuff (Susie)
Girafarig (Floria)
Azumarill (Praxis)

Tauros, Combat Breed (Askr)


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Finally started the game and just unlocked the path of legends/gym challenge stuff. I’m impressed with the open world so far, xause they allow you to explore early on. I’ve already caught almost 30 mons and gotten decent items just from the first area. A lot better than previous games where it can take ages to get out there

I do have some gripes though, mainly not borrowing enough aspects from legends. There’s no overworld catching, you can’t really aim your pokeball before throwing it (which makes some encounters annoying) and can’t move during battle. It’s also annoying how follow pokemon can’t keep up with you and you can’t adjust your moves easily (so far I think). It’s not that bad rn but it feels like they introduce cool mechanics but ditch it in the next game


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Just beat Ryme. She's my favorite Gym Leader alongside Brassius and Iono so far. Team is fulle evolved aside from the pseudo


The Exceptional Everyman.
Claimed Shiny Tatsugiri, Luxury Ball, full-odds. In my Top 5 favorite Paldean Pokémon.


Had quite a luck considering it bears a striking resemblance to its non-shiny form, which could have been easily mistaken or avoided:


Pokemon Power

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Well, one week in and I've already reached the halfway mark of the main story. I've beaten the Bug, Grass, Electric and Water-type Gyms, proved that my Pokemon were strong against Titans Klawf, Bombirdier and Orthworm, and triumphed against Team Star's Segin and Schedar Squads. Now I'm thinking about taking a little break from Paldea. Got some stuff I need to do with some other games. And with this talk about what might happen if the game crashes, it may be best to wait for the next patch.


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Finally beat the last Star Boss and I honestly predicted who the true boss was, but I mean I'm sure the younger audience might've been more surprised then me. It was also oddly touching and I like the bosses got some distinct personalities even if you didn't seem them for very long. Also got 3 E4 done just on the Dragon E4 and then whatever the champion's team is. Then I have to go fight Arven again and actually beat him this time. XD. The psychic ostrich helped a lot for the Star Boss even if she is lower level then the rest of my team. I love Meowscarda he is so amazing for a lot of fights.


My true form
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Path of Legends complete. Starfall Street done. Victory Road conquered. I'm at the endgame now. My final team is Skeledirge, Kilowattrel, Farigiraf, Kingambit, Tinkaton, and Garganacl. Onto Area Zero.


Panda Power
Took a short break from Flabebe Hunting to explore the Inlet Grotto from the beginning of the story. Thought i'd run into the lvl 40 Houndoom and everything else would be at least level 20. Turns out the Houndour and everything else were only lvl 4. Caught a few for Surprise Trades and got some decent pokemon in return. A level 35 Honchkrow and a level 35 Leafeon. Also a level 1 Sprigatito someone is shiny hunting, i guess. The next stop was a quick trip to the beaches below Alfornada, where i found a flock of Wild Wattrel. Always Planned on replacing Atomic and Peapod with it eventually. Just replacing PeaPod for now until i figure out what else to use. Further down the beach was a Kilowattrel swarm. Either they are huge or our player is 1 inch tall. Disco evolved along the way after catching a Tinkatink. With all my luck i tried another search for Flabebe. After a waste of a Meal power and no luck in South 1 i headed back up to the Floette spot in West 1 and found a Flabebe almost immediately. Named it Devil. Took a look at Flabebe's pokedex and i was looking in the wrong spot of South 1 the whole time o_O. It was up on the cliffs you need to go through South 3 to get to. I was checking the big Yellow Flower patch and the big glowing door area down below. It's also all over South 4 which i didn't even think to check.

Now i know why Mr Crocker went crazy on Fairly Odd Parents. One week and i haven't done any "Story" things, but i am back in Cortando.

Disco - Quaxwell - lvl 17
Atomic - Raichu - lvl 15
Glooper - P. Wooper - lvl 15
Aqua - Wattrel - lvl 17
Pearl - Flamigo lvl 17
Kirby - Tinkatink lvl 15
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Hylden General.
In Cascarrafa I ran into the Gym leader Kofu. He was into a big rush for soms reason. No Gym battle for me it seems. The assistant went after him, shouting Kofu forgot his wallet. I told him I would give it to him. While crossing the desert, I saw a Titan Pokémon that looked like a Donphan, but he was different somehow... He looked way to strong, so I turned around and continued the road.

I finally found Kofu, but his trainer batteled me. Kilowattrell took care of him easily. After that I gave the wallet back to Kofu. He asked me to buy some seaweed from Hoenn at the auction. Bought one for 35K and Kofu seemed happy. He asked me to go back to the gym and take him on.

On my way back to Cascarrafa I almost cought a Dunsparce, but accidentally took it out. Back at the Gym, I challeged Kofu with Mobasstiff, Kilowattrell and Toedscruel. Turned out to be an easy victory.

After this, I went to East Province Area 3 to take on the Steel Titan I've heard about. Charcadet almost took it out, but Primeape had to make the finishing blow. With the 3rd Titan out of the way, and the sandwich from the Herba Mystica, Arven's Mabosstiff seems to be getting better!

Now I'll be on my way to the Navi Squad.
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Went up against Mela thinking she was the first Team Star boss; turns out she was the second. lol

Luckily, my team was strong enough to beat her.