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Pokemon Secrets!


whatt i'm saying is that pokemon isn't reallyy accepted around here. my life is fine the way it is, and i thinkk i like it better because i knoww only my closest friends know i like pokemon. besides, i don't tell people i hate pokemon or anything. if they ask, i tell them i don't play it, whatever. it's not like i go around telling people i don't like pokemon.


Metalopolis King
Sounds like me. :3 Half of my replies to the "What are you doing?" texts are "Playing Pokemon! :D" or "Just catching some Pokemon!" or something like that.

My friend at school thinks I'm crazy when I'm in the cafeteria with all my EV charts and lists of movesets and all.

I know quoting things from this far back just seems stalker but hey!

I don't say I play it but I don't hide it, I work on teams in class and I've always the little chart of what can do what and what I need etc for a team poking out my exercise book. I know a few people at my school who play but nobody who plays competitive. I'm a puzzle guy and I find making my team is one giant puzzle, I can't stop doing a puzzle till it's done though.


♧ yoo ♧
well... im homeschooled and all my classmates know :), but really when i went to real school... well noone asked if i play... but i told ONE girl and i couldnt believe what she said "i like pokemon too" but i dont think she plays the game, but it was still kinda cool


Haunters gonna haunt
I don't go around telling people, but at my school, Pokemon is kinda cool. Some of the real popular kids play it like it's not a big deal, so it creates an environment where it'snot looked down upon. Kinda nice. :)


The Great Gublet
I don't tell my friends about it, mostly because my family mocks me mercilessly for playing Pokemon. I don't really need my friends to get that annoying lol.

Aside from that, Pokemon is considered to be extremely uncool at my school. I've mentioned it to a couple people and they made fun of me. So I don't bring it up, except to my friend who is obsessed with Asian stuff/anime/RPG's/very strange video games who doesn't care what it is, as long as it is a video game lol.
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are you serious?! your playing pokemon.
they replied by saying yeah
then he goes says "you guys are a bunch of ****ing retards, get a life you bunch of gay fags"
then hes freinds came up and pretty much repeated this to them and i swear one of the kids was about to cry
and thats why im not admiting i play at this school
Man those kids seriously need to be Falcon PAWNCHED for being such idiots.


Well-Known Member
I openly say to people if they ask, I play pokemon. I don't care :p People in my class, some not many, do play pokemon and I don't mind chatting to them about them. None of my best friends are into it (except one, who has played it and sorta isn't into it but had a nostalgia freak-out when my other friend bought me Pokemon Ruby), but then again they're not into anything I'm into and will frown whenever I bring up anything of nerdy nature.

But, back to school, I have made some of my best new friends out of pokemon. I can think of at least 3 (all girls, surprisingly) who I have made friends with because of it.

And I was at my cousin (who does play, but is 8)'s house and I brought my ds, and some of the out family came so I was a bit worried what they would think as they were my age or older. Turns out, when we were all going through my cousin's DVDs/Wii Games, we found "Pokemon 4ever" there and we all had fangasms of epic proportions. So much for worrying, considering we all brought out our ds's and battled.

LOL!!! I'm about to ;295; with laughter!

i'm in 12th grade and my parents think videogames IN GENERAL are bad.

i've been secretly saving up and i've bought all the pokemon games from platinum up until black/white...SECRETLY!

i guess it's kinda the thrill of being put in the mission impossible environment that gives me the drive to do it, and that itself is backed up by the fact that it's secret.

the only reason i get away with it is because my parents couldn't care less about pokemon, so i can play the most recent game and they'd still think it's one of my oldies ;P

Apparently they weren't against video games a long time ago. Do they seriously think your DS is a Game Boy Color? And don't worry, I won't tell about your secret username if you won't... oh that's right we don't know who each other is (and it's gonna stay that way... trust me)

yeah im 14 nd usually u grow out of pokemon by now which i did for a while but then i suddenly got back into it nd my frnds would make fun of me if they knew ;025;

I understand that one... though it's not really my friends that I worry about so much.

Flame Mistress

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I had a dream last night about all my school friends making posts about me on Serebii which now had a "Pokemon Hater" section, and they cyber-bullied me about how sad and babyish I was to play Pokemon. One of my worst nightmares ever.

...You know what I think now.


Magic School Dropout
When I got back into Pokemon, the only people I was worried about finding out were my parents, since their first impression of anime was Pokemon, and that left a pretty bad mark. So while I'm trying to bring them into series like Cowboy Bebop and Gankutsuou, mentioning, "by the way, I still like Pokemon" is not a good idea.

So I just had to slip it in now and then in passing. "Yeah, Pokemon is coming back, thanks to the nostalgia factor." "A bunch of friends went to this anime con as Pokemon characters, so I pulled together a Giovanni cosplay for it." By now, I think they know I'm back into Pokemon, since I haven't made any attempts to hide it, but I'm just casual about it, not like the obsessed child I used to be ten years or so ago.
I travel in a Pokemon pack, so it's fine with my friends. We all play and love it, but I'll go as far as saying I'm the most hardcore.

Other people, I could care less what they think.


Sith Lord Victorious
I have two friends who play Pokemon, and a few others who like it (and agree with me that Gengar is one of the most badass pokemon out there). But I usually don't tell most people. They just don't ask.
I don't blurt it out to everyone, but I don't keep it secret if people ask either.

Funny story, there's this girl I like, and one day as a joke I sent her the original pokemon theme song as a ring tone when we were texting. I honestly didn't know what she would say. The text I got back was "Jokes on you! I love that song!" lol that was the most unexpected thing ever. She even sent me a picture of a hat she made, she made Ash's trainer hat with the symbol and everything. She could care less about pokemon and she's never played any of the games, but she really likes the theme song hahaha. It was too funny.


The Bassist
SCREW IT! I'm wearing a Pikachu shirt tomorrow if I still have it, and announcing my poke secret it was a lame secret in the first place :/ I mean we're all different, pokemon players and non players, and I'm tired of this whole "fitting in" thing anyway :( I'ts too much work! :/ So why not?
Quite a few of my good friends are into Pokemon, which is great. A lot of people like to tease me for it, but for the most part, it's all in good fun.

So no, I don't hide it. It's not worth it, it's something I enjoy, and people will find out eventually.


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And also my emblem on black ops is a great ball. lol So all my friends from school can see it and they say its bada**. lol


Draco rex
I've always loved pokemon and probably will always love pokemon...I am not one to hide my love for certain things...Everyone who knows me knows that my top three favorite things in this world are science, girls, and pokemon...'nuff said...


Shuppet, shadow ball
I love pokemon and i'd never keep it a secret, i don't know why anyone would.