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Pokemon: Shadow Science Dark Legends



Alright! This is my first fic (It's already posted on fanficion.net), so don't flame me! And some reviews would be nice. Alright, here we go!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, but I do own my characters and names of things.
Pokemon: Shadow Science Dark Legends

Chapter 1: Laboratory Siege

Scene:Orren, a mysterious building in the mountains near Mt. Battle

The guard was watching on his patrol,watching. But for what, he thought. The laboratory he was guarding was in the middle of the mountains. Who would break in there?

All of the sudden, the guard heard some rocks falling. The guard grabbed his M16 and looked around. Without warning, a fist came foward and knocked out the guard out. The boy who knocked out the guard saw a camera. He got a Poke Ball out and an Umbreon appeared.

"Umbreon, Moonlight," the boy ordered. The moon shined brightly, blinding the camera for a few seconds. The boy grabbed an ID Card from the guard he knocked out and entered it in the front door, and it opened. He was not afraid at all. He and his friend had planned for weeks about this raid. Tonight was a big conference in this building for Team Shadow Science, the evil organization that owned the lab here. They had been impressed with Cipher and Team Snagnem from Orre and based themselves on them by turning Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon. The boy went into the first hall and saw another camera.

"Umbreon, return," the boy said. He returned Umbreon to it's Poke Ball, and and he released a Sneasel out of it's Pokeball.

"Sneasel, Screech." The boy said. The sound waves disabled the camera briefly, which was long enough. The boy entered the camera room, where two men were looking at camera images.

"Sneasel, Faint Attack." The boy said. The silent strike knocked out both men. The boy checked the cameras, and on Camera 39, an image of a Master Ball was there.

The boy smiled. "Perfect" he said. He grabbed a camera out of his pocket and took photos of the camera image(he took photos of the camera screen monitors.). The photos came out and the boy wondered, what do I do next?

A thought came to his mind. "I hope this works," he said, and got out an Ultra ball, and out came a Shadow Jirachi. He remembered that back in Orre( This story takes place in Orren. This region is in between Orre and Hoenn. This region is owned by me) that he and his friend met the guy that beat Cipher. Team Shadow Science took over some of the Shadow Pokemon Lab. The guy that beat Cipher gave the boy his Snag Machine, since he didn't need it anymore. With special Poke Balls the guy that defeated Cipher gave the boy, the boy and his friend drove Team Shadow Science out of the Lab and managed to Snag Mewtwo,Mew,Jirachi,and Celebi. Because of this, the boy and his friend are wanted in Orre, the boy and his friend decided to head to Orren to flee to Hoenn. But first, the boy and his friend decided to take out Team Shadow Science and Snag their Shadow Pokemon.

After the boy finished his musings, he said "Jirachi, Teleport to every camera and put it's camera photo on it". Jirachi obeyed, and every camera was covered with a photo. The boy continued his raid on the Lab. He went to the control room and lowered security on the Master Ball room he saw earlier. The boy went into the main hall, saw the hangar, and went into another room/hall. The boy went into a room marked Idea Room, and went to the the research, testing, and record room.

In the Research Room, the boy saw a disk labeled SHADOW POKEMON LIST. The boy grabbed the disk and continued. He went into several labs, and down a hallway. At the end he saw a door, and entered the ID Card. He entered a room and saw a Master Ball. He saw chemicals nearby labeled EXTREMELY EXPLOSIVE! The boy grabbed the Master Ball.

All of the sudden, an alarm went off and a voice was saying "INTRUDER ALERT!INTRUDER ALERT!" The boy took out a time bomb and placed it on the chemicals and started running as fast as he could, as the time bomb he set would detonate in one minute. Two guards with machine guns appeared. Without stopping, the boy smirked and grabbed a pistol out of his pocket and fired twice, killing both guards. The boy shot down many more guards, and with about 35 seconds left, his watch glowed. The boy knew what that meant and pressed a button.

Glowing watch meant a transmission, and a hologram of his friend appeared and said "Hello?"

The boy asked "What is it?

His friend's hologram said "straight on your left is a office. Outside the office, I'm waiting in the hover car."

The boy said "Got it," and the transmission ended. The boy shot a few more guards and he was still running, never stopping. That was taught to him in training for this raid. So was handling a gun. In the office, two guards with shotguns were there. Again without stopping, the boy put the pistol away and got out a bazooka.

The two guards fled, and went out of the way. The boy fired a bazooka missile foward, and it shattered a window. The boy jumped out the window, did a 900 degree spin, and landed in a hover car with his friend in it. He put up the top and the boy and his friend flew away. Several Team Shadow Science members were outside, yelling, when the time bomb was up and the entire Lab was destroyed."There are 25 survivors, boss. The rest died in the building." a random member said. "Sir, I saved the Shadow Pokemon". A leader said to the boss. "Very good".

At then hover car the two boys were talking.

"John, did you get our target?" The boy, who's name was John, was asked this by his friend.

"Of course, Robert." John told Robert Smith, his best friend. John showed the Master Ball, which contained a Shadow Deoxys. "I also grabbed this." John showed Robert the disk.

"Good" Said Robert. "I'll set a course to Desert Town." Our heros now went to sleep on the hover car beds, unaware of the danger ahead of them. Meanwhile Team Shadow Science could only watch as their foes, our heroes, fly away to Desert Town...

Did you like it? Remember, no flaming and please review!


OOOOOOOOOOOO! I liked it, keep going. I really just wish I knew more on the back ground of these charactors. Anyway, keep going, its sassy.


Bloody git
Yeah. What do the characters look like? Why do they want the master ball so bad? More More!


The Master Ball contained a Shadow Deoxys. To be honest, I don't really know in my imagination what the characters look like. (Except John, he's based on me) I've only written 20 chapters and almost done with 21. I'll put an update soon, I need 4 reviews to put another chapter up. Also, if anyone wants a map of Orren, just send a private message to me and I'll try to send it.
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Ok, here's chapter 2. Review and no flaming!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, but I do own all characters in this story excluding a few and I own Orren.

Scene: Orren, desert area, at Desert Town at the base of the other side of Mt. Battle.

Chapter 2: Fire, Water, Grass, and Desert.

At Desert Town, at the base of the mountain, a purple garbed man was in the corner of a building, talking on a radio.

"Targets 0012 and 0011 are headed here." the voice on the radio said.

"Roger, over and out." the purple clothed man said, and grinned a he held up 3 Poke Balls. At the hovercar, John and Robert woke up to a bump.

"We're approaching Desert Town." John said.

"Good." Robert replied. A short while later, the two entered Desert Town. "We'll need some money to buy Poke Balls" Robert said.

"But we're broke. We spent the last of our money buying the hovercar" John responded.

"Look here." Robert said, showing an ad on a newspaper. " It says that a race will be held today at 2:00 P.M. The prize is $20000 in cash and a new scanner for anything. With the prizes, we'll catch Shadow Pokemon. Robert explained.

"Let's do it!" John exclaimed.

"3,2,1,0, GO!" The race annoucer yelled at the race's start. John and Robert's hovercar was in 6th place. The cars turned and screeching metal was heard as several ships crashed. The 1st place racer grabbed a gun and destroyed the 2nd place racer.

"WTF!" John yelled.

"You know, shooting cars with guns in races is legal here." Robert said, researching the race rules on the computer in the hovercar.

"Robert, take the wheel." John said. He grabbed out his bazooka and destroyed a car. The hovercar was now in 4th place.

"The second lap has started!" The annoucer said.

"Damn, I'm out of ammo!" John said. He knew his bazooka only had 3 rounds of powerful missiles, and he forgot to reload after using the bazooka last night.

"I've got an idea!" Robert said. He turned off all of the cars power supplies and pressed a few buttons. The only power supply left on was the engines.

"What good will that do?" The 1st place racer taunted. The hovercar fell in last.

"What is it? We're going to lose!" John questioned.

"Just watch and wait!" Robert yelled while pressing some buttons.

"The 3rd and final lap has started!" The annoucer proclaimed.

"Turn on the power now!" John yelled.

"Almost, almost...NOW!" Robert said. He was observing other vechicles were slowing do to losing gas, races did that to them.

"As usual." The annoucer remarked.

Robert pressed a button, and all of the sudden, the hovercar burst foward really fast.

"Whoa! What's this!" John asked Robert.

"By turning of most of the power, the hovercar slows down. But there's a way in here to focus the other power supplies that were turned off to send their power to the engines." Robert explained.

"Whoa! Good strategy!" John replied. The hovercar went into 1st and won the race!

"Congratulations! You win the $20000. in cash and the new scanner!" The annoucer said, and presented them to John and Robert.

After filling up on gas, eating, buying provisions, and Poke Balls, John and Robert were ready to leave.

"Not so fast!" a voice said. John and Robert turned around and saw the purple garbed man.

"Who are you?" Robert asked.

"I'm Stan, member of Team Shadow Science. I challenge you two to a Double Battle!" Stan said.

"You're on!" John and Robert said.

BATTLE START! John sent out Umbreon! Robert sent out Ninjask! Stan sent out Marshtomp and Grovyle!

"Something doesn't seem right about these two Pokemon." Robert observed. "John, install the new scanner into the Snag Machine( A/N: I got this idea from the upcoming Pokemon GameCube game Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness)." Robert said.

"OK." John said. He installed the scanner into the Snag Machine and scanned Marshtomp and Grovyle. "You're right Robert, those two Pokemon are Shadow Pokemon." John said.

"Think you're simply going to Snag them? You're wrong. I've made it possible that only 1 of my 3 Shadow Pokemon can get Snagged." Stan said.

"How's that possible?" John asked.

"Why do you think we're called Team SHADOW SCIENCE?" Stan said. "We've experimented with them and we found out how to limit the number of Snags."

"We get the idea." Robert said. "Prepare to Snag, John. On with the battle!" Robert said.

Marshtomp HP(MHP):160. Grovyle HP(GHP):148. Umbreon HP(UHP):172. Ninjask HP(NHP) 132.

Ninjask used Swords Dance! Ninjask's ATTACK rose!

Grovyle used Fury Cutter on Umbreon! It's super effective! UHP: 160.

Umbreon used Bite on Grovyle! GHP: 118.

Marshtomp used Mud Shot on Umbreon! UHP: 130.

Ninjask used Slash on Grovyle! Critcal hit! Grovyle fainted! Stan sent out Combusken!

"This one's a Shadow as well." John said after scanning.

Umbreon used Bite on Marshtomp! MHP: 140.

Marshtomp flinched!

Ninjask used Slash on Marshtomp! MHP: 15.

"Time to Snag, John." Robert said.

John threw a Snag Ball at Marshtomp! 3,2,1,0. Congratulations! Marshtomp was caught!


Umbreon used Bite on Combusken! It's not very effective... CHP: 125

Combusken used Shadow Blitz on Ninjask! Hit 2 time(s)! Ninjask fainted! CHP: 112.

Robert sent out Shedinja!

Combusken used Double Kick on Umbreon! It's super effective! Umbreon fainted!

John sent out Sneasel!

Shedinja used Fury Swipes on Combusken! Hit 5 time(s)! Combusken fainted!

John and Robert defeated Team Shadow Science member Stan and got $872!

"Damn it! Not only did you Snag my Marshtomp, but you've ruined my pride as a Team Shadow Science member!" Stan angerly yelled. "We'll meet again!" Stan threw a smoke grenade at the ground and dissapeared!

"Well, we got a Marshtomp." John said.

"Yeah, but you'll need to train it before purifying it" Robert said.

"I know." John replied. Meanwhile, somewhere outside of Desert Town, Stan was contacted.

"Did you take out Targets 0012 and 0011?" The voice asked.

"No, and #0006 was Snagged." Stan replied.

"We must send backup. They'll probably head to Fire Outpost next, right? We'll fight them before they get there." The voice said.

"Yes, sir." Stan replied, and shut the radio off. Back at Desert Town, John and Robert healed their Pokemon, then went in the hovercar and headed to Fire Outpost.

"Let's check that disk you stole at the lab." Robert said. He inserted the disk into the computer disk drive. "It's a list of some of the Shadow Pokemon!" Robert exclaimed. John was recording names down, when suddenly the hovercar got out of auto pilot mode and broke to a halt as another car stopped when it drove by...

Like it? Remember, no flaming me!


I am so sorry, I know i'm being naggy and rude, but please, don't put HP in here. When writing a fic, its supposed to be realistic, not like the game. Pretend, it in the real world. There won't be HP bars and things like that.

Grovyle used Fury Cutter on Umbreon! It's super effective! UHP: 160.

It should be: Grovyle leaped at Umbreon and sliced at it with its claws. It must have been effecting cause Umbreon was begining to look weak. Something like that. I am being so hypocritic at the moment cause I am bad at writing battles and I hate doing it aswell.

You said earlier that you really didn't know what the characters look like. This is a big no no. Before ever starting a fic or story, you must look over your characters. You must write what in your mind. And, your really rushed; take it slow, we want to hear and story that just drools onto the page and is slow and steady. I can sort of give you an example, its a chapter for the future of one of my fics, or and part... Hope it sort of helps...

Taylor busted through the doors of the Joy association. Its interior was about as creepy as its exterior. A large, red rug lay on the floor. Plush chairs were around the fire; fire crackling happily. A can of umbrellas stood by the door and for some odd reason, there was an iron crow bar in the can. What did they use that for, killing the helpless victim. He grabbed it anyway, if they were going to kill him, he would go down with a fight. He walked down the carpeted corridor that lead from the main room; crow bar in hand. There were pillars that lined the hallway and after every other pillar was a door. Locked of course; they must hide the corpses behind the doors till the can do away with them. Ew, Taylor get a hold of yourself, this is crazy, they wouldn't hide dead bodies behind doors, they'd hide them in the basement. He gave himself a slight slap in the face. It was really quite in there, the only sound was his foot steps, his breathing and the sound of his heard. Till, there was other food steps. Taylor didn't know what to do, so he did what any self respecting paranoid adolescent did, he hid behind a pillar. He sneaked a look from behind the pillar and he saw two Joys, coming down the hallway. They had lab coats on and were carrying clip boards. There coats we billowing behind them and they were talking.

Hope it help and gives you sort of and idea of what you need to do; don't worry, its only the first sketch.

Please, don't be mad at me; im only trying to help. I can help you with decription if you want me to. Just PM and i'll be glad to help and try to help the best I can.

As always, be kind to the mime​


Ok, thanks for the help, sorry. It's only my first fic. And as why chapters are short, I'll explain. I write chapters on a specific paper notpad and I only write 4 pages a chapter(I just finished it a few hours ago, it contains chapter 1-22. Thanks, but remember, NO FLAMING. (Forgive me, it's late and I'm tired) And I will give a description of John and Robert in a later chapter, but if you want a description of any other ones, you must PM me. And about the HP thing, I enjoy writing battles and that's how I write, and I'm not going to change it.
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Ok people! Here's the next chapter! Sorry it's late!

Pokemon:Shadow Science Dark Legends

Scene: In between Desert Town and Fire Outpost, Fire Outpost.

Chapter 3: Don't Play With Fire!

"What was that!" John exclaimed, as the speeding car swerved around them.

"Another car must be heading to Fire Outpost." Robert remarked. 2 woman came out of the car.

"My name is Jane, and this is my friend Courtney." Jane said. "Sorry for going so fast."

"So, what brings you to Fire Outpost?" John asked.

"We're meeting someone there." Courtney explained. Robert noticed Jane and Courtney were looking at John and Robert's Poke Balls and John's watch.

"You must be Pokemon Trainers." Jane remarked.

"Yes." Robert replied.

"Just what we're looking for." Jane remarked. John noticed the initials TSS on Jane's shirt and Courtney's shirt.

"You're members of Team Shadow Science!" John yelled.

"Of course." Jane replied.

"Cut the chatting, let's fight!" Courtney exclaimed.


Jane sent out Hariyama! Courtney sent out Swampert! John sent out Marshtomp! Robert sent out Heracross!

"Neither one is a Shadow." John reported.

Marshtomp used Shadow Rush! HHP:72.

Swampert used Ice Beam on Heracross! HHP:87.

Heracross used Horn Attack on Hariyama! HHP: 26.

Hariyama used Vital Throw! Hariyama's attack missed!

Marshtomp used Ice Beam! Hariyama fainted!

Jane sent out Tauros!

"Robert, it's a Shadow!" John reported after scanning.

Heracross used Horn Attack! SHP:102

Swampert used Earthquake! MHP: 59. HHP: 73.

Marshtomp used Shadow Blitz! Critical Hit! Swampert fainted! MHP: 40

"I don't get it. Swampert is the evolved form of Marshtomp. How did Marshtomp go first?" Courtney asked John.

"I gave Marshtomp a Quick Claw." John explained.

Tauros used Take Down! Heracross fainted! THP: 69. Robert sent out Shedinja!

Marshtomp used Mud Shot! THP: 22.

"John, Snag!" Robert yelled.

John threw a Snag Ball! 3,2,1, Shoot! It was so close too!

Tauros used Shadow Rush! Shedinja's Wonder Guard protects it!

"I'll try again!" John said. John threw a Snag Ball! 3,2,1,0. Congratulations! Tauros was caught!

John and Robert defeated Jane and Courtney and got $923 for winning!

"Uh-oh, Courtney, let's get out here!" Jane yelled. They ran into their car and drove away.

"They got away." Robert said. John and Robert went into the hovercar and drove toward Fire Outpost. In a few minutes, they arrived at Fire Outpost. As the name suggested, fire was everywhere!

When John and Robert went to shop at the Poke Mart, the man at the counter asked "Are you two John and Robert?"

"Yes." They said.

"Someone came earlier and gave me a package to give you earlier." The man at the counter told them. He handed John a big brown package.

"There's a note." John observed.

"What's it say?" Robert asked.

John began reading. "'John and Robert, this package here contains Pokemon fossils. In Fire Outpost, there is a scientist who can regenerate these fossils. As for me, meet me behind the Poke Center.'"

"Who could have wrote this?" Robert wondered.

"We'll find out behind the Poke Center." John said. The two opened the package, containing two fossils. "I'll take this one." John took the Claw Fossil. Robert took the Root Fossil. Also inside the package was a Great Ball. John took it.

In a science research lab, John and Robert found a scientist.

"Can you ressurect fossils?" Robert asked him.

"Yeah, why?" The scientist asked. John and Robert gave the fossils to him. "Wait a few minutes." The scientist said.

In the lobby, John and Robert were discussing who could have sent the package, as they knew very few people. Then, the scientist came out with two Poke Balls. "I have ressurected Anorith and Lileep." The scientist told them. John got Anorith, Robert recieved Lileep.

Behind the Poke Center, John and Robert were waiting.

"Where is this person?" Robert asked.

"Right here." A voice said. John and Robert saw a hooded person head toward them.

"Who are you?" John asked. The person took of the hood, revealing it to be Courtney. John grabbed his pistol. "What do you want!" John yelled.

Courtney calmly responded. "I'm on your side. I'm a spy for the Police Department, in other words, a double agent."

"Yeah right, that's what they all say. Haven't you played Zone Of The Enders: The Second Runner?(A/N: For those of you that haven't played it, one of the main characters was pretending to be a spy when she was just a soldier wanting to revolt.)Where's your badge?" John yelled.

Courtney showed her badge.

"Ah. Sorry." John replied, and put his gun away.

"Listen, I sent you the fossils Team Shadow Science stole from a man, that were entrusted to me, to assist you. I'll also contact you if I find any information." Courtney added her name to John's communication device, and left the two.

"Alright, let's get refueled and restock and leave." Robert said. The two did that, but when they were headed to the hovercar, a knife passed by them, and they saw a man standing a few feet away.

"I'm Russel, now let's fight!" Russel exclaimed.


John sent out Anorith! Robert sent out Lileep! Russel sent out Vigorith and Chansey.

"John, are you detecting any Shadow Pokemon?" Robert asked.

"Yeah, it's the Chansey." John replied after scanning.

Anorith used Metal Claw! VHP:53

Vigorith used Slash! LHP:89.

Lileep used Constrict! VHP:22.

Chansey used Shadow Rush! AHP:79. CHP:172.

Anorith used Water Gun! Vigorith fainted!

Lileep used Acid! CHP:149.

Anorith used Metal Claw! CHP:98.

Chansey used Egg Bomb! LHP:72

Lileep used Acid! CHP:65.

Anorith used Harden! Anorith's DEFENSE rose!

Chansey used Shadow Rush! AHP:50. CHP:39.

John threw a Snag Ball! 3,2. Argh! Almost had it!

Lileep used Acid! It missed!

"Now what do I do...Chansey is hard to catch...Wait! The Great Ball!" John exclaimed.

John used a Snag Ball! 3,2,1,0. Congratulations! Chansey was caught!

John and Robert beat Russel!

"Farewell for now!" Russel said, then dissapeared.

"Let's go." John said. In the hovercar, John told Robert "Let's let Anorith and Lileep out, since they haven't moved in a long time."

"Ok." Robert replied.

So Anorith and Lileep were let out as our heroes went to sleep. Little do they know that they're in for a bit of a shock when they wake up...


Beginning Trainer
Hello! Here's another chapter!

Pokemon: Shadow Science Dark Legends

Scene: Oasis City.

Chapter 4:Water and an Egg

John and Robert slept very well that night. They both thought they could hear some very weird noises, but assumed they were just dreaming. John and Robert woke up at the same time the next morning. They saw John’s Anorith and Robert’s Lileep, which they had let out of their Poke Balls last night, but what they saw next shocked both of them. An odd looking egg with some spots on it was lying on the floor.

“My God, what is that!” Robert asked.

“A Pokemon Egg. My friend in Hoenn showed some to me once.” John replied.

“Wait a second…John, check The Ultimate Book of Pokemon, look inside the egg section, and look up Anorith and Lileep’s Egg Types.” Robert asked.

“Ok.” John responded. He went to the front of the hovercar, opened the shelf compartment, and pulled out a very big book. He skimmed the pages until he saw what he was looking for. “Alright, Anorith is a Water 3 Egg Type. Lileep is a Water 3 Egg Type as well…” John read.

“OH MY GOD! THAT IS SO GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” John and Robert yelled, as soon as they both realized where the egg had come from.

“Well, we’ll have to hatch it somehow.” Robert said.

“Robert, we’re in Oasis City.” John reported. Suddenly, John’s communication device went off. He pressed a button and it opened up.

“It’s a message from Courtney. According to her, we’re being tracked by Team Shadow Science.” John reported.

“They must have done it at Desert Town.” Robert said.

“I think I know how we can find the tracking device.” John replied. He grabbed one of his Poke Balls and sent out Marshtomp. “Marshtomp, use your fin to find the device.” John ordered. Marshtomp shook its fin to use its radar like power, then ran over to the side of the hovercar. John saw a small object above the tire, then tied it to a grenade and threw it, blowing up the tracking device.

(At the unknown lair of Team Shadow Science)

A henchman ran into the boss’ room and reported. “Sir, we’ve lost track of targets 0012 and 0011.”

The boss got furious. “WHAT!”

“We last detected them at Oasis City.”

“Send the closest units available!”

“Yes sir!”

(Back in Oasis City)

In the city, it was water paradise! The Pokemon and John and Robert drank from the oasis water. John and Robert decided to swim in the water. While doing this, John thought he noticed a small passage underwater, but decided not to think about it. John and Robert had a good day and were refreshed.

“Hey Robert, how’s the egg?” John asked. Robert pulled it out of his pack and checked it.

“It seems like it will hatch very soon.” Robert replied. John saw a booklet on Hoenn, which he decided to take. Suddenly, John and Robert heard screaming. Robert saw a man getting mugged in an alleyway.

“Let’s save him, quickly!” John yelled. Robert nodded, and they ran toward the man. John sent out Umbreon, and Robert sent out Ninjask. Ninjask fired a Slash attack at the mugger and he fell unconscious. John and Robert ran toward the man that was getting mugged.

“Thank you for saving me. I’m Professor Jackson from Calm City’s Technology Lab; the person who tried to mug me thought I had some valuables. Thanks.” Professor Jackson said.

“You’re welcome.” Robert said.

“As thanks for my gratitude, I’ll give you two these.” Professor Jackson reached into his pocket and held out two oval shaped devices. John and Robert got PokeNavs! “With these, you can help yourself around the world.”

“Thanks.” Professor Jackson left the alley and walked away. Just then, John’s communicator went off again.

“It’s another message from Courtney. She says that there are some TSS members in the city.” John read.

“Well, there is.” Two voices called. John and Robert saw two men. “We’re Ryan and Drew, ready to fight?”


“The rules of this battle will be different. We will have a Double Battle, but it will be one-on-one human fights. John VS Ryan, and Robert VS Drew.” Drew said.

John sent out Marshtomp and Anorith!

Robert sent out Ninjask and Lileep!

Ryan sent out Poochyena and Skitty!

Drew sent out Duskull and Haunter!

“Poochyena and Haunter are Shadows. But according to the scan, it says Poochyena is Level 5.” John reported.

“It’s true. But this Poochyena is special. It can only be hurt by other Level 5 Pokemon. And it can’t be Snagged unless it’s taken any damage!”

Marshtomp used Muddy Water! SHP: 83. Poochyena was unaffected!

(A/N: When I write “SHP”, and other HP worda, it stands for the Pokemon’s first initial and the amount of HP it has left.)

Anorith used Metal Claw! Critical Hit! Skitty fainted!

A while later everyone was worn down, but Poochyena was still unhurt.

“We can’t win! We don’t have a Level 5!” Robert yelled. He grabbed his pack in frustration, and suddenly he felt shaking. He opened the pack and saw the egg was hatching! It hatched into a Level 5 Lileep!

Lileep used Rock Slide! PHP:6 HHP:22.

John threw 2 Snag Balls! 3,2,1,0. Congratulations! Poochyena was caught! 3,2,1,0. Congratulations! Haunter was caught!

John and Robert beat Ryan and Drew!

“Retreat!” Drew yelled. Ryan and Drew started running.

“Not so fast!” John yelled. He grabbed his pistol and chased Ryan and Drew until they were cornered at the water’s edge. ”Where is your base!”

“Why would we tell you…you’re our primary target…Target 0011…”

Gunshots were then heard, as John killed the two. Displeased, he head back to Robert and the Pokemon. “I killed them, they said nothing.”

“Ok, let’s stock and leave.” Robert replied. He sent his two Lileeps back in their Poke Balls.

“Well, at least we learned about eggs.” John said.

“Don’t say that, you’re making me hungry.” Robert said. The two laughed. At the hovercar, after restocking, Marshtomp found another tracking device. John took it off and threw it in the water.

“Where now?” Robert asked.

“To the Mysterious Temple.” John said.

“Let’s go.” The hovercar flew off from the haven of Oasis City to the Mysterious Temple…

The Doctor

Absolute Beginner
Hey, I remember you! Well, good to see you put your story on here. The part with how the Lileep egg got there was funny. Keep this up!


Beginning Trainer
Scene: Mysterious Temple.

Chapter 5: The Mysterious Temple.

The forbidding desert of Orren was zooming by the hovercar of John and Robert. The rocks around the desert seemed to glisten in the sunlight. However, John and Robert weren’t doing very much in the hovercar. John was looking outside, and Robert was reading a book from the shelves. John saw parts of the rocks fade away into view, and looked at Robert.

“Robert, how much time until we arrive at the Mysterious Temple?” John asked.

Robert looked up. He went to the pilot section, pressed a few buttons, looked at something, and turned to John. “The GPS says in about 10 minutes.”

“Ok.” John said. Suddenly, he felt a vibration in his pocket, and took out is communicator. “Robert, we have a message, but it’s not from Courtney.”

Robert looked puzzled. “Then who is it?”

John looked at it for a while, and then looked confused as well. “I don’t know. It’s anonymous. But it contains a riddle. ‘Ahead, the deepest heart can be tamed from dark, the light of anew is near.’”

John and Robert looked at each other. They both had confused looks on their faces.

“What could that mean?” Robert said.

John shrugged. “I don’t know.” The two sat down, confused and thinking. Suddenly, the hovercar stopped. John and Robert got out of the hovercar and looked up. The Mysterious Temple lay before them. Stone, crumbling pillars stood in front. The stone that made up the temple looked as if it hadn’t been touched in hundreds of years. The steps were breaking up, clearly decaying. Looking at it, John suddenly noticed something.

“Robert, there’s no entrance to the temple!” John exclaimed.

Robert looked at the temple, and was shocked. “You’re right! But how do we get in?”

John and Robert walked up the stairs. They noticed a pedestal with a circle bowl like thing on top. John and Robert stood there, befuddled, when the familiar vibration shook John’s pocket. He took out the communication device and checked the message.

“Who is it now?” Robert asked.

John stared intently at the screen. “It’s anonymous again. And it’s another riddle. ‘Look at the intent gazing eye, place a sphere on the pedestal, and the holy gates will open up.’”

Robert’s eyes widened. “Maybe it’s the key to opening the temple!”

John looked up. “That could be true. Let’s look for the eye.”

Robert nodded. The two stepped down, then went out to the hovercar, and stared at the temple. Robert then noticed the eye at the top of the temple. It looked like the Eye Of Horus, only more triangular shaped.

“John, I found the eye.” Robert said.

John looked at Robert. “Perfect.” John ran up the steps, and grabbed a Poke Ball out of his bag. “Robert, I will use a Poke Ball for the round object on the pedestal. Are you ready?” John explained.

Robert nodded. John placed the Poke Ball on the pedestal. Suddenly, strange symbols appeared on the wall in a strange form of writing. The symbols flashed, and an outline of a door appeared. Suddenly, while this was happening, John felt rattling from his waist. When he checked what it was, he was surprised to see that Marshtomp was moving around in its Poke Ball really fast. He felt the same vibration coming from his bag, and saw that Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys were moving around a lot too.

I wonder what’s going on with them. They’re acting weird, John thought. But then, part of the rock on the wall exploded, and the doorway appeared.

“Ready, John?” Robert asked.

John nodded. The two entered the Mysterious Temple. The hallways were stone, like outside, but torches were still lit inside the hallways. The hallways had markings similar to the ones at the entrance. Eventually, John and Robert entered a large room. Torches were lit all around, illuminating the room. A form of hieroglyphics was covering the walls and was covering the room. But what caught John and Robert’s attention was a gigantic stone in the center of the room. It was blue, and was covered in symbols.

John’s scanner suddenly went off. He checked it and looked surprised. “The stone is emitting powerful holy energy!” John exclaimed.

“What an interesting observation.” A voice said. John and Robert turned around. Five Team Shadow Science members were walking out of the shadows. Their purple uniforms were glowing in the torchlight. They smirked. “Let’s battle!”


One of the Team Shadow Science members spoke. “The rules in this battle will be different. We send out 5 Pokemon only, and you can only send out 5. We each have only one Pokemon, so it will be fair.”

Robert looked at John. “Do you think we can win?”

“I don’t know.” John replied.

John sent out Marshtomp and Sneasel! Robert sent out Ninjask and Heracross! TSS members sent out Snorunt, Pidgeotto, Smeargle, Delcatty, and Piloswine!

John scanned the five Pokemon. “Robert, the Shadow Pokemon in this battle is the Snorunt and the Pidgeotto.” John reported.

Marshtomp used Ice Beam! A blast of ice burst from Marshtomp’s mouth and blasted Pidgeotto! PHP: 69.

Ninjask used Slash! It raised its legs up and slashed Snorunt! SHP: 120

Pidgeotto used Sky Attack, INSTANTLY. It glowed a divine red color, and slammed into Sneasel! Sneasel fell over and fainted!

“How did you do that? Sky Attack requires you to wait a turn before unleashing its attack!” John complained.

One of the Shadow Science members smirked. “It’s a Shadow Pokemon. We’ve bypassed that negative effect of Sky Attack.”

And so, the long battle wore on. John and Robert fought against the Pokemon, and at one point, Pidgeotto was weak enough for the Snag.

John threw the Snag Ball! The Poke Ball engulfed Pidgeotto and fell to the ground! 3,2,1,0. Congratulations! Pidgeotto was caught!

Delcatty used Hyper Beam! A massive amount of energy formed in Delcatty’s mouth, and it fired at Marshtomp! MHP: 36. However, the attack had so much in it that Marshtomp was blasted a couple of yards away, and slammed into the stone. Suddenly, the stone started glowing radiantly!

John looked on in surprise. “What?”

The same symbols that were around the temple earlier surrounded Marshtomp. A light shone from them, and Marshtomp started floating in the air. All the symbols shot a ray of light at Marshtomp. A dark sphere appeared, which surrounded it, and was destroyed by the light. John then realized: Marshtomp was purified. John walked over to the stone. He place the Poke Balls of Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys at the stone, and they began to purify. John went to help Marshtomp, but suddenly it clutched over in pain!

“What’s wrong!” John wondered.

Marshtomp was doubling over, and suddenly, Marshtomp’s eyes widened. Suddenly, it was going through some weird process. The fin on it’s back grew larger. The fins on its head grew bigger. It’s skin turned into a darker blue. It’s legs, arms, and just about everything grew bigger. Suddenly, a light surrounded it, and cleared up, showing something new! Marshtomp evolved into Swampert!

“All right!” John smiled.

Swampert used Water Gun! A small blast of water shot at Snorunt! SHP:22

John threw a Snag Ball! The ball grabbed up Snorunt and fell to the ground! 3,2,1,0. Congratulations! Snorunt was caught!

And then, the long battle raged on. One after one, the Pokemon fainted, and at the end, only Delcatty and Umbreon remained in battle, and both were low on HP.

Delcatty used Take Down! It stepped back, and charged at Umbreon, knocking it down and fainting it. DHP:1.

John was shocked and confused. “How did Delcatty still have one HP left after Take Down?”

One of the Team Shadow Science members went up to Delcatty and stretched a band on Delcatty’s head. “A Focus Band. You two have lost the battle.”

“Damn.” John said. He and Robert began to walk away, but suddenly, John stepped on some stone, which sank. Suddenly, shackles bound John in place. Chains started to appear from the ground!

Robert was shocked! “What!”

The members smirked. “Did you think we would come unprepared? We set up a trap!”

John looked at Robert. “Robert! Take my guns, Pokemon, and Snag Machine!” John quickly took of the Snag Machine, threw his Poke Balls, and threw his bag. Robert grabbed all of John’s stuff up, and quickly grabbed the purified legendary Pokemon. The chains bound John, and the Team Shadow Science members grabbed John and started running away while holding him. Robert went into pursuit, and fired a few bullets from John’s pistol at them. They missed, and they got outside the temple. A gigantic ball that looked like a Poke Ball was lying outside. The members went inside the ball, and it closed. Robert quickly grabbed a tracking device and threw it on the ball. It flew into the sky and disappeared.

“Damn it!” Robert grunted. He punched the ground. He took out John’s Pokemon, and right there, he made a vow.

I will rescue your master. I must.

Robert went back into the hovercar. He turned a computer on and began to track the hovercar ball.

In the unknown lair of Team Shadow Science.

The leader of Team Shadow Science was sitting in his office, on his computer, when suddenly, his screen turned on and a Team Shadow Science member was on it.

“What do you have to report?” The boss asked.

“Sir, we’ve captured Target 0011. He is currently at Ship 76503.” The member reported.

The boss grinned evilly. “Excellent. I’ll be right there. Send me your coordinates.”

“Yes, sir.” The member told the leader.

Ship 76503. A floating aircraft for Team Shadow Science, which serves as a prison and a mini base. Made out of steel and machines, it was a perfect ship. At this place, John was chained to a chair, while being interrogated by Team Shadow Science members.

“We’ll keep asking this: where are the Shadow Pokemon, and where is the disk!” The interrogating member questioned.

John smirked, and chuckled quietly. “Heh…why would I tell you…all I say is that you’ll never find them…”

“I’ll take care of this.” A voice said.

The members looked in the doorway, and saw the leader of Team Shadow Science standing there. They bowed. “Yes, Lord Creven.”

John took a look a the leader of Team Shadow Science, named Creven. He had a purple coat that made him look sinister. The rest of him, including his face, reminded John a lot of Ansem from Kingdom Hearts.

“All right, tell me where are the Pokemon?” Creven said.

John laughed, and spat at Creven. “I’m not telling…”

Creven got an evil look in his eye. “Very well, then…” Creven slowly pulled a knife out from his belt, and John’s eyes widened…


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