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Pokemon Shine Diamond

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FlamingRuby, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    (Rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images)

    Episode 1: Following A Maiden's Voyage

    The sun shone down on the small town of Twinleaf, at the south end of the Shinou region. In one particular house, a black haired girl collapsed back into bed after shutting off a beeping alarm clock. "Mm...let's see what's going on in the world today..." she mused as she fumbled for the TV remote on her bedside table and flicked on the TV facing her bed.

    "Despite the exploration team's best efforts, however, the rare, oddly colored Pokemon eluded detection." an announcer reported. "The rumored red Gyarados failed to appear, even fleetingly, to the crestfallen team."

    This is boring... the girl sighed as she changed the channel to the weather report. After climbing from bed, she stretched and then opened the window, allowing her to see the many houses on her block, a few houses down the next street, and the fields at the outskirts of town. "What a beautiful day...a perfect day to receive my first Pokémon!"


    "Good morning Dawn..." the girl's mother, a woman with similar features to her, smiled as she arrived in the room. A gray cat Pokemon with a springy tail followed the woman, interested in the black haired girl pulling on some socks and tucking in her shirt.

    "Morning, Mom...and good morning, Opal." Dawn smiled as she petted the small cat Pokemon rubbing against her leg.

    "I can hardly believe you're already leaving on your own Pokemon journey, hon." the woman smiled as she put on a heart-shaped necklace with her name--Joanna--engraved on it in elegant letters. "Come on downstairs--breakfast is ready."

    "Coming..." Dawn replied before assuring Opal "I'll feed you in a minute, okay?"

    "Meow." Opal replied before jumping on Dawn's bed to snooze.


    "Have you thought about what you want to achieve on your journey?" Joanna asked as she and Dawn had their breakfast.

    "Well, I still have the postcard from Prof. Rowan's lab that came in the mail last week..." Dawn explained as she pulled out a postcard lying near the remains of her scrambled eggs. "Dear Dawn, congratulations on reaching your tenth year! I cordially invite you to my lab to choose your first Pokémon."

    Joanna smiled as she admired the pictures of small green turtle Pokemon with foliage, the small fire monkey Pokemon, and a small blue penguin-like Pokemon under Prof. Rowan's message. "They all look so cute...which one are you going to choose?"

    "Okay, so the little leaf-turtle is Turtwig, the fire monkey is Chimchar, and the little penguin is Piplup." Dawn mused as she studied the postcard some more. "No matter who I choose, any of them would make a great partner in my quest to become a top coordinator like you, Mom."

    She smiled as she looked across into the next room, where hundreds of ribbons, trophies, certificates, and other prizes Joanna had once earned gleamed in the sunshine streaming through the blinds. "Just seeing all your awards and prizes makes me want to have an award room of my own!"

    After getting up from her chair, she struck an elegant pose. "If I chose Chimchar, we would really set the world on fire!"

    In Dawn's imagination, Dawn, now in an elegant red gown, heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Chimchar, create a burning mandala!"

    The crowd in the stadium oohed and ahed as a Chimchar created a sparkling flaming orb in the sky...

    Joanna just smiled at her daughter's pose. "All right, what would your dream of a Grand Coordinator look like if you picked a different Pokemon?"

    "If I chose Piplup..." Dawn posed again. "we would make waves in the contest world!"

    In Dawn's imagination, Dawn, now in a green costume, heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Piplup! Show this crowd some real sparkling water!"

    The crowd cheered again as a Piplup appeared and heaved hundreds of sparkling bubbles into the sky....

    "Interesting..." Joanna smiled. "And what would your contest dream look like with Turtwig?"

    "If I chose Turtwig, I would plant the seeds of inspiration for aspiring coordinators everywhere!" Dawn decreed, striking another pose...

    In Dawn's imagination, Dawn, now in a lavender tap dancer's costume, heaved a Poke Ball and some Berries into the sky. "Turtwig, use Razor Leaf to cut all these Berries at once!"

    A Turtwig emerged from the Poke Ball and heaved some spiked leaves at the flying Berries, cutting them all in half at the same time. The crowd roared with applause, maxing out the excitement meter in the arena as Dawn took a bow...

    Joanna couldn't help applauding Dawn's performance. "I believe you could do all of that, and more...but first, you need to pack what you're going to bring on the trip."

    "Okay!" After putting her dishes in the sink, Dawn hurried back upstairs to her room...


    "Okay, that's everything!" Dawn smiled, proudly gesturing to the two bulging suitcases, her bag, and the fiddle case she had lugged to the front stoop.

    Joanna sighed. "I don't think you need quite that much stuff, hon...come on back inside, and I'll show you how to pack a bit more sensibly."

    Once back inside the living room, Joanna first unloaded every bag Dawn had packed. "Now then...the key to packing sensibly is to know the weather before you go. Since Shinou has a wide variety of climates ranging from sunny beaches to snowy mountain peaks, it's a good idea to pack clothes suitable for those conditions. Besides, if you pack too much, you won't have much room for souvenirs on your Pokemon adventure."

    "That's true..." Dawn realized her mother had a point. "I do want to bring you back souvenirs."

    "Besides, most Pokemon Centers do have a laundry room, and failing that, most towns have a laundromat." Joanna continued. "That, and you can always buy a cheap outfit somewhere if you need it."

    After sorting which clothes would stay home and which clothes would make the journey, Joanna and Dawn both beamed with pride at how they had managed to fit two week's worth of outfits and a few other odds and ends into her bag. "There...doesn't that look much better than trying to take your whole closet with you?"

    "It does..." Dawn smiled.

    She looked longingly at the dull pink fiddle case by her now empty suitcases. "Can the fiddle come too, at least? It would make some nice entertainment by the campfire..."

    Joanna just giggled. "Of course your fiddle can come! Not only can you practice on the road, you may run into a guitar player or two to jam with."

    "Pokeflute or whistle players would be nice to play with too..." Dawn smiled as she started back outside, where her bike was chained to a rack. "Good thing I can carry it on my back like a backpack." she mused as she set her bag on the bike's cargo rack and tied it down, then set her fiddle case down on the ground to put on her helmet.

    "Before you go, let me give you one last thing..." Joanna dug a small metallic orange ribbon from her pocket. "This was the first ribbon I ever won in a contest...many many years ago, of course! I want you to have it, as good luck on your own contest journey."

    "Thank you..." Dawn admired the ribbon for a moment before pinning it to her bag. "I'll keep it with me, so I know you're watching over me."

    After slinging her fiddle case on her back and climbing aboard her bike, Dawn called "Well, I'm off! I love you!"

    "Bye, hon!" Joanna called back, waving goodbye as Dawn pedaled away. "Good luck, and I love you too!"


    As Dawn rode down the path leading outside of town, she spotted a blonde haired boy waving in her direction. "Hey! Where you off to, Dawn?"

    "I'm headed to Prof. Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town, Barry." Dawn replied as she pulled up by the boy's side. "And where might you be going?"

    "You saw that news report about the red Gyarados on TV, right?" Barry smiled. "That show got me to thinking. I'll bet our local lake has a Pokemon like that in it, too! So, that's what we're gonna do. We'll go find a Pokemon like that!"

    "But--!" Dawn protested, but Barry had already dashed down the road and onto the plains outside of town.

    "Come on, it'll be fun!" Barry assured Dawn. "I'll fine you a million billion credits if you're late!"

    Dawn sighed. If he wants to go to the lake without a Pokemon, that's his problem, not mine... "Okay, just wait for me!"


    The way to the lake was uneventful, and before long, Barry and Dawn had arrived by the western shore. "Okay...if I were hunting a red Gyarados, where would I look first?" Barry mused as he and Dawn passed by a sign that read "Welcome to Lake Verity."

    "Anywhere there's Magikarp." Dawn smiled as she climbed off her bike and laid it against the sign, making sure to keep Barry in view as he strolled down the shoreline.

    Just then, Barry heard voices in the distance. "Uh oh, someone's here! Hide!" he called as he dove behind some bushes, with Dawn not far behind.

    After a few tense moments, Dawn watched from the bush as an older man with snowy white hair and a mustache and a brown haired boy about her age approached where they had been moments earlier. That must be Prof. Rowan... she thought when she saw the man. But who's the boy with him?

    On the shore, the boy reported "Professor, there's nothing out of the ordinary on the other side, either!"

    "Hm…I may have been mistaken..." Prof. Rowan mused. "Something appears to be different than it was before, but…it's enough that we have seen the lake.

    He motioned for the boy to follow him. "Come on, Lucas--let's go."

    The boy nodded, and hurried to catch up to Prof. Rowan. "Professor, you've been gone for four years now. How are you enjoying being back in Shinou?" he asked.

    "There is one thing I can say." Prof. Rowan smiled, a note of happiness in his voice. "There are many rare kinds of Pokemon in Shinou. The region should serve us very well in regard to our studies."

    Barry heaved a sigh of relief. "That was a close one..." he smiled as he and Dawn emerged from the brush.

    "It was just Prof. Rowan and someone named Lucas, who I assume is his assistant." Dawn assured Barry. "So you had nothing to be afraid of."

    Just then, she spotted a large brown object in the grass. "Hm..." she mused as she got closer, whee she could see the object was a briefcase. "I wonder who left this here?"

    She balked when she saw the name "Rowan" on the briefcase's handle. "No way...Prof. Rowan left this here! We have to get it back to him!"

    Barry, meanwhile, hurried to Dawn's side and opened the case, where he could see three Poke Balls nestled inside, with nameplates under the three Poke Balls explaining the name and gender of the Pokemon inside. "Which one do you want, Dawn?"

    "Are you sure those are the Pokemon meant for us, Barry?" Dawn wasn't so sure.

    She studied the three Poke Balls for a moment. If they are meant for us, it would save me the trip to the lab!

    She closed her eyes and started to point at the different Poke Balls. "My mother told me to choose..."

    When she opened them, she saw her finger was on the Poke Ball containing Piplup. "...Piplup."

    "Great choice...I'll take the Turtwig." Barry grinned as he took the Turtwig's Poke Ball. "I'm gonna name her Flora."

    "Come on out!" Dawn commanded, heaving her Poke Ball to the sky.

    She smiled at the tiny blue penguin Pokemon before her. "Well, aren't you a cutie? I think I'll name you...Kori."

    [I like that!] the Piplup smiled, giggling as Dawn hugged it...


    Elsewhere, Ash, Tintri, and Brock walked through a forest not far from Lake Verity. Ash just savored the singing Pokemon in the trees, the sun making the green fletching on Brock's prop arrows glitter, the wind in his face, the crunch of the grass beneath their feet, and Brock softly singing a nonsense Gaelic melody in time to their walking.

    "I can't wait to take on the League here in Shinou." he mused, stopping Brock from his song.

    "I know...it was all you could talk about on the trip over." Brock smiled. "It's so weird not having Misty here...but all the same, I still wonder what stories Shinou has to offer."

    "You've built up a nice repertoire...maybe there's another storytelling competition you could enter." Ash suggested as he brushed a leaf from the blue Poke Ball design that adorned his new cap.

    "Yeah...competing in the Lore Stage again, or something like it, would be fun." Brock agreed as the two boys and the Pikachu rounded the corner to the entrance leading to Lake Verity. "Welcome to Lake Verity..."

    After digging through his bag and unearthing a guidebook, Brock flipped a few pages before beginning. "Here we are...Lake Verity."

    [What's it say?] Tintri asked as he scrambled across Ash's shoulders to get a look at the book.

    "It says here that the lake, along with its sister lakes Lake Valor and Lake Acuity, is tied to the myth of the creation of the world, specifically the creation of spirit." Brock began before showing Ash and Tintri a picture of a small pink pixie Pokemon. "Local lore says the lake is home to Mesprit, the guardian of the lake and the Being of Emotion."

    "Cool" Ash cried before fumbling for his PokeNav. "Let's get a selfie by the welcome sign!"

    Brock smiled as he admired the navy blue vest with a large gold stripe Ash was wearing over a white shirt. "You made a great choice in that outfit...I'm sure Delia and Taran would love to see you in it."

    After posing for a picture by the lake's welcome sign, Ash noticed Dawn and Barry on the other side of the shore, looking for something. "I wonder what that girl and that boy are looking for?" he asked as he hurried to some bushes in an attempt to get a closer look without being seen. "Maybe we should ask them?"

    "Stay put..." Brock instructed as he watched Dawn and Barry battle some black and white bird Pokemon. "Right now they look like they handling themselves just fine--we should only intervene if they really need help."

    Ash nodded, but gasped when he saw Barry's Turtwig ram into a Starly, angering an entire flock of the black and white bird Pokemon, which the guidebook identified as Starly. I have to do something... he thought as he watched Dawn run for a nearby alcove, carrying a small penguin Pokemon that looked weakened. But what?


    "There's too many of them!" Barry reported as the flock closed in on the alcove where Dawn and Kori were hiding. "I can't send out Flora, because it's suicide to send out a Grass type against birds!"

    "What CAN we do then?" Dawn nearly screamed, bracing herself and her weakened Piplup for the end...

    Just then, a whistle and a thunk of an electrified arrow landing by the cave entrance caused the Starly flock to scatter in panic. "Hm...who could be shooting arrows out here?" Dawn asked as she quietly slipped from the cave with her weakened Piplup.

    "Dunno--I don't know of anyone that's an archer." Barry confessed seconds before another electrified arrow landed near his foot. "Whoa!"

    "Whoever's shooting, can you come out so we can see you?" Dawn called as a third arrow drove back the flock even further. "Are you friends or foes?"

    After a few tense moments, Ash, Tintri, and Brock emerged from a rock overlooking the field. "We are friends, miss." he replied as Tintri hurried to retrieve the three sparking arrows in the ground. "Two travelers from a far away region who saw you and your friend in danger, and were called to help."

    "Thank you..." Dawn heaved a relieved sigh.

    "Yeah, thanks." Barry smiled before charging off into the grass.

    Typical Barry... Dawn sighed. "I'm Dawn...might I know the names of my rescuers?"

    "I'm Ash, and this is my partner Tintri..." Ash smiled as Tintri dropped the arrows at Brock's feet, then climbed back on his shoulder. "...and Brock, my companion, navigator, balladeer, and storyteller."

    "Nice to meet you." Brock smiled before putting his arrows back in the quiver.

    "I have to ask...how did you get the arrows to spark?" Dawn asked as she led Ash and Brock back towards a path.

    "It's the same idea of making fire arrows in the movies." Brock replied. "Infuse arrowhead with elemental you want, and it imbues the arrow with that power. So if you can infuse arrows with fire, you can also do it with ice, or lightning too."

    "Wow!" Dawn was impressed. "I wonder what other elementals you can infuse an arrow with..." she mused as Ash hurried to retrieve the briefcase.

    She let the thought linger as she frantically looked for a way to cure the weakened Piplup in her arms. Kori, hang on for me... she silently pleaded as she rummaged through the grass, desperate to find a stray Potion or even healing herbs.

    A pink flash on the water got her attention. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... a ethereal female voice sang.
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    At this line, a pale blue aura formed around Kori, healing her weariness.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Dawn snapped out of her awed trace as Kori woke up, good as new. "Whoever sang that song--thank you for healing Kori!" she called as she hurried to find Ash and Brock.

    You're welcome, young one. the voice echoed back in Dawn's mind. We will meet again!


    Lucas arrived by the path as Dawn reunited with the boys. "Whew...You found this briefcase?" he asked, noticing the briefcase in Ash's arms. "The professor would've gone through the roof if he knew I forgot it here."

    "You don't mind if Barry and I used two of the Pokemon in there, did you?" Dawn asked.

    Surprisingly, Lucas was calm about Dawn's question. "Not at all...those Pokemon were for you and him anyway." he smiled as he accepted the briefcase. "Let's go back to the lab--I'm sure Rowan will want to get to know you and your companions, Dawn."

    To Be Continued...
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  2. Bay


    Hey there! So I haven't gotten a chance to check out Moonlight Silver after you finished it (though I might read it someday), so I thought I might try to keep up with this!

    All right, so I noticed first off you have Dawn and Barry know one another as I recall in the anime I don't. The beginning scenes were a bit too similar to the anime and D/P/Pt's opening for my liking, although I noticed you have Dawn with the fiddle. I'm aware you like to have songs in your stories, so Dawn with that instrument might bring in some interesting interactions (and maybe even a new spin to contests).

    Speaking of songs, I'm aware that you like to have Brock being a bard/singer type of character in several of your stories. I admit I might have to get used to this since one of Brock's character is taking care of Pokemon (him being a breeder then doctor), and I don't know in Moonlight Silver if you changed that aspect of his character there. I do know there's a character, Nando, that travels and sings, so Brock's interactions with him should be interesting.

    From the review you got from Moonlight Silver you're going for a fantasy twist here, and this became apparent with the lightning arrow that appeared. I'll wait and see how you make more used of that before I can form more thoughts on that.

    Bolded part the period after backpack should be a comma, so like this:

    "Good thing I can carry it on my back like a backpack," she mused (etc)

    Also noticed a dialogue punctuation mistake. The period after Shinou should be a comma, like this:

    I can't wait to take on the League here in Shinou," he mused, stopping Brock from his song.

    I know you're going for a fantasy flavor here, but this part of the dialogue sounds a little too formal for the characters. They're not playing dungeons and dragons here (I...listened a little too much Critical Role latley lol).
  3. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Thanks for the review.

    I know it sounds strange for everyone to automatically know each other, but I do plan to explain this (plus back up and explain a few other things) so when all the stories are read together, it makes sense.

    I decided to transform Brock from a breeder to a singer/storyteller across the entire series because I figured he would probably know how to do that with all the siblings in the house. I do plan to explain how Dawn got her instrument (and a little explanation as to where the boys got the instruments they have) next episode, which I repurposed into a get-to-know you episode.

    If you'd like to be tagged for future releases, let me know.
  4. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 2: Two Degrees of Separation

    "So, Dawn...what were you doing to get those bird Pokemon--Starlies, you said they were called?--all riled up?" Ash asked as he led the way through the forested path to Sandgem Town the next day.

    "My friend Barry got the idea to travel to Lake Verity after he saw a news report about a red Gyarados on TV..." Dawn explained. "He wanted to know if Lake Verity had something just as amazing, if not more. I happened to be on my way to Sandgem Town to get my first Pokemon, and he effectively roped me into going."

    "A red Gyarados, huh...reminds me of when we defeated Team Rocket at the Lake of Rage in Johto." Brock grinned, gently nudging Ash. "I'll never forget you using the Swanna Song to rain rainbow thunderbolts on a red Gyarados."

    Dawn perked up at Brock's mention of the Swanna Song. Could it be...that the voice that healed Kori was singing the Swanna Song they always use for an ultimate attack or last ditch spell on TV and in video games?

    "Is something wrong?" Ash's voice snapped Dawn back to reality.

    "N-no...it's nothing." Dawn stammered. "I'll explain later."

    She then changed the subject. "Are these Team Rocket guys anything like Team Galactic here?"

    "Team Rocket are this band of hoodlums that seek to use Pokemon for their own gain." Ash explained. "That said, they do sometimes have some more ambitious plans. For example, a few years ago, they tried to capture and exploit a mother and child Lugia. When we thwarted that plan, then they tried to make all the world's Pokemon go berserk--a plan they called Project Reverse. Our red Gyarados encounter was meant to be Pokemon zero for Project Reverse."

    "So, usually they are no different from your average criminal, but they have had grander ambitions..." Dawn mused. "I think Team Galactic could top that--they seek to reshape the world in their own image--but all they ever seem to do is your basic criminal-y stuff--steal things, kidnap Pokemon, and things of that nature. I mean, I haven't even encountered one of their goons before, but I know what they look like thanks to news reports."

    She smiled. "But you guys must have a lot of courage and guts to take on a gang of criminals...and win!"

    "Thanks..." Ash chuckled. "We'll be happy to tell you about our travels if you just ask."

    Just then, Brock noticed a signpost overlooking a town in the distance. "Sandgem Town...the sandy town connected to the ocean, one mile."

    As the group made their way into town, Brock thumbed to the chapter about the town and started reading as they made their way down the grid-like streets. "Sandgem Town, as its name suggests, is a sandy town that is located right next to a beach. The town's most famous landmark is Prof. Rowan's lab, where he conducts his studies on Pokémon."

    "Prof. Rowan...is he connected to Prof. Oak at all?" Ash was intrigued.

    "Yes!" Dawn smiled. "The two of them have been friends and colleagues for years."

    She smiled when she saw the tower-like lab and the majestic windmill attached to it in the distance. "There it is...although, I do think he deserves to know what we were doing with that briefcase earlier--that is, if Barry or Lucas haven't told him already."

    "Good call." Brock agreed as Dawn chained her bike to the bike rack near the entrance, and led the way inside.

    Dawn's footsteps snapped Lucas and Prof. Rowan from examining a photo. "Dawn, you made it..." Prof. Rowan smiled. "...and I see you've already earned some traveling companions."

    "These two are Ash, and Brock, of Kanto." Dawn explained. "They rescued me and Barry back at the lake...I thought you would like to know why we took those Pokemon from your briefcase..."


    "...and just when I thought it was the end, Brock here scared off the Starlies with an electrified arrow or three to support Ash's Pikachu." Dawn concluded her story some time later as Ash and Brock looked on. "If you'd like your Piplup back, I am willing to give her back."

    "Oh my...Barry told me what happened at the lake, but not like this." Prof. Rowan assured Dawn before a smile formed on his face. "But then again, Barry was never one for details!"

    Even Ash and Brock laughed at this. "I heard you battled very well, despite it being your first time." Prof. Rowan went on. "And, from what I can see, there is a growing bond between you and that Piplup, though she is still young. That's why I would like to entrust you with that Piplup...Kori, I believe?"

    "Yes...her name is Kori." Dawn replied as Lucas made her a trainer card.

    "A beautiful name." Prof. Rowan smiled. "So, what brings you two here to Shinou?" he asked Ash and Brock.

    "I'm here to take on the Shinou League." Ash replied before gesturing to Tintri. "This is my partner, Tintri."

    [Hi!] Tintri squeaked.

    "I'm here because I want to explore the mythology and folklore of Shinou, and possibly learn and tell its stories." Brock replied. "My arrows are only props--so the Starlies from before were never in any real danger."

    "Interesting--I only know of a few storytellers that use weaponry in their performance." Prof. Rowan smiled. "You may want to look into performing in the Fantasy Stage, if you fancy yourself a storyteller."

    "The basic rules of the Fantasy Stage are still the same as any Lore Stage--a group of storytellers get together and share their best stories, and are judged based on how they do and how the audience reacts." Lucas explained. "The differences begin on what is won and a few tweaks to the mechanics."

    "For instance, in keeping with the fantasy theme and more elaborate look of the competition, the competitors wear elaborate minstrel costumes that are colorful and nearly flamboyant." Prof. Rowan went on. "The competitors must tell a fantasy story in two different ways: on the fly while incorporating at least three items from a list of components--including more components adds bonus points--and a story from their repertoire."

    "The storytellers are allowed to use any talent they wish to bring their stories to life--music, dance, acting, mimicry, props, and in some outdoor venues, stage combat and stage archery." Lucas continued. "So you can use your bow if you like."

    "I have a few tales I like using stage archery on..." Brock was interested now. "So, what do you get if you tell the best story?"

    "The winner earns a Miracle Jewel--small plastic jewels that are kept in a drawstring bag." Prof. Rowan showed Brock an example of a Miracle Jewel bag. "This bag is usually hung at the competitor's side or tied to their traveling bag. You can have this one, if you wish."

    "Thanks." Brock replied, tying the small drawstring bag to his own pack.

    "Those that earn seven Miracle Jewels compete in the Grand Fantasy Stage during League and Grand Festival activities." Lucas went on. The winner of this gets the Rainbow Diamond trophy and is honored as a Master or Mistress of Lore."

    "Wow--sign me up!" Brock was getting more and more excited.

    "Storytellers from around the world come to compete, but storytellers from other regions winning it all are not unheard of. Even if you don't win it all, the minstrel costume you use for the competition is yours to keep." Prof. Rowan assured Brock. "If you are as skilled as you claim, you should have no trouble at all winning."

    Dawn looked over at Ash as Brock, Lucas, and Prof. Rowan continued talking. "Ash...you won't mind if Kori and me come along with you and Brock, do you?" she asked as she shepherded Kori to her side.

    "Not at all." Ash smiled. "Whatever your goal is for your journey, I'll support you all the way--the League, contests, Pokethlons, Lore and Fantasy Stages--whatever."

    "My mom is actually a famous coordinator." Dawn interjected. "So I wanted to embark on my own contest journey."

    "I actually traveled with a coordinator on one of my previous journeys..." Ash explained. "Over in Kanto, they follow Houen rules--the parade of contestants, and then five appeals."

    "Contests over here have slightly different rules." Dawn explained. "First is the Visual competition, where you dress up your Pokemon using a box of 100 different costume parts and accessories. You don't know what you get until you arrive in the dressing room. Next is the Dance competition, where all the competing Pokemon dance on this modified Dancing Star platform called the Bailatron that measures their dancing skill. Finally, there's the Appeal round, which of course is five appeals created from your Pokemon's moves. Whoever has the best score after all three competitions, wins a ribbon, which is unique to every contest hall."

    "Interesting..." Ash mused. "I'll have to show you the pictures from that trip later."

    He noticed the fiddle case on Dawn's back. "Oh, nice! Reminds me of one of my other traveling companions--in addition to being a Water Pokemon expert and a fine Pokethlete, she could play a great fiddle as well."

    "Thanks...I've been playing ever since second grade, when everyone had to take violin lessons whether you liked it or not." Dawn began. "You could keep the instruments after the required year to play them, but that year was just torture. I loved hearing all the traditional fiddlers both from here in Shinou and across the world on TV and online--they always sounded so excited and happy, while I was sawing through one weepy classical dirge after another. Mom noticed how miserable I was and assured me that while I had to tough out the required year for school, I could play whatever I wanted at home. So I tracked down as many music videos and sheet music as I could find, and slowly taught myself traditional Shinou fiddle, with influences from Kanto and Houen."

    "I'm more of a wind instrumentalist myself..." Ash explained before unearthing a well loved Pokeflute case from his own bag, which also had two whistles in a side pocket. "I too started playing at school--first the whistle in third grade, and then Pokeflute while on my first trip around Kanto. While I loved both instruments, I was bored with how slow we were going in class, so like you, I looked for as many music videos and sheet music as I could find, and taught myself a lot of traditional tunes. This culminated in bringing down the house with 'The Thunderbolt Reel' for the school talent show."

    "Myself...I'm more of a guitar player." Brock began as he joined Ash and Dawn near the left end of the room. "Got my first guitar the second year of middle school, then after I got into high school, I started trying my hand at writing my own material. While many of my classmates took the electric route, I stuck with the acoustic guitar--very handy for storytelling, and you don't need to cart an amp everywhere. If you do need to go electric, you can get acoustic guitars with pickups built in--this is what I use when I'm performing in a theater, an arena, or a crowded outdoor space."

    "Brock's written quite a lot of original songs, including setting lots of folktales to music." Ash explained as he zipped up his gig bag.

    Dawn smiled. "I look forward to jamming with you guys as we travel...I can teach you some material from around here, and you can teach me what tunes, songs, and stories you know."

    She suddenly remembered her Piplup was still out, and relaxing on the floor. "Kori, return." she called, recalling the small penguin Pokemon inside. "I have to ask you...doesn't Tintri have a Poke Ball?" she asked Ash. "How come he sits on your shoulder all the time?"

    "Tintri doesn't like traveling in a Poké Ball." Ash explained. "He'd much rather be out seeing the world, so my shoulder does just fine."

    "Cool!" Dawn was impressed. "I didn't know some Pokemon preferred to stay out of a Poke Ball!"

    "You have to remember that different Pokémon have different personalities." Prof. Rowan added as he and Lucas met the group.

    "Would you like me to run your bike home for you?" Lucas offered.

    "Yes please..." Dawn replied as she retrieved her gear from her bike, then wrote down some directions to her house on an index card. "If you know the way to Twinleaf Town, here's the way to my house."

    "Thanks." Lucas replied as he pocketed the index card and accepted Dawn's biking gear. "I'll do my best to be careful with it." he assured Dawn.

    As Dawn went to unchain her bike for Lucas, Ash turned to Prof. Rowan. "Thank for all the info, Professor..."

    "My pleasure--I'll send Oak your regards." Prof. Rowan replied. "I believe you have what it takes to go far in the League--you can register at any Pokemon Center, if you haven't already done so."

    He embraced Ash. "I wish you all good luck on your journey."

    Ash nodded. "I'll make you and Prof. Oak proud!" he vowed as he and Brock turned to leave, unaware of a dull purple haired boy watching them from a bush...

    To Be Continued...
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  5. Bay


    Looks like in this version Piplup is female? Curious if Kori will have a different personality compare to Piplup in the anime (I remember it being much more short tempered haha).

    Not much happened this chapter, mostly the characters talking about the singing contest and the instruments they play. I'm sure their instruments will come to play later.
  6. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Actually, I gave them all an instrument just as a way of broadening their interests and showing they have more interests than just Pokemon training (in all its forms). That said, Brock is never without his faithful guitar in performance (and the occasional gaga moment)
  7. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Thanks to all who have read and reviewed so far! If this is the first story in the series you've read, remember this is not quite the games you remember, nor is it the anime you remember!

    Episode 3: When Pokemon Worlds Collide

    Ash froze as he saw the dull purple haired boy watching him from a bush. It's Kamon all over again... he silently worried as he led Dawn and Brock around the corner and away from the lab.

    He sighed, and worked up the courage to ask Dawn "Did you see anyone hiding in the bushes near the lab's front walk?"

    "I don't think so..." Dawn replied. "Why would someone be hiding in the bushes?"

    "During one of my previous trips, I ran into a rival this way." Ash explained. "So who am I to think that a rival's following me now?"

    "Rivals aren't necessarily a bad thing...remember Gary? And Brendan?" Brock asked as the group started down the road leading outside the town.

    "That was different..." Ash replied. "Gary was blinded by pride for a while, but never forgot the friendship we had. Brendan was the kind of rival anyone would want--encouraging you to get better and stronger, but never humiliating you or putting you down. If he did criticize me at all, it was constructive criticism--gently telling me was I was not doing well on, and how I could do it better. This guy...I have a bad feeling about him."

    He was about to say more when he noticed Tintri had disappeared. "Funny, where'd Tintri get to?"

    Some Pikachu squeaks and squawking coming from a forested alcove spurred him to investigate. When he peeked down into the small forested grove, he found Tintri facing off with a Starly. "Hey!" he called as Tintri unleashed a Thunderbolt. "Leave that Starly alone!"

    "This Starly doesn't appear to be owned..." Brock mused. "It may be wild, and free for the catching, if you'd like."

    Ash's angry grimace turned to an excited smile as he consulted his Pokedex:

    "Starly, the starling Pokemon. They tend to flock in great numbers. Though small, they flap their wings with great power."

    Excited, Ash grabbed a Poke Ball. "If anyone owns this Starly, please say something now! Otherwise, I'm gonna catch it!"

    [Perfect timing, Ash...] Tintri replied. [I just saw this little alcove, and decided to look for Berries. Then this Starly jumped me.]

    Ash smiled. "You had me worried for a second, but I'm glad you're okay."

    He turned business-like again. "Use Thunderbolt!"

    "Great shot!" Brock smiled as the Thunderbolt hit the Starly. Despite being dazed from the powerful attack, it cleared the smoke and char away with a Whirlwind.

    "Okay, now try Electro Ball!" Ash called.

    Tintri started charging a yellow sparking ball of electricity in his paws. But the ball went flying off into the sky as the Starly rammed into him. [Ah! Ow! Oof!] he cried as the Starly battered him with its wings.

    He finally managed to roll away from the Starly and dart back to Ash's side. After charging his second Electro Ball, he heaved it at the Starly, sending it fluttering to the ground in an electric explosion.

    "Glad you finally got that off." Ash grinned before heaving his Poke Ball at the Starly. "Poke Ball, go!"

    The group quietly watched as the Poke Ball shook. Please don't break... Ash pleaded as he watched the shaking Poke Ball. Please don't break...

    "One...two...three..." Brock counted the wiggles before he saw the ball's center dim. "You got it, Ash."

    Ash beamed as the Poke Ball's center dimmed. "Yeah! I got a Starly!"

    Dawn applauded Ash's joyful pose. "What are you gonna name your Starly, Ash?"

    "Estrella!" Ash replied.

    "That's 'Eh-streh-yah'. Brock corrected Ash. "Not 'Eh-streh-la', like what you said--a double L in Spanish is pronounced like a Y."

    "Like how a J is pronounced like an H?" Ash asked.

    "Something like that." Brock replied before noticing the sun was setting. "Let's find somewhere to camp--it's getting late."

    "Good idea!" Dawn agreed. "I want to see if your storytelling skill is as good as you say it is!"


    The next morning, the group departed from their camp in high spirits. "Here we go! Off on a new adventure!" Ash smiled.

    "The closest city from here is Jubilife City." Dawn explained. "It's Shinou's communication and media hotspot. People come from all over the world to try and make it big in radio or TV. Mom also said there's a Contest Hall there, as well."

    She was about to say more when she saw a familiar boy with dull purple hair blocking the road. "Is that the same guy you said was hiding in the bushes near the lab yesterday?"

    Brock recognized the boy. "It is!"

    "So you must be Prof. Rowan's new favorite..." the boy sneered as he approached Ash. "You're still just a kid!"

    "I am NOT a kid!" Ash shot back. "I have traveled across three regions, and completed three Leagues! So I should know a thing or two about Pokemon..."

    He realized he had not asked the boy's name. "Say, what's your name? Before I decide to call you something you may not like?"

    "Name's Paul." the boy replied. "If you're as great as you claim, then let's battle--right here, right now!"

    Ash did his hardest to suppress the anger welling up inside him. "Okay, we'll battle--name your terms."

    "Three on three single match, with no swapping out." Paul began. "Best two out of three wins."

    "That's fair." Ash replied as Brock hurried to draw a Poke Ball emblem in the dust to create a semblance of a battlefield.

    "I'll referee, if you like." Brock offered before giving Ash one of his Poke Balls. "Ash--I'll lend you Hinata to support Estrella and Tintri, if you like."

    "Thanks." Ash replied as he accepted the Poke Ball.

    "Ash, huh?" Paul sneered. "Just what you're going to be after I set you ablaze with my skill in battle!"


    "Representing the Diamond side, Ash and Estrella!" Brock announced, making a grand gesture to Ash and his Starly.

    Estrella cheered, happy that at least someone knew how to pronounce her name correctly. "...and representing the Pearl side, Paul and Aquila!"

    [Bring it!] Paul's Starly taunted.

    "Everyone ready?" Brock asked, to cheers from both sides. "And three, two, one..."

    Both Starlies charged at each other as the whistle blew. "Estrella, use Quick Attack!" Ash called.

    Paul just smirked as Aquila looped out of the way of Estrella's attack. "A hot shot trainer, and yet you can't say your Pokemon's name right..."

    He turned business-like again. "Aquila, use Aerial Ace!"

    "Estrella, try to counter with Wing Attack!" Ash called, aware of Paul's Starly streaking at his own Starly in a burst of white light. Thankfully, the Aerial Ace clipped Estrella for minimal damage.

    [But which one's the real one?] Estrella asked. She watched in horror as what seemed like hundreds of copies of Aquilla looped back around the field.

    He used Double Team to throw Estrella off! Ash grumbled as he watched Aquilla slam into Estrella, knocking her out. It's like he's cheating!

    He sighed. "Estrella, return."

    "Eh-streh-yah!" Brock corrected him.

    Okay, okay, I'll work on getting her name right! Ash grumbled as he heaved the Poke Ball Brock had lent him skyward. "Hinata, let's go!" he called revealing a familiar six tailed fox Pokemon.

    "Goku, here we go!" Paul heaved his own Poke Ball skyward. The flash of light revealed a familiar red monkey Pokemon with a flaming tail.

    Piqued, Ash read up on his opponent:

    "Chimchar, the chimp Pokemon. It agilely scales sheer cliffs to live atop craggy mountains. Its fire is put out when it sleeps."

    This must be one of the starters of this region... Ash thought when he saw a "START" icon by the picture of the Chimchar on the Pokedex.

    "Your move, Diamond." Brock's voice snapped him to reality.

    "Hinata, use Ember!" Ash called as he pocketed his Pokedex.

    "Goku, counter with your own Ember!" Paul commanded.

    Both trainers braced themselves as the two attacks exploded in the center of the makeshift arena. [Now what?] Hinata looked to Ash for advice on how to beat the fire monkey Pokemon before her.

    "Try Flamethrower!" Ash called.

    He watched in horror as some flaming rings cut through the stream of fire, canceling out Hinata's attack! "Friendly reminder, Ash. Many attacks, including Flamethrower, fail if the Pokémon gets hit when the attack is charging up." Brock reminded Ash.

    SAY... Ash thought. "Hinata, use Double Team!"

    He gasped as an Ember incinerated all the Hinata copies, and the real Hinata screeched in pain as she was slashed by Goku's claws. "Hinata, Flamethrower if you can!"

    [He thinks he's so high and mighty...] Hinata growled as she shakily stood up. [But I'll show him who burns the brightest!]

    With that, she nimbly leaped over two more Flame Wheels. [HAAAAAAAH!!!] she screeched, unleashing a Flamethrower from the air, knocking the Chimchar out.

    "Thanks, Hinata." Ash smiled as he recalled the Vulpix. "Tintri, you're up!"

    "Surge, let's go!" Paul summoned a small yellow creature with a plug-like head and black stripes.

    Oh, this is Elekid, the young form of Electabuzz! Ash thought, recognizing a familiar thunderbolt mark on the small Pokemon's stomach. "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!"

    Paul was unfazed as his Elekid absorbed Tintri's attack. "Surge, use Thunder!"

    Since we both have Electric types, let's try a different tactic... Ash thought as he watched Tintri absorb the massive Thunder blast without batting an eye.

    Inspired, he called "Tintri, use Disarming Voice!"

    "Surge, use Protect to stop the attack!" Paul countered.

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Tintri sang, creating some sparking red soundwaves. Surge went flying back from the sonic wave, crashing into a tree.

    "What was that strange melody Tintri sang to create that attack?" Dawn wondered.

    "That song was Ash's Heart Song--a key component of Mega Evolution." Brock replied. "We'll explain more later."

    "Tintri, try Iron Tail!" came Ash's next order.

    "Surge, counter with Brick Break!" Paul commanded.

    Dawn watched as Tintri leaped towards the Elekid, with both attacks connecting in a flash of light. They're evenly matched! she thought as the Pikachu and the Elekid traded blows. It's too close to call!

    When the dust settled some minutes later, Brock saw that both Tintri and Surge had fainted together. After blowing his whistle to signal the end of the match, he announced "No contest! This match is a tie!"

    [How'd...I...do?] Tintri wheezed.

    "You did very well, bud." Ash smiled as he picked up his tired Pikachu and led the way back to the main road. "Even if it was a tie."

    Just then, Lucas arrived. "Oh, did you guys finish a battle?"

    "Yeah...it was a tie." Ash replied.

    "Professor, that ruckus was only Ash battling someone." Lucas reported as Prof. Rowan arrived. "You didn't need to worry."

    Everyone gasped as Paul heaved another Poké Ball skyward, revealing another Starly. "What was that for?" Ash protested. "We battled three on three like you requested, and it came out a tie."

    "I know that." Paul replied. "But know that there will be other Starlies even stronger than this one."

    He then bowed before Professor Rowan. "It was an honor to battle, sir."

    Ash growled as Paul departed down the road. How dare he disrespect Pokémon like that? I wanna give him a piece of my mind!

    To Be Continued...
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    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 4: Dawn of a New Era!

    "There it is..." Dawn smiled as she observed a puffy brown rabbit Pokemon from a bush. "This Buneary's gonna be mine whether it likes it or not!"

    "Hold your Ponytas..." Ash cautioned as Dawn pulled out a Poke Ball. "First rule of battling--know thy enemy." He then proceeded to show Dawn his Pokedex:

    "Buneary, the rabbit Pokemon. Its ears are always rolled up. They can be forcefully extended to shatter even a large boulder."

    "Oh my..." Dawn gasped, unaware that the Buneary she had been tracking was skittering off into the brush. "Cute and powerful..."

    "Remember, while it's possible to catch a Pokemon in one try without weakening it, you're better off weakening it first." Ash went on.

    [Ash? I hate to interrupt your Pokemon catching lesson, but it seems our quarry is gone.] Kori reported.

    "Aw, man..." Dawn sighed as she and Ash emerged from the bush.

    "I'm sure there's plenty of other Bunearies for you to catch out here." Brock assured Dawn as the trio and their Pokemon started across the grassy plain. "So it's not the end of the world if that one got away."

    He was about to say more when a flash of bright sunlight got his attention. "Whoa! Bright!"

    Ash shielded his eyes from the light as well, but was also intrigued by the notes of a harp in the distance. "Hm...wonder who's playing the harp out here?" he wondered as he started off towards a grove of Berry trees near the path.

    Brock heard the music and smiled as a small sprout Pokemon danced out to greet the group. "Oh hello...was that you making that light before?" he asked it.

    When the sprout Pokemon nodded, it hurried back towards one of the trees. A black haired boy in an elegant green, silver, and gold minstrel's costume stepped out to meet the group. "Hail and well met, travelers." he smiled as he played a soft chord on a gold harp with flower inlays and studded in emeralds. "It seems Meralda's Sunny Day worked well in leading you here."

    "I am Ash of Kanto, Sir Minstrel." Ash replied. "And these two are my companions, Dawn, and Brock."

    "Hello, from one musician and storyteller to another." Brock smiled.

    "Hi! Dawn smiled. "Nice to meet you!"

    "A pleasure to meet you all." the boy smiled. "My name is Nando, and this is Meralda, my Budew."

    Piqued, Dawn found her own Pokedex to read up on the small sprout nuzzling Nando:

    "Budew, the bud Pokemon. Sensitive to changing temperature, the bud is said to bloom when it feels the sun's warm touch."

    "Budew, huh...may I have the honor of meeting you in battle, Sir Nando?" Dawn asked. "I want to show Ash how strong I am!"

    "Is that so? Is your end goal the Shinou League?" Nando asked.

    Dawn sighed. "Um, no, I actually want to reach the Grand Festival..."

    "I plan to take part in the Fantasy Stage." Brock explained. "But I've always wanted to play a harp like yours, to help in my telling. I can already play the Kantonian and Johtonian vina...

    "The traditional harp and vina may be part of the same family, but have different playing techniques." Nando explained.

    He offered Brock a silver harp with ivy inlays studded in emeralds and sapphires. "If you would truly like to learn, please, take this harp. Consider it a gift from me."


    "I have told professionally for a long time, and won all sorts of awards and honors..." Nando began. "How long have you told for?"

    "About five or six years. I started getting more serious about it three years ago, which I began traveling with Ash." Brock explained. "I want to make a career out of it one day."

    Nando smiled. "It is never too late to discover your true calling. Have you considered joining the Global Storyteller's Association?"

    "There's a governing body for storytellers?" Brock asked, surprised.

    "Anyone with a passion for our world's lore can join, and all skill levels are welcome." Nando explained. "The Association oversees the gathering of lore, and all types of storytelling competition."

    "Interesting. My main instrument's guitar, but I've always dreamed of learning to play harp." Brock smiled before taking the harp Nando had given him in his arms. "So, what's the difference between this type of harp and the vina?"

    "For one thing, fingerpicks are optional." Nando replied. "Many traditions use fingernails. But if you prefer to use fingerpicks, I won't try and stop you. There are some fingerpicks in the harp's case, if you wish to use them."

    Thank Arceus... Brock smiled as he found a set of ten fingerpicks in a small pocket and put four of them on his right hand.

    "Go on, play a little." Nando coaxed. Brock nodded, and started plucking out a C major scale. Fascinated by the sound, he continued plucking notes. This is so cool he thought as he played, amazed by the various chords and harmonies he created.

    "Not bad..." Nando smiled as the last note died. "Not bad at all...remember that the easiest way to remember proper plucking technique is to think of how a baby waves--the fingers, as a unit, open and close, and the thumb stays relaxed..."


    "Why?" Dawn sighed as Brock rejoined the group some hours later. "Why can't I catch a Pokemon? While you were off getting harp lessons, I didn't catch a thing!"

    Brock noticed the sun was setting. "We can always try again tomorrow, okay?" he assured Dawn. "Besides, according to the map of the region in my guidebook, there should be a Pokemon Center close by."

    "Okay..." Dawn sighed. She followed the boys down the road, where a familiar red roofed Pokemon Center stood nestled in a tree-liked nook. "Although, what was the fox Pokemon you lent Ash earlier?" she asked as the group walked inside the Pokemon Center. "That one looked kinda cute..."

    "Hinata, come on out!" Brock heaved a Poke Ball skyward, allowing Dawn to get a look at the small red fox Pokemon:

    "Vulpix, the fox Pokemon. As its body grows larger, its six warm tails become more beautiful, with a more luxurious coat of fur.

    "She's beautiful!" Dawn smiled as she pitted Hinata.

    "Who else did you bring with you?" Ash wondered.

    Brock retrieved his other Poke Balls and heaved them into the air. "Come on out, everyone!"

    He smiled as he admired the massive steel snake Pokemon that almost took up the entire room. "This is Argent, my faithful Steelix..." he explained to Dawn. "and my main induceable Pokemon."

    "I'll explain Mega Evolution later..." Ash assured Dawn.

    Brock next gestured to a gold-brown shrew-like Pokemon. "Terra, my Sandshrew..." He paused to pick up a blue and orange fish-like Pokemon running to meet him. "...and Ripple, my Marshtomp."

    "What about Tarina?" Ash asked. "You didn't forget her?"

    "Actually, Tarina's back at home." Brock replied as he recalled his team. "She's in Pichu paradise with the kids there to play with her."

    No one noticed the squirming blob inside a pocket of Brock's bag. [Whew...stowing away in Brock's bag is hard work!]


    "Call home." Dawn commanded a video phone near the front desk.

    She waited a moment as the screen flashed "DIALING..." then smiled at the image of Joanna and the gray cat Pokemon that appeared on the screen. "Hello?"

    "Hi, Mom, it's me..." Dawn began. "After a harrowing encounter at Lake Verity, two travelers from Kanto rescued me."

    "I know, Prof. Rowan told me everything." Joanna replied. "Remember to treat your friends well, and they will take care of you in return."

    "Well, Ash is more the battling type, and Brock's more of a storyteller and songwriter." Dawn went on. "Last I checked, they were both signing up for their respective competitions..."


    "Have you already registered for the Shinou League?" Nurse Joy asked Ash as she examined his trainer card.

    "Not yet, but I would like to." Ash replied, offering Nurse Joy his Pokedex.

    He waited a moment as both his Pokedex and his trainer card were scanned. "Okay...you're good to go." Nurse Joy smiled, just as Dawn completed her phone call.

    "Is it possible to sign up for Contests here?" Dawn asked as Ash received his gear back.

    "You can do that at any Contest Hall, as well as receiving a Contest Pass." Nurse Joy replied.

    "What about the Fantasy Stage?" Brock asked.

    "I need your trainer card for that." Nurse Joy replied.

    She first scanned Brock's trainer card; then affixed a shining silver sticker of a book with a rainbow coming out of it over the old Lore Stage sticker. "Here you are--now all you need is a costume." she replied before going to assist some trainers that had arrived.

    Dawn noticed one trainer had a larger blue penguin Pokemon, so she read up on it:

    "Prinplup, the penguin Pokemon. Its wings deliver wicked blows that snap even the thickest of trees. It searches for prey in icy seas."

    Hm...but then it wouldn't be cute anymore... Dawn thought as she pocketed her Pokedex.

    Ash noticed Nando hurry off to a couch with his Budew. "Why was Nando in such a hurry to get away?"

    "He is trying to decide whether to focus on winning Badges, Ribbons, or Miracle Jewels." Nurse Joy explained. "He has the talent for each path, but it's suggested that you only follow one."

    "He'd do great in the League!" Ash smiled.

    "Nah, he looks more like a contest kind of person to me." Dawn shot back. "Think of the pretty appeals he could make with his Budew."

    "But look at Budew's evolution line..." Ash showed Dawn his Pokedex, which depicted Budew's evolution path. "He'll eventually get something powerful, so he should focus on Badges!"

    "Power isn't everything!" Dawn protested. "I still say he focuses on ribbons!"





    "But what if he wants to try for Miracle Jewels?" Brock interjected, bringing the argument to a screeching halt.

    "You know, the fastest way to know what Nando would rather do is ask Nando directly!" Dawn suggested as she watched Nando leave.

    "Good idea!" Ash was not far behind.

    "Hey, wait for me!" Brock called as he hurried off after his companions...


    [No sign of him...] Estrella reported as she came fluttering back to Ash's side.

    "I think we lost him..." Dawn signed as Brock caught up to her and Ash.

    "Well, you guys were the ones that wanted to find him, so we'll have to camp out here." Brock sighed. "It's too dangerous to find our way back to the Pokemon Center this late..."

    "What was this about wanting to find me?" a voice asked, startling Dawn.

    Ash looked up and smiled as he saw Nando approaching the group's camp. "Nando...I've looked at Meralda's evolution line, and I really think you would do great at the Pokemon League."

    "I believe you could perform lots of beautiful appeals with Meralda." Dawn explained. "So I think you should be a coordinator."

    Nando thought for a moment. "You both make very good cases for your chosen path...but for now, I want you to calm down, and just take in the music around you..."

    "Huh?" Dawn asked.

    "What music?" Ash asked in confusion.

    He decided to close his eyes and listen, as Nando had asked. He could hear Kricketots tinkling, Lotads calling, various Pokemon rustling in the brush, and the gentle hoot of a Noctowl in the distance. "You're right..."

    "This is the music of nature..." Dawn agreed.

    "See, all creation sings in thanks to the Legendaries above." Nando smiled. "They don't argue about which of them is the greatest. They know what role they play in the song, and when they all sing together, it unites in a melody of peace and love."

    "Besides, if everyone played the same note, the song would be boring to listen to." Brock agreed. "Likewise, if everyone followed the same path on a Pokemon adventure, it wouldn't be so interesting."

    "Now I feel stupid about arguing before..." Dawn sighed.

    "Me too...I'm sorry for being pushy before." Ash began. "Will you forgive me?"

    "Of course--Mom always says it's better to forgive and forget." Dawn smiled. "I'm sorry I was so pushy too." she smiled as she and Ash embraced.

    As Nando retreated into the bushes, Ash looked up at the stars twinkling above him. "It's so peaceful out here...not unlike when I actually saw a Legendary on my first day as a trainer..."

    "You saw a Legendary?" Dawn was intrigued.

    Ash nodded. "It all started not long after I left my hometown of Pallet Town..."


    ...as we collected ourselves, I saw a beautiful gold phoenix Pokemon--Ho'oh." Ash finished his story some time later.

    "I may have had a similar experience while you were busy talking to Lucas." Dawn began. "When I came out of the cave I was hiding in with Kori, I saw a pink light over the lake. I also heard a female voice--a gentle, but powerful voice--singing this beautiful melody, which healed Kori. But for some reason, only I heard the voice."

    "Do you remember how the song went at all?" Brock was interested.

    "It was in this weird language, but I'll try to approximate what I heard..." Dawn cleared her throat and began "Katradis vavel, shicret, edena...emuste rozen fine el valaziis...gatoredis vavel siicletu edena...emuse toron zen fine, zi..."

    Brock thought for a moment. "That sounds a whole lot like the famed Swanna Song, which the Legendary Pokemon are known to sing."

    "You mean it's more than a last ditch desperate spell on TV or in a video game?" Dawn was intrigued.

    Brock nodded. "The song actually goes like this..."

    With that, he sang Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    "That's it! That was the song that healed Kori!" Dawn cried.

    In the bushes, Nando balked at the performance he had heard. Wow! Brock must be very skilled in music if he can sing the famed Swanna's song for real!


    "Thank you, Brock..." Nando smiled as he watched the group break camp the next morning. "My own love of this world's lore, and your inspiring performance of the Swanna's song last night...I have decided I will be taking part in the Fantasy Stage with you."

    He smiled. "Consider me a mentor and a friendly rival."

    "Thanks..." Brock smiled. "Although...where am I gonna get a costume for that?"

    "Here..." Nando offered Brock a magnificent purple, red, and gold minstrel's outfit. "Another gift from me...I hope to perform with you very soon."

    He smiled. "Oh yes--keep practicing your harp as well."

    "I will--and thank you." Brock replied as he hugged Nando.

    "Bye, Nando!" Ash waved goodbye as Nando disappeared over the hill. "Good luck!"

    To Be Continued...
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  9. Bay


    For episode 3, I felt Paul was too quick his "you're still a kid" comment since he only saw the gang together for a short while. Then again, I can't remember if he thought of him like that immediately like in the anime. I do remember Brock having a Vulipx, looks like here he' still having her join with him on his journey longer than the anime, and seems Ash and the Vulpix worked together before if Hinata was able to listen to his commands fine.

    (Also, I think you copied/pasted parts of the third chapter again as after the To Be Continued part there's the text of Ash, Dawn, and Brock leaving again)

    Episode 4, oh hi there Nando! Yup, I knew him and Brock will get along fine. I take it you'll have him go for a third path in this story? I would like to see him trying to balance all three paths but struggle a bit since collecting badges, contests, and story telling takes up a lot of time I feel.
  10. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    For the remix, Brock and Suzie's relationship will change dramatically--now he gets a Vulpix of his own as thanks for looking after the one Suzie gave him.

    I did see the duplicated part and removed it.

    Having him juggle all three new routes was one idea I considered, but decided it would slow the story down (when one of my goals of the remix is to speed things up a little). So I just put him on the new for the remix Fantasy Stage route, so he can be a mentor and friendly rival now that Brock has something meaningful to do.
  11. Diamond in the Rough

    Hey! I don’t review much on this site, but I thought I’d check out a few stories and leave behind some critiques, so here goes.

    Chapter 1: Alright, your basic grammar skills are fine, but there are a few rules you’re ignoring. Dialogue followed by a description of how the words were said should end with a comma, and be followed by a non capitalized letter.

    Example: “I hate grammar rules in English, they never make sense,” the girl muttered under her breath, glaring at the list of exceptions.

    Additionally, dialogue which continues in the same thread with a break in between for a description should follow the above rules, but the secondary dialogue should begin without being capitalized, and the description should end in a comma instead of a period.

    Example: “And it gets worse when you learn punctuation,” she continued, “because there aren’t any exceptions, but the rules suck!”

    Story wise: This is almost identical to the anime for the first half, with only minor differences. If I found out you’d copied the script for the beginning of Sinnoh, and added in a few references to music instruments, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. Even the flashbacks with the different starters seems to be the same. That’s fine and all, but I’d prefer original content, instead of a copy paste of the plot we’ve already seen, and played in Diamond and Pearl.

    After Ash and Brock get a section, things do deviate a little. This still feels like a mash up of the anime and games, but I’ll keep reading to see what story you’re trying to tell here. The electric arrows are cool and all…but why not just send out Pokémon instead, they’re just Starly for crying out loud…

    One missing word that I caught in this read through: "Stay put..." Brock instructed as he watched Dawn and Barry battle some black and white bird Pokemon. "Right now they look like they {are} handling themselves just fine

    Also see: Dawn snapped out of her awed tra{n}ce

    I’m a bit confused by your spelling of Sinnoh as “Shinou.” This doesn’t seem to be a mistake, since it’s repeated multiple times, but it’s really obviously wrong. I even checked the alternate language names for the region, and that isn’t a canon name in ANY language.

    Tintri is also a bit odd, but I’m gonna assume it’s a nickname and not some attempt at Turtwig

    Um, I’m also a little thrown off by the Pokémon being able to talk and be understood by everyone…usually it’s only a few Pokémon who learn how to speak, so it seems off. Is that ever going to be explained, or is it just a slightly au twist to this particular story?

    Well, that’s it for this chapter. I’ll keep reading, and see what else I run across. Thanks for writing!

    ~Little Miss Firebright
  12. Explanations, but nothing else.

    Chapter 2 Review

    Ok, Dawn making the connection between the Swanna Song and Mesprit’s healing seems like a pretty big stretch. Why would she instantly connect “healing” with an “ultimate attack in video games” after hearing about rainbow thunderbolts? Like, Brock never mentioned anything about the Swanna Song except that it was used to ‘rain rainbow thunderbolts’, so how on earth does she immediately think of her Piplup being mysteriously healed? It doesn’t connect at all. The wording is also a bit awkward, and could be improved with a comma or two for breaks.

    Starly is the singular and the plural, like many Pokémon species, so you don’t have to change it to ‘Starlies’. It’s fine to say, “oh look, a Starly,” or conversely, “there was a large group of Starly.” Sort of like how it’s ‘deer’ instead of ‘deers’.

    “Oh, these electrified taser arrows I can shoot from my very real bow? They’re props, there’s no danger,” Brock assured the professor. “Unless, you know, I’d hit them. Then they’d be dead. Lightning plus moderately pointy objects tends to do that to small birds.”

    Again with the odd spellings though…Houen instead of Hoenn? Is there a reason for this I’m missing? Ah, well, I’ll try to skip over it…

    The Lore Contest is pretty cool, though I feel like all the explanations for the contests in Sinnoh take up too much of the chapter. I’m a bit bored, since this feels so similar to the anime still. An original plotline, or a side story even, would be very welcome after all these explanations.

    Wait, is Tintri supposed to be Pikachu? How did I miss that…XD Whoops, I was picturing a Turtwig. Maybe because it’s Sinnoh? I did go back and check though, and you never gave a single description of Tintri. I didn’t catch it until you mentioned him sitting on Ash’s shoulder. I guess it might not be Pikachu at all, but I have no idea what else it would be…

    Why is Paul hiding in the bushes, lol.

    Alright, onto Chapter 3!
    ~Little Miss Firebright
  13. Battling the Cookie Cutter Syndrome

    Chapter 3: Only Ash would see a guy hiding in the bushes, and immediately think, “oh, that must be my new rival in this region,” lol.

    Haha, Tintri is a Pikachu! The mystery is solved.

    One minor complaint: why does Paul accuse Ash of being Professor Rowans ‘new favorite’? He did literally nothing against the Starly in Chapter 1, he didn’t get a Pokémon from Professor Rowan, and he had one single conversation with him. And why was Paul in the bushes in the first place? If anything, you’d think he’d challenge Dawn, for getting a Pokémon, or Brock, for using his ‘totally harmless taser arrows’. It just doesn’t seem to make sense. Also Estrella being happy about someone pronouncing her name right, after getting her name like five seconds ago, is also strange.

    Ash has battled through a few regions at this point…but his Pikachu can’t one shot a baby Pokémon (Elekid) with a Thunder attack. Also Pikachu can…sing with words? Out loud? And turn it into a heart attack which is (somehow) linked to mega evolving? This feels like Sailor Moon a little. I wonder if Pikachu will get a magical girl transformation into a mega evolved Pikachu at some point, haha! The battle scenes are the best part of your fanfiction so far.

    Ok, you’ve added on a few original elements so far. (Lore contests, instruments, and heart attacks, ect.) But this is still way too similar to the anime. Almost cookie cutter, really. This doesn’t feel new, it feels like the anime episodes, but with a few minor alterations adding in music and new nicknames. I’m not invested in the story at all, and I don’t wonder what will happen next, because I’ve seen the anime, and know exactly what will happen next. You’ve done some world building for this story, but I think to improve the story, you’ve gotta add more of your own storylines.

    I don’t know what I thought I’d get, since you did say this was a retelling. Honestly, if this is just gonna be a recap of the series, I have to wonder why readers would be interested in the long run. Skipping the filler is pretty easy, and as cool as lore contests sound, they don’t have enough appeal by themselves to keep this story floating as a unique work of art when all the chapters are just a copy of the tv series. This is frustrating, because I get the impression you COULD tell a beautiful story with vivid world building, but you’re constrained to following the anime itself.

    Hopefully there’s more to your story than a transcript of the tv episodes. I’ll read at least one more chapter.
    ~Little Miss Firebright
  14. Poetic and Improving

    Chapter 4:
    Not much to report in the first section, just another scene straight out of the anime. (But with music contests mentioned). Nando giving Brock a solid silver harp studded with emeralds and sapphires after knowing him for less than a minute seems strange though.

    So, Brock’s been traveling with Ash for three years. Assuming people age in this story, that makes Ash 13. If Brock’s been studying storytelling for six years, how has he never heard of the Global Storyteller’s Association though? It’s clearly not limited to Sinnoh, since, you know, it’s global. Finally though, a section that wasn’t in the anime at all (Brock and Nando discussing harp playing)

    You mentioned Argent is Brock’s most “induceable” Pokémon. I’m not sure what you were trying to convey here, since induceable isn’t even a word…there’s “inducible,” which is close, but it means ‘able to be convinced’, which makes no sense in your sentence. Indestructible maybe? I figured I’d let you know, so you could alter it if necessary.

    Ok, how does a Pichu hide in Brock’s bag for such a long time without him noticing. He’d have to use the bag, at least sometimes, right? If he thought he left her in Kanto, she would have had to hide there for an entire plane ride, and several days. Dawn being able to say “Call home,” to a public video phone and reach her mom immediately also makes no sense…

    Nando should just do all three paths, haha! He’d probably be able to win all of them simultaneously. The section describing the music of nature was the best part in this entire story so far! <3

    “I only heard it once days and days ago, it was at least four lines long, and it was in another language, but I’ll try to sing it,” Dawn says. *gets it almost exactly right with a few individual letters off* HOW. XD

    Nando not only gave Brock a gemstone studded silver harp when he first met him…but now he’s giving him clothes a day later…how did he know his size, and have the outfit on hand…if I were Brock I’d be creeped out, lol.

    Looks like I'm caught up. Hope the reviews helped a bit!
    ~Little Miss Firebright
  15. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    I do plan to explain some of this in later stories, but hopefully it will make sense when you read all the stories together.

    Thanks for the review!
  16. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 5: Feelin' a Jungle Beat!

    "Have you heard of this Global Storyteller's Association before?" Ash asked Brock as the group continued down the path some days later. "After what Nando said a few days ago, I was floored to find out that a governing body of storytellers exists."

    "I heard whispers about it back on our Houen trip and on our second trip through Kanto." Brock replied. "While Nando wasn't able to answer all my questions about it, he did answer a good number of them. It may be worth my while to learn more about it as I compete in the Fantasy Stage.

    Ash was about to answer when he saw Tintri dart off. "Hey, wait! Tintri!"

    He did not expect a Chimchar to leap between him and Tintri. [Hold it! Don't you dare lay a finger on this Pikachu!]

    "Goku?" Ash gasped. He shuddered a little, silently hoping Paul wasn't anywhere nearby.

    [I don't know of this Goku you speak of, expect that superpowered warrior on TV.] the Chimchar mused. [Now, are you backing off, or what?]

    "I'm not gonna back off!" Dawn shot back. "Kori, douse this Chimchar's fire!"

    Kori tried pecking the Chimchar, only to duck out of the way of an Ember. After scrambling behind a rock by the side of the path, she heaved a relieved sigh. [That was close...]

    She gasped as the flames from the Chimchar's attack to hit a nearby bush, injuring a wild Oddish. Angry from being burned, the Oddish unleashed a cloud of blue-green spores into the air.

    "I gotcha, Tintri..." Ash sleepily smiled as the Sleep Powder took effect on him.

    The Chimchar watched as Ash fell asleep with a plop on the ground. [Come on...I'll take you somewhere safe.] it assured the sleeping Pikachu as it leaped off into the bushes.

    "Follow that Chimchar!" Brock called, motioning for Dawn to follow him into the brush.

    "But we can't leave Ash here!" Dawn protested.

    Gentle laughter got both Dawn and Brock's attention. "You need not worry, you two--let's get your friend somewhere safe."

    "Thanks." Dawn smiled as the woman gently picked up Ash...


    "Mm...where am I?" Ash yawned when he woke up some time later. "The last thing I remember was a Chamchar running off with Tintri..."

    "Tintri is my friend's Pikachu, miss..." It occurred to Dawn she had not asked the old woman's name.

    "Clara, please." the old woman smiled. "The Chimchar you three ran into is actually a friend and a protector of the community."

    "No wonder it thought I was an intruder..." Ash mused as he climbed out of the bed he had been lying in and stretched. "How did you find that Chimchar?"

    "I found it lost and injured on the path leading into this valley." Clara explained. "After working night and day to nurse it back to health, it seemed to bond with me. So it has stayed here ever since. As you can see, he is very much a leader in the community."

    In the yard, the Chimchar returned to the tree Tintri was resting under. [Want an apple?] it asked, offering Tintri an apple from the large bag of fruit it carried.

    [Sure.] Tintri replied. He bit into the apple, watching as the Chimchar swung off to go help and assist the other Pokemon residents.

    [What seems to be the trouble?] he asked as he landed before a Geodude and a Mankey arguing over a pile of fruit.

    [Rocky says he got more fruit than me!] the Mankey protested.

    After studying the pile of fruit for a moment, the Chimchar added some of his own fruit to the pile. After a few moments, he found that he could give the Mankey and the Geodude four fruits each. [There...now you each have an even share.]

    [Thanks!] the Geodude smiled as the Chimchar bounded off somewhere else.

    Ash emerged from the house, where he found Tintri munching on the apple. "Where'd you find that, bud?"

    Tintri was about to answer when he saw the Chimchar knock Ash to the ground! [Wait! Stop! This human is my master, not an intruder! He wouldn't hurt any of the Pokemon here!]

    [Oh, so you're an owned Pokemon?] the Chimchar asked. [Well, why didn't you say so before?]

    He watched Ash ease himself to his feet. [I'm sorry I attacked you--I didn't know the Pikachu was yours.]

    "No hard feelings--you didn't know any better." Ash assured the Chimchar.

    A rustle of a bush got his attention as a slender striped raccoon-like Pokemon limped into the valley. "Been a while since I've seen a Linoone..." he mused as he noticed the Pokemon's wounded left front foot. "Must've tangled with something huge to have its foot battered like that..."

    Dawn decided to read up on the wounded Pokemon as the boys and Clara rushed to help the hurt Linoone:

    "Linoone, the rushing Pokemon. It charges prey at speeds over 60 miles per hour. Because it can only run in a straight line, it often fails."

    The Linoone yipped in pain as Brock gently pressed a leaf to its wounded foot. "Sh, it's okay..." he assured it as Ash prepared to help with cleaning and dressing the wound.


    "And on today's menu, we have homestyle meatloaf with all the trimmings." Brock explained as he delivered plates to both the humans and the Pokemon. "I even made a separate mini-loaf with Pokemon safe ingredients for the Pokemon to enjoy."

    "This is wonderful...you have real skill." Clara raved as she savored the blend of beef, onions, spices, and a ketchup-based glaze. "It was very thoughtful of you to keep the resident Pokemon in mind as you were cooking. A lot of spices and ingredients humans enjoy are not safe for many Pokemon."

    [You want mine?] the Chimchar asked as the Linoone finished its share of the Pokemon loaf. [I'm not really hungry right now...]

    Ash smiled as the Linoone accepted the Chimchar's plate. "That was very nice of you to share your food, but just to make sure you don't go hungry later, have some more!"

    [You really care about me as much as I do everyone?] the Chimchar gasped, starry eyed.

    Ash nodded. "Every Pokemon is special, and worthy to be loved."

    He balked as the Chimchar clambored onto his head. "I think that Chimchar likes you, young man." Clara smiled. "He was fond of jumping on my head too, but I managed to train him to climb onto a stick."

    "We'll be takin' these off your hands, grandma!" a voice snickered as two punks in old T-shirts and leather vests hurried in the room. All Clara and the others could do was watch as they snatched the Chimchar and Tintri from the table.

    "How on earth did those rogues get here?" Clara grumbled as she watched the punks dash off towards a river.

    "Judging from how they're making off with the Chimchar and Tintri, they swam here." Dawn mused as she watched the two punks swim away.

    "I'm going after them!" Ash removed his cap and his shoes and socks, and hurried off towards the river.

    "Kori, go with Ash--we'll chase from the shore." Dawn instructed her Piplup.

    [Okay!] Kori smiled before hurrying off after Ash.

    "If there's one thing I hate more than Team Rocket, it's punks with nothing better to do besides cause trouble." Brock grumbled. "Just like the last time this happened on our first trip in Kanto."

    "What happened there?" Dawn asked as she watched Kori paddle behind Ash.

    "See, a couple of punks tried to mess up a Pokemon sanctuary, and Ash tried to stop them." Brock explained. "It took some help from the sanctuary's guardian, a Bulbasaur, to save the day. In the end, the Bulbasaur wanted to go with Ash."

    "Sounds exciting!" Dawn smiled. "You can tell me more after we're done with this rescue mission."

    Meanwhile, Ash had caught up to the punks, but he did not expect them to try and shake him off. "Whoa!"

    [No go--I don't have enough power to break the glass.] the Chimchar told Tintri. He slammed against the glass in a desperate attempt to break the capsules. [Besides, I would be toast in the water!]

    [Watch and learn.] Tintri smiled. After shattering the glass with an Iron Tail, he called. [Okay, get to the shore!]

    [Right!] the Chimchar replied as it paddled to the shore, where Dawn was waiting.

    Once sure the Chimchar was safe, Tintri unleashed a massive Thunderbolt, sending the delinquents flying into the sky...


    "Just like old times, bud..." Ash smiled as he emerged from the water. his clothing a little charred from Tintri's attack.

    "I can't thank you enough for scaring off those rogues." Clara smiled.

    "No need for thanks--we've dealt with a few punks on our travels." Ash replied.

    [Wait!] the Chimchar gasped as he hurried to Ash. [After you and your Pikachu companion saved my bacon back there, I wanna come with you!]

    "Really?" Ash smiled before fumbling for an empty Poke Ball. "Just touch this, and you can come."

    Clara smiled as the Chimchar went inside the Poke Ball. "Come to think of it, I never thought to give that Chimchar a name. So what are you going to name him, now that he is yours?"

    "His name will be Diddy!" Ash replied.

    "Whatever you do, don't leave him unattended around a jetpack." Brock grinned, hoping Ash would get the reference.

    "Where would he even find a--!" Dawn started before she realized the reference Brock was making. "Oh, 'Donkey Kong 64'! I loved Diddy, but I hated the jetpack challenges!"

    "You're not the only one." Ash smiled as Brock, Clara, and the Pokemon laughed, glad that things had ended well...

    To Be Continued...
  17. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 6a: Different Strokes for Different Blokes! (part 1)

    "Nachos are just about ready..." Brock reported as he tended to a mixture of beef, onions, and spices simmering over the campfire. "I've made a batch with Pokemon-safe spices for the Pokemon to enjoy."

    "I'll go ahead and set up the topping bar." Dawn volunteered. With that, she went to work setting out bowls and tubs of various toppings on a line of rocks.

    Kori looked up at Diddy swinging through the branches of an orange tree near the campsite. [I wanna have an orange too!]

    [Okay then...catch!] Diddy replied. He then heaved an orange at Kori's direction.

    Kori circled around the grass, and managed to catch the orange in her fins. [Thanks!]

    "I'll peel that for you here in a minute." Dawn assured Kori as she finished setting out the toppings.

    "That was very sweet of you, Diddy." Ash smiled as Diddy delivered the oranges to him. "Oranges would also make a nice dessert..."

    "Ash!" a voice called in the distance, snapping Ash to attention.

    "Paul?" Ash gasped as he saw Paul approaching the campsite. "What are you doing here?"

    "I should ask the same for you, Wonder Boy." Paul smirked. "You were too easy to find with the smell of nachos cooking...are you gonna save me any?"

    "I don't know if you deserve any after seeing how you treat your Pokemon!" Ash shot back. "And for the record, we're first gonna stop in Jubilife City before we head out to the first Gym!"

    "That would be in Oreburgh City, tourist." Paul deadpanned. "I'm headed that way myself."

    "Errgh...I am NOT a tourist!" Ash snapped. "I am here because I want to compete in the League, not sightsee! Let's duel, and I'll show you how strong I am!"

    "You wanna duel? You got it." Paul replied before heaving a Poke Ball skyward. "Goku, let's go!"

    "Diddy, I choose you!" Ash summoned his own Chimchar to face Ash's Chimchar.

    "Are you sure you want to use Diddy?" Dawn asked as she sat down on an empty rock to watch. "Goku looks pretty tough..."

    "I don't care about strength." Ash replied. "I'll prove Diddy can withstand a difference in power."

    Brock transferred his meat mixture to a warming pot. "I hope Ash knows what he's doing..." he mused as he fished out his referee's whistle. "This Paul guy seems like he's even stronger than a Frontier Brain!"


    "You know, we don't even have to battle. We all know Goku will beat your wimpy Chimchar." Paul taunted.

    [Come a little closer and say that!] Diddy shot back.

    "I'm not backing down, and Diddy is not a wimp!" Ash agreed.

    He turned his cap back as he heard Brock's whistle ring through the grove. "Diddy, try to Scratch Goku!"

    "Goku, counter with your own Scratch!" Paul commanded.

    Ash watched in horror as Goku leaped before Diddy. "Wow! He's fast!" he gasped as Goku scratched Diddy twice.

    He called "Focus, Diddy! Use Ember!"

    Dawn watched in awe as Goku somersaulted backwards over the small fireball. "Wow! I didn't know a Chimchar could do that!"

    "Being a monkey Pokemon, they are quite agile." Brock replied as Goku fired an Ember of his own.

    "Diddy, watch out!" Ash called to his Chimchar as the fireball came flying at him.

    He watched as Diddy took the attack, sending him flying backwards against his feet. "What's wrong, Diddy? Why did you take that attack when I told you to dodge?"

    Paul smirked as he watched Diddy get up. "Goku, use Flame Wheel!"

    [HAAAAAAAHHH!!!] Goku cried as he leaped into the air. As he whizzed skyward, he used the flames in its mouth to surround its whole body in fire, creating a blazing wheel.

    Ash watched in shock as Diddy made no effort to avoid the attack. "Diddy! Can you continue?" he asked his weakened Chimchar when the smoke cleared some moments later.

    [I think so...] Diddy wheezed. [I took those attacks thinking I could withstand them, because I'm a Fire type too. But this Chimchar's way stronger than me!]

    "I see..." Ash replied. "Try using Ember!"

    The two combatants and the audience did not expect Diddy to overestimate the size of his Ember. The large unstable fireball eventually exploded, sending Ash, Paul, and Goku flying over the edge of a cliff!


    Okay...I need to find something to steady myself... Paul thought as he and Ash hurtled to the ground.

    He reached out and grabbed onto one of the tree branches protruding from the cliff. Once he and Goku were stable, he carefully hopped down between the branches.

    As he reached safe ground again, he smirked as he heard a splash in the distance. And Wonder Boy had a not so graceful splashdown. he smirked.

    He shepherded Goku to his side. "Come on, Goku...let's find the way out."

    The splash alerted Dawn and Brock to where Ash had gone. "Ash? You okay?" Dawn called down to the large pond far below their camp.

    "Can you hear us?" Brock called, hoping that Ash had survived the fall.

    Ash surfaced from the water some moments later. After blowing a stream of water out of his mouth, he waved at Brock and Dawn. "I'm okay! Nothing hurts!"

    "As soon as you get back up here, I'll check you over just to be sure." Brock called back

    "Goku, return." Ash heard Paul saying in the distance as he climbed from the water and dripped dry.

    He spotted Paul walking into a forest near the pond, and hurried to catch up. "Paul, wait! I want to know why you treat your Pokemon like you do. Maybe we can learn to respect our differences, and work together to get out of here."

    "For your information, I have intention of being nice to, or cooperating with you, Wonder Boy." Paul snapped. "If you wanna get out of here, you're on your own."


    "Okay, here we are...Green Mist Forest, popularly called the Forest of Illusion." Brock mused as he arrived on the guidebook page detailing the area.

    "I've heard many a campfire story about how the Forest of Illusion is more than a video game area..." Dawn shuddered. "It is the name shared by many forests across the world that many say are haunted."

    "I know one exists in Johto as well--and you need a Pokemon that knows Foresight to get through." Brock explained. "I'll see what I can find about this one."

    After reading a little farther down the page, Brock found something intriguing in one paragraph. "In this particular Forest of Illusion, the Stantlers are the ones that create the illusions. It is commonly believed this phenomenon keeps intruders away..."


    "Hm...now which way is the way out?" Ash asked as he can Diddy walked through the forest. "I wish Goldie was here, or Aina..."

    A Stantler popped its head out of some nearby bushes some moments later. "Well! A Stantler!" Ash smiled. "Reminds me of the time Brock rescued a fawn from Kamon."

    He did not expect the orbs in the Stantler's horns to glow, sending him and Diddy into a deep sleep...


    "Where are we..." Ash wondered as he woke up to find himself in a large plain that seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see.

    He nudged Diddy awake. "Come on, Diddy."

    After walking for a while, Ash balked when he arrived back at a familiar pond....

    "WHAT???" Ash gasped. "How come I'm back where I started?"

    He motioned for Diddy to follow him. "Let's see if we can find some other way through the forest."

    No sooner had he and Diddy arrive did they find the same Stantler with glowing orbs...

    "Water..." Ash gasped as he can Diddy trudged through what seemed like a hot and vast desert.

    An idea occurred to him as he and Diddy trudged through the sand. "Wait a second...the desert is a Hypnosis induced dream. If I keep on walking, we'll end up right back where we started."

    He looked over at Diddy. "Somebody pinch me..."

    Diddy was more than happy to comply. "OW!"

    Ash's cry of pain snapped him back to reality. "Thanks, Diddy..." Ash replied before noticing a herd of Stantler had surrounded him. "Uh oh..."

    Paul giggled from a bush as the Statlers hypnotized Ash into believing he was flying. "For such a hot shot, he has a weak will to be fooled by all those illusions."

    He heaved a Poke Ball into the grass. "Goku, use Ember on the Stantler!"

    The rain of fire and the running Stantler snapped Ash back to reality. "Huh?"

    He smiled when he spotted Paul in the distance. "I can't believe it...Paul snapped me out of it!"

    He watched as one of the Stantlers tried to hypnotize Paul. Paul seemed unfazed by the hypnotic light. "Goku, use Flame Wheel!"

    Ash watched in awe as Goku rolled into a flaming ball, knocking the Stantler backwards. As the deer Pokémon howled in pain, Paul heaved a Poké Ball. "Poke Ball, go!"

    "Uh..thanks for saving me?" Ash stammered as he approached Paul.

    But when the Poke Ball broke open and the Statler ran off, Ash was puzzled. "Why did you just let it go?"

    "It was too weak for my tastes." was all Paul said before disappearing into the forest.


    "...In all the Forest of Illusion campfire stories I've heard; whoever or whatever goes into a Forest of Illusion often doesn't come out." Dawn shuddered. "I'm scared Ash is gone forever..."

    "He's not--you've got Kori, I have my team, and I have my bow to protect us." Brock assured Dawn. "Illusion or no illusion, we should go in and look for Ash."

    He smiled. "Besides, it wouldn't be the first Forest of Illusion I've been through."

    A smile formed on Dawn's face. "You're right--we can't run and hide like scared Bunearies. If we're going to find Ash, we have to work together."

    "That's the spirit!" Brock grinned. "Come on!"

    "Come on Tintri--let's go find your master." Dawn motioned for Tintri and Kori to follow her as she hurried after Brock into the forest...

    To Be Continued...
  18. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 6b: Different Strokes for Different Blokes! (part 2)

    Previously, on "Pokemon Shine Diamond..."

    "...In all the Forest of Illusion campfire stories I've heard; whoever or whatever goes into a Forest of Illusion often doesn't come out." Dawn shuddered. "I'm scared Ash is gone forever..."

    "He's not--you've got Kori, I have my team, and I have my bow to protect us." Brock assured Dawn. "Illusion or no illusion, we should go in and look for Ash."

    He smiled. "Besides, it wouldn't be the first Forest of Illusion I've been through."

    A smile formed on Dawn's face. "You're right--we can't run and hide like scared Bunearies. If we're going to find Ash, we have to work together."

    "That's the spirit!" Brock grinned. "Come on!"

    "Come on Tintri--let's go find your master." Dawn motioned for Tintri and Kori to follow her as she hurried after Brock into the forest...

    In the forest, Ash returned from a nearby apple grove with an armload of apples. "At least we won't starve in here..." he smiled.

    He offered an apple to Diddy. "Want a bite?"

    [No thanks, I'm good for now.] Diddy replied.

    Both Diddy's and Ash's stomachs growled at about the same time. "Are you SURE you don't want any?" Ash asked. "I mean, I love how you give all you have to help others, but there are times you need to help yourself, too."

    After finding a knife in his bag, he carefully cut another apple in half. "Here--now we both have a share."

    [Thanks...] Diddy smiled.

    He nibbled on his half of the apple for a moment. [This was why I wanted to go with you on your adventure. You're brave, know how to battle well, and know how to take care of us Pokemon.]

    "Well, I can't say that I'm perfect..." Ash confessed. "But I do my best to make sure you and all your teammates are loved, respected, and taken care of."

    He paused to bite into his half of the apple. "I don't expect you guys to be perfect either. It's okay to make mistakes."

    [Yeah, how can we learn if we don't mess up?] Diddy agreed. [That's what rubs me the wrong way about this Paul guy. It's as if he wants all his Pokemon to battle 'perfectly'.]

    "Perfect for one person may be quite different to another." Ash smiled. "But for me, there is no such thing as perfect. All I ask is that you work well as a team, building on each other's strengths and covering your weaknesses. That goes for my human friends, as well."

    He was about to say more when a Stantler emerged from the bushes. "Uh oh! Cover your eyes! Quickly!"

    Diddy nodded, shielding his eyes as he hurried after Ash. Both human and Pokemon hoped they could avoid the Stantlers' Hypnosis. Follow Ash...he knows the way.

    In their rush to get away, both of them slammed into a tree. [OOF!]

    "You okay?" Ash asked as he stepped away from the tree and examined his bruised arms.

    He gasped as the hum of Beedrills approaching got his attention. "Oh no..."

    [RUN!!] Diddy squawked as the Beedrills flew after them.


    In another part of the forest, Dawn saw a flash of red and white in the brush. "Ash!" she smiled as she spotted Ash's cap in the midst of the treetops.

    She waved in Ash's direction. "Over here!"

    Brock mimicked a Fletchling whistle to get Ash's and Diddy's attention. "There you are!" he smiled as Ash hurried into his arms. "Thought you were a goner for a minute there..."

    "We're gonna be goners if we don't run!" Ash replied, pointing out the Beedrills flying straight for the group!

    "Let's go!" Dawn lead the way through the forest.

    The group ran through brush, climbed over tree roots, and ducked under branches in an attempt to elude the Beedrills. But, Brock did not expect Ash to end up cornered by an Ursaring! "Talk about out of the frying pan, and into the fire!"

    "I'll say!" Ash agreed, a note of fear in his voice as he cowered in the Ursaring's shadow.

    [Don't you DARE hurt my master!] he heard Diddy cry before the Ursaring howled in pain. Inspired, he hurried back by Dawn's side as Diddy bit the Ursaring again and again.

    "That was close..." Dawn mused as the Ursaring attempted to shake the young fire monkey off.

    She gasped as the Ursaring threw Diddy off, sending him flying into a bush. "Now would be a good time to use your bow, Brock..." she stammered as the Ursaring stomped in their direction. If this is the end...Mom...Opal...I love you...

    "I'm on it." Brock spritzed an arrow with some Repel. Once sure the arrowhead was ready, he aimed at the approaching Ursaring.

    Ash and Dawn held their breaths as Brock fired into the ground. "Great shot!" Dawn smiled with relief as a cloud of Repel billowed before the Ursaring.

    Ash smiled as the Ursaring started to run away from the cloud of Repel. "Tintri, use Iron Tail! Diddy, use Ember!"

    [HAAH!!!!] Diddy heaved a wave of fire at the Ursaring. The flames also ignited Tintri's glowing silver tail with sliver flames!

    "NIce shot..." Dawn smiled at Brock as the silver flames from Diddy and Tintri's attack made the Ursaring stumble backwards.

    "And nice job, you two." Ash smiled at Diddy and Tintri.

    The Ursaring's roar alerted Brock that the group was not safe yet. "Hit the dirt!" he called as the Ursaring charged a familiar orange beam.

    As the group dove to the ground, Dawn saw a way out of the forest "I see an exit!"

    "Not just that, I see Paul on the road leading out of here!" Ash pointed out Paul as the group dashed from the forest and onto the road.

    About then, Paul spotted the group and the Ursaring chasing them. " Goku to use Flame Wheel!"

    Dawn watched from the safety of a bush as the whirling rings of fire surrounded the huge bear Pokemon, allowing Paul to capture it. "Wow! I'm impressed he caught something that powerful!"

    "Knowing Paul, even though he caught it, he probably won't keep it." Ash sighed, more out of exhaustion then frustration.

    The group watched as Paul scanned the Poké Ball. "Well! I like this..." he smiled as he set the ball on his belt. "This Pokemon will do very nicely.

    [All right!] Goku smiled, dancing happily around his master's feet. "Now's not the time to celebrate, Goku!" Paul growled, making the Chimchar shudder in fear. "We've got a long we to go..."

    "Paul!" Ash called as he caught up to Paul. "Aren't we gonna finish our match?"

    "No." Paul shot back. "After you got us into that mess; I don't care about anything anyone as weak as you wants to say."

    Hot tears of anger ran down Ash's cheeks as he watched Paul and Goku continue down the road. Okay...if you don't want to play nice, I'll do everything I can to show you that your style of training isn't the answer. I tried offering to be friends, but I'm done playing nice for you!

    To Be Continued...
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    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 7: Like It or Lup It!

    "Number J-92806, Dawn Solberg and Kori!" a contest announcer called. "First appeal!"

    The audience in the Contest Hall cheered as a spotlight appeared on Dawn, who wore a sparkling green gown. "Showtime, Kori!" she called as she heaved a Poke Ball into the air, revealing Kori in a burst of blue light. "Start with Bubblebeam!"

    The crowd oohed and ahhed as Kori twirled about the room. Glittering rainbow bubbles filled the hall as Kori spun, making many in the audience gasp in awe. But Dawn's confident smile turned to horror when she saw Kori collapse to the ground, swirly eyed.

    Screams filled the air as Kori got up and continued to spin, sending the bubbles flying at the audience...

    "Kori!" Dawn was snapped from her daydream by Kori hitting the ground with a thud. "Are you okay?"

    [I think so...] Kori wheezed as she eased herself to her feet. [I would be more concerned about your friends' feedback, though.]

    Dawn looked over at Ash, Tintri, and Brock, who were watching from a large rock standing in for the judge's table. "So, how was that?" she giggled, a note of nervousness in her voice.

    She balled as Ash, Tintri and Brock displayed scorecards. Ash's read an orange 3.5, Brock's read a yellow 5.0, and Tintri's read a bright orange 4.5. "Care to elaborate on why you give the scores you did?"

    "You have a good idea for an appeal, but Kori needs to control the attack better." Brock explained.

    [Agreed.] Tintri added. [You were doing so good until Kori got dizzy.]

    "It might help to scale back the appeal until Kori can spin that fast for that long." Ash explained. "Understand, your appeal idea was not bad at all--it just needs some more practice."

    Dawn nodded. "Thanks guys--maybe now I know how to approach this."

    She called "Kori! Use--!"

    "Actually..." Ash got up from the grass and pointed out the skyscrapers of Jubilife City in the distance. "Jubilife City's not very far from here."

    Brock thumbed to the chapter in the guidebook about the city. "Says here that there's a trainer's school in the area..."

    "What a great idea!" Dawn smiled. "We'll ask the experts how I can improve my appeals!"

    "We can kill two bird Pokemon with one stone." Ash went on. "Dawn gets appeal help, and Brock gets some practice in for the Fantasy Stage."

    "Besides, if a class of thirty kids doesn't like my material, a crowd of three thousand won't either." Brock smiled as he pocketed the guidebook.

    Dawn smiled as the group made their way into the city. "I want to see you in that costume Nando gave you."


    "Of course, I'd be happy to give you a lesson for the day in Contest appeals." the trainer's school principal told Dawn. "And I'm sure the kids would be a good audience for you to practice for the Fantasy Stage." she told Brock.

    "If you have a tale you want to practice, I'll be happy to assist." Ash told Brock as he received a guest pass and Dawn and Brock received student day passes.

    "Now then--the mock Contest Hall is down the hall on the right, and the auditorium is on the left, past the cafeteria." the principal went on.

    "Thanks." Dawn replied. "If you need me to assist in your tale, I'll come join you as soon as I finish my appeal lesson." she told Brock as the group went their separate ways.


    "Dawn Solberg...daughter of the famous Joanna Solberg." a pale brown haired woman began as Dawn found a seat in an empty classroom some time later. "It is quite fitting you wish to follow in your mother's footsteps."

    "I know I have some big shoes to fill." Dawn began. "But I believe I can make my own mark on the Contest world."

    "All right...you know well what an appeal is--using a Pokemon's moves in creative ways to impress the judges and the audience." the teacher began. "In olden times, Contests were divided into different types based on appeal themes. But today, the lines between these themes can and often do blur."

    She asked. "Before we go into the mock Contest Hall, do you have any Pokemon you can use?"

    "I have my Piplup, Kori." Dawn replied before heaving a Poke Ball skyward. "Come on out, Kori!"

    Kori yawned as she materialized on the desk. [Huh...desks, books, a chalkboard...we must be in a school.]

    "This is the Jubilife Trainer's School." Dawn explained. "We're in one of the classrooms at the moment. Hopefully, we can perfect the Bubblebeam appeal we were practicing this morning. and get some more appeal ideas for the Contest in a few days."

    The teacher studied Kori for a moment. "If you plan to use Piplup in the Contest, you can choose to focus on Beauty or Cuteness. Having a unified theme for your appeals will help you score high."

    "I have an appeal for Bubblebeam already..." Dawn mused.

    "Bubblebeam is a Beautiful themed move, so it may be best to focus on Beautiful appeals this time." the teacher replied. "Let's go into the mock Contest Hall, and see what appeals you have..."

    With that, Dawn and her teacher made their way into the elegantly decorated mock Contest Hall. But they did not see a purple frog-like Pokemon with orange cheeks eying them for a moment, intrigued.


    "All right, let's see your Bubblebeam appeal." the teacher began as Dawn stepped on a large wide platform meant to mimic a Contest Hall stage.

    Dawn nodded. "Kori, use Bubblebeam!"

    The teacher watched as Kori twirled about the room, spraying bubbles all the while. But her impressed look turned to worry when Kori hit the floor in exhaustion. "It is a good idea, but it's possible the spinning is too much for your Piplup. Luckily, there are many different ways you can create an appeal from a move."

    She went on "Why don't we try an aerial approach, and have Kori rain down the bubbles from above?"

    "Okay..." Dawn waited for Kori to collect herself. "Ready to try a new approach, Kori?"

    [Oh, we're trying a new appeal?] Kori asked.

    "A new twist on what we were practicing this morning--without the spinning." Dawn explained. "This time, I want you to use Bubblebeam from the air."

    [Got it!] With that, Kori leaped into the air, heaving a whorl of sparkling bubbles around her as she fell to the ground.

    "Yes!" Dawn cried. "That's what I wanted to see!"

    The teacher applauded. "Nicely done! Practice this until your Piplup feels comfortable with spraying the bubbles from above. Then, you can incorporate props to better refine control and create interesting effects."

    "Thank you." Dawn smiled.

    "For now, let's continue practicing this appeal." the teacher instructed.

    [That was actually easier than before!] Kori smiled as she hurried back into position...


    Ash gasped as Brock emerged from a dressing room. "Wow! Look at you!" he gasped as he admired the majestic purple, red, and gold minstrel's costume.

    [You look like a minstrel from a fantasy land!] Tintri gasped, starry eyed at how beautiful Brock looked.

    Dawn arrived in the backstage area and gasped at how beautiful Brock looked. "Oh my...how may I be of service, Sir Minstrel?" she asked as she bowed before Brock.

    She did not expect the purple frog Pokemon from earlier to bound out before her. "Oh, ew!"

    "What the...?" Brock gasped as the odd Pokemon leaped up to him. "Well, hello there!"

    Ash, meanwhile, decided to read up on the purple frog Pokemon eying Brock:

    "Croagunk, the toxic mouth Pokemon. Its cheeks hold poison sacs. It tries to catch foes off guard to jab them with toxic fingers."

    "Interesting..." Ash mused before a yelp of pain got his attention. "Brock, you okay?"

    "Yeah...our Croagunk visitor decided to jab me in the...sensitive areas...to show me it likes me?" Brock groaned, discretely rubbing where the Croagunk had jabbed him in pain.

    He looked over at the Croagunk. "If you wanna come with me, you'll have to behave yourself...can you do that?"

    The Croagunk nodded. "Okay..." Brock thought for a moment about what to name his new Croagunk. "I'll call you...Kage. How's that?"

    The Croagunk let out a happy sigh, pleased with its new name. "Kage it is." Brock grinned, aware of the children's applause in the auditorium. "Can you stay back here while I go out and perform?"

    He smiled when the Croagunk nodded. "Okay."

    With that, he took his guitar and made his way onstage. After playing a relaxed melody to compose his thoughts, he started his planned tale. "A long time ago, in a land far away, there lived an old man and his wife who had three sons; the youngest of which was named Jack. One evening, as they were having dinner, the old man told the eldest brother that he believed his time to die was drawing near. As the eldest, he would inherit the house; but he had to be be good to his mother and brothers, too. The eldest brother agreed to this, helping himself to all the best parts as he spoke.

    A sad melody quieted the nervous giggles. "A few months went by, and the father caught a terrible disease." Brock went on. "Despite the healers' best efforts, the disease ravaged him to the point where not even their strongest spell would do anything. They sent for his sons, so they could say their final farewells. After giving good advice to the two eldest, he turned to Jack. He told Jack that while he wasn't the sharpest tack in the drawer, his kind heart more than made up for it. He implored Jack to always listen to his heart, and the words of his mother and brothers."

    Even Dawn couldn't help brushing away a tear as Brock continued the tale. "The old man clung to life for a few more days before joining Arceus in the heavens. The two elder brothers wept, but Jack remained by the bedside of his father, as if he were dead too. He finally got up, ran into the garden, hid himself in some trees, and cried."

    Brock waited a moment for the sniffles to quiet, then started a happier song. "Not long after the funeral, the eldest brother and the middle brother agreed that they would go out into the world together to seek their fortunes. Jack, meanwhile, would stay home with their mother. Jack would have liked nothing better than to sit and dream by the fire. But the mother, who was very old herself, conceded that there was no work for him to do."

    He went on "So the next morning, all three set out. The eldest brother and the middle brother carried two bags full of food, but Jack carried nothing. This made his brothers very angry, for the day was hot and the bags were heavy. About noon they sat down under a tree and began to eat. Jack was as hungry as they were, but he knew that it was no use asking for anything. In fact, this frustrated him so much, he couldn't help but cry."

    "Aw"s fill the room as Brock continued "The eldest brother taunted Jack for being so lazy. Jack countered that they weren't doing any better by carrying every bit of food left in the house and leaving their mother to starve."

    Laughter rippled through the auditorium as Brock went on "After an awkward silence, they offered their brother some of their food, and when they were done eating, they went on their way..."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 8: Setting the World on its Buneary!

    "RAAAUUUGGHHH!!!" Dawn screamed in frustration, sending Starlies fluttering off into the morning sun. "Why won't this stupid tangle come out????"

    "What's the matter?" Ash peeked in Dawn's tent, where Dawn was struggling with a matted wad of hair. "Do you need any--!"

    "I don't want any help right now, thanks." Dawn angrily muttered. "I've dealt with stubborn tangles before..."

    "You may want to try washing it, then detangling it while it dries." Brock suggested as he cubed some potatoes for a hash brown casserole.

    "But where am I gonna get a shower--!" Dawn started before she spotted Kori looking at her. "Oh, of course! I have my shower in Kori!"

    She looked at Kori. "Kori, can you get my hair just wet enough for me to comb it?"

    [Okay!] Kori replied, heaving a flurry of bubbles into the tent, allowing the troublesome tangle to come out.

    Even Ash was impressed. "Well, that's one way to get rid of a tangle..."

    "Oops..." Brock noticed the second potato he had intended to cut had rolled out of his hands and onto the ground, near where Kage was watching him cook. "Kage, may I have that back?"

    [You want it? Come and get it!] With that, Kage heaved the potato into the air.

    "I got it!" Ash called as he and Dawn raced to catch the falling potato. However, Ash only ended up tripping Dawn, sending them both tumbling down a hill!

    Tintri leaped to catch the potato some moments later. [I got it.] he smiled as he watched his master and Dawn untangle themselves at the bottom of the hill.

    "I'm okay!" Ash called back.

    "Me too!" Dawn agreed. "Thank goodness my style wasn't ruined from that tumble!"

    As Ash and Dawn started back up the hill, a small brown rabbit Pokemon watched from the brush. [That Pikachu was so brave...I've got to learn more about him!]


    "And voila!" Dawn smiled as she emerged from her tent a few moments later, all nice and neat.

    She grinned. "If you like, I can do your hair up nice..."

    "Uh, that's okay..." Ash stammered. "I'm okay with a quick brushing and my hat, thanks.

    He did not expect Diddy to snatch his hat off his head. "Hey!"

    [You want it? Come and get it!] Diddy chattered as he romped away.

    "Oh, Diddy, not you too!" Ash groaned as he hurried off after his giggling Chimchar.

    [Right behind ya!] Tintri used a Quick Attack to dash ahead, ramming into Diddy and sending Ash's hat flying.

    "Good thinking..." Ash smiled as the hat landed on Tintri's face.

    Some soft giggling snapped Ash to attention as he reclaimed his hat. "That Buneary again...wonder why it's interested in Tintri?" he mused as the Buneary dashed away.


    "...and right as I reclaimed my hat, I saw that Buneary again." Ash finished explaining what had happened over lunch. "It seems to be interested in Tintri, so the next time we spot it, I'm gonna catch it!"

    "But I still need to catch a Pokémon, mainly for the Contest in a few days!" Dawn protested.

    [Hate to interrupt your little debate...] Kage interjected. [But I think you might be interested in what's in the brush over there...] He gestured to a rustling bush not far from the group's campsite.

    Ash and Dawn both balked as the Buneary they had both seen emerged from the brush. "That Buneary!" Dawn gasped.

    "Follow that Buneary!" Ash motioned for Dawn to follow him into a nearby forest, making sure not to lose the Buneary.

    "But what about the dishes...." Brock started, but Ash and Dawn were already gone.

    [Let it go--this catch is important ta them, so they'll be back to help clean up soon enough.] Kage assured Brock.


    "Okay...Kori, attack Buneary with Bubblebeam!" Dawn commanded.

    As Kori heaved a flurry of bubbles at the Buneary, Dawn watched in horror as the Buneary countered with a blue white beam. "What's that?"

    "Ice Beam!" Ash called, moments before the cold beam left them both shivering.

    "Br...I will admit, that would make a neat c-c-combo appeal if I ever get to use two Pokemon in a Contest." Dawn shivered as the frozen bubbles clattered to the ground. "Icy bubbles..."

    She gasped as the Buneary knocked Kori senseless with a flurry of fists. "Kori!"

    [Look, Dawn...FIVE Torchics!] Kori wheezed as she stumbled around the grass, Torchics spinning around her head.

    "That Buneary seems to be trying to impress Tintri..." Ash mused. "But the more pressing matter is Kori's confusion..."

    "Persim Berry to the rescue!" Brock announced as he arrived in the clearing with several deep pink berries. "They clear up confusion. Barring that, you can always swap a Pokemon out." he explained as he gave Kori one of the Berries.

    "Since Kori's effectively out, I'll take a crack at this Buneary." Ash offered. "Ready, Tintri?"

    [I am, but I don't think Miss Buneary is.] Tintri replied as the Buneary smiled cutely at him.

    Ash growled a little as he grabbed a Poke Ball. "Let's see if I get it!"

    But the Poke Ball went rolling away into the bush as the Buneary fired another Ice Beam. Talk about an icy personality..." Brock shivered as the Buneary and Tintri danced around, giggling at the frozen humans.

    [Actually, she's not cold hearted at all!] Tintri smiled as the Buneary spun him around. [She's actually a real sweetheart.]

    Dawn watched as the Buneary danced over to her. "You can dance all you want with my friend's Pikachu if you come with me."

    This seemed to please the Buneary, so it nuzzled her as Dawn touched her with a Poke Ball. "Since it's very obviously a girl, any suggestions for names?" she asked as she let the Buneary out again.

    "I have one--Lola." Brock suggested. "After Bugs Buneary's girlfriend. That, and she is very much a tomboy, like her namesake."

    The Buneary squeaked in approval of the name. "All right...her name is Lola." Dawn smiled as Lola and Tintri danced across the grass. Ash joined in on his whistle some moments later, making a joyous reel ring through the forest as the sun set...

    To Be Continued...

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