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Pokemon Shine Diamond

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FlamingRuby, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 66b: Erin the Brave! (part 2)

    Previously, on "Pokemon Shine Diamond"...

    "You might be pitting Erin against opponents that are too strong for her at this stage." Gary cautioned. "While powerful attacks like Aqua Jet, Flame Wheel, and Thunderbolt have their place in battle, they can be intimidating to young Pokemon and Pokemon that have not battled much. The best way to ease them into it is pit them against an opponent that is about their size, and that they should be able to beat."

    He took a Poke Ball. "As for where you can find a Dark type? Vega should be about the right size!"

    Ash smiled as the Umbreon materialized in the camp. "Gary, you're a genius!"

    The two former rivals faced off in a makeshift arena some time later. "Erin, use Force Palm!" Ash called.

    "Vega, use Shadow Ball!" Gary commanded when he saw the Riolu charging.

    Vega charged up a familiar black purple ball, but Erin rolled away from it. "Nice dodge..." Gary smiled as the Shadow Ball impacted against a tree. "I've got a little gift for your Riolu, if you're interested..."

    [A present? What is it?] Erin asked.

    Gary pulled out a small black silk belt from a pocket. "This is a Black Belt. It boosts the power of Fighting type moves, so it should be just the ticket to boost Erin's confidence."

    "Thanks." Ash smiled as Gary draped the small belt across his hands.

    He motioned for Erin to come to him. "Here, Erin--let me put this on you."

    After carefully tying the small belt around Erin's waist and checking over the knots, Ash admired how Erin looked. "There--you look like a real hero now."

    "Wanna take a look at yourself?" Gary offered, setting a small mirror before Erin.

    Erin smiled at her reflection. [I DO look like a hero now!] she yipped. [I kin see the movie now--Enter the Riolu!]

    "I'll leave the mirror here, so you can pose all you want." Gary smiled before propping the mirror against a stump.

    He returned to Ash. "So, what do we do now? Do we pit Erin against Vega again? Or do we pit Erin against one of yours?"

    "You saw what happened when we tried to do that..." Ash sighed. "I wouldn't want to force Dawn to battle..."

    [What about me?] Tarina asked. [I wanna fight!]

    Brock smiled. "Okay...you can spar with Erin. Maybe you can solve our problem of finding an opponent she won't be afraid to fight."

    Gary smiled as Tarina unleashed some celebratory sparks. "Come to think of it, red mage-chu is just the right size!"

    "Don't write her off because she's cute." Brock cautioned. "Tarina can hit hard when it counts!"


    On the Pearl side of the arena, Brock told Tarina "Remember, this is just a friendly fight. That, and Erin is afraid of big attacks. So be gentle if you can."

    [Okay!] Tarina replied.

    [I'm redy when ye are.] Erin told Tarina as she struck a fighting pose.

    "Okay! Start with Force Palm!" Ash called.

    "Tarina, confuse Erin with Double Team!" Brock commanded.

    Erin stopped in her tracks when she saw what looked like hundreds of Tarinas before her. [Um, which wun's my target?] she asked.

    "Look for the Tarina with a shadow!" Ash called back. "That's your target!"

    Erin nodded, and focused her aura power for a moment before spotting the real Tarina on a rock. [HAAAAAAH!!!] she called as she delivered the Force Palm through some Tarina copies before knocking the real Tarina to the ground.

    "Try Disarming Voice!" Brock suggested as Tarina collected herself.

    Tarina nodded, and took a deep breath. Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

    Ash smiled as Erin put up a Light Screen, reflecting the wave of sound and leaves back onto Tarina! "Nice work defending, Erin!"

    He noticed Erin looking uneasy as Tarina charged a Thundershock. "Be brave, Erin!" Ash called. "This is your chance to be a hero!"

    [Right!] Erin called back before Feinting away from the tiny ball of electricity.

    [What the...] Tarina gasped before Erin fired an Aura Sphere, sending her flying through the grass.

    Brock smiled as Tarina narrowly missed a tree. "Nicely done." he told Erin as he applauded. "You beat your first opponent."

    [Reely? I won?] Erin gasped. [I won! I won!]

    Ash grinned as Erin cartwheeled through the grass. "Well done, Erin...I'm proud of you."

    He hugged the giddy Riolu. "Even though your opponents will only get bigger and more powerful from here, remember the feeling of being brave."

    [I promise.] Erin replied.

    "Well, seems like we're done here." Gary smiled.

    [Tank ye for the gift!] Erin barked as she hurried to hug Gary.

    "Anytime--I've got millions more type boosters for all kinds of Pokemon, if you need more." Gary replied.

    "That Black Belt's done wonders for Erin's confidence." Ash agreed. "I can't thank you enough."

    "Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact." Gary reminded Ash. "If you need anything, let me know and I'll come runnin', no matter where in the world you are. Do me proud in the League here!"

    "Believe me, I will!" Ash called back as the group parted ways.

    To Be Continued...
  2. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 67: Arriving in Style!

    "Welcome back, Hearthome City..." Ash smiled as the group made their way into the majestic city. "You don't have any bad memories of the loss you had here, do you?" he asked Dawn.

    "Not at all." Dawn replied. "I've come to realize the reason I lost was because I wasn't paying attention to what my opponents were doing, and how they could capitalize off of me. But the memories of that play earlier is what I remember most."

    Ash nodded. "Since we're here, I wonder if I can get in that Gym battle I never got."

    "Actually, the Gym Leader is still away right now." a lady with long red hair replied as she stepped out from a limo.

    She smiled as she recognized Ash. "So this is the spirited young actor that played Robin Hood at the theater some months ago. You did very well with the role, I might add."

    "Thanks." Ash smiled, a little embarrassed. "I was just trying to play up the character's cleverness."

    Dawn immediately recognized the lady. "Oh Arceus--Paris and Coco, here?"

    She explained to the boys "Everyone, this is Paris, and her Lopunny; Coco. Paris is world renowned as a fashion designer, and founded Notte Royal, Mom's preferred brand."

    She sighed when she heard a familiar guitar starting the introduction to a familiar song. The gypsy rover came over the hill, Brock sang as he played, to Coco's bemusement.
    Down through the valley so shady,
    He whistled and he sang, till the green woods rang,
    and he won the heart of a lady...

    This was far as he got before Kage jabbed him, creating a discordant Eb chord. [Yeah, but it wasn't easy to win her heart.] Kage deadpanned. [Now, behave yourself!]

    "Yes, Dad..." Brock muttered under his breath.

    He noticed Paris giggling at him. "Oh, so your Croagunk doesn't like you singing?"

    "He's okay with me doing it on stage or in camp, but I can't get a street performance in edgewise." Brock explained. "Kinda ironic, since I played Alan-a-dale in the same play."

    Paris smiled. "Well you would be right at home in the Fantasy Stage taking place at the Fantasia Theater today."

    "Really?" Brock was intrigued.

    "Hearthome has long been known for its opulent theaters and concert halls." Paris explained. "While the main theater is more for traditional plays and concerts; the Fantasia is more for specialized theater and spectacles."

    "I see..." Brock mused. "Is there still time to sign up for the Fantasy Stage?"

    "There is--walkups are still being taken, and will be until noon." Paris replied.

    She looked down at Lola. "Aw...your Buneary's cute."

    "Thanks." Dawn replied. "Is it true you've worked with my mom before?"

    "Oh, so you must be Joanna's daughter, Dawn." Paris smiled. "She spoke very highly of you every time she came to the office. It warms my heart to see you following in her footsteps."

    "Thanks..." Dawn replied. "It hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't trade any part of my journey so far for the world."

    "Would you like to go shopping with me for Contest coords?" Paris offered. "Many of the brands have an outlet here, and Notte Royal makes its headquarters here...

    "Sure!" Dawn replied. "I didn't think to pack very many coords for the trip..."

    "While you do that, I'm gonna go get signed up for the Fantasy Stage." Brock began as he started towards a bus stop with Ash.

    "Don't forget to show us what coords you get!" Ash called as Paris led Dawn to the waiting limo.

    "I won't! Dawn called back before calling to Brock "Good luck in the Fantasy Stage!"


    Dawn gawked in awe as the limo turned into the opulent shopping district. "Wow...it's beautiful out here!"

    "Thankfully, the opulent look doesn't mean opulent prices." Paris assured Dawn. "There's something here for every taste and budget.

    She asked: "Now..do you have a preferred brand or type?

    "Well..." Dawn thought for a moment. "I lean toward Beautiful and Passion coords. While I don't have a preferred brand myself yet, I like many of the coords from Notte Royal."

    "All right--we'll start there." Paris replied before motioning for her driver to stop before the Notte Royal headquarters...


    Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Fantasia was electric as the storytellers finished the creative round. "Very well done, everyone!" the emcee began as the various storytellers reconvened on the large stage. "For this Fantasy Stage, you'll be doing a Double Free Performance. You've each been paired up with a partner, so take a few minutes to find your partner, get to know them a bit, and decide on a story you want to tell together. Once everyone's with their partner and decided on a story to tell, we'll start the Free Performance. Any questions?"

    "Does that mean both people get Miracle Jewels if they win?" a wavy haired girl in a blue, purple, and gold costume that evoked water asked as the storytellers got up to find their partners.

    "Yes--both storytellers will receive the appropriate Miracle Jewel." the emcee replied.

    "Thanks..." the girl replied before looking at her partner slip "It says here I'm with number K-42207..."

    "That would be me." Brock replied. "Number H-112114?"

    "That's me." the girl smiled. "I'm Rebecca, by the way."

    "Brock, please--nice to meet you." Brock smiled as he shook hands with his partner. "So, what kind of stories do you tell?"

    "I tell a mix of folk and fairy tales from around the world and true tales of my travels." Rebecca replied. "And you?"

    "Mostly the same, but I specialize in adventurous tales, comic tales, and true tales." Brock explained. "So, what's a tale we would both know, or would be easy to teach?"

    "Well, I know an exciting tale about three brothers and a scheming Wartortle from Kanto..." Rebecca suggested. "Want me to teach it to you?"

    "Sure!" Brock smiled.

    "Okay, here's the basics of the tale..." Rebecca began. "Basically, it's about three orphaned brothers who have come of age; and are eligible to choose a trade. So they go to see the Wartortle--who has served as their guardian..."


    "Up next is Pair 93098." the emcee announced some time later as the previous pair departed offstage.

    The audience applauded as the lights went down, save for a spotlight on Rebecca. "Once upon a time, there were three orphan brothers, whose names were Otachi, Akira, and Aruto." she began. "The brothers had reached the age of choosing what trade they would follow for the rest of their lives. In order to advise them on such an important decision, the brothers went to visit Kamena, the Wartortle who had been their trusted guardian for many years. As soon as they arrived, Kamena welcomed them, gave them fresh fruit and nuts, and they all sat in her front yard under the sakura, or Cheri tree."

    The spotlight expanded to include Brock. "Now then..." Rebecca begins as Kamena. "What brings you all here at this hour?"

    Brock cleared his throat before speaking in a mimic of Ash for Otachi. "First of all, my brothers and I wish to say thank you for all you have done for us ever since our parents left this world to join the Great Lord Arceus in heaven. Now we have decided to each learn a trade, and we would like you to advise us in this matter."

    "Kamena listened intently and nodded her head." Rebecca went on as herself. "Then there was a moment of silence as the Wartortle stared up at the sakura, apparently lost in her own thoughts. The three brothers sat very still, all wondering what was going on in Kamena’s mind."

    As Kamena, she tells Brock "I am happy that the three of you are thinking of learning a trade, but my advice to you is that you join me in my business so that we can all work together."

    Brock balks in feigned surprise, to some giggles. "We did not know that you had a business." he gasps in a mimic of Ash for Akira.

    "I do, little one." Rebecca replies as Kamena. "However, my business involves a lot of planning and scheming. I use more of my mind than my physical body. You may have noticed that I do not own a farm, nor do I buy and sell. I hold no position in the royal court, nor do I answer to any boss. Nevertheless, I eat well and I do not want for anything."

    Some awkward giggles filled the air as Brock started towards stage right, as if he was the three brothers looking to get away. "Why are you looking at me like I am holding a sword to your heads?" Rebecca asks as Kamena. "I do not go around forcing people to part with their belongings! I am very cautious in my dealings with people. It is just that I always find a way of getting whatever I want, by hook or by crook."

    As herself, Rebecca explains "There was another long silence among the group. The brothers did not know what to say to Kamena. Eventually Otachi stood up and said..."

    "We will be on our way now, but we will think about your proposal and give you an answer tomorrow before sunset." Brock offers as Otachi.

    "The next day, Otachi was the only one who went to visit Kamena." Rebecca narrates.

    "My brothers and I have thought seriously about your offer," Brock explains to Rebecca as Otachi. "and we want to thank you for thinking about us, but we cannot work for you. We are honest people and we would like honest trades. We want to work with our hands and we do not wish to take from others."

    "Is that what you have to say to me after all I have done to support you since the death of your parents?" Rebecca gasps in feigned anger as Kamena.

    Brock just bows his head in feigned defeat. "I am sorry, but that is the way we feel."

    "In that case," Rebecca yells as Kamena, "you and your brothers have just made a vicious enemy!"

    Fearful murmurs wafted through the auditorium as the audience debated what Kamena will do for revenge before the lights come back up on Rebecca again. "A few weeks later, the three brothers started learning their various new trades. They worked very hard and diligently at their various tasks. They did as they were told; they listened to their masters intently and soon became very skilled and very well respected among the townsfolk. Otachi became the best hunter the village had ever known. Akira provided the best wine the village had ever tasted. And Aruto became the best fisherman, always catching the biggest haul of fish every morning."

    She then intones "But as the brothers’ fame grew, so did Kamena’s jealousy. And it was in such a mood that Kamena formed a plot to destroy the brothers."

    "Ooh"s went up as Rebecca continues "One day, Kamena went to the palace and told the king that the three brothers had been boasting of magnificent feats that no ordinary human could possibly perform. The cunning Wartortle feigned a great sadness, saying to the king..."

    She walked over to stage right and bowed before Brock, now in the role of the king. "I am concerned that people will start to believe what the brothers are saying because of their so called good reputation. If this happens, I am afraid our city will be in a good deal of trouble."

    "What do you mean?" Brock asks as the king.

    ‘Your Highness, if people ask the brothers to perform these great feats, feats which I know to be impossible, what damage will that do to the reputation of our city?" Rebecca explains as Kamena. "We will be known far and wide as the city of liars. People will say that we boast of things that are not possible! I think you should do something to stop this!"

    As herself, Rebecca explains "The king grew very angry when listening to Kamena’s speech. After all, a village, town, or city was nothing without its good reputation, and it seemed that the orphan brothers were threatening the royal family’s good name."

    "Leave it to me, Kamena. I know exactly what to do." Brock assures Rebecca as the king.

    "That same day, the king ordered the three brothers to come to the palace." Rebecca narrates as herself. "As soon as they arrived, the king shouted at them...."

    The lights went down, leaving the auditorium in total darkness, save for Brock simultaneously performing the next scene on his own. "You are evil men! Before you destroy my kingdom I will destroy you! In exactly one week I want you to return to my palace and prove to me that you are capable of these impossible feats that you have been boasting about all over the village." he threatens as the king. "Otachi, you must fire an arrow that will touch the sky! You, Akira, will climb the highest tree without rope or spurs! Aruto, you must swim the length of the western river. I am giving you a chance to perform these feats so that all of us might see if you are telling the truth. If you are not able to do as I have instructed, then you will be thrown in the dungeon for life!"

    "Your highness, we did not claim such feats!" he protests as Otachi.

    "But the angry king did not listen to Otachi, and ordered his guards to escort the brothers from the palace." Rebecca sighs as the lights came back up. "The brothers were devastated. After discussing their predicament among themselves, they concluded that Kamena was the one behind their situation, but they did not know what to do. For many days they could not eat, drink, or sleep. They tried to think of what they might do, but could find no solution to their problem. To make matters worse, they could not run away, because the king had assigned armed guards to watch their every move. The brothers were not allowed to leave their house at any time."

    Brock, meanwhile, finds a recorder backstage while the Fantasia's house band prepares to play. "Early one morning, the three brothers were roused from their sleep by a strange and beautiful sound." Rebecca continues. "They opened a window to see a beautiful Fletchling perched on the wall outside of their house. The bird was singing a solemn tune that went something like this..."

    She then started to sing Ieyui...

    A drum and a tambourine joined in as Rebecca continued Ieyui...

    Some of the house band joined in with backup. Hasate kanae...

    Hasate kanae...

    Brock joined in on the recorder as Rebecca started the second rendition of Ieyui...

    Another band member added a descant on whistle as Rebecca continued Ieyui...

    Hasate kanae...
    some singers joined in.

    Hasate kanae...

    Rebecca waits for the applause to die down before continuing "The brothers were mesmerized by the beautiful song: the call and response of the verse, the gentle rhythm and haunting lyrics. When the song had finished, the Fletchling fluttered away into the sky and left the brothers in a gentle silence."

    Brock returns to see a prop gold bow, a gold colored rope, and a yellow armband on the stage. "It was then that Otachi noticed the shining gold bow and quiver of thirty arrows sitting on the wall. Next to the bow was a magical golden rope. Next to the rope lay a golden arm band." Rebecca explains as Brock sets the rope at his side, slings the bow and quiver of arrows on his back, and puts on the armband. "Each of the brothers took the item that related to his trade, aware that they were the only ones who could see the bow, the rope, or the golden arm band. These magical gifts would remain invisible to anyone else."

    She steps back a little as she continues "Later that morning, they made their way to the palace where the king and his advisors were already seated and waiting for the feats to be performed. Kamena was also perched confidently beside the king, a wry smile grazing the corners of her mouth. As the brothers entered the courtyard, a thrilling hush swept through the crowd and the king’s words rang out loud and clear like a bell."

    "Otachi, you claim to be able to shoot an arrow up into the sky. Show us this impossible feat of yours." Brock instructs as the king.

    A click from backstage alerts both Brock and Rebecca that Brock's target is in place and he is clear to shoot. "Otachi, who had his invisible bow strapped to his back, took an arrow..." Rebecca waits for Brock to take one of the prop arrows, nock it, and aim at the offstage target. "aimed for the sun, and fired." At this, Brock fires his shot.

    Some light applause goes up when they hear the thunk of the arrow hitting the target some seconds later. "The arrow soared high up into the sky and disappeared among the clouds." Rebecca goes on, smiling when she sees that Brock hit the target very close to the bullseye. The crowd went wild with joy, cheering and clapping for Otachi. The king, however, began to sweat profusely. He had never seen such a thing in his entire life. Next he told Akira to climb the tallest tree in the center of the town square without a rope or climbing spurs."

    Brock pantomimes climbing with the rope as Rebecca narrates "Akira, who had already tied his magical rope around his waist, began to climb the tree. He climbed very fast and without hesitation. He scaled the tree as easily as any man might walk along a path, and he reached the top in no time at all. The crowd shouted out praise and clapped and cheered for Akira. By now the king was growing quiet, and Kamena too was looking very uneasy. The king called upon Aruto to lead the group to the great river to the west of the city."

    After setting the bow, arrows and rope aside, Brock shows the crowd the armband as Rebecca narrates "Aruto was wearing his golden arm band, but this band remained visible only to him and his brothers. He led the crowd to the river’s edge and plunged straight in." Brock pantomimes swimming as a sound effect of rushing rapids plays. "Once in the water he did not hesitate, he moved his arms and kicked with his legs and swam the length and breadth of the great river, darting to and fro with the speed of lightning."

    When the water sounds fade, Rebecca continues "The villagers went wild; the minstrels struck up a song of praise on their many instruments; there was clapping and cheering and the villagers hoisted the brothers up onto their shoulders and carried them back to the palace."

    The house band struck up a festive interlude, but Rebecca cautions "Now, Kamena knew her judgement had come, so she tried to escape from the palace by sneaking through the assembled crowd as quickly as her sluggish little legs would carry her. Just as Kamena was sure of her escape, one of the guards spotted her and cried..."

    "Not so fast, you mischievous little devil!" Brock intones in his 'somebody's in trouble' voice as he pulls a pantomime Wartortle back. "Where do you think you are going?"

    "The guard hoisted Kamena onto his shoulders and carried her back into the palace." Rebecca narrates as Brock does this to the pantomime Wartortle. "The king called the brothers to sit beside him on his throne as he addressed the people of the city."

    "I want to apologize to these brave young men," Brock explains as the king. "I am sorry for falsely accusing them of being deceitful, and I apologize for the pain that I might have caused them."

    He then addresses an imagined person. "I would like to honor you today by inviting you to be part of my royal court."

    "The crowd erupted into more clapping, cheering, and songs as the brothers accepted the king’s generous offer. Otachi was made the chief hunter, Akira the royal cupbearer, and Aruto the assistant to the royal cook." Rebecca narrates.

    "As for you, Kamena," Brock addresses the pantomime Wartortle as the king. "You will be locked up in the dungeon to serve the sentence you wished served upon these three brave brothers."

    "The villagers all approved of the king’s judgment as Kamena was led away by the royal guards." Rebecca concluded. "As you can imagine, the three brothers lived happily ever after."

    The crowd roared with applause as Brock, Rebecca, and the house band took a bow together...


    "So, how was your first experience with a partner?" Dawn asked as she sorted through what outfits she had bought that evening.

    "It was very nice, actually." Brock replied as he toyed with the plastic topaz he had received. "It helped I was paired up with someone that I really clicked with."

    "It's beautiful when that happens." Ash smiled. "So, what's our next step, since the Gym Leader is still out?"

    "We can always explore the surrounding areas around Hearthome..." Brock suggested as he added his topaz to his bag. "We didn't really get to do that the last time we came."

    After tying up his Miracle Jewel bag, he asked Dawn "So, what kinds of coords did you get with Paris?"

    "Quite a bit, actually." Dawn smiled as she brought over her shopping bags and laid out the various coords on the bed for the boys to see. "First is Golden Nomel, my only Cute coord of the lot." she explained as she pointed out a pale yellow costume. "We were looking in the Jeweled Story shop, and I thought it was beautiful. Paris said that not all Cute and Dreamy coords were frilly outfits..."

    To Be Continued...
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  3. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 68: The Psyduck Stops Here!

    "The dance of the Shaymin was beautiful!" Dawn raved as the group walked down a road to Celestic Town.

    "Yeah--that and the Distortion World is safe, too." Ash agreed as the group rounded a corner.

    He balked when he saw three familiar duck Pokemon in the middle of the road. "Psyduck? Misty can't possibly be here...can she?"

    "If she was, we'd likely see Michelle or Pearl someplace." Brock replied. "But these Psyduck appear to be wild."

    "Psyduck, the duck Pokemon. It has mystical powers but doesn't recall that it has used them. This is why it always looks puzzled." Dawn's Pokedex explained as the group approached the three Psyduck.

    She saw the Psyduck's eyes glow pink, surrounding the group in pink as well. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

    "Oh no..." was all Ash could say before the group was flung against a tree!

    "Is everyone okay?" Brock asked as he rubbed his head in pain.

    "I think so..." Dawn replied as she inspected the scrapes and scratches on her arms.

    "Everyone, huddle!" Ash called. "We need to find another way to get around the Psyduck."

    "Just approaching them would only result in getting flung away..." Dawn groaned as she tended to her wounds.

    "Asking them to move would be pointless..." Brock agreed.

    "The only thing I know to do is use force." Ash continued.

    He heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Diddy, use Fury Swipes!"

    He winced as the three Psyducks didn't bat an eye. "Diddy, come back!"

    "Kori, use Whirlpool!" Dawn called.

    She watched in horror as the Psyducks used Psychic to reflect the Whirlpool back onto Kori.

    "Maybe I can lure the Psyduck to me with some of my material?" Brock suggested as Dawn ran to collect Kori. "They'll be too distracted listening to me, and allow people to pass."

    "Whatever you want to do, Brock--but we have to get these Psyduck out of the way somehow." Ash noted.

    "All right, then!" Brock grinned. "But first, allow me to change into something more appropriate..."

    He fished out the ruby from his Miracle Jewel bag and held it skyward. "Super Star Power! Make up!"

    Against a background of stars and flashing lights, Brock's glowing purple body swirled and danced through the stars and a silver moon, making a long and elaborate purple and red tunic appear on his body. Next, some elegant purple gloves with red and gold trim appeared on his hands, and matching purple and red boots appeared on his feet. An elaborate purple and gold sash appeared next, making gold dust rain on the long tunic, giving it a gold sparkle. An elaborate purple minstrel's hat with a white plume appeared on his head, allowing him to strike an elegant pose, harp in hand.

    In the real world, a familiar orange haired girl sighed as Ash and Dawn scrambled to pick up pieces of Brock's normal clothes. "You call throwing off your regular clothes a transformation?" she sighed.

    Just then, Mars and Jupiter came over the hill. "How's a sing-along gonna help, Sir Minstrel?" Mars jeered.

    "We can do a better job of getting the Psyduck out of the way than anything you guys could ever try!" Jupiter agreed.

    "Okay, then--prove it!" Ash challenged.

    Mars walked up to the Psyduck. "Look, people need to go through here. Can you please move?"

    Tarina watched as the admins went flying via Psychic to the top of a mountain. [Wow...that was pretty strong, but I should be able to show these Psyducks who's boss!]

    "Be careful!" Dawn called as Tarina fired a Thundershock at the Psyduck.

    Ash winced as Tarina went flying to the group via Psychic. "That looked like it hurt..." he noted as Tarina eased herself to her feet.

    [Errgh...no one's gonna bully people like that while I'm here!] Tarina screeched.

    Brock watched in awe as an electric aura started to form around Tarina. "Is that what I think it is?"

    "Volt Tackle!" Ash gasped as the aura formed into an electric burst.

    Tintri gasped as the electric burst glowed bright white. [Hit the dirt!] The group dove for cover as Tarina slammed into a Psyduck, creating an electric explosion.

    "Are you okay?" Brock asked as he found Tarina heaving with exhaustion by a rock. "That was a pretty powerful move you tried to use..."

    [I'm okay...] Tarina replied. [Just very tired...]

    "Well, Volt Tackle is a very powerful move. Even Tintri didn't learn to do it overnight." Brock reminded Tarina as the group reunited in a clearing near the road.

    [If you want me to give you some Volt Tackle lessons, I'll teach you.] Tintri offered as the group discussed their next move.


    "Okay..." Ash began as he climbed aboard Estrella. "You guys can distract the Psyduck while Estrella and I do a flyover of the area they're protecting."

    "Right!" Dawn smiled, clinking a few spoons as Brock finished fine tuning his guitar.

    Ash smiled. "Remember, it's okay to play every last song you know."

    "I don't know if I'll need to play that many, but I'll go through as many songs as I can." Brock smiled back.

    Once sure Ash and Estrella were safely airborne, Brock snapped to count Dawn off into a familiar rollicking melody.

    It's of a jolly beggarman came tripping o'er the plain,
    He came unto a castle fair, a lodging for to gain
    His Royal Highness, he came down and viewed him cheek and chin
    He said, 'You are a handsome man, of course I'll take you in...'

    We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night... Dawn joined in, clinking the spoons for percussion all the while.
    We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
    We'll go no more a roving...


    Estrella soared over the Psyduck blockade and down into the valley. [Well, that explains the blockade...] she noted as she flew down for Ash to get a lock.

    Ash looked down to see a few mother Golduck holding yellow eggs with a Psyduck foot pattern on the shell. "No wonder the Psyduck wouldn't let anyone pass--they were protecting their babies!"

    [Let's go back and report to the others!] Estrella suggested.

    They arrived just as Brock started another verse of his epic ballad. The first night, it gave way to dawn, and Ariana fair
    Was led out with a retinue towards the dragon lair
    The fact her sister had returned, it gave her heart new hope
    That the hero would return again, as she looked on the gentle slope...

    We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night... Dawn joined in another round of the chorus, still clinking the spoons with gusto.
    We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
    We'll go no more a roving...

    [Stop the song!] Estrella called, bringing the enthusiastic performance to a halt.

    "Did you find out the reason for our Psyduck blockade?" Dawn asked.

    "Yeah--the three Psyduck are just protecting their babies." Ash explained. "Let's find another way in, and I'll show you."


    The group arrived in a clearing by a lake, just in time to see one of the yellow eggs crack. "It's hatching!" Dawn gasped, excited as the baby Psyduck worked itself free.

    "My question is, if this lake is their home, then why are the Psyducks here, and not in the lake?" Brock wondered.

    Ash saw three sludge glob-like Pokemon emerge from the water. "There's your answer--the lake was polluted by Muk!"

    "Muk, the sludge Pokemon. A toxic fluid seeps from its body. The fluid instantly kills plants and trees on contact. Dawn's Pokedex explained.

    Dawn looked up from the Pokedex to see a sludge pool near the lake. "There! That's where the Muk came from!"

    Inspired, she heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Satomi, drive these Muk away from the beautiful lake!

    [Go on, shoo!] Satomi called, using a Psybeam to spur the Muk back towards the poison pool. [Don't ruin the lake for eveyone!]

    Ash smiled as the Psyducks waddled back to the lake. "Well, our problem's solved..."

    One Psyduck quacked happily at him. "You're welcome!" Ash smiled back as the group started down the road to Celestic Town in peace.

    To Be Continued...
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    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 69: Playing the Leveling Field!

    "Thank goodness those Psyducks are safe now..." Dawn smiled as the group made their way down the road a few days later.

    "Yeah...here's hoping they get to raise their hatchlings in peace..." Ash agreed before a bright flash got his attention. "What was that?"

    Dawn spotted Zoey and her Glameow Sylvie in a nearby field. "Zoey's here!"

    Sylvie meowed in awe as a Mismagius fired off multiple rounds of Psybeam to mimic fireworks. "What's going on? Ash asked as the group joined Zoey in the field. "Are you battling?"

    Zoey chuckled. "Friendly reminder--coordinators do not battle." she replied. "I was showing off appeals with someone."

    "Zoey, your next appeal, please..." an older female voice with a melodic accent requested.

    "Right!" Zoey replied. "Sylvie, try Shockwave!"

    The other trainer applauded as the massive thunderbolts created a shining column of light. "Très bonne, très bonne! The shining column of light is a clever idea. But let me show you what you can do if you combine two moves."

    The Mismagius next conjured some shining leaves, then fired a rainbow wave of energy, creating a whorl of rainbow leaves. "Wow!" Dawn gasped as the boys applauded the appeal.

    "May I ask who your appeal partner is?" Ash asked.

    At this, a purple haired woman in an elegant sparking star costume stepped before the group. "Everyone, this is Fantina." Zoey began. "In addition to being the Gym Leader of Hearthome City, she is a Divine Coordinator originally from Kalos. She won a lot of Grand Festivals there before coming here a few years ago."

    "Interesting..." Ash mused. I wonder if Serena has ever met her, if Fantina's originally from Kalos?

    "I came here because I wanted to see the world and better myself." Fantina explained. "Since I enjoy traveling, that unfortunately means I have to leave the Gym empty while I am away."

    That explains why it's been empty every time we've come... Ash thought.

    Brock, meanwhile, seemed enamored in Fantina being bilingual. Je m'appelle Brock--enchanté.

    The group did not know that the admins were watching them from a bush. "Huh...never knew minstrel boy spoke Kalosian..." Mars mused as she watched Brock and Fantina have a polite conversation in Kalosian.

    "Who knows how many more languages he can speak?" Jupiter agreed before changing the subject. "Fantina's job description reminds me of someone that I can't put my finger on...."

    Mars looked down at the one ribbon in her ribbon case. "We need to figure out Fantina's style...this way, I can copy it to win Contests!"

    "Great idea!" Jupiter grinned as the two admins made preparations for their latest plot.


    In the nearby Pokémon Center Ash located Fantina in a lounge near the front desk. "Fantina...I have journeyed from afar to challenge you. When can I expect you at the gym next?"

    Fantina was about to answer as Mars, in disguise as Marta, hurried up to Fantina. "Hi! I'm a big fan of yours, and I wanna know more about your role as a Gym Leader!"

    Fantina just waved the disguised Mars away. "Très impoli to just barge in on someone like that..."

    She smiled at Ash. "I accept your challenge, but before that, I need to train."

    "If you don't mind my asking, why did you become a traveling Trainer?" Zoey asked.

    "With a lot of hard work, I was able to win the Grand Festival in my homeland of Kalos with Sorcière, my Misdreavus, earning the title of Grand Coordinator." Fantina explained. "Some time after this, the Shinou League invited me to become a Gym Leader, and the Hearthome Gym was opened. Despite my best efforts, I felt that I wasn't giving the trainers I faced a good enough battle."

    "I know exactly how that feels." Brock replied. "I was once the Gym Leader in my hometown of Pewter City. It's a bit of a balancing act between giving your opponents a challenge and giving them an easy win. You don't want to give them a total beatdown, but you do want to challenge them to think tactically."

    T'as raison.. Fantina nodded in agreement. "A royal beatdown destroys any trainer's confidence, but an easy win feels hollow.

    She turned business-like again. "I've been working on a new battle style which incorporates the beauty of a Contest appeal and the ferocity of a Gym battle. But it is still a work in progress..."

    "So you'll give me a friendly match, at least?" Ash asked.

    Fantina nodded. "One of the first things that traveling trainers do when they meet is battle. So of course I accept your friendly challenge."

    "Okay...this will be a three on three match, winner is the first to knock out the other side's team. That okay?" Ash asked as he drew a Poke Ball in the grass.

    "Your proposed terms are fair." Fantina replied.

    Dawn arrived with her Poketch some moments later. "Arceus face is heads, Shinou League crest is tails--winner gets their choice of side."

    "Heads." Fantina called as Dawn pressed the button to flip the coin.

    "Tails!" Ash called the toss.

    Dawn checked the Poketch's screen. "It's heads...Fantina, you want the Diamond or Pearl side?"

    "Diamond, of course." Fantina smiled as she stepped into the left side of the Poke Ball.

    "Everyone ready?" Brock asked as he stepped on a rock overlooking the makeshift battlefield, unaware Mars and Jupiter were filming the battle that was about to start.

    "Prêté!" Fantina smiled, summoning a small purple balloon-like Pokemon with spindly arms.

    "Tails, here we go!" Ash summoned his Floatzel to the field. He next read up on his opponent:

    "Drifloon, the balloon Pokemon. Because of the way it floats aimlessly, an old folktale calls it a 'Signpost for Wandering Spirits.'"

    When the whistle blew, the Drifloon began conjuring swaths of a purple wind. "Ominous Wind!" Ash remembered. "Tails, counter with Water Gun!"

    Tails fired a stream of water, but the Drifloon floated away, allowing the purple wind to hit Tails. "Try to break out with Aqua Jet!" Ash suggested.

    He smiled as Tails broke free from the Ominous Wind and rammed into the Drifloon. But his confident smile turned to shock as the Drifloon used Hypnosis! I shouldn't have left the Pokeflute back at the Pokemon Center!

    The Drifloon then threw Tails at Ash's feet with Psychic. [I'm sorry, Ash...] was all Tails could muster before fainting.

    Ash contemplated his next choice for a moment, then heaved a Poke Ball skyward. " Diddy, open with a Flamethrower!"

    He watched in awe and fear as the Drifloon intercepted the stream of fire, tied it into a flaming bow, then tangled Diddy in his own attack before using Hypnosis. [Ash, I can't...] was all Diddy could say before falling asleep.

    Dawn watched as Ash called Diddy back. "Good thinking on calling Diddy back--who knows what Fantina's gonna do next?"

    "Keep in mind that unlike confusion, Pokémon continue to sleep even after they are recalled, okay?" Brock reminded Ash.

    Ash swallowed hard as he nodded. I REALLY should've brought the Pokeflute!

    He looked over at Tintri. "Your turn, bud--if you fall asleep too, then the battle is as good as done."

    [I'll do my best, okay?] Tintri smiled before charging into the arena.

    The Drifloon fired a Will-O-Wisp, but Tintri countered with a Thunderbolt. [For Tails and Diddy!] he screeched as he charged at the Drifloon in preparation to use Volt Tackle.

    Dawn saw a glow of white as Volt Tackle and Ominous Wind collided, revealing that the Drifloon had evolved into a larger balloon Pokemon with gold and white streamers. "Wow...Fantina's Drifoon evolved?" she smiled as she read up on the new Pokemon:

    ""Drifblim, the blimp Pokemon. At dusk, swarms of them are carried aloft on the wind. When noticed, they suddenly vanish."

    She gasped as the Drifblim put Tintri to sleep with Hypnosis. "Oh no!"

    "I surrender!" Ash called, almost kowtowing before Fantina.

    Brock blew his whistle to signal the battle was over. "No contest! Pearl withdraws from the match!"

    Fantina smiled as she recalled her new Drifblim. "I look forward to having a real match when you get to the gym."

    "Sure..." Ash sighed. If this was practice, that what will Fantina do in the Gym?


    Back at the Pokémon Center, Zoey showed Dawn the three ribbons in her ribbon case. "I'm not planning on entering the Celestic Town Contest, but I will be there to cheer you on."

    "Thanks...that means a lot to me." Dawn smiled.

    She looked over at Ash's room. "Is Ash okay? He hasn't come out of his room all night."

    From inside the room, both Dawn and Brock heard Ash musing ideas to counter Hypnosis. "Get a Pokemon with the Insomnia ability just for this match...give Chesto Berries to everyone....bring the Pokeflute..."

    To Be Continued...

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