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Pokemon Shine Diamond

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FlamingRuby, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 77c: Shield with a Twist! (part 3)

    "Leona, finish with Shadow Ball!" Mars commanded.

    The crowd roared at the shadowy fireworks Mars' Purugly made, maxing out the meter! "And with that show of power, we have a winner!" Marian announced as fourteen rainbow hearts appeared under Mars' picture. "Number M-32209--Marta Bryant and Leona!"

    More cheers filled the room as Mars and Leon approached the judge's table. "Congratulations, Marta..." Jordan smiled as she gave Mars an orange and white ribbon...


    "Esprit, allez! Fantina called as her Drifblim arrived in the arena. "You've met Esprit, but now he is much stronger and much more beautiful than ever before!"

    "If that's your trademark Pokemon, then I'll show you mine!" Ash shot back before starting "The Thunderbolt Reel"--his signature tune.

    With his master playing him into battle, Tintri fired a Thunderbolt into the air, creating a sparkling whorl around him. But Ash stumbled over a wrong note when he saw Esprit blow the electricity away with Psychic waves. "WHAATT???"

    "Ah, but all good things must come to an end, my dear musicien!" Fantina smirked. "Behold, the Twin Counter Shield!"

    [Oh no...] Tintri gasped as Esprit conjured up a Will-O-Wisp, then used Psychic to to create his own Counter Shield of ghostly blue flames. Tintri tried knocking it away with Thunderbolt, but the ghostly shield turned Tintri's own attack back on him! [Ash, I'm sorry...]

    Ash growled as he gripped his Pokeflute. "I will commend you for building on my strategy..." he told Fantina. "But I'm not out yet! I'll just fight fire with fire!"

    He next started "Fire on the Mountain" again, spurring Diddy to return to the arena. [My kind of music!] Diddy smiled as he rolled towards Esprit, creating a huge Flame Wheel. The white gold shield of fire broke through the ghostly shield, sending Esprit flying towards the Pearl safety barrier.

    Fantina smirked. So that's his little game, is it?

    She called over the music "Esprit, use Ominous Wind!"

    The tune faded away as Ash watched the purple wind blades diffuse the flames, sending Diddy flying back against the Diamond safety barrier. [I'm sorry...] Diddy gasped before he fainted.

    "Both sides now have one Pokemon remaining!" the referee announced.

    "Wow...who know Fantina would come roaring back like that?" Danielle gasped.

    "Quick--what was the other set Ash planned to use for Tails?" Dawn asked as she retuned.

    "'The Silver Sword' and 'The Hunt of the Ninetales'." Brock replied as he retuned a flat D string. "Let's play Ash some backup to let him know we still believe in him!"
    Inspired, Ash led his companions into "The Silver Sword"; spurring Tails to return to the arena. [Bring it on, ghostie!] he taunted over his master's Pokeflute, and the fiddle and guitar in the stands.

    Esprit started conjuring another Will-o-Wisp, aware of Tails charging at him with Aqua Jet. The wave of water broke through the ghostly flames, leaving Esprit vulnerable!

    SAY... Ash thought as he transitioned into "The Hunt of the Ninetales". The tune spurred Tails to roll away from Ominous Wind, sneak up behind Esprit, grab him, and smacked it to the floor.

    Esprit attempted to use Hypnosis, but Tails fired an Ice Beam, freezing Esprit solid as the group played the tune's final note!

    "Well played, Diamond." the referee smiled as he applauded the performance. "Your musical strategy has paid off--Pearl is unable to battle."

    "YES!" Danielle cried.

    Fantina sighed as she came to collect Esprit. "Esprit...you have done well."

    She looked over at Ash. "You are so fantastically strong. I know now why I have lost. The song in your heart never wavered, even when you were up against the wall."

    "Thanks." Ash smiled before recalling Tails.


    That evening, the group and Danielle met Fantina in the Gym's plaza. "Ash...you truly know how to put on a show--both on the stage, and in the arena." she began.

    She offered Ash a familiar badge. "For your efforts here, and in remembrance of our musical battle, I hereby award you the Relic Badge."

    "Thank you--I hope to be back again someday, with new songs and a new show for you!" Ash replied as he accepted the badge.

    He looked over at Danielle as the group departed. "So, where are you going next?"

    "I'm going to Iron Island..." Danielle replied. "I've trained there before, so I was able to win a Badge from the Canalave Gym. You can really see the resemblance between Byron and Roark!"

    Dawn spread out a map on Shinou on the ground. "Canalave City is on the very western edge of Shinou, and Iron Island is north of there."

    Oh yeah, Roark said that the Canalave leader was his dad... Ash remembered. "Since I wanna take on Byron next, why don't we all go there together?"

    "Sure!" Danielle smiled.

    She gave Ash the small thumb drive containing the video of his match with Fantina. "No matter what happens, you will always be my friendly rival in Pokemon and in performing!"

    "You can film all my battles, if you like!" Ash agreed as the group walked into the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
  2. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Interlude: Chambers on the Way to Canalave

    As an elegant airship soared through the skies leading to Canalave City, the group and Danielle got together in the common room. "Now THIS is way better than trying to walk to Canalave!" Danielle smiled.

    "I'll say..." Ash agreed as he smiled at Tarina watching the clouds passing by the window.

    [Just how long would it take to get to Canalave City on foot?] Tarina wondered.

    "A little more than two weeks, sweetie." Brock replied as he reached for his guidebook. "This is assuming weather conditions are good and you don't run into any major delays."

    Tarina shuddered at the thought of the travel time rain would add on to their trip. [Maybe it's a good thing we're flying there.]

    "It's still a long way there..." Danielle reminded Tarina. "So I hope you guys packed something to do for the trip."

    "That, I did." Ash smiled, triumphantly holding up his Chambers and Charizards set for the others to see.

    Danielle's eyes lit up. "Oh, sweet--I've always wanted to try out a tabletop RPG!"

    "Well, come join us over here, and we'll get started." Ash motioned for Danielle to join the others at a table near the right side of the room.

    "Brock is a very good dungeon master." Dawn agreed. "No question is too stupid--he'll answer it for you all the same. "Have a question about a class build? He'll answer it. "Confused about what just happened in the adventure? He'll tell you. Want to know why he gave a character the voice he did? He'll even answer that."

    "Nice, an immersive dungeon master." Danielle smiled as Ash passed her a character sheet. "Let's see here...what are you guys playing?"

    "I'm using my go-to battlemage wizard." Ash replied. "They are basically Final Fantasy red mages, often wielding magical swords called mageblades, or magical bows called magebows."

    "The mageblade battlemage shares a lot of skills with the various magic knight builds." Brock explained as he unpacked some adventure books. "If you have a question about which class to pick, or what role they play in the party, just ask."

    "I'm playing a lightgiver cleric." Dawn explained. "They are mainly healers and supporters, but they have some offensive skills too."

    "Okay..." Danielle looked over the various classes detailed in the Player's Guide.

    "Which classes are standing out for you right now?" Brock asked. "I can help narrow down which class and build would work for you."

    "Ash has the archery and offensive magic covered...Dawn's got the defense and healing covered..." Danielle mused. "So I'm thinking of a quick physical class with maybe a little magic."

    "All right...an arcane rogue would work." Brock suggested. "As would a swordsong minstrel and a earthblade ranger. A runeblade would also work if you want a more agile magic knight.

    "What do those do?" Danielle was curious.

    "The swordsong minstrel is your more offense based minstrel." Brock explained. "The spellsong build--what I prefer to play when I get a chance to play a character--is a bit more balanced. The earthblade ranger is a sword based ranger that only uses a bow when melee weapons are not feasible or possible. An arcane rogue is exactly what it says on the box--a rogue with magical ability. While not as powerful as a pure magic class, they have some spells unique to them. A runeblade draws out the power of magical rapiers to attack, so a lot of the skills and runeblade NPCs have Kalosian names as a nod to their fencing background."

    Danielle thought for a moment. "I'll go with the swordsong minstrel--I like the idea of fighting with music."


    Brock cued some introductory music from his PokeNav. "The town of Kingsburg lies at the base of a series of rolling hills." he begins. "No one knows for sure how long the town has existed; although most agree it has stood in some form for more than three hundred years."

    He acknowledged Tarina with a nod as he continued reading the adventure's introduction. "Kingsburg appears like any other town in the land, with one notable exception—its graveyard."

    Kori and Rio shuddered at the thought of zombies and skeletons as Brock continued. "Built on and in the nearby hills, the graveyard has existed for centuries. Some of the townsfolk believe the graveyard predates the community, and nearly all the people living in Kingsburg take a particular pride in that fact..."


    "...No one in the town knows who he was or why the statue was erected here, but the townsfolk live in awe of the monument." Brock concluded the introduction some time later. "While the common folk have no fear of their maintained graveyard, few venture up to visit the forgotten king."

    "Spooky..." Danielle mused as the intro music ended. "So, what do we, the heroes, know?"

    "You know that two days ago, a family of mourners ventured into the graveyard, and never returned." Brock explained. "A pair of guards investigated, but they vanished as well. The townsfolk are in a panic. They've always heard rumors of disturbances in graveyards and tombs, but never has such misfortune struck in their town. They look to heroes--you guys--for aid."

    He looks over at Danielle and Rio. "As a minstrel, Irina has often heard the legend of the forgotten king. She knows that somewhere near Kingsburg lies an ancient overlord resting with his servants and all their treasure."

    "I wonder if the disturbance in the graveyard has anything to do with the legend?" Danielle muses in character.

    "Let's go find out!" Ash suggests in character. Dawn nods in agreement.

    Tarina smiled as Brock cued some ambience of a fantasy inn, complete with a singing minstrel. [Danielle's got this role playing thing down!] she smiled as she watched Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Danielle role play an urgent conversation in the tavern.

    [Well, she is a performer by trade, so it makes sense she knows how to play a character.] Tintri mused.

    [Maybe if the singin' and storytellin' doesn't work out, Coach would make an excellent actor...] Kage agreed. [Stage or screen!]

    [Who needs TV when we have our own little show right here?] Erin smiled as she nimbly leaped on the windowsill to watch the unfolding game...

    To Be Continued...
  3. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 78a: Sleepless in Pre-Battle! (part 1)

    "Lightless space gives way to your illumination, revealing a restricted, steeply sloping tunnel that is maybe 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Posts of green wood hold up the walls." Brock read the introduction to the group's second adventure.

    The intercom snapped the group from their game. Now arriving in Canalave City.

    "Oh, well...we can start this adventure again next time." Danielle mused as she helped Ash put away the game.

    Please make sure your personal belongings are accounted for, and take small children and Pokemon by the hand. the announcement went on. Thank you for flying with us!


    "Welcome to Canalave City...the town that rises from the water." Brock mused as the group departed the airport.

    "I can definitely see why." Ash smiled as he spotted ships approaching a harbor far off in the distance.

    "In addition to the Gym, Canalave is home to one of the biggest libraries in Shinou." Danielle pointed out a majestic building that evoked an ancient temple in the distance. "Very handy for research, or just reading for fun. If I've never performed a play before, I like to come to the library and read it to get a feel for my role."

    "What's the mythology and folklore section like?" Brock was intrigued.

    "Huge." Danielle smiled. "Anything you ever wanted to know about the folklore and mythology of Shinou and elsewhere is in there."

    "Nice--we may have to stop by and look around." Ash smiled.

    [There's gotta be gazillions of picture books in there!] Tarina gasped, starry eyed over the library.

    "I'm sure there's a good sized kids' section in there." Brock assured Tarina as the group rounded a corner near the Gym.

    Ash suddenly heard a scream from inside the Gym. "What was that?"

    He noticed a young man he assumed to be the referee hurrying outside. "What's going on, sir?" he asked.

    "Everyone's been having nightmares, and no one knows why." the young man explained. "No matter what we do, most people never wake up. If someone does wake up, they're afraid to go to sleep again."

    Then, he remembered something. "If you're looking for Byron, he is away training on Iron Island."

    Dawn laid a hand on Ash's shoulder. "It's okay--there's bound to be more to do around here while we wait for Byron to get back. Besides, they say the shopping around here is very good, since it's so close to a harbor."

    A smile formed on Ash's face. "Okay...I can at least take a look and see if GameWorld or Digiland have any deals or promos today..."


    "This is really weird...." Danielle mused as she, Dawn, and Ash wandered the deserted hallways of a mall. "It's not like the Canalave Plaza to be deserted like this...usually this place is bustling with millions of people! That, and there's always something going on on the central stage!"

    "That explains why I've been playing to the empty hallways for the past fifteen minutes..." Brock sighed as he rejoined the group in the food court.

    "Maybe we could ask Officer Jenny what's going on?" Dawn suggested.

    "Yeah...she would know what to do!" Ash smiled. "Let's go!"


    "I'm sure you've noticed that all the people in town are having nightmares." Officer Jenny explained as she met the group in a lounge. "We're not 100% sure on the cause of the nightmares, but many of them are consistent with appearances of the Pokémon Darkrai."

    She pulls out a familiar neon green feather that resembled a crescent moon from a drawer. "I paid good money for this Lunar Wing, but it doesn't seem to be working..."

    "Is it okay if we can look at it under some kind of magnification?" Brock asked as he pulled out the magnifying glass attachment from a deep green survival knife.

    "Sure..." Officer Jenny set down the feather on a table.

    "Dawn, is it okay if I borrow your Lunar Wing for comparison?" Brock asked.

    "Sure." Dawn quickly unclipped her Lunar Wing from her bag and set it on the table.

    After turning to a chapter on how to identify Lunar Wings, Brock carefully looked over both Lunar Wings for a moment. "Based on what I can see here, the one Officer Jenny got is just a painted Pidgey feather."

    He went on "Dawn's Lunar Wing is legit--it has the glowing aura and diagonal feather weave a real Lunar Wing should have. The fake Lunar Wing has the criss-cross pattern consistent with Pidgey feathers, and had some white splotches that you can only see under magnification, which was a clue someone had likely painted it."

    "Detective Brock solves the case!" Ash smiled as Brock closed up his survival knife.

    "The case isn't solved yet, everyone--the real question is who could've created this fake, and why." Brock replied. "The case of the city-wide nightmares is only just beginning!"

    "If you need another lead, Detective, the library is always open for research." Officer Jenny smiled. "There may be a clue in the legend of Darkrai and Cresselia."

    "This couldn't be the same Darkrai we met in Alamos Town...could it?" Ash wondered

    "Let's pay a visit to the library and find out." Dawn suggested as she re-clipped on her Lunar Wing.

    "I'll continue doing my due diligence as well." Officer Jenny offered. "If I find any more leads, I'll let you guys know!"

    To Be Continued...
  4. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Interlude: Once Upon a Clue

    "Wow..." Ash gasped as the group arrived in the Canalave Library later that afternoon.

    "Where do we even begin to look for information about Darkrai and Cresselia?" Dawn wondered as she looked up at the library's majestic foyer in awe.

    "Folklore and mythology is on the second floor." Danielle explained as she led the way to a staircase past the front desk and a branching hallway leading to the children's department.

    "Let me drop off Tarina in the kids' area, then we'll go upstairs." Brock assured the others as he led Tarina into the children's department.

    Once sure Tarina was comfortable on a beanbag chair, Brock told her "If you need anything, ask one of the librarians. If you get in trouble, see someone in danger, or someone acting suspicious, tell one of the security officers, okay?"

    [Got it!] Tarina smiled.

    "If you need me, I'm in the folklore and mythology section on the second floor." Brock went on. "I'll come get you when we're done with our research."

    [Okay!] With that, Tarina hurried off towards the fairy tale section as Brock reunited with the group in the main foyer.

    After arriving on the second floor, Danielle led the group down a hallway, where several shelves were labeled "398.2--Mythology and Folklore". "Okay, everyone--let's go find some books." she began. "While you'll have the most luck looking at Shinou lore, I wouldn't rule out other regions."

    "Yeah--one region's lore may have a counterpart in another region." Ash agreed. "Or somehow turn up in another region's lore based on ancient exploration."

    "Case in point--Kitsune, the holy Delphox, and very well traveled from her home region of Kalos." Brock smiled.


    "All right, let's see what everyone found..." Danielle smiled as the group studied their own pile of books some time later.

    "According to 'Mythology of Shinou', Cresselia has the power to dispel nightmares, and holding one of its feathers--a Lunar Wing--is said to bring happy dreams." Dawn noted.

    "If we end up having nightmares tonight and Dawn sleeps well, she is the designated caffeinated drink buyer." Ash smiled. "I'm not old enough for coffee yet, so a Verde Power will do the job."

    "That stuff is an Arceus-send for long rehearsal days." Danielle grinned before turning her attention back to one of her books. "'Legendary Pokemon of Shinou' says that Cresselia is the only Pokemon that can learn Lunar Dance."

    "I wonder how appealing that move would be..." Dawn smiled. "Not that I would ever use a Legendary in a contest--I'm just curious."

    Ash consulted his Pokedex. "Lunar Dance is an amazing Beautiful move that only Cresselia can use. It has a whopping eight point base appeal."

    "Imagine how that would look in a Contest..." Brock agreed.

    Ash turned his attention back to one of his books. "It says here that Darkrai is known to 'inhabit' dreams and causes the target to have unending nightmares, which can be stopped if exposed to a Lunar Wing from Cresselia. However, the "unleashing of nightmares" is actually a defense mechanism, instead of an intentionally malicious act, unlike what all the folktales say. So it could very well be the same Darkrai we met in Alamos Town."

    "As our resident storyteller, what did you find?" Dawn asked.

    "I found the legend of Darkrai and Cresselia Officer Jenny was telling us about earlier..." Brock replied as he skimmed over one particular story in the book 'Folktales of Shinou'. "Basically, this version of Darkrai is the evil one we see in almost every folktale. According to the story, he gives the people nightmares because he wants to rule the world. A girl embarks on the quest to find a Lunar Wing when her brothers try and fail Cresselia's test of courage--spend the night in a haunted cave. She makes it through the night unscathed, and Cresselia gives her a Lunar Wing. She then uses the light of the Lunar Wing to scare Darkrai away, saving the people."

    "There is a grain of truth to the story..." Danielle interjected. "Does that version say anything about Full Moon Island and its features?"

    Brock thumbed a few pages through the book. "According to the story, the girl and her brothers find Cresselia on a small island largely covered in forest. A short path cuts through the forest, and leads to a shaded clearing with a pond shaped like a crescent moon. Cresselia, of course, awaits in this pond to test worthy comers."

    "That's Fullmoon Island, all right." Danielle smiled.

    She looked at the clock. "Lucky for us, the library closes at 10, so do you want to do any more research, or check any books out?"

    "Do we need a library card to check anything out?" Ash asked as he cleaned up his workspace.

    "Nope--anyone from anywhere can check books out here." Danielle replied. "You can also send'em back no matter where you are in the world, thanks to library dropoff machines at any Pokemon Center."

    "That is convenient." Brock smiled. "I'll check out a few folktale books for reading and learning some more tales. That, and seeing if Tarina wants to take any books, too."

    He motioned to Dawn. "If you do wanna make a coffee run in the morning, a mocha from any Char's or Pokebucks is fine."

    "I do recall a Char's nearby the Pokemon Center, so I'll keep that in mind." Dawn replied. "Some of the best cheeseburgers ever!"

    To Be Continued...
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  5. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 78b: Sleepless in Pre-Battle! (part 2)

    "Good morning, guys!" Dawn smiled as she arrived with a Char's bag. "I brought breakfast!"

    "Thank Arceus for the coffee..." Brock yawned.

    "What's the matter?" Dawn asked as Danielle passed Ash a can of Verde Power.

    "We couldn't sleep at all last night!" Ash complained. "I dreamed I was knocked out in the preliminaries of the Shinou League!"

    "I dreamt I was in the worst production ever!" Danielle went on. "It was so bad, the curtain had to be rung down--and that's a theatrical company's worst nightmare!"

    "I dreamt I was trying to tell stories in the worst venue ever--I remember the crowd even threw Tamato Berries at me." Brock sighed as Dawn passed him a frozen mocha and a breakfast burrito.

    "Did you have a nightmare too?" Ash asked as he bit into the waffle sandwich he had requested.

    "Nope!" Dawn smiled. "I dreamed I won the Grand Festival, then traveled to other regions and won their Grand Festivals too!"

    "Wait a minute..." Ash remembered. "If we all had nightmares, but Dawn only had good dreams..."

    "That means that Darkrai is really here, and we have to awaken Cresselia." Brock explained. "Dawn was protected thanks to her Lunar Wing."

    "Okay...there is a ferry that goes to Fullmoon Island hourly." Danielle explained. "I'll be moving on on my own trip, so don't freak out if you find me gone later, okay?"

    "Got it." Ash replied as he hugged Danielle. "Safe travels, and put your all into your next role!"

    The group did not notice Mars and Jupiter following them as they departed the Pokemon Center and made their way to the dock. "What an opportunity!" Mars smiled. "Not only can we take Hat boy's Pikachu for ourselves; we can also give the boss a Legendary as a gift!"

    "Imagine how floored Cyrus would be if we gave him Cresselia!" Jupiter agreed. "We could not only create the new world, but control its dreams, too!"


    "According to the story, the girl and her brothers found Cresselia in the middle of a lake after passing through the forest." Brock reminded Ash and Dawn as they walked through a forest.

    "But this is the third forest we've been through, and I don't see a lake yet!" Dawn complained.

    Ash suddenly noticed a familiar glowing green feather on the ground. "A Lunar Wing...we must be close!"

    Kori sniffed the air. [Do you guys smell something?]

    She sighed as a Psyduck waddled by. [Never mind, it was just a Psyduck...]

    "Maybe we can enlist Satomi's psychic powers to help us find the lake...] Brock suggested.

    "Great idea!" Dawn heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Satomi, I need you!"

    Yes? Satomi replied as she materialized on the path.

    Dawn showed Satomi a picture of Cresselia from a book. "We're here to find this Pokemon so everyone in Canalave can sleep tonight. Can you try and sense where Cresselia is?"

    Okay! Satomi replied, excited at seeing a Legendary.

    After focusing for a minute, she reported <i>You're not far--the lake you're looking for is just up ahead!</i>

    "Lead the way, Satomi." Dawn smiled. She motioned for the group to follow her and the excited Kirlia dancing down the path...


    When the group emerged before a lake some moments later, they shielded their eyes from a bright blue light as a beautiful Pokemon with a swan-like body appeared over the water. "She's beautiful!" Ash gasped.

    Excited, he read up on the beautiful Pokemon:

    "Cresselia, the lunar Pokemon. On nights around the quarter moon, the aurora from its tail extends and undulates beautifully.

    Hail, travelers...what brings you all this way? Cresselia asked.

    "We come--!" Ash started before he suddenly watched a net come down on top of Cresselia! "Oh no!"

    "Unhand Cresselia!" Brock demanded as he spotted Mars and Jupiter hurrying towards a cliff.

    "I think not, Sir Minstrel!" Mars shot back before firing a long rope that entangled the group. Satomi, however, managed to roll away from the rope.

    "Satomi, try to knock down the admins with Psychic!" Dawn called as she struggled to free herself.

    [HAAAAAAAH!!!!] Satomi fired a blue blast of psychic energy, but was knocked back from the recoil. Not one to be deterred, she fired a second blast, only to be knocked back again.

    Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... came an ethereal female voice.
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    at this line, Dawn watched in amazement as Satomi glowed white, growing into a humanoid Pokemon whose body resembled a flowing gown.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    [Take THIS!!!] Satomi growled before firing a huge blast of light, blinding the admins and sending them flying. Their camp and the group's bindings were engulfed in rainbow light.

    "Cresselia!" Ash hurried up to where the admins had dropped Cresselia and carefully lifted the net off of her. "Are you okay?"

    I am well, young hero. Cresselia replied. I was the one that sang my Swanna Song to power up your friend's Pokemon...

    "Thank you!" Dawn smiled before she read up on what Satomi had become:

    "Gardevoir, the embrace Pokemon. It unleashes psychokinetic energy at full power when protecting a trainer it has bonded closely with."

    "That explains why she rescued us..." Dawn mused as she pocketed the Pokedex.

    And why I would rescue you, Ash, and Brock many times over from any threat. Satomi assured Dawn. I am yours, and you are mine, and no power in heaven or on earth can tear us apart!

    Cresselia shook the dirt from her. Now, where were we before those rogues captured me?

    "We came all this way because Darkrai is causing trouble." Ash explained. "Can you banish him so the citizens of Canalave City can sleep tonight?"

    With pleasure. Cresselia replied as she eyed a familiar shadow Pokemon giggling as it looked out on Canalave City in the distance. Ye who brings nightmares--begone! she commanded, cutting the shadow Pokemon with a blade of psychic energy.

    "That was Psycho Cut..." Brock explained.

    It is done...Darkrai will not trouble you or the people of the city any more. Cresselia smiled.

    "Thanks..." Ash hugged Cresselia. "Now Canalave City can sleep well tonight!"

    To Be Continued...
  6. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 79a: Get Your Rotom Running! (part 1)

    Ash drummed a finger on the desk as he watched the phone screen flash "DIALING..." After all that's happened, Prof. Oak deserves an update on my Shinou trip...

    The screen displayed Prof. Oak in the lab seconds later. "Hello?"

    "Hi, Professor, it's me." Ash began. "We're here in Canalave City, where I hope to win my sixth badge!"

    "You're making incredible progress through Shinou, that's for sure." Prof. Oak replied in between bites of an elegant yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

    He noticed Diddy and Satomi with the group. "And who might these two be?"

    "This is Diddy, my Monferno." Ash explained. "He wanted to come with me like Saria did."

    "This is Satomi, professor." Dawn made a grand gesture to the Gardevoir beside her.

    A pleasure to meet you, Professor. Satomi smiled as she gave the image of Prof. Oak a little bow.

    About then, Ash noticed the cake. "Um, what's the occasion for cake? Your birthday's already passed..."

    "This is no ordinary cake, Ash..." Prof. Oak explained. "This is some Old Gateau, a specialty of the Canalave area. In fact, you should be very close to the old mansion that makes it."

    Brock thumbed through his guidebook to the chapter on the Canalave area. "Here we go...The Chateau Platina, located north of Canalave, has long been famous for its Old Gateau, a chocolate cake type whose recipe dates all the way back to 1889. Though the family that lived there moved out long ago, the chateau's grounds remain as both living history, and culinary art. Tours depart daily, and include a walkthrough of the bakery that makes the Gateau."

    "Cool!" Dawn smiled.

    "The Gateau is still made today using the same 130 year old recipe." Brock went on. "In addition to the Gateau, there are concerts in the gardens daily..."

    Ash smiled. "Sounds pretty cool! We've got some time to kill waiting for Byron to return, so let's go check it out!"

    "Let me know what you think of the Gateau." Prof. Oak smiled before the call ended.


    Later, the group emerged from a forest to find the old mansion. "You sure your guidebook's right, Brock?" Ash wondered as he looked up at the majestic mansion.

    "Sure, I'm sure...the copyright is this year." Brock replied.

    "Actually, a recent storm took out the electricity." a groundskeeper explained as he met the group. "This means the Chateau is closed until the power is back on."

    He deviously smiled. "Although if you really want to go inside, they say there are ghosts haunting the Chateau!"

    "Ghosts or no ghosts, I'm going in!" Ash sighed.

    "Yeah, those are just stories to scare kids at summer camp, anyway..." Dawn agreed.

    "Well, I have a vacuum, just in case." Brock smiled.

    Ash sighed. "I think that only works in the 'Luigi's Mansion' games, Brock..."

    Suddenly, a wind gust spurred the main door of the Chateau to creak open. "Hello?" Dawn called into the foyer as the group came inside.

    [Anybody home?] Tarina called.

    Just then, Tintri spotted a bluish spark flying down a hall. [What's that?]

    "Want to go look?" Ash offered, digging out a flashlight so the group could see in the darkness.

    Follow that spark! Satomi agreed as she followed Tintri and the others down the hall.

    Dawn shuddered as she heard Brock humming the theme music to "Luigi's Mansion" to calm his nerves. "Not helping, Brock...we may need that vacuum after all..."

    After discovering a stairwell at the end of the hallway, the group found themselves in the house's basement. "Huh...this must be the emergency generator or something..." Ash mused.

    "The next question is--how to turn it on?" Dawn wondered.

    Tintri, meanwhile, felt something sinister close by. [I don't like the looks of that microwave...] he shuddered as he looked over at an unplugged microwave oven on the floor, its door hanging open.

    "Maybe we can salvage some of its parts to turn the generator on." Ash suggested as he, Dawn, Brock, and Kori inspected the generator for a power switch.

    [Lemme see if this thing is in good condition first.] Tintri mused as he peered inside the microwave.

    He did not expect the microwave to transform into an orange and blue ghost Pokemon! [YIPE!!!].

    Panicked, Tintri fired a Thunderbolt, which arced around the room, and struck the generator, causing it to come alive with a hum.

    "What was that?" Dawn asked as the lights and appliances in the house came back to life.

    Tintri looked over at the unscathed microwave [I could've sworn I saw this thing come alive...]

    Ash studied the microwave. "Looks like any old microwave to me...you sure you haven't watched too much TV, bud?"

    [Yeah, possessed appliances only exist on TV.] Tintri assured himself, forgetting about his bizarre encounter entirely. [Now that the power's on, we can explore it a bit!]

    To Be Continued...
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    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Interlude: Inside the Chateau

    "The Chateau Platin is an icon of Shinou, and well over 3 million visitors from around the world visit each year." Brock read from the guidebook as the group retraced their steps back to the chateau's front gates. "In addition to being a major historic landmark, the house and its gardens have appeared in music videos, movies, and TV series around the world."

    "What kinds of TV shows?" Ash was curious.

    Brock located the page listing the Chateau's hundreds of media appearances. "It made an appearance on 'As the Poke Ball Turns' as the fictional Charmillion House; bunches of Galarian costume dramas; and many many series on Pokeflix, Shuru, and Orinoco Prime."

    "Wait a minute...didn't this place stand in for Parfum Palace in the drama 'The Path of Dreams'?" Dawn asked.

    "As a matter of fact, yes!" Ash smiled. "According to the extras on the Season 3 DVD box, they really wanted to film at the real place in Kalos; but the budget didn't allow it. So they filmed it here, and edited it to look like Parfum Palace."

    "Cool!" Dawn smiled.

    "It's not surprising it has stood in for Parfum Palace when a film crew can't film in Kalos." Brock replied. "The chateau was also built in the same style as the palace, since the original owner traveled through Kalos extensively, and fell in love with the architecture."

    He flipped back a page. "In addition to its famous gardens and bakery, it is world famous for its concerts in the huge gazebo, featuring its resident wind band, as well as acts ranging from classical to rock n' roll, and every genre in between."

    "I'm sure the band must be amazing to see!" Ash smiled.

    "Speaking of which..." Brock smiled, showing Ash a picture of a huge room that evoked a medieval grand hall. "That is where the resident band practices."

    "Is the public allowed to watch them practice?" Dawn was excited now.

    "Every once in a while, practice sessions are opened to the public, but you're better off hearing them in the gazebo." Brock replied, noting the majestic marble gazebo looming over the hedges off to the left.

    He addressed his companions. "So, where should we begin our expedition? Tour the house, the gardens, or the bakery?"

    "If you're looking to see the Platina band, they play three times daily in the garden." a tour guide explained. "Once at 9 AM, once at noon, and once at 6 PM."

    "Thanks." Dawn smiled before consulting her Poketch's clock. "It's a little after 10:30, so any objections to touring the house first?"

    "We could tour the left side of the house, go into the gardens, catch the band's concert, then see the right side of the house and the bakery." Brock suggested. "That way we all get to see everything."

    "Works for me!" Ash smiled, oblivious to what looked like a lawnmower peeking through the hedges with a giggle...


    "...Mr. Beaumont's son Tristan was an avid music lover, and so the first iteration of the Platina Band was formed for Tristan's sixteenth birthday, as a massive gift from father to son." Brock read from the guidebook as the group strolled through the vast gardens. "According to legend, the band continues to perform today due to a request in Tristan's will that 'a band always be present at the house for my children and the public to enjoy.'."

    "That's sweet." Dawn smiled as the group approached the vast courtyard overlooking the gazebo.

    "The current iteration of the band stands at 150 strong, all of them masters of their instruments." Brock went on. "The gazebo where they perform overlooks Tristan's bedroom, where he would often watch and listen to them play. A candle is kept burning in the window overlooking the gazebo in Tristan's memory. Band members say that Tristan's spirit watches over them, and spurs them to play their best."

    [Aw...] Tintri smiled. [I guess not all ghosts are mean...]

    [Yeah--I wouldn't mind seeing Tristan if he haunts this place.] Tails agreed.

    "So, what kinds of music do they play?" Dawn asked as people started arriving in the courtyard.

    "They play arrangements of classical melodies transcribed for band, songs that the Beaumonts would've heard in concerts, sacred tunes, songs from musicals, movie and TV themes, and most recently, video game themes." Brock explained. "So a little of everything."

    A click and a whir got Ash's attention as he settled in a chair overlooking the gazebo. "Thanks..." he replied as he basked in the cool air, unaware that the fan cooling him was actually a Pokemon.

    "I could use some cool air myself after all this walking." Dawn agreed. As if in response to her request, the fan flew over to her seat with a giggle...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 79b: Get Your Rotom Running! (part 2)

    "This must be the bakery..." Ash mused as the group arrived in a large open kitchen some time later.

    "Not just that, but there's training grounds outside..." Brock pointed out a sign leading outside that read "Training Grounds--This Way".

    He noticed throngs of people arriving in the bakery. "Looks like there's a Gateau making class going on..."

    "You do that, we're gonna go train for our next matches!" With that, Ash and Dawn hurried off as Brock located a vacant workstation that overlooked the hallway.

    After a few moments, four of the bakers arrived "Good afternoon, and welcome to the Platin Bakery!" the chief baker began. "This is where we make our famous Old Gateau from the same recipe Ms. Beaumont would've used 130 years ago."

    "For those of you with allergies, don't worry--the recipe is easily adaptable for gluten, milk, and egg allergies." another baker assured those working in the kitchen and the onlookers watching outside.

    Thank Arceus none of the clan has food allergies... Brock thought as a third baker went to assist those with allergies.

    "Take a look at the kitchen for a moment..." Another baker made a grand gesture to the kitchen. "What do you notice is missing?"

    "There's no mixer anywhere." Brock confidently replied.

    "Exactly!" the baker smiled. "The first mixers were still twenty years away when the Beaumont family lived here, so Ms. Beaumont simply used a whisk when making the Gateau--the same way we do it over a hundred years later."

    "Now then..." the chief baker began. "You might notice an unusual ingredient at your workstation...anyone want to guess what it is?"

    "Espresso powder!" a girl guessed.

    The chief baker smiled. "The espresso works to elevate the flavors in much the same way as vanilla extract, and many millions of fans agree--it adds more of a flavor than vanilla extract. That, and Mr. Beaumont appreciated the coffee flavor."

    Memo to self--do some more research on the Beaumont family back at the library. Brock reminded himself as he followed along with the chief baker's instructions. They sound like they were interesting people worth telling a few true tales about.


    "Okay! Try to hit Tintri with a Flamethrower!" Ash instructed Diddy.

    [Catch me if you can!] Tintri giggled as he nimbly darted away from the fireballs that rained around the training grounds.

    After a few moments of watching Tintri dodge fireballs, Ash gasped as a fireball missed Tintri and the safety barrier and streaked towards what he thought was a broken lawn mower. "Oh no!"

    Tintri braced himself for an explosion, but heaved a relieved sigh as he and Ash went to check the lawn mower. [That was a close one...]

    "The good news is, Diddy missed that old mower by inches--but let's check it just to be sure." Ash suggested as he examined what he thought was a lawn mower.

    He did not expect the mower to come alive! "WAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!!" Ash's panicked scream echoed across the sprawling grounds.

    "EEEEYAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Dawn's scream came in reply from the other side of the grounds.

    Ash met Dawn at the middle of the grounds moments later. "You have a freaky encounter too?" Ash asked, a note of fear in his voice.

    "Yeah--I was having Lola practice Dizzy Punch, and I saw what I figured was a fan running on the porch leading outside." Dawn explained. "Lola was getting cold, so I turned it off. We practice for a few more minutes, then I give Lola a break while I go to work with Kori. Minutes after I told Kori to try a Bubblebeam, the fan turned back on by itself and blew the bubbles everywhere!"

    "That is weird..." Ash mused before a whir got his attention. "But not half as weird as that smiling lawn mower!"

    "Quick! Back inside!" Dawn led Ash and the Pokemon inside the house and up the stairs to a laundry room.

    "I think we lost the lawnmower..." Ash wheezed as the group collected themselves. "Should we find Brock and tell him and the others in the bakery what's going on?"

    Dawn swallowed hard as she watched one of the washing machines transform into a Rotom like being. "I have a bad feeling about this...."

    "RUN!!!!" Ash called, seconds before the Rotom fired a Hydro Pump at them.

    Dawn was relieved to hear two elevator dings as an elevator opened up in the hallway. "In here! it's going down!"

    [We lost a Rotom...we lost a Rotom...] Tintri nervously sang along with the elevator music. [He's not gonna find us....cause we're safe in here...]


    Dawn checked the hall when the group arrived on the first floor. "Okay...the coast is clear!"

    She checked the map of the grounds "The food storage and fridge area of the bakery is on this floor, so we should find Brock here."

    She gasped when she saw Fan Rotom. "Here we go again..."

    The group ran as fast as they could into the refrigeration area, getting Brock's attention. "Wow...you guys look like you've run a mile!"

    "You'd be tired too if you had a possessed lawnmower and a fan coming after you!" Ash wheezed.

    "That only happens in the movies, Ash." Brock assured Ash as he removed his finished Gateau from the refrigerator.

    Tarina, however, noticed the refrigerator had become Frost Rotom! Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

    "Huh?" Brock whirled around long enough to see Tarina's Disarming Voice send Rotom flying out of the fridge, dazed. "That little thing was what was chasing you two?" he asked Ash and Dawn.

    "Rotom, the plasma Pokemon. Its electric-like body can enter some kinds of machines and take control in order to make mischief." Ash's Pokedex explained.

    "That explains why it was chasing us..." Dawn mused. "It just wanted to play!"

    "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" Brock sternly asked the Rotom as it came to.

    [I didn't mean to hurt you, honest!] the Rotom pleaded. [I jus' wanted to play with ya!]

    The stern look on Brock's face softened. "Well, if you wanted to be helpful, you could try possessing a Pokedex..."

    [Oh, that sounds fun!] the Rotom giggled. [I'll keep that in mind!]

    Ash pictured what a Pokedex Rotom would look like, and giggled. "That would be rather interesting...but you'd have to be nice to any trainer that owned you, okay?"

    [Oh, I would!] the Rotom smiled. [I'd be their bestest pal ever!]

    "Well, I'll hold you to that promise." Brock smiled at the thought of a Pokedex Rotom before remembering his Gateau. "Anyone want to try my attempt at the Old Gateau?"

    "Let's head to the dining room, and we'll try it there." Dawn suggested, smiling all the while as the Rotom possessed a cabinet music box in the hall, making it play the song "Funiculi, Funicula" to welcome the group to the dining room...

    To Be Continued...
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    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Episode 80: A Whole New World of Fantasy

    "Any news on when Byron will be back?" Ash asked as he joined Dawn in a TV lounge, where Dawn was watching the local news report.

    "Nope..." Dawn replied. "I did find out that Barry has won his third Ribbon; and Nando has won his fifth Miracle Jewel." A split scene of Barry and Nando accepting their respective prizes appeared on the screen to emphasize her point.

    Coordinators and minstrels, take note! The next Pokémon Contest and Fantasy Stage will take place in Chocovine Town. the announcer reported before the TV cut to commercial.

    Dawn made a note of the location in her PokeNav. "I'm gonna enter that contest...Stormy hasn't had a turn in a Contest in some time."

    "Well, if you need me, we'll be training in the yard for our match." Ash replied before getting up and starting for the entrance to the yard.

    "I'll come with you!" Dawn was not far behind Ash. "Eventually I'll need to get Satomi ready for her debut as a Gardevoir."

    She looked down at the opal ring on her left hand. "That, and I wonder what Satomi looks like now that I can induce her Mega form..."


    "Satomi, come on out!" Dawn heaved a Poke Ball skyward, revealing the beautiful humanoid Pokemon in the yard. Ash was nearby, observing Diddy heaving fireballs at steel targets. Brock was in another corner, observing the training going on while Tarina and Tintri romped in a patch of grass.

    What is it? Satomi asked as she formed in the yard. Do you want to use me in the Contest instead?

    "No...Dawn replied. "May I...have the honor of inducing you? Just so I can finally see you as Mega Gardevoir?"

    Of course. Satomi replied. She struck a reverent pose in preparation for the transformation. When you are ready.

    Dawn nodded, and held her left hand skyward. Leishu shun ji, lei si...

    The others watched in awe as Satomi was engulfed in a rainbow light. She emerged with her gown now longer and wider, resembling a bridal gown. Her hair was shorter and more tightly curled.

    Tarina noticed that there were now two horns in the center of Satomi's chest, extending to either side. [How come the spikes in Satomi's chest look different?] she asked.

    "Here..." Ash showed Tarina a picture of Mega Gardevoir in his Pokedex.

    "The horns on Mega Gardevoir's chest are said to be a physical manifestation of the Pokémon's heart." the Pokedex explained. "It is able to use tremendous psychic power now that it is open."

    "That means that the love between Dawn and Satomi is so strong, it manifests as Mega Evolution." Brock explained to Tarina. "Ash will eventually be able to do the same thing with Diddy and Erin."

    Dawn was just as amazed at the Mega Gardevoir before her. "Satomi...you look beautiful!"

    This power... Satomi smiled. It's amazing! I feel like I could defeat a thousand of Team Galactic's forces--Cyrus and Team Galactic can do their worst!

    Everyone laughed at Satomi's warrior-like pose. "Since she evolved, Satomi can use Fairy-type moves." Ash explained, showing Dawn that the moves Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast were now on Satomi's known move list.

    This gave Dawn an idea. "Satomi, use Dazzling Gleam!"

    Satomi happily obliged by creating sparkling rainbow fireworks around the yard, spurring applause and perfect 10 cards from Dawn's other Pokemon. "If that doesn't max out the meter in the Appeal competition, I don't know what will!" Brock raved as he applauded.

    "Let's not forget the choice of two Spectacular Talents." Ash agreed. "Dawn would still be showered in hearts!"

    [Can I take part in a Contest? Please?] Tarina begged.

    Brock just smiled at Tarina's excitement. "If we comes across one that doesn't conflict with a Fantasy Stage, I'll consider it."

    "Speaking of competitions..." Dawn mused. "What is it you actually do in the Fantasy Stage? I know you have to perform a suitable tale for the audience..."

    "Actually, there are two performances." Brock replied. "In the Creative Performance, each minstrel is given a tale type and list of components only they know about, and isn't shown to anyone else. You then have to build a story or a song out of this list that makes sense--the more things from the list you use, the better."

    He went on. "So for example, I may have to try to make an epic myth about a courageous minstrel; and my unique list of components might be a great war, a quest, an infamous judge, a dangerous villain, a tournament and a mighty feat."

    "That sounds easy..." Dawn mused.

    "It's not as easy as you think..." Brock warned. "The Free Performance is simply the minstrels telling any tale from their repertoires that they wish. The minstrel with the best score at the end of both events, wins."

    Tarina, meanwhile, asked Satomi [So, what is it that you do in a Contest?]

    First, the coordinators and their Pokemon are introduced to the audience--this is the opening parade of coordinators. Satomi began. The first event is the Visual competition. Each coordinator goes to a backstage room, where they each get a big box full of accessories. They are allowed up to five of these to dress up their Pokemon according to a theme. The best looking Pokemon that fits the theme, wins.

    [Cool!] Tarina was impressed.

    Next is the Dance competition, where you dance to a song you and your master agree on. Satomi went on. But the dancing platform is intelligent--it can reward you for doing well, or penalize you for doing badly. If you mess up too much, the music will stop, and your dance is over.

    Tarina shuddered at this. Finally is the Appeal competition. Satomi explained. This is the one you really have to train for. Each coordinator will show off their Pokemon's moves to the judges and the crowd over a series of five rounds. You can take advantage of an opponent's move to build a combo, but your opponents can also do likewise. The coordinator with the highest overall score, wins.

    Just then, Ash noticed Nurse Joy approaching the group. "Yes?"
    "I just wanted to let you know that if you want to challenge Byron, he is back at the Gym now." Nurse Joy replied.

    "All right!" Ash cried. "Badge number six, here we come!"

    To Be Continued...

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