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Pokemon Stars of the Global Stage (SU--rated PG)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by FlamingRuby, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    The Premise:

    In Unova (and elsewhere) Pokémon Musicals are some of the hottest entertainment, a spectacle where human and Pokémon perform together to tell some of the world's best known fairy tales and adventure stories, as well as lesser known fairy tales and stories inspired by fairy tales.

    Those that have traveled to Unova to see the musical describe it as "the show of all shows." In addition to music dancing, and acting, many musicals feature martial arts, acrobatics, stage combat and stage archery, and even live Pokemon (even if they don't play an active role in the show).

    To participate in the Musicals, one signs up to audition at a theater, then auditions to determine what kinds of roles they are suited for, as well as chemistry with others. Groups of people can audition together, and then have their role types determined separately.

    Role types only have to be determined once--the information is then shared among the other theaters in the world. A performer is not squarely set within their determined role type--they may be asked to play roles outside their role type; if the Musical requires it.

    Performers (participants in the Musical Challenge) earn Star Pins for a Spotlight Button if they do well in a performance--those that earn a Star Pin in every theater in a region (which can be anywhere from eight to sixteen depending on the region) go on to perform in the Grand Musical or the Grand Revue (depending on which version of the challenge you're on) during the Pokémon League.

    For the most part, boys, girls, and Pokemon share the stage together in the Musical. But there is a girls only (and those that identify as female) subset of the Musical called the Pokemon Revue, which is a separate challenge that follows the same rules as the Musical.

    With the growing popularity of the Musical (and its sister challenge the Revue), people in other regions have requested, begged and pleaded for the musical to come to other regions. This year, Champion Lance has announced that Kanto will be the first region outside Unova to receive the Pokemon Musical and the Pokemon Revue as journey options, for those trainers that don't want to try for Badges or Ribbons.

    You play the role of an aspiring performer setting out on Kanto's inaugural Musical Challenge--What ups and downs await you on your road to superstardom? Will you make friends, or bitter enemies? Will you become one of the musical's many stars, or will you be relegated to MyTube videos?

    What to Expect on this Adventure:

    The RP is broken up into episodes--each episode is a different show you will be performing (so Pallet Town is one episode, Viridian City is an episode, and so on) There are sixteen possible theaters in Kanto you can perform in, and you need at least eight Star Pins to join the Grand Musical/Grand Revue.

    Most of the time, an episode will play out in a standard fashion--you arrive in a location, go to the theater and learn what show you will be performing there. Auditions will take place offscreen, but the players will be given roles based on what their strongest role type is (determined at the start of the challenge)

    While I have all the scripts for the show, I will be feeding the players their lines so the characters know what they are (and how the songs go)

    There will typically be three rehearsals for a show, and then you perform it. Those that perform their roles the best get Star Pins.

    You are more likely to get Star Pins if:

    --you play the best known role
    --you say the show's best known line
    --do well singing
    --pull off a dance, fight scene or act very well
    --You satisfy a Patron Challenge

    While most performances are straightfoward enough, you may get a Patron Challenge--the Gym Leaders and some other prominent characters count as Patrons, and they may ask you do something specific during the show (so for example, Brock may challenge you to play an instrument during the show during the Pewter City episode). If you satisfy the Patron Challenge, that goes towards your Star Pin score.

    In between parts of a performance and on the road, you are free to explore town or explore the area--you may find Pokemon to catch or unlock a sidequest.

    Once an episode ends, Star Pins will be awarded, and a leaderboard will be posted. Those that get at least eight Star Pins go on to the Grand Musical/Grand Revue during the Indigo League, where Lance is your Patron. His challenge is highly challenging, but worth your while.

    Those that do well are crowned Grand Performers--a title they hold for life.

    To join in, sign up with the following info:

    Character's name:

    Character's age (anywhere from age 12 to 17 is fine)

    Character's physical appearance:

    Character's personality:

    Character's known history:

    Character's Pokémon (if any--any of the 890 known Pokémon are okay to use, within reason. Legendaries are only allowed if you can come up with a good backstory as to how you got it):

    Character's talents (do they sing well, dance well, play an instrument, act well, etc?)
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2020
  2. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Waifu Material Staff Member Moderator

    Hi! Welcome to the RPG Section.

    First of all, I want to direct your attention to the rules. Located over here. This will give you all the basic dos and do nots of the section.

    The plot for your Roleplay is only sitting at 198 words which is well below the minimum of 400 for Roleplay plots. It is probably also in your best interest as the Game Master to keep the personality and history sections separate, as each needs to be a minimum of 100 words on their own. Also, a discussion thread cannot be in the same thread as the sign-ups --- as this thread is merely to get people to join in your roleplay. Discussion will follow once the slots are filled.

    If you're able to make the edits to the roleplay, you'll be all set! Happy RPing and again, welcome to the section. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. c:

    - Hydrangea
    FlamingRuby likes this.

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