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Pokemon Starter CLUB!

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This Club Was Approved By:psiUmbreon

This club is for the lovers of Pokemon Starters.Like Bulbasaur,Charmander,Squirtle, and all the rest including their evolutions!So, if you wanna join....there is only one thing you have to do.......Tell me your favorite Starter!Or their evolutions


No Bumping
No Double Posts
No Cussing
No Swearing
No Bad Junk

Club Owner: ~Hanatchi~-Cyndaquil----Banner Maker :)
Club Co-Owner: Flareon22-Treecko
Club Co-Owner 2: Total Shadow-Mudkip

1.Torchic23- Torchic
2.Poocool- Tododile
3.Zapdos Breeder- Cyndaquil
4.Pikachulover- Mudkip
5.tassy- Chickorita
6.Lucky Clover- Squirtle
7.emerald scizor- Cyndaquil
8.IceDragon- Charmader-<----Banner Maker :)
9.Mudkipluv- Mudkip
10.mvcr4- Tododile
11.Yoshi00- Cyndaquil
12.Capt. Squirtle- Squirtle
Owners And Co-Owners are the only 1s allowed to make SUBJECTS.....Got It?Now GO!GO my starter lovers!
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Earth Trainer
Can I join,

I like all starters, but I guess I would have to go for the amazing Treecko.
Nice pick! Hes my second fav.!Thanku for joining the club...u wana be Co-Owner???Anyways WELCOME!!


Earth Trainer
I would love to be co-owner, thanks. I have always loved Treecko and I am in the middle of trying to breed the ultimate Treecko.
Ha.....lol...good luck...my fav is Cyndaquil if your wonderin..Thankyou for being Co. now we can get this club movin..I have a TOPIC!!!!

Lets talk about whose your 2nd fav. pokemon starter and most fav starter pokemon.



gee that's swell
I'll join!My fave. is Torchic[well duh] I also like Cyndiquil and Charmander.but Mudkip is so cute![I just can't choose]Anyways starters are awsome
So ur fav is Torchic?Righteous!I will ad ya up to members list

Total Shadow

I'll join! (Can I be Co-owner 2 if you have a free space?) I like Mudkip the best.


Better then you
I would like to join too. My favorite starter would have to be Cyndaquil. And for my second fav it is of course Charmander.
WOW!!This is great! LOL alot of people joining!!WELCOME ALL NEW COMERS!!

Total Shadow

Thank you, Typhlo. I like Mudkip (and Totodile) because Mudkip is cute and Totodile is hyper, and they're both waters!
Yeah .....i like all starters...except, *psssstt iwill tell you* its, its,
.......lol.....my third fav. is prob........Bulbasaur


Better then you
No, Typlo stated in the top post that you can talk about all starters and their evolvutions. So in this case Croconaw does count as a starter.(sorry if I sounded rude)
LOL!!WOW you read the first post???LOL gj..anyways IM BACK...
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