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Pokemon Stereotypes

Black Murder Heavangelon

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According to Wikipedia, Pokemon began in 1995 in Japan and soon became one of the most popular games of Nintendo, only behind the Mario franchise. To put that in perspective, Pokemon has been around for 14 years.

However, in those 14 years, Pokemon has gained some negative attention, mainly from countries like America. If you ever told any of your peers that you play/watch Pokemon, you will most likely be stared down at.

This thread is to discuss your opinions on the common stereotypes of Pokemon, many of them probably originate from your Elementary School (if you're as old as I am) and how you feel about them.

"Pokemon is for kids"
-This is a game for all ages.

"Pokemon is (homosexuality)"
-I've seen girls play these games too.

"What's your favorite pokemon? Pikachu?"
-This one irritates me the most.

"Who's the strongest? Mewtwo?"
-This one irritates me as well.

Some of these are mainly ones i here from some students in my school. Yet, they put down pokemon as if it were Barney. Kids play the games, true, but adults can play these games too.

So, what are your thoughts/opinions on such stereotypes? It is clear that the common one is how Pokemon is for kids, but be sure to tell us other negative things you've heard about Pokemon.
I, personally, have never been taunted so. But, occasionally, you meet a trainer that meets these stereotypes perfectly.... >_< That kid gave Pokemon players a bad name....


Yeah, tis true. The occasional person who actually fits into the stereotypes exist at my school. Although, there are a lot of everyday people playing it as well, so not many people call each other out on it. Also, it doesn't help that my parents don't realize that adults play video games >.<
I think most of these stereotypes stem from the Pokemon anime. Granted, I haven't actually watched the anime in years, but...
People will usually consider it a "kiddy cartoon", and since cartoons tend to be geared towards children, they will think that Pokemon is geared toward children..so it kinda makes a pattern.

I guess people consider the games childish too, because it seems like an easy concept. Capture a whole bunch of monsters, and "be the very best!". It does seem kind of...juvenile. But of course, most of these people probably aren't aware of how intense Pokemon can actually get, aside from just collecting them all.


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Some people stereotype it, but i have ceased to care. Since i have seen people older than me embrace it, the whole Pokemon is for kids thing is absolute bull. i have, however, on a number of occasions had to deal with the irritating people..but they are irritating, most often, in all respects, not just these.


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actually, the show is pretty much the entire reason that its made fun of. that show IS directed towards little kids, while the games arent directed towards any age group. actually, if someone thinks the game is dumb, try explaining EV's and IV's to them, and theyll see how much strategy is put into this game.


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The answer to all your taunting problems:

Don't tell anyone.

You win!


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I don't care anymore. I just talk freely about it. Besides, I'm sixth form so there's really n one older than me to taunt me about it.

I also hate the stereotyping of Luvdisc as a pathetic, puny, worthless excuse for a batling pokemon.

Oh, wait...
Well, where I live.Pokemon is really hyped here. But most of the stuff is pirated(I import the real deal). And my nephews are crazy about pokemon as much as I am.But a lot of people make a LOT of lies, Pokemon over lv.100, magid, shizard, mewthree, that kind of crap. I always tell them helpful things though


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Strangely enough, I got more steam when I was into Digimon than into Pokémon... Mainly because some people I knew played the games (only a couple: I live in a small town, and besides me I think there were like, 5 more people that had GameBoys at school). This was around the year 2000. I used to think I was the only one who watched the anime, until one day, I mentioned something about it and people around me knew what I was talking about and even added details... Hehe, closet fans. And then there were those sticker cards that everyone was collecting... But that's about it.

Nowadays, when I say I'm into Pokémon, unless I'm with past fans, I still get some odd looks until I say "the games and the movies, not the show". And even then, I feel I'm kind of being looked down on. Sad, really...

Crystal Clair

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"What's your favorite pokemon? Pikachu?"
-This one irritates me the most.

"Who's the strongest? Mewtwo?"
-This one irritates me as well.
Still stuck in gen 1, eh.

Back in middle school, this kid I knew from elementary school who didn't like me much told me "Pokemon is gay"
I asked him to elaborate.
"I saw a picture of Ash and Brock having sex on the internet."
"You mean you were looking at Pokemon porn!?"
"N-no I wasn't. I just happened to see it."

Still though, at least that time he had a reason for thinking Pokemon was gay and not just calling it gay because it "just is"

I also hate the whole mindset that there are only 150 Pokemon and that everyone is stuck in gen 1. I don't like gen 1 much because it's too mainstream, old and I'm sick of it. At least gen 2 is a bit fresh.