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[Pokemon] Suicunes disapearence

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by encerchris, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter

    The story
    It has been 4 months since the legendary Pokemon Suicune was last sighted, and the lakes and rivers in all regions have been growing dirtier then ever. Stories are going around the Pokemon world that Suicune had died, or that one of the evil teams had captured it. People are worried, because drinking water is growing short. If no one finds Suicune, everybody in the Pokemon world is doomed

    Now, in Unova's capital Castelia city, the Pokemon researchers have come together, and have made a plan. They will send a group of 15 children in the age of 12-18 to go search for Suicune. There will be three children from each region, each choosing a starter Pokemon. They will get basic supplys with them, and have to learn from there environment. They will need to learn how to cook berries, and how to make poffins. They will need to learn how to start a fire, etc... The supplys they get are:

    -A tent for each trio from a region.
    -3000 PokeDollars for every member
    -A special bottle, that makes drinkable water from sunlight.
    -A suitcase where clothes can be put in, because there isn't enough room in the bags for clothes
    -5 PokeBalls
    -5 GreatBalls
    -5 UltraBalls
    -1 MasterBall, for when they happen to find a legendary Pokemon

    Also, the groupmembers can bring 1 item from home, for example a MP3 player or (if they are still childish) A Teddy Bear. If this is an item that uses Electricity, the proffesor from your region will make it so it is powered by sunlight.

    Meanwhile, in the regions the children are searched. They will get a special letter, in wich is told about their trip. Everything is payed by the regions governement.

    The Pokemon that the proffesors will give:
    -Bulbasaur= reserved by deh74
    -Charmander=Reserved by aloasa
    -Squirtle= Still free
    -Chikorita= Reserved by Keldminrachi91
    -Cyndaquill= Reserved by Encerchris
    -Totodile= Still free
    -Treecko= Still free
    -Torchic= Still free
    -Mudkip= Still free
    -Turtwig= Still free
    -Chimchar= Still free
    -Piplup= Still free
    -Snivy= Still free
    -Tepig= Still free
    -Oshawatt= Still free

    Pokemon can be reserved before the SU is posted

    SU form:

    Charactar name:
    Age: [between 12-18]
    Item taken from home:
    Physical discription:
    Personal discription:
    Starter Pokemon:
    Nickname of the Pokemon:
    Personal appearence of the Pokemon:

    -All SPPF rules
    -No bunnying
    -If you aren't doing something for 3 days, you are banned

    GM'S Sign Up
    Charactar name: Daryl Manson
    Nickname: Dary
    Region: Johto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Item taken from home: Ipod with lot's of music
    Physical discription: 5"6' Tall, Firered hair, Alot of muscles, and "Manga-ish" eyes. He has glasses but doesn't wear them
    Personal discription: He is very nice, and likes people. He is kind of a nerd, but he is good with the girls
    History: He was born in a rich family, and because of that he didn't have such a spectacular youth. Sit down and Shut up, that were the rules. This is why he is quite quit, but he is very helpfull. He us a very big Metalhead and listens to almost any metal. His favourit bands are Iron Maiden and Bullet For My Valentine
    Starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil
    Nickname of the Pokemon: Mike
    Personal appearence of the Pokemon: He is jumpy and likes to scare people with the fire on his back.

    The SU's can be as long or short as you want!
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
  2. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    Can I reserve the spot for Chikorita?
  3. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter

    Reseverd for you:D
  4. aloasa

    aloasa The sound of drums

    can the starter be shiny? because in that case I reserve Charmander, if not then I would like Oshawott please
  5. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter

    Ofcourse it can be shiny! i will reserve Charmander for you:)
  6. aloasa

    aloasa The sound of drums

    ok, so should I make my OC now?
  7. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter

    Ehmm... i don't know what that means...
  8. aloasa

    aloasa The sound of drums

    My characther I mean, but I'll do it right now
    Charactar name: Agustin Hernandez
    Nickname: AG
    Region: Kanto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Item taken from home: Black Laptop with the Avenged Sevenfold logo on the top
    Physical discription: Black short hair with black eyes, wears black sneakers, black jeans, a red T-shirt with the words "Not ready to die" in black, a black open vest, black gloves, a black cap with the avenged sevenfold logo on it and finally some sunglasses
    Personal discription: Very cheerful and fun to have around, but an ******* at times, can easily make friends with Dark types and Ghost types but hates Bug type pokemon.
    History: His parents die when he was 8 by bug pokemon as they were defending him, he has live alone for a long time but has managed to live a very healthy life
    Starter Pokemon: Charmander(Shiny)
    Nickname of the Pokemon: Avion
    Personal appearence of the Pokemon: Very confident in himself but a little clumsy, likes to travel outside of it's pokemon

    Like this?
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2013
  9. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter

    Accepted! I like how he is a metalhead (i suppose)! but i miss some parts:
    and is also miss:
    If you alter that, you'll be accepted
  10. Keldminrachi91

    Keldminrachi91 Just call me Cooki

    I have some questions to ask you.
    1) can we include moves for the Pokémon?
    2) What/how many moves could they have (Lv up moves, TM/HM, Egg, DW-exclusive, etc)
    3) Can our Pokémon have their DW Ability (even if it hasn't been released yet?)
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
  11. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter

    Well, you can include moves, but it's not neceseary. It can learn as many moves as you want, but only if they learn the move in the game.
    Eggs can be bredd ofcourse, but you need a second pokemon/ditto
    DW-s aren't allowed. Sorry...
  12. deh74

    deh74 Seine Majestät

    Could I reserve bulbasaur until I have time to make a detailed pay tonight?
  13. encerchris

    encerchris Epic Spriter


    Ofcourse you can make a detailed pay!
    i will reserve bulbasaur for you:)
  14. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    First of all, the plot for this is too short. It's just short of 300 words, when it should be at least 400 words. Also, you should be typing on Miscrosoft Word or using some kind of spellchecker, because you have a number of spelling mistakes that look very unprofessional.

    Guys, please keep in mind that Personality, Appearance and History each need to be at least 100 words. encerchris, this goes for you too - as the GM, you should be setting the example.

    If you want this RP to remain open, please read the RPG Rules and fic the issues I've pointed out. Thanks,
  15. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Character name: Joaquin Dyer
    Nickname: Joah
    Region: Hoenn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Item taken from home: Ipod, Laptop, Family Photo, Phone.
    Physical Discription: Joah is slightly tan and has brown hair with hot pink and blonde highlights. He has brown eyes that he sometimes thinks are ugly, but really they aren't and sparkle beautifully. He wears a tank top with a picture of the Hoenn beaches.For colder weather he wears a long sleeve striped shirt. Joah wears Khaki shorts and has two pairs of shoes. Sandals, and Sneakers. He also has multi colored skinny jeans for when the weather is colder, along with a winter coat that is red, white, and black. His accessories consist of a friendship bracelet, a watch, and sunglasses with green on the sides. For extremely cold weather he puts on earmuffs and a sock Mankey hat.

    Personal Description: Joah is very optimistic. He is very outgoing and friendly. He can be shy at first too. Though, being an aquarius the minute someone does something to him he rages, for a pretty long time. All the boys and girls back home said that he had a smile that could brighten anyone's day. He is bisexual. (If you don't like him being bi it's okay I just thought it was an interesting trait.)

    History: Joah was born on February 1st , In the Hoenn Region in Ever Grande City. It was kind of expensive to live there but is family could afford it. When he was 3 he encountered a wild Torchic and watched it quietly behind a rock. It walked up to him and he fed it some bread. On that day, he knew he loved all pokemon. When he was 5 he was with his dad on the beach when his dad left to go on his boat to go fishing for the family, being so young Joah didn't really care and just sat waiting for his dad to return. His dad never did return. His mother was heartbroken and took 2 years to overcome him disappearing. Joah does not know where his dad is even to this day. When he turned 8 he fell off a dock onto three Sharpedo. Two of them didn't bother him but swam away in surprise and fright. Joah was scared the third was going to attack him but instead, it went closer to him and Joah put his hand on its head. It locked eyes with him then swam away. Joah climbed out of the water smiling. When he turned 10, he finally got his first pokemon. He was having a hard decision. He spun around fast and chose the Torchic. When the ball opened, the Torchic looked at him with tearful eyes and leaped into his arms. Joah realized this was the Torchic he had encountered years before. It had not even evolved since that. The professor explained that he had watched Joah encounter it and had caught it then, and had been saving it for him. When he turned 12, he received a letter from the region's government. He is opening it currently.

    Starter Pokemon: Torchic
    Nickname of the Pokemon: Tater Hot Tot
    Personal appearance of the Pokemon: Tater is much like any Torchic, except that he has a magenta beak.

    Sorry if this is short or anything, I tried my best.
  16. aswertyuiol

    aswertyuiol Cold turkey.

    Charactar name: Gracidea Kazin (Catt-zin)
    Nickname: Grace/Flower
    Region: Sinnoh
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Item taken from home: Pokemon Doll, Smoke Ball, Gracidea Flower

    Physical discription: Many people associate Grace with the legendary Pokemon Mew, due to her short, pinky-white hair, baby-blue eyes and very feline build. She is slim and slightly shorter than average, about 4'4". She also has a very innocent, harmless exterior but is short-tempered and quite frightening at times. She generally wears summer clothes and small dresses due to Floaroma Town being summery all year round, although she prefers to wear jeans.

    Personal discription: Grace enjoys living in Floaroma Town because all the Pokemon at the Valley Windworks she has befriended are always fun to play with, although her parents say she should make human friends. Her grandparents also live there. Grace sometimes goes to Hearthome to watch a contest, as a treat. She works for her Uncle, the Honey man who lives in Floaroma Field and she helps deliver Sweet Honey to the residents of Floaroma Town. Sometimes she sneaks a jar to the Windworks to share with her friends Buizel, Pachirisu and Bidoof, but her parents said she couldn't take them with her to Unova. Grace doesn't understand why.

    History: Grace was born in Eterna City on 14 July. Her parents couldn't decide what to call her so they went to holiday in Floaroma to talk to their friends. Their friends said that because their families had always lived in Floaroma and so she should be named with something to do with flowers. Grace's parents spoke to their parents (Grace's grandparents) and they gave Grace's parents a Gracidea Flower and she was named Gracidea after the flower that could change the legendary Shaymin's appearance. When Grace was two they moved to Floaroma because Grace was upset by the Old Chateau and had been suffering from insonmia due to her nightmares about it.

    Starter Pokemon: Turtwig (Male)
    Nickname of the Pokemon: Razor
    Personal appearence of the Pokemon: Razor is a normal-looking Turtwig with a nick in his left head leaf thing. He is very loyal to Grace and they are the best of friends.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2013
  17. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    Since it's been nearly two weeks and no changes have been made, I'm closing this. Please read the RPG Rules before posting another one.

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