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[Pokemon Sun/Moon] - Looking for Sticky Web Cutiefly + breeding question


New Member
Hey yall! First post here (literally just created an account lmao), would be appreciated if i could be pointed out any errors/mistakes i make on the creation of this thread. Thanks! Anyways, onto the post in itself:

Me and my girlfriend are both playing Pokemon Moon together, and she would like to breed for a competitively viable Cutiefly. But she wants it to have the move Sticky Web, which apparently is an egg move only in US/UM. So i decided, at her request (since she isn't the best with handling forums) to come and ask if anyone has one of these Cutieflies, and is willing to trade it! Additionally, i have another question regarding breeding: given this move is only breedable in US/UM, does this mean that even if she gets the Cutiefly, she won't be able to pass down the move by breeding in Moon? I believe this to be the case, but would still like to ask, since if this is true then i probably won't have the need to trade. Thanks in advance for the help!


Shedinja Trainer
Unfortunately, any Ultra exclusive egg moves can't be passed down when bred in Sun or Moon, so your girlfriend will not be able to breed more later. If you're still needing one, I am a very capable breeder. I take pride in my breeding skills, and have a few rare ball choices for Cutiefly, if that's something that interests you. If, for some reason, you still want one, feel free to let me know via PM or by replying here on this thread.