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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Psynergy, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. 20=-KSQYFS-YHK0R@K==

    Typos are bad ugh. E was an R
  2. Shadow Lucario 50

    Shadow Lucario 50 Shadow Pokemon

    There still seems to be a typo since it's rejecting the rescue password still. Check it twice over to make sure nothing else is wrong. :<
  3. 20=-KSQYFS-YHK0R@K==

    http://i.imgur.com/HTeIwd6.jpg (actual image is huge)

    One of these better work gah x.x
  4. Shadow Lucario 50

    Shadow Lucario 50 Shadow Pokemon

    Well, your dedication is rewarded!

  5. Passed out again, this time Isle of Light floor 8 :[


    I think this dungeon and the Heart Lake one are the only ones I actually have missions for, then it's just recruit the rest of the legends x.x
  6. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    Here you go, assuming you're still waiting on this.
  7. Yes, thank you! Hopefully I don't faint again now.
  8. weegeeizcool

    weegeeizcool Random Guy

    Please rescue me in Sand Dune of Spirits 9F.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2016
  9. weegeeizcool

    weegeeizcool Random Guy

    Unfortunately it won't let me send any thank-you mail since I'm a new member. :c
  10. weegeeizcool

    weegeeizcool Random Guy

    I need help. Someone rescue me please!
  11. Celebi2002

    Celebi2002 Rescuer

  12. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

  13. weegeeizcool

    weegeeizcool Random Guy

  14. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    For some reason, Miiverse currently isn't working for me, probably something to do with my internet, so I'll put the password down instead:

  15. weegeeizcool

    weegeeizcool Random Guy

    Won't pick up :c. Don't want to put it in again because of how torturous it is...
  16. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    Never mind then, self-rescued.

  17. Help needed, Red Point, floor -4. ○ are the double circles.

    =JKR+2C FJ703& 9○N1P-○
    7WQ-29X WXQQP1 SJ44NJT
    H8W8FC3 7K#P=0 W#R#MFC

    I don't have more tries to rescue myself :(

    EDIT: QR code: CbxewyIWEAIofze.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
  18. Celebi2002

    Celebi2002 Rescuer

    The code comes up as invalid so I can't rescue you.

  19. I checked again the code and it's fine. Maybe you wrote it wrong, remember, the "○" are the circle inside of another circle

    EDIT: I'll post the QR code when this website allow me to, wait a moment

    2nd EDIT: Here's the QR code CbxewyIWEAIofze.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016

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