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Pokemon Survivor

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AWWWWWW!!!! Why do people hate my pokemon?

Yuckie legendary, it's a super not an actual pokemon that requires hard work and love......... gosh people.

once again :(


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bye cacturne

Black Charizard

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Final Tally
;332;: 6
;151;: 5
;171;: 3
;197;: 1

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know rrreeeddd375 will be doing tallies for a while so dont get on his/her case about tallying when he/she starts...

Also *tear* we have hit ten thousand posts, its a great achievement, lets keep it up!

Enjoy your voting!

Rules and Heads of the Game

There will be around 15-25 pokemon at the beginning of every set. One by one they will be voted off, and you will have ONE vote PER ROUND. You'll be voting for your least favorite Pokemon in the round until the final two pokemon which you will then vote for one to lose or one to win. The one who beats out all the rest wins the set and gets added to the winners circle! The rules are no posting unless its a vote if you want to post something(other than your vote) EDIT the post you voted in, if you do not its spam, say who you vote for in the last round to lose or win or its considered a unknown vote and not counted, and dont change your vote. If you have any complaints plz pm me. Seeing as im in charge now sprites all around!
Hope you enjoy the game! - Black Charizard

Here are the Pokemon!

My Vote: ;151;

Voted Off
;222; ;194; ;203; ;332;

Current Winners Circle

Hall Of Fame Round 1

Hall Of Fame Round 2

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i vote
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