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Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoiler-Prone Area]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Kage-Pikachu, Jun 9, 2018.


Does this idea seem at all plausible to you?

  1. Nah

  2. Yep

  3. I'm a kangaroo

  1. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Happy Holidays! Staff Member Moderator

    I'm waiting to find out more for what it's worth. It's nice to have some things be a surprise.

    I like being off line sometimes as well, that said, as long as it isn't outside of the wild area, I'd be fine with it.
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  2. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    USUM disappointed people, but not this bad. Let's Go did too for some since they only had the original 151, Meltan and Melmetal.
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  3. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    Actually, I don't think I am completely right on this. I think they wanted to release the game when they could, so they might patch them in or something like that.

    Though that is unprecedented with Game Freak, they may just resort to that.
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  4. I wonder if Gamefreak would change it if there is much negative reactions?
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  5. Ariki

    Ariki Well-Known Member

    I predict all 153 Pokemon in LGPE will be made available in SwSh at the very least. Everyone who bought LGPE as their first game will want to be able to transfer forward to SwSh.

    Here’s hoping GF break tradition and create DLC (unlikely, but one can hope)
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  6. Mag Prime

    Mag Prime The Pokemon Avenger

    Well, it's true that huge companies are out to make money and the board members care more about the sales than a few dislikes on a youtube video. It's also true that game developers are individual people who are often video games fans themselves otherwise they wouldn't be in that position in the first place, and some of them do care about the quality of their games and people's opinions on it.

    Case and point, I'm sure the characters that made it into Smash were influenced by more than just sales. People have been asking for Banjo & Kazooie or whatever that guy's name is all year long and he made it in. Maybe it's a coincidence - I don't know much about the series but from what I can tell there haven't been any games featuring that character lately so it sounds like more of a popular demand situation. Sure, you can make the argument that as far as the DLC pack is concerned they can only make money from popular characters because the characters are the main product, but I'm sure Smash would have sold without Ridley or King K. Rool, yet they added them anyway. Who's to say that cutting pokemon out won't impact the sales? I'm a pretty hardcore fan and I'm having second thoughts about buying this.

    As to your other point about them not knowing what the dislike is about, well this gameplay trailer is where they first announce that pokemon are being cut and I'm sure other Pokemon Sw/Sh videos aren't receiving as many dislikes as this one so surely they can tell what it's about. I'm sure they expected it too, that's something they specifically left out of the directs and mentioned later... That wasn't an accident, they know they shat the bed.

    EDIT: The more I think about this the more annoying it is. The people who are gonna care the most are the people who have been collecting event pokemon, buying all the games, paying for pokemon Bank and throwing money at everything pokemon. They are basically spitting at the most hardcore fans and their excuse is that it's difficult. Well how about you stop wasting everyone's time on garbage like pokemon sleep.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
  7. Ducolamia

    Ducolamia SAYYYY WHAT???

    Really? I found Festival Plaza really funky and clunky. I honestly prefer a simpler system rather than an overly-complex Wifi-hub one. For online battles and such it should be an easy quick and go play. But with festival plaza you have to interrupt your gameplay, you can't access your PC within it, and the mini-games really don't interact with the other players a lot other than just gaining FC. And putting spare stuff like pokeballs you can already get in the game and maybe some clothes you don't have is kind of pointless. I'd much prefer just being able to see my friends in the overworld.

    There would have to be such a significant drop in sales for them to get the message. Other than that, they probably won't care. Keep in mind that gen 5 was the worst selling of the main pokemon games (granted they didn't have a remake) and we barely see stuff from that game implemented into newer ones minus some battle system changes that carries over and such.
  8. Ariki

    Ariki Well-Known Member

    I could see them doing this especially if Let’s Go Johto and DPPt remakes come this generation. That’s at least 200 Pokemon that potentially won’t be included in SwSh.
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  9. Ducolamia

    Ducolamia SAYYYY WHAT???

    I can't say for certain why exactly Banjo-Kazooie got in as those have been long awaited characters and it's entirely possible on their own merit that they were able to put into Smash. That and it opens the gateways for more Western characters to be in the roster. Back to Pokemon that is. I'm not too worn up about it because I've already experienced it before. I understand not having your favorites, but I doubt they're just getting rid of other pokemon forever. I do think they will have a return, but just not here. I also use new pokemon each run anyways so I'm not that upset about starting fresh. I like everything else so far and I'm willing to give the game a chance if it is still fun despite some inconveniences.

    I have no doubt they new this would upset people which is why they stated it months in advance so people could take it in. It's the same with Gen 5 and Let's Go. I remember even people here freaking out about that happening. In reality, people will see what they like, choose if they want to buy it, regroup, and move on. They pretty much got it out of the way so people could get everything out, clear their heads, and make a decision. However, I can't say how this will affect my experience until I see how big the dex is. If the dex is garbage, i'll complain, but if I think it's fair, I'll make that point thorough.
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  10. shadowF

    shadowF Well-Known Member

    The way I see it is that 50% of the Pokemon will be available in SWSH and the other 50% will be available in Diamond and Pearl remakes. Which means we will probably get Diamond and Pearl Remakes in 2020. Still makes Pokemon Home useless in my opinion, like I wont be able to transfer all of my buddies that have been with me through the years to SWSH and why would I transfer the same Pokemon if I can get them in SWSH already? (if they didn't have sentimental value of course).
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  11. Ariki

    Ariki Well-Known Member

    Having lived thru both a hard reset (Gen 2 - Gen 3) and soft reset (Gen 4 - Gen 5) I can survive this. Consider this a coming of age moment if you started in Gen 5 - Gen 7.
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  12. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    So no more news this month I guess?
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  13. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    This kinda derailed the hype train for me with Sword and Shield. Right as Masuda started being translated about Home, it felt like I was watching a car crash in slow motion. It was easy to figure out where they were going with the announcement, but I kept hoping that it would go in any other direction. What a bummer of an ending to a great Direct and fun Treehouse segment. It was hard to then pay attention to the next few segments for me!

    I started the games with Sapphire, so not being able to transfer from gen 2 to gen 3 didn't matter to me. I'm going to be disappointed to now not have some of my perennial team members stuck on the 3DS. I understand that the roster is getting bigger and bigger, which makes it hard to include everything, but that's part of what makes these games work. I love going around and have every NPC able to give me something or be important in some way. They've cultivated such a big world at this point that it's just kinda sad to think that there are limitations to this. I'd really rather wait longer for everything than get this game in November. It feels wrong that now they can have whole reveals about what Pokemon will be returning.

    While I know it probably won't go like this and this time next year we'll all be looking at the next gen 8 game, I would prefer a new strategy. While money will compel them otherwise, I'd highly prefer for 2020 to focus on having updates that bring new Pokemon to raids. Give us a national dex update or go the gen 7 route and run like Splatoon for a while. As the developers do whatever they need to on the old Pokemon, add them to the game. Games like Smash and Splatoon have really benefited from this constant roll-out of post-release content, especially to add longevity to the game, that I hope Pokemon does the same in this instance. I know they'll probably never update Sword and Shield and just use added older Pokemon as advertising to the next games, but I can only hope to be proven wrong here.
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  14. Ignition

    Ignition Wake me up when get to Sinnoh

    There’s always CoroCoro giving us the name of that Steel Type move. I don’t expect anything else tho
  15. Lord Godwin

    Lord Godwin The Lord of Darkness

    In theory there is still CoroCoro comming out soon...

    Is there a chance to get anything else from E3?
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  16. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair Reporting on-duty in Galar.

    Starter stats at Level 50:

    Scorbunny (Hardy Nature):


    Grookey (Adamant Nature):


    Sobble (Hardy Nature):

  17. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    At least the starters look like they won't be too slow like the Alola ones were. That is unless they pull a Litten on us and slow them down in their final evolution.
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  18. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    It's a safe bet that Coro Coro will do nothing but recap. We've had a lot of new info between the Pokémon Direct and E3. They have no reason to put new stuff into Coro Coro this month.
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  19. Kingudora

    Kingudora My favourite

    So loosely Scorbunny is a physical sweeper, Sobble is a special sweeper and Grookey has a little bit of everything, other than Sp. Atk.
  20. Mag Prime

    Mag Prime The Pokemon Avenger

    It's not exactly the same though. You couldn't trade your charmander from Red to Ruby, but you could get a one from FireRed and send it to Ruby. There has never been a mainline series game where you can catch all the pokemon in a single game but you could always trade them in from other games. Between Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, Colisseum and XD you could get all the gen 1-3 pokemon and bring them all in a single game. This is not gonna be possible with Sw/Sh.

    I don't know what exactly is the deal with gen 5, it's the only generation of pokemon I've ever skipped (until now) but from what I can tell, even though it was the first gen with no cross-gen evolutions and a focus on new pokemon you could still transfer the old pokemon to the game.

    As for Gen 4 I have no idea what you are talking about. You can bring all your pokemon from previous games, you can obtain all the pokemon from gens 1-4 AND it has an astounding number of cross-gen evos, probably more than any other gen, more than even the 2nd one iirc. If every gen received the same treatment as 4 I would be a happy fan.

    EDIT: In fact, I'd be happier if they said we can't transfer any pokemon to Sw/Sh but we can catch them all in-game.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019

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