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Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoiler-Prone Area]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Kage-Pikachu, Jun 9, 2018.


Does this idea seem at all plausible to you?

  1. Nah

  2. Yep

  3. I'm a kangaroo

  1. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    I'm going to throw my thoughts in to all this... I've been quiet on upcoming games especially I became staff quite a few years ago, this is partly as I didn't feel right doing so when I was staff, and I didn't feel like my thoughts where needed to be shared.

    You may notice my Avatar is a 3d human model, which I made back in 2013 for the Launch of X & Y. If you had been around during that Era, you may have seen that I had Signatures with same 3d art on it. (My gamer bar now sits where the art was, mostly as I was taking a break doing the art, and I never bothered to add more art back down there.) While the software I use (Daz Studio) is NOT the same Game Freak uses (3DS Max, Maya) , it uses the some of the same techniques for Character Animation. To put simply, all the software uses is a Bone System. For a Pokémon Fan, I suggest MMD or MikuMikuDance, given how many Pokémon Models there are.

    The Bone system will Let animators move the "Bones" to bend the model. This is quite simple to understand once you see it in action. Rotate the Left Shin Bone one way and the Left leg bends below the knee. This does mean that, you can use previously made animations for another character to use it one someone else.. Let's say make everyone walk like Team Skull. and when you see the Pokémon doing it, you'll start seeing the first limits of borrowing animations. They don't translate to non-human and barely to humanoid Pokémon.

    Most Pokémon aren't human Shape, which starts means new sets of Animations are needed for them. Sure, you can produce some animations that can be shared between a few families, but generally, you'll want to make most of the idle animations unique for that Pokémon. Producing one animation of these takes time, even if you're using a base to start of with. It takes me between 5 minutes and hour, just to Pose my characters usually with some presets, and have years of casual experience. (I usually also have to worry about Poke-through, where a body part pokes though outfit. And yes, the body parts you may be thinking of are somewhat commonly escaping their outfits.)

    So if anyone ask why can't they take people off other Projects: Have you seen a Programmer or an Accountant Animate? I have, it's better to have them back there they've been trained. As Most good animators are of a decent 2d artists as well, and I'm willing bet most of them are working on some aspect of the game. A good punch animation isn't just bringing your arm forward, it's knowing how to time it and play around with some stuff. I think I need to point you towards someone who's trained for it more than I did: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxO_ya-RmAXCXJCU54AxYFw

    Also We've not seen much of "Town" since it's announcement. Given that we had a news article last month, I don't think it's dead. I'm willing to bet it's a Side project such as HarmoKnight, Tembo and Pocket Card Jockey, where they did it their down time using the tools at the office.
  2. ballinamon

    ballinamon Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, the salt is real, I actually don't like the cut of the old Pokemon in new games idea, because you know, they are part of the franchise and the overall story of Pokemon. But regardless the game itself I don't have problems because I have the rule of only play with excluse new Pokemon of the region every gen and I haven't transfered Pokemon from old gen since 3-4 gen so for that I'm fine. I don't liked the Dynamax much, I have never been a fan of Gigant transformation thing, because I'm from the opinion that gigant transformation only works to hype who defeat it a gigant oponent plus seems all the Dynamax have is generic Max moves of each type. Isn't impressive. I would like more Mega instead of Dynamax.
  3. JohnLynch

    JohnLynch Well-Known Member

    Does this mean you won’t be getting the game?

    My initial reaction was pretty upset. Now though? I don’t really care that much. I was never going to use all 1,000 Pokémon. 400 is way more than I’ll use. So I might as well enjoy what is available this gen and save the others for the next one.
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  4. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Gaganga, Keeper of the Gates Impartial

    Amie and Pelago are both better than Refresh. Amie has stuff to do besides petting and feeding, and Pelago is a dream come true for level grinding massive amounts of Pokemon quickly.
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  5. TsengHyena

    TsengHyena Well-Known Member

    They were good in core games when had the ability to battle with the pokemon normally, but for jailed pokemon only being able to do that isn't really the same as battling with free pokemon.

    In a more general note; turns out SwSh is most disliked game at E3 when look at the videos like/dislike ratio. https://imgur.com/8ipwsSX
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  6. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Gaganga, Keeper of the Gates Impartial

    Ah yeah, I'm not denying that. I'm just saying they're actually good features that should be kept but seem unlikely at this point.
  7. Acer11

    Acer11 Well-Known Member

    A limit on which Pokemon will appear in Sword and Shield would be similar to how only the first 151 Pokemon, plus Meltan and Melmetal are programmed into Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! and are incapable of connecting to past games.
  8. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Gaganga, Keeper of the Gates Impartial

    Yeah, but we thought that was just going to be a Let's Go! thing since it was explicitly aimed at casual gamers while also serving as a 3D remake of the older regions.
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  9. Can we stop calling it Pokemon Jail already? It just makes you sound stuck up. There's a VERY easy way to avoid turning it into a jail for your Pokemon: Just don't send anything to it that can't be transferred the rest of the way to SwSh.
  10. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Gaganga, Keeper of the Gates Impartial

    No, because sooner or later, they'll cut support for Bank, and you'll have to have all your Pokémon transferred into Home to have a chance to see them in newer games.
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  11. TsengHyena

    TsengHyena Well-Known Member

    What do you do when you can't send them back to 3DS Games or keep them on the 3DS games, Bank support is cut, and there still isn't a game that supports transfer of the pokemon?

    Pokemon Jail is the real name of the app. I'm real confident in Gamefreak's ability to make sure all will show up, when some pokemon havent been found in the wild in entire generations.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  12. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Don't mess with the bull. You'll get the horns. Staff Member Moderator

    Enough with the Pokémon Jail talk. I don't mind it as a joke, but a little bit goes a long way. Cool it.
  13. Ultra Beast Lover

    Ultra Beast Lover Well-Known Member

    How do you think Oak's reacting to the news of the water bike, bet he's having a stroke.
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  14. Ulicies

    Ulicies Mild Monk

    You're absolutely right. I can't spend every day venting about this, but I still just feel so upset about it. I should just take the summer off from Pokemon to try to cool down.

    The only thing that could overcome how disappointed I feel is if GF significantly improves the Wild Area's NPC/Pokemon pop-in. Nothing would make me buy a Pokemon game faster than if the Wild Area evoked Jurassic Park, looking over the hills and seeing Pokemon roaming off in the distance. This was one of my dreams of what a Pokemon game could someday be. That, and Astral Chain levels of Pokemon overworld interaction.

    This was what I imagined when the montage reel in the E3 trailer showed Pokemon roaming around without the player character in sight. Then I see the E3 build and see how empty the whole landscape appears until you're practically running into NPC's and Pokemon. They're so close to realizing that dream it hurts.

    You just made me realize that when Game Freak shuts down Pokemon Bank, they will permanently cut off all compatibility behind the Switch... This may have been one of the more significant factors in planning for breaking off compatibility. They obviously don't want to maintain the Bank app/servers indefinitely.

    I loved Pelago and Pokeathlon because it gave us involved game-time with the 2D chibi sprites, which I love.

    Demanding that people stop using a silly phrase that they're free to do is even more stuck up in my book.

    Well then, I suppose they are not free to do it after all.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  15. Ultra Beast Lover

    Ultra Beast Lover Well-Known Member

    People can make the joke but after a while Pokemon Jail gets annoying, especially when it's made over and over again in the span of a few hours
  16. Ulicies

    Ulicies Mild Monk

    On principle I don't like it when people try to censor each other, but you're right, they were overusing it.

    But no joke, that is how I will think of Home for a very long time. Pokemon Prison, Pokemon Detention Center: Should Have Stayed in Alola, etc.

    It will be even worse when lots of fans not in the know will jump on transferring their Pokemon to Home, only to find out that the Pokemon can't be used in Sword and Shield. Then the Pokemon will just be stuck in the app until GF may or may not use them in future games, which if we have the TCG to go by, could take years. Some Pokemon haven't been cycled back into the current TCG in a decade.
  17. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Don't mess with the bull. You'll get the horns. Staff Member Moderator

    That's generally where I'm at too.

    Agreed. It'll be frustrating. Haven't seen some in a long time. Honestly wonder how they'll handle it apart from Home. That other Pokémon app, Pokémon Pass looks like their new version of events, which leaves out people whose phones are either too small and/or incompatible.
  18. Ignition

    Ignition Champion SZN

    I don’t see the harm in calling it Pokèmon Jail. Seems extra and I don’t see how a harmless word annoys you. Just an opinion though so I’ll just leave it there

    Anyway, I’m surprised we haven’t had any town names.
  19. Poke Trainer J

    Poke Trainer J Well-Known Member

    Nintendo / Game Freak said that Pokémon transferred to Pokémon HOME would still have an active role. I think what everybody wants is to be able to battle and trade with other players online through Pokémon HOME with Pokémon that are unable to be transferred to Sword & Shield. That would make the most logical sense given the current situation we're facing where advertisers outside of Japan wouldn't be forced to change the franchise's famous slogan: "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" I would like to hear anyone's arguments as to why battling and trading through Pokémon HOME online wouldn't work If it has the exact same graphics and gameplay as Sword & Shield minus the adventure.

    They already did confirm that there wasn't going to be any patches regarding transferring Pokémon to Sword & Shield yet they haven't ruled out paid DLC which leads to microtransactions and loot boxes as it's currently being investigated by the U.S. Government. I don't think it'd be wise for Nintendo / Game Freak to pursue a business model like EA just for one video game franchise which is becoming more shady each year. They could just restrict the DLC Pokémon toward Pokémon that you're unable to transfer over to Sword & Shield while the Pokémon that you're able to transfer over that's been confirmed on the Galar PokéDex are free of charge. Last I checked Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has paid DLC so why is it a problem with Pokémon Sword & Shield?
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  20. TsengHyena

    TsengHyena Well-Known Member

    Paid DLC is fine to re-add pokemon. Waiting 3 or more years isn't. I'm legitimately shocked the front page of this site doesn't condemn this decision. You either condone it or your against it.

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