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Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoiler-Prone Area]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Kage-Pikachu, Jun 9, 2018.


Does this idea seem at all plausible to you?

  1. Nah

  2. Yep

  3. I'm a kangaroo

  1. sketchersmeargle

    sketchersmeargle Well-Known Member

    Think its just a norm thing now.

    As for shiny hunting, datamining found that to increase shiny chances you literally just have to keep encountering the same pokemon in a row. It was like 500 encoutners increases a shiny to 15% encounter rate.
    Ophie likes this.
  2. Sαpphire

    Sαpphire Well-Known Member

    The little in-game Switches default to two gray joycons if you’re playing on a Switch Lite.
    Ophie likes this.
  3. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    Good to know. I dont plan on shiny hunting anything just yet, but its nice to know of the method.
    Ophie likes this.
  4. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    I have enjoyed the game so far, despite all the negative things I’ve said about it this year. I’ve played 6 hours and only on route 3 and yet to reach the first gym leader hahaha. I’ve spent most of my time exploring the Wild Area, catching random stuff, doing Dynamax battles, designing my outfit and perfecting my trainer card!

    My current team:

    Trevelyan (Drizzile) level 22 (007 Goldeneye tribute)
    Starship (Dottler) level 23 (alien bug Starship Troopers tribute)
    Shade (G-Linoone) level 20 (black and white are shades)
    Death Petal (Roselia) level 23

    I realize I’m over-leveled. It’s hard not to be. Even the bloody curry gives you Exp. The game is fun and looks pretty. I like all the TMs and TRs. Glowing powerful Pokémon are cool. Still not happy about Dexit, move cuts, subpar graphics in the Wild Area, the easiness of the game so far, and the lack of buffs for older pokemon. Also, shiny Pokémon should be shiny in the overworld. But the game is still an enjoyable experience so far.
  5. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    I didnt notice it before, but I guess those with an egg move have an aura around them in the wild. I just saw a Nickit and after battling it, got some W (whatever that is) which happened after that Rookidee from early too.
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  6. Emboar_Rulez

    Emboar_Rulez Pokémon Master

    Sigh my copy hasn't arrived in the mail yet so now I am sad.:(
    wolf jani likes this.
  7. sketchersmeargle

    sketchersmeargle Well-Known Member

    Watts is a currency earned in the wild area, you can use it to buy specific items
    Ophie likes this.
  8. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    Anyone else being overconfident and trying to take down level 40 Pokémon that are walking around in the Wild Area, just for the challenge? :p
    Emboar_Rulez likes this.
  9. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    I will when I get there lol
  10. Fairy Queen

    Fairy Queen Lover of the Fairy type

    Is it true you have to turn off auto save right away or it can wipe your sd card??
  11. EmeraldArcanine

    EmeraldArcanine #TeamScorbunny

    Yeah there's a bug happening. I heard it's happening to exFAT SD cards but best to not take any risks and stick to keeping autosave off for now.
    WishIhadaManafi5 likes this.
  12. sketchersmeargle

    sketchersmeargle Well-Known Member

    Seems its happening to mostly hacked consoles and downloaded virtual copies of the games. But there are reports as well that the game crashes when you turn it off and then crashes all other games as well.

    However people with physical copies have reported the game has bricked their systems.

    But much less then the above. Its russian roulette, though physical seems to be safer.
  13. Satoshi & Touko

    Satoshi & Touko Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland

    I don't even use an SD card, so I'm fine, right?
  14. Emboar_Rulez

    Emboar_Rulez Pokémon Master

    You should be fine
  15. yefluke

    yefluke Dizzy Trainer

    How does the league looks like after post game?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  16. Emboar_Rulez

    Emboar_Rulez Pokémon Master

    Whos in the elite four?
  17. 26mick10

    26mick10 Shiny hunter

    Hey i was wondering if anyone had a jpn or any other foreign dittos for trade pm if you do
  18. Sham

    Sham show the unknown

    I don’t like Leon as a character but I’m actually surprised they’ve haven’t gone with an egotistic champion since most of them have been humble pretty much.
  19. SonDaan

    SonDaan Vive Le Vélo

    Can anyone hook me up with all three starters to do my run?
  20. wolf jani

    wolf jani #ScorbunnySquad

    Same here. It does suck
    Orphalesion likes this.

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