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Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoiler-Prone Area]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Kage-Pikachu, Jun 9, 2018.


Does this idea seem at all plausible to you?

  1. Nah

  2. Yep

  3. I'm a kangaroo

  1. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Yup that is indeed true.

    They also clearly cannot use moves like Memento, Self-Destruct, and Explosion.

    It's actually quite comical seeing a Claydol boss continually try to kill itself and failing while your entire team just gets free attacks on it.

    Also, for anyone unaware, if you're struggling with Ditto raids due to the randomness of it's Transform- Make sure you bring in Zamazenta/Zacian/Eternatus. These Pokemon cannot Dynamax, so therefore Ditto's Transform will not work if everyone uses them. So it's a free Ditto raid completion!
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  2. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    Haven't caught the dog yet. Wonder why it can't Dynamax. I understand why Eternatus can't, but the dogs really should be able to. It's not like Dynamax Cannon or Eternabeam would do anything to Zacian anyway (which is dumb, the defensively immune typing should have gone to Zamazenta).
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  3. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Master of the freak show

    It's actually kind of funny, because unless I missed it somewhere, the game outright forgot to explain why Zacian and Zamazenta aren't affected by Galar particles and therefore can't Dynamax. It's clear that they aren't, and it's slightly relevant to the post-game storyline (one of the rich dudes comes up with the brilliant plan to blast the opposite cover legendary with Galar particles in an attempt to Dynamax it and prove it... fake, I guess? I have no idea, the post-game plot makes even less sense than the main plot...), but it seems like the writers just kind of forgot to explain why that is, lol.
  4. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    I think the idea is that they're not totally immune, but it takes waaay more Galar particles to effect them then with other pokemon - more then you'll find in just a single power spot. Zamazenta (or Zacian if you're playing shield) doesn't grow in size but it does seem to struggle to resist it when bombared with the particles. Meanwhile we know that Eternatus can take on a massive form, but only by absorbing all the energy in Galar.

    That's how I interpret it, at least.
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  5. Ophie

    Ophie Salingerian Phony

    Yeah, though that's still a workaround rather than a true refresh. There are a lot of things wrong with the Y-Comm; I get the impression it was meant to be for in-person trading, battling, and such, but was hastily adapted for online without seeing what might not work with it.

    That'd actually be a good reason to not let other Legendary Pokémon Dynamax too...as well as provide an in-universe definition for Legendary Pokémon. After all, there appears to be an exception to every rule of Legendary Pokémon. Perhaps this can be a way for an in-universe character to identify a Pokémon as Legendary.
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  6. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Master of the freak show

    It's debatable whether or not that even applies to the 3 legendary Pokemon we have in SwSh though, as we've seen that Eternatus is capable of undergoing something similar to Gigantomax in its Eternamax form, even though the player can't access it.

    I'm curious whether the other legendaries that are present in SwSh's code can Dynamax, or if it's just the wolves and Eternatus who are incapable of doing so.

    EDIT: Also, it's worth mentioning that Eternatus in its standard form is 65 feet tall. I have a theory that Eternatus is always Dynamaxed, which is why it appears to be so massive, and why it can't Dynamax further without absorbing an absurd amount of power and going into its Eternamax form.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
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  7. SpookyMimikyu

    SpookyMimikyu See me?

    Do you guys want to know what quality of life feature I wish was in this game? Being able to pick up eggs from the nursery remotely through the PC. I mean, we can dump eggs in the PC, transferring straight from the nursery to your party via PC shouldn't be out of the question since we can access our boxes from the party. I'd love a change in scenery while hatching eggs, not just the same bridge or small area of the Wild Area.
  8. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Happy Holidays! Staff Member Moderator

    Which wouldn't happen with a lot of gamers. Not everyone takes their Switch out that often, may not have friends nearby or have access to more than one Switch.
    Ophie likes this.
  9. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    There is one thing I never understood about the Battle Tower. GameFreak doesn't have to create entirely new trainers to keep the Battle Tower interesting. They can just throw in the Gym Leaders and the rivals in to make it an interesting long-lasting post game experience rather than just keep it to Leon.
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  10. Marzbar

    Marzbar Well-Known Member

    I agree the bike is super slow! But I’m wondering if that is deliberate... due to poor draw distances and the graphical limitations of the Wild area. If you had a faster bike, you’d have Pokémon and NPCs popping in and out all over the place and creating lag and issues
  11. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    Wow thats incredibly disappointing that they didn't have Eternatus the same size as Dynamax pokemon in battle then, he still seemed pretty normal sized for a pokemon..
  12. British Soul

    British Soul Top Hat Regulator

    A new vid confirms that G-Max Snorlax will be a thing from December 4th to early January in the Wild Area.
    The rest of the vid is pretty much irrelevant, apart from official artwork of the starter evos.
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  13. Ignition

    Ignition Wake me up when get to Sinnoh

    I like how everyone's faking being surprised about this information that's been around for nearly a month lol
    Ophie likes this.
  14. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    I think that the other missing Gigantamax forms will be available in a similar way before the expansion game makes them all accessible in the regular game, like the Snorlium, Mewnium, and Marshadium were treated in Gen 7.
    Ophie likes this.
  15. British Soul

    British Soul Top Hat Regulator

    I agree, though I am interested in seeing how Gigantamax Melmetal will be handled in that regard.
  16. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Melmetal might be added to the regional dex in the expansion game.
    Ophie likes this.
  17. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    G-Max Snorlax gave me an idea for Torterra's G-max Form

    Instead of the giant tree, G-Max Torterra could have a Whole Forest or whatever
    Ophie likes this.
  18. Ultra Beast Lover

    Ultra Beast Lover Well-Known Member

    Wait, why are they showing starter evolutions now?
  19. British Soul

    British Soul Top Hat Regulator

    You ask me. The only thing they revealed regarding them is the Sugimori art for them.

    I can see that, alongside the other half of the fossil halves perhaps.
    Ophie likes this.
  20. Illusio

    Illusio Well-Known Member

    At least the site gave them lengthy descriptions, we now know Inteleon keeps a knife in its tail.
    Ophie likes this.

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