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Does this idea seem at all plausible to you?

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Alola Shill
Cramorant is average but I kind of like the fish in its mouth...it’s a goofy gimmick but it’s the kind that’s so stupid it’s lovable. Polteageist has a lot of sass in its official artwork; I love it lol. All the more reason for a Shauntal cameo, GF.

Customization looks perfect! I love the range from hair to clothing styles to makeup and even gloves. Camping looks adorable and genuinely fun. I’ve always loved cooking mini-games in RPG’s, and this doesn’t seem like an exception. The trainer card feature also looks cute.

I wanted more, but I think we’ll be seeing more news this month, maybe after the Pokémon facts are done.


Hoping the heavy Eevee focus in both trailers is an allusion to what they will reveal next.

It bothers me a little that they keep excluding details from the english trailer that are present in the Japanese ones, oh well, I don't think it's new for them to do this.

Toffee Caramel Alcremie please?
I want a vanilla one so badly!


Active Member
More like the Vivillon. There's loads of them.

You can see all (?) the Alcremies here btw: https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/gameplay/pokemon-camps/
That's where I looked myself. I think that there will be more of them, especially since in the little section it has talking about Alcremie on that page, it says 'several,' though there could definitely be just the two of them. I don't see anywhere else that shows more than just those two yet, though.

Ultra Beast Lover

Well-Known Member
Wonder what kinds of things our Pokemon can do, like if two really like each other can they walk up to you and be like, "We found an egg!" Or would that be too weird?

Jason White

Looking at the Japanese trailer, I love how Rotom zaps around in the Poke camp. Also how our Pokemon can interact not just with the player but with each other. I only just realised how other than double battles our Pokemon essentially never interact - well they can breed with each other but least now the Pokemon can wine and dine each other first.


This information just whets my appetite for more.

Yeah there are only the two known Alcremie the pokemon page. Talking about Alcremie I'd like to see a rainbow PokeBean Alcremie that'd be cool.

What do you mean next week!
Dragalge used confusion... AgentKallus is now confused... I didn't mention next week, Next week mentioned me though


Edit: wait.. where are the different Alcremies? I clicked on the link and I only saw the two.


... that page does? There's like 15 of them.
Sorry, how do you see the other Alcremies? Going to the page linked (Camping), I don't see them.


Blueberry Alcremie is the best one

It seems you have to click the image to scroll through them, I figured it out eventually.




Great Ball Rank Trainer
You know, I think the Pokémon trailer got me more hyped than the direct segment did. The league cards seem like a great addition/replacement to trainer cards that fits with the sports motif of the games.

Plus, if anyone ‘s still wondering where the high quality animation is, I clearly see it in stuff like the cutscenes, idle animations like when Gloria was touching the snowflakes in the snowy city, and the curry scenes. Not only is this 1000 times better than anything in Sun & Moon, but these are the liveliest and most expressive animations I’ve ever seen in a Pokémon game


Blueberry Alcremie is the best one
It seems you have to click the image to scroll through them, I figured it out eventually.
I tried that ;w; I can't seem to do it. Also, you may want to spoiler tag that.