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Does this idea seem at all plausible to you?

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Trainer Yusuf

Probably the Monster Hunter fanboy in me talking, but it kind also looks more like Dragon-type than Fairy due to the colorization. Although, if I were to put a top guess, I'd say it looks like a water-type as it's hair looks like mist and fog.

That's more due to lighting, though.

I’m interested in the possible lore on how Ponyta came to be (assuming) fairy in the Galar region. What happened to their fire and why?


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I’m hoping that now that we have been lucky enough to have a reveal for Ponyta, that the live feed will start to tease another Pokémon.

But maybe I’m just being greedy!


Salingerian Phony
How the hell has that pony not left this damned forest.

Why would it leave the forest? This is most likely its home.

The Alolan Vulpix line stays superior but I’m loving Ponyta’s design; I wonder if the blue in its mane and tail might hint towards it being part Water part Fairy? Probably not, but a kelpie-inspired take on Ponyta & Rapidash is something I’ve always wanted.

We already have a Water-type equine Pokémon in Keldeo though. And it's based on the kelpie. (That being said, kelpies are part of the folklore of the British Isles, so it is possible we'll get another one.)

Huh, I never saw a trail cam before so this is my first time experiencing it. I thought this livestream would be more like those nature shows where the hosts walk through an area searching for animals and narrating their experience.

Naw, that's how they're like. They're aimed at people who like animals and the wilderness, relaxing staring at the forest or the plains or whatever without leaving your home.

Obviously, none of them were created to show a new animal species, though this approach has been attempted many times to find cryptids, like Bigfoot and Chupacabra.

I've seen some people guessing that the one we're seeing is actually G-Rapidash because it has a horn and the Galarian form is much smaller than Kanto version (indicating that G-Rapidash might have an evolution).

Would be interesting--unlikely, but it's not a 0% chance. Though this is nowhere near the Shetland region, you can't rule out inspiration for the Shetland Pony, which is one of the smallest horse breeds but is very strong for its size. It would be unusual though, since there are normal-sized horse breeds in nearby regions too.

Well, if it lives in the forest, and it's generally moist, dark, etc, and fire could hurt it's surroundings, all those things in combination may have something to do with the Galarian variation.

Well, Alola is a bunch of tropical islands, where it's always humid and near the ocean. Hasn't stopped Alola from having plenty of Fire-types. That patch of grass where you first find Salandit is right by the coastline, for instance.


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Nope. It'll be a prominent member of my team, same as when Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales and Tsareena were revealed. I just can't pass on it with such an elegant design.
You like Tsareena, too? Nice.


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I don't think it's going to be a water-type for two reasons.

First, if it was a kelpie, a lake spirit, you'd think the nature-camera probably would have been in a lakeside setting. Instead we got it in the middle of an enchanted forest with not a single lake or stream in view. It is the home of bioluminescent mushrooms and floating, spritely orbs, which is exactly where'd you'd expect to find a lot of fairies.

Secondly, if it was a water-type, I think they would have made it just a little more obvious in it's design. Its mane looks like a fluffy, purpish cloud. If it was a water-type, I would expect its mane to appear more like seafoam. I'll give credit to the theory where it's due though, that greenish bit on its mane does somewhat resemble the color of an algea-filled lake, but given everything else I don't think that's enough to hint at it being water type.

On that note, I think it's going to ditch its counterpart's fire-type as well. If it was still fire-type, you'd think they would have just given it pink or purple flames instead. The only thing linking Pontya's design to fire has been replaced in it's Galarian form.

I'm going to make a hard read and say it's pure fairy. It could maybe it could be fairy/ghost because of its ghostly purple mane but I don't think it's spoopy enough for that. And it's not like fairy-types haven't been associated with mists in the past.

Edit: Adding a third observation, kelpies aren't usually depicted as having horns, while unicorns are practically defined by them. Adding a horn to Ponyta implies that they're giving a greater emphasis to the Galarian line's horns, which would make more sense if they're more unicorn-inspired then kelpie-inspired.
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Ultra Beast Lover

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There's our Mon


The Earthquake Maker
I't a cutie!
Not gonna lie, after the initial shock of cuteness, I immediately accused it of stealing Suicunes hair.

On a serious note.. I could actually see it becoming Fairy/Dark? The horns sticking out of the hair give me something of a menacing vibe? Though might just be the picture.


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This seems like a lot of setting up for one reveal. Was hoping at least couple more from the "live" stream. This is like the deadest part of any Pokemon game forest ever!! At least give us zubats!

well it is reflecting the actual camera of real world researcher.... however it doesn't need to be this realistic....hahahha
I wish we could see some more new pokémons.


well it is reflecting the actual camera of real world researcher.... however it doesn't need to be this realistic....hahahha
I wish we could see some more new pokémons.
I dunno, I find it refreshing. I haven't watched a video like this since Most Haunted Live many years back before they got really bad.


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well it is reflecting the actual camera of real world researcher.... however it doesn't need to be this realistic....hahahha
I wish we could see some more new pokémons.

What I’m expecting is that following this Impidimp and Ponyta will be revealed but we’ll get clues to either a new Pokémon or new form over the next few hours for us to speculate on for a couple of weeks.