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Does this idea seem at all plausible to you?

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Seems its happening to mostly hacked consoles and downloaded virtual copies of the games. But there are reports as well that the game crashes when you turn it off and then crashes all other games as well.

However people with physical copies have reported the game has bricked their systems.

But much less then the above. Its russian roulette, though physical seems to be safer.
Are the physical copy cases in regards to those that broke street date by any chance? Or no?
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Tbh i like Leon. He feels like what a champion should be.
Also what is allisters gym puzzle that it has annoyed y'all. I have sword so I don't have allister.

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Do we know when the strategy guide will officially release so we can see the official art of all the new Pokemon (including G-max forms) and characters?


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Alright, love this game so far, but I do have one minor complaint so far. Dynamax battle rewards? Way too good.


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One thing I definitely love about this game is that the entire Wild Area is open for exploring.

But yeah, when they said any level 'mon can show up, ANY level 'mon can show up. lol I ended getting cornered by a Lv. 47 Haunter, and my highest leveled pokemon was at Lv. 13.
lol I just found out the same thing.
Game- "You encountered a very strong looking Glalie!"
Me- "Oh yeah? How strong could it honestly be"
Glalie is level 40
Me- "Welp. Good thing I've got Pokedolls"


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Does anyone know if EXP share still distributes EVs?


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I wish Magikarp was cut from the dex...


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Magikarp and Gyrados?
I know losing Magikarp would lose us out on Gyrados, but its worth it so that I dont have to worry about a 90% of fishing up that stupid floppy fish everytime I try to use the fishing rod.