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Maybe my sources are wrong. Is this according to the Japanese market or the world in general? And where did you get this information from if you don’t mind me asking?

Edit: the news reports I’ve read said they haven’t outsold Sun and Moon but that’s without the inclusion of digital sales.

“However, "Pokémon Sword and Shield" did not outsell franchise predecessor "Pokémon Sun and Moon" in the UK nor in Japan. The older games' Japanese launch accounted for 1.9m sales.

For context, when "Pokémon Sun and Moon" launched in November 2016 for the portable Nintendo 3DS, 61 million 3DS consoles had been shipped to retail worldwide, according to Nintendo's own figures.”


I’ve also read they’ve sold well over a couple million already in Japan when counting digitals, but I can’t find a great source there. Yet

Sun and Moon sold 5.7 million globally in a comparable time span: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/266...an-estimated-572m-units-first-week-at-retail/


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The amount of stars in the raid battles, what does it mean? How is the Pokemon we catch in raid battles are better than normal Pokemon? (not talking about the g-max ones)


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The amount of stars in the raid battles, what does it mean? How is the Pokemon we catch in raid battles are better than normal Pokemon? (not talking about the g-max ones)

It indicates the number of IV's a Pokémon may have based on the number of stars. Of course, the higher the star, the more difficult the raid battle is. 5 star raid Pokémon are guaranteed 4 IV's I believe, and many also can have up to 5 IV'S.


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They talk about minor league gyms and that if gyms don’t perform well they join the minor leagues. But where are these gyms!?
There’s no more towns or any more stadiums in Galar that could house other gyms, in the past or future.

Since the stadiums are tied to the Dynamax spots, there really are probably no additional stadiums, and there are no minor league gyms. Instead I guess if a Major League Gym leader didn't perform well and is demoted to the Minor League, they have to surrender their stadium to the winning Minor League leader.
As we see with stadiums like that of Allister/Bea, the gym leader's type doesn't have to reflect the surrounding landscape and it appears the stadiums themselves just get redecorated/a paint job to reflect the gym leader's type.

I haven't finished the story yet, so I don't know if it's explained differently later, but it's possible that the Major/Minor league battles are a tournament where the Major and Minor league leaders meet in one of the larger stadiums and battle out who gets to be in the major league.


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It indicates the number of IV's a Pokémon may have based on the number of stars. Of course, the higher the star, the more difficult the raid battle is. 5 star raid Pokémon are guaranteed 4 IV's I believe, and many also can have up to 5 IV'S.
5 IV's are the best? Each kind of state (like defense, attack etc) as its own IV?


I just went through the most cancerous battle I’ve possibly ever been in, and I’ve been in VGC battles that have come down to Toxapex mirror matches!

Picture this:

A level 5 yellow aura Cursola max raid. I choose my Grimmsnarl Loki for the battle because of his Dark STAB. Communications aren’t working on the server properly, so nobody joins my raid and I’m stuck with 3 NPC’s as allies.
The battle starts, Cursola somehow gains a 5 piece barrier before the battle even starts!
We start chipping away at the barrier, only to realize the Cursola has Weak Armour as its ability. The first 3 hits into its barrier activate Weak Armour and Cursola goes +6 max speed without us even putting a dent in it.
Then it starts OHKO’ing my allies with Max Rockfalls, because it now outspeeds everything. It KO’s all 3 NPC’s (Jolteon, Heatmor and something else I forgot because it died so quickly). I’m pretty sure it KO’d the Jolteon with Mirror Coat FFS. And now Sandstorm has kicked in too.
But it’s initial barrier is gone thanks to my Max Darkness, so I get some damage in. But then another Barrier gets put up straight away!
Then Cursola starts spamming Strength Sap on my Grimmsnarl, I’m now -2 Atk and Cursola is healing itself back up! And I’m also taking Sandstorm chip damage.
Just when it couldn’t get anyway worse, Cursola uses Spite on me and wipes out my PP on my only Dark attack.
Thankfully while it’s distracted with utterly decimating my Grimmsnarl, all my ally NPC’s come back and break the barrier.
It’s now got massive drops in its defenses thanks to weak armour defense drops and the drops from breaking the barrier. We go on one last desperate offensive and it outspeeds us and puts me and a couple of the allies down to only a few HP left, it was dangerously close because no more Pokémon were allowed to faint. Then our attacks take it down.

I throw a white Premier Ball because I’m like, screw it, this ball would look epic and I don’t care anymore. Well it amazingly somehow manages to catch it... by this stage I’m too mentally drained to celebrate.

I go check out its summary in my PC. Naive nature, meh. But shockingly.... and this may happen for all max raid battles I don’t know, but Cursola did NOT have Spite or Strength Sap, which it used repeatedly. So I don’t know how it was using them!

Anyway, Cursola will now haunt me forever. I’m almost tempted to join forces in an evil alliance and use it in my team
Surprisingly, I've learned recently that Dynamaxed Raid 'mons will have moves outside its actual roster when fighting them. I went up against another GMax Butterfree (Level 70, 5-starred, oh man) last night? It had Quiver Dance and set up on me a lot to where it was a pain to take down without its constant shields. (It did and I got it first try, idk how but I doubt I'd go in on that thing again alone like I did because that was ridiculous)
But when I actually got it it did NOT have Quiver Dance on it. Thankfully it was more than powerful enough to relearn it by the time I got it.
The same is for a GMax Centiscorch I caught, it could do Electric MAX moves because it had Thunder Fang, but upon capture it didn't have it either.

It's honestly a weird thing in Raids honestly. It keeps you on your toes but at the same time it's confusing so I don't exactly get it. I guess it's to make them even stronger than they actually are, especially when you get into the harder higher ranked fights. Heck, maybe it's GF's way of experimenting with bigger movesets? As the GI article mentioned messing with the move slot numbers at one point but they weren't sure on how to go about it. This might've been their experiment on that.


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Hey guys in regards to shiny breeding so I know the matsuda method odds for shiny hunting but what about the odds with just the charm? Any insight?


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Not sure if it was discussed before, but apparently the non-forgery form of Sinistea has a little logo/tag underneath in case people were wondering about its difference in design:

Game Freak turning us into antiques experts I see. Gotta look for that maker's mark to ascertain its provenance.


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Figures it happens when I finally see a Giga raid that isn't locked
I really wanted to catch that Gengar


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Since I voiced my problems with the game yesterday after beating it, I guess it’s only fitting that I talk about everything I liked about it:

-New Pokémon are all great (duh)! This is the first time I actually think I’ll raise Pokémon outside of my main team, especially due to all the new QoL features.

-Speaking of which, thank goodness for all the QoL features. Mints and egg tutoring aside, having access to the box all the time means I no longer have to carry around a Pokémon with False Swipe all the time when exploring.

-Max Raids are just as fun as I thought they would be! Would be nice if I got more human teammates, but sometimes the AI manages to pull through.

-Underwhelming graphics aside, the Wild Area is super fun to explore! If Sinnoh remakes really are coming up, then I would love if the Safari was turned into a Wild Area-esque place.

-Hands down the best gyms in the series for me. Every single one either has a great theme, or a great puzzle, or a great leader, or all three! Not to mention how great the stadium setting is, and the rad gym theme. And on the topic of themes...

-Holy cow, the music in this game slaps hard. I was gonna list every song I liked before realizing it’s practically the entire OST. Only song that I found “eh” was the gym remix, but even that gets good at the end.

-Finally, the climax...
I swear GF wiretapped my Switch or something. The final battle against Eternatus happens almost exactly as I wanted it to. Boss exclusive form, battle is basically a Max Raid, happens at the castle, crazy atmosphere, etc. The only thing missing was that rather than Bede and Marnie battling alongside the player and Hop it’s the legendaries, but IMO that worked out way better, as it lets the legends and your own Pokémon be part of the action! And of course, that awesome theme as well!

... With that all aside, is there any mention of when the servers will be back online?