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Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Wulava, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Yes, I guess I am so much stressed... The delivery is taking so much time to arrive in my home and I am truly worried... Maybe this is making me thinking in the wrong way... I hate to buy things from internet, but, I not find it to sell in any "physical" shop...

    And, yeah, really, The Wild Area looks really awesome, looks like have so much to do in it. Looks really a lot of fun.

    Thank you very much.
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  2. Ignition

    Ignition Champion SZN

    My pleasure. Hope you have fun with the game once you get it!
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  3. Wata fuk

    Wata fuk Member

    Uuh... hi
    Could anyone trade to me a pokemon that holds ingredient for rich curry please?
    (Sorry for my English if it's wrong:D)
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2020
  4. No idea where else to post this, so I guess I’ll just ask here:

    Saved in front of a Heavy Metal (HA) Gigantimax Copperajah. Any takers?
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  5. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    There is some speculation that the Global Trade Station or something similar to it will be part of Pokemon Home since it's not in Sword and Shield and we know trading will be a function of the Home app. I hope they are planning to give us info on Home soon. A month from now it will likely be available already.

    Wata and 1337battlemaster, you two might have better luck in the 8th gen wifi center
  6. Ophie

    Ophie Salingerian Phony

    The only way to know for sure that your Pokémon are not hacked is to assemble your Pokémon from scratch, or at least that you obtained them from trusted sources. That's really how it's been for the entire history of the series.

    It's not really a malicious thing most of these guys do either. People who do stuff like generate shiny Gigantamax raids or give away perfect IV shiny Pokémon over Surprise Trade genuinely believe they're helping.
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  7. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat New Member

    Heya Gang, Is there a way to search your Boxes for Shinies?

    I've noticed the Boxes have a basic search function for things like typing, genders, natures stuff like that. But is there any way to find your Shiny?

    According to my player card I have 6 Shiny Pokémon, however I've only hatched 1 and caught 0, so wondering if I received them from Surprise Trades, I'm currently full on like 22 boxes (been hatching a ton) so bit of a task to go through each individual pokemon especially since their model takes a good few seconds to load on each.

    So is there a way to search like in some previous entries? (Apparently you use to be able to type stuff in, like "Shiny" but this new search function is just dropdowns so...)

    Thanks for the help!
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  8. Ghost94

    Ghost94 Legend Collector

    You can try pressing the “+” button to bring up the stats page on the PC then proceed to cycle through each Pokémon and keep an eye out near the upper right portion of that stats box for 3 stars, much faster this way than waiting for sprites to loads. Evolutions count on the League Card as well so consider that too.
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  9. LordHill

    LordHill New Member

    I can't seem to be able to evolve Inkay. In the past couple of days, I have searched multiple sites to find out what I am doing wrong. A common answer seems to be to turn off other controllers, so I did that, and it still won't work. I have tried turning the switch upside down before the battle, at the start of the battle, right before level-up, right after level-up, and right after level-up while in doc, then flip upside down and continue out of doc (as shown in multiple youtube videos). I have had zero luck and I have no idea what to do. This was never a problem for me in the 3DS games.

    If anyone knows how to help, I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks :)
  10. Ophie

    Ophie Salingerian Phony

    Inkay will evolve only if the Switch is already upside down when the text box saying "Inkay has evolved to level (number)!" has gone away. It also only works in handheld mode, meaning you have to be using Joy-Cons attached to the sides of the Switch. Flipping free Joy-Cons upside-down won't work, as are Joy-Cons in a grip or anything other than Joy-Cons (such as the Pro Controller).

    Also, don't turn it right-side-up until the sequence where Inkay evolves begins. The idea is that the game is checking the gyro at a particular length of time. If the game is ever NOT upside-down at any point during then, it won't work, and the same goes for if the Switch calibrates itself after you've turned it upside-down but before Inkay evolves.
  11. LordHill

    LordHill New Member

    I'm holding my switch upside down at the right time and I've recalibrated the console, controllers, and control sticks. There are still no controllers other than the two joy-cons connected and my Inkay is well over level 30, but it still doesn't work. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it just will not work... Any other suggestions?
  12. Ophie

    Ophie Salingerian Phony

    When I say "recalibrate," I mean as you're playing the game. Every Switch game with motion controls will frequently automatically calibrate without you realling knowing. This auto-calibration is necessary for games like Splatoon 2 and Rocket League to remain playable.

    Is the Switch held upright? This can't be done if the Switch is held roughly parallel with the ground.

    Another possibility: You are using official Joy-Cons, right? There are some third-party ones that don't have the gyro sensors built in.
  13. Ghost94

    Ghost94 Legend Collector

    I know this is a long-shot, but check to see if your Inkay is holding an Everstone.
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  14. Sorry bad english

    I started my Nintend Switch In Brazil Region, and I am surprised, I cannot even access ESHOP and cannot buy Nintendo Switch Online Membership. I changed it to USA and I buy Nintendo Switch Online Membership and I playing pokemon sword online nicely .

    What happens If I change my region mid game ? I will lose my Nintendo Switch Online ?

    I noticed that When I trade a Pokemon, comes with a tag from their country [JPN] then probably when I tarde a pokemon it go con Tag [USA] If I change my region to BRASIL my pokemon will have the tag [BRA] or [USA]

    When I want to buy something in ESHOP can I change again to USA without troubles ?

    I fear to change and lose my Nintendo Switch Online Membership, 2o dollars are expensive since dollars in brazilian currency are expensive and I also need to play a tac of currency conversion of 7% more tax from my credit card 2%...
  15. G4Pokefan


    I didn't think it was possible but i managed to catch a Flapple in the max raid that can gigantamax. And i did it with a weak Lv 47. CPU team because i can never get real players to come.

    It's level 60. But my question is: should i even bother to EV train it now since it can gigantamax or breed it and start from Lv 1? But then will the offspring be able to gigantamax?
  16. Wingulltrainer

    Wingulltrainer Well-Known Member

    How do you breed first impression onto axew, trapinch and Durant? I haven’t been able to do it. I hate chain breeding.
  17. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Firstly, breed a male Golisopod with First Impression with female Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon to pass over First Impression as an Egg Move. Keep hatching the Eggs until you hatch a male Trapinch with First Impression. Using the male Trapinch with First Impression, then breed it with female Durant/Axew to get First Impression on Axew and Durant.
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  18. Tsukuyomi56

    Tsukuyomi56 Gesshin Powered

    You will need to EV train the Flapple obtained by the Max Raid, the G-Max trait cannot be pass down thru breeding.
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  19. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    what use are the repels for in gen8?? the pokemon still chase after you to begin with.
  20. Ignition

    Ignition Champion SZN

    The random encounters
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