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Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread


Great Ball Rank Trainer
"Sweetie, what's wrong?"

"I fought an apple and it almost beat me."

"Now, now. Don't let the bullies hear you say that or you'll never hear the end of it."
Hey, Applin can be really tenacious once it gets enough Withdraws in.

But yeah, I think Gengar fits with the rest of my team, though I'll try t out first before I decide whether or not to keep it.
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Love when the mods can’t do their jobs properly
Decided to pay Sword now since I’m going to be overloaded with games later in the year.

Did the usual tutorial things and chose Grookey this time around. Went through the encounter with Zacian and not soon after I caught Wooloo and Blipbug. Wanted to use Dubwool in Shield but my team needed Drednaw in terms of coverage so I’m making it up by using it here. Blipbug will most likely be temporary as I have another Bug Type in mind.

Battled Hop twice and got my endorsement as well the Dynamax Band. After deciding on what clothes to wear for way too long, I finally went to the Wild Area. Did a couple of Max Raids and went around to get some items. Picked up the Leftovers for Blipbug. Tried out camping then went to Motostoke.

After spending a few more thousand dollars on clothes and doing League Card stuff, I went to battle the Battle Cafe to get some of my money back. Blipbug managed to take down the Comber despite the disadvantage and evolved into Dottler as a payoff for its efforts. Got a Miracle Seed from Leon to give to Grookey then went to get my League Jersey. Chose 727 for my favorite Pokémon’s National Dex number. After getting a glimpse of our future rivals, I explored the rest of Motostoke. Found the Silk Scarf and gave it to Wooloo. Went to the hotel and stopped after the battle with Team Yell.

Grookey: lvl 14 @ Miracle Seed
*Razor Leaf

Wooloo lvl 14 @ Silk Scarf

Dottler lvl 14 @ Leftovers
*Struggle Bug
*Light Screen


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After chatting it up with Rose over seafood I headed into Galar Mine # 2 and beat Bede mostly with Dottler. I caught a few new Pokemon and beat some trainers before arriving at the Motostoke Outskirts where I captured my fifth team member, a Koffing! Once I returned to Motostoke I decided to do some Wild Area raids with my new Cramorant and Koffing and I found a 2* Gigantamax Alcremie. I caught it and debated on using it over Koffing as my fifth team member. I eventually settled on Koffing and headed to the Inn where I beat Marnie and awaited my gym battle.

I successfully completed the gym puzzle by catching Sizzlipede and Litwick while knocking out Vulpix. Then came the Kabu fight. Koffing surprisingly took down Ninetales on its own and the combo of Pancham and Raboot defeated Arcanine. I went with Cramorant to let it shine against his Centiskorch and the fiery bug fell to a single Dynamax'd attack. With the Fire Badge I returned to the Wild Area and headed for Hammerlocke while Hop lost to Bede in a battle. Shame. Along the way Dottler evolved into Orbeetle. Once I reached Hammerlocke I took a break.

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To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Just took down Piers's gym and got my seventh badge.

Here's my team:

Mr. Rogers - Lucario - lv 52
Bacon - Centiskorch - lv 55
Machamp - lv 62
Grapploct - lv 61
TheGodfather - Grapploct - lv 51
Earl - Hitmontop - lv 51


Keeper of Slurpuffs
Last time I played, I beat the post game quest. I decided that I should focus on completing the Pokedex. In order to do that, I decided to do a lot of Surprise Trades. I went to route 5 and caught a bunch of Swirlix and Farfetch'd, and the occasional Nuzleaf. I hoped that by trading these, I would get some of the Shield exclusives. My efforts worked somewhat. I ended up getting a Sobble, a Korean Tyranitar, and a Japanese Galarian Ponyta, among several others I had already. So I got some of what I needed and hopefully helped those with Shield get Sword exclusives.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Just took down Raihan's gym and got my 8th badge.

Here's my team:

Frank Drebin - Inteleon - lv 55
Mawile - lv 61
Chandelure - lv 61
Loretta - Lapras - lv 50
Mr. Rogers - Lucario - lv 57
Ellen - Manectric - lv 53


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I hatched a female shiny snom with Ice Scales and because I was immediately releasing all the extra snoms, my shiny was the FIRST one I released:( I had autosave off so I lost her forever.
10 eggs later I hatched a shiny male.
2 days later I hatched another male.
And now 4 days later I hatched a female but with Shield Dust. I think I give up. So much for my shiny female with Ice Scales


Salingerian Phony
I just wanted to mention that I was doing Surprise Trades as I had just wrapped up breeding a Pokémon, and I got back one of the ones I had just been giving away. I'm sure it had to have been even more surprising to whoever was on the other end though, since it looks like they wanted to get rid of that Pokémon, only to get another one back.


Pokemon Strategist
So I played the Galar Newbies this weekend. Thoughts: Duraludon can bite me, and as I thought most G-max Pokemon just aren't as preferrable as their Dynamax counterparts.

I ran Cinderace, Grimsnarl, Darmanitan, Dreadnaw (Gmax), Dragapult, and Alcremie (Gmax, never actually used Gmax)
I only got around 20-25 battles out of the 45 allowed, since I started to burn out on it. I like unusual formats, but the Galar Newbies felt like "Galar Only" dex didn't change the game from what VGC mostly looks like. Though losing old Pokemon options decreased some of the other tricks I'd have liked to mess with, like my Power Split Shuckle from gen 7 or a Speed Swap Ribombee. Turbo fast monstrosities like Snorlax or Mudsdale? Hahaha


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Finally found and caught my first shiny recently, a diamond shiny Gengar that I named Diamond. Also came across a regular star Coalossal via a raid. Didn't have luck with catching it as it broke out of an ultra ball at the last second.

Just working on training and item gathering for now.


Found flawless (0 ATK) Whimsicott in a raid yesterday. I also got two flawless G-Max capable Milcery (- ATK) with desired natures and collected all seven sweets.


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After a lot of lengthy conversations in Hammerlocke I headed to Route 6 and climbed my way all the way to Stow-on-Side. Along the way I met an someone who could convert fossils into Pokemon. I returned to the Wild Area and spoke with the Digging Duo and spent about 9000 Watts until I got a Fossilized Bird. With this fossil I was able to revive my final team member, Dracozolt! I easily beat a depressed Hop and headed toward the Ghostly gym. I evolved Pancham with XP candies before going in and riding the ramp all the way to the bottom. Alilstar didn't put up much of a fight but both Raboot and Koffing evolved after the gym battle which I suppose officially completes the team.

Once I was done with Bede round 3 I ventured through Glimwood Tangle into Ballonlea. I spoke with the four people who live here and then challenged the gym. Weezing took down most of the gym trainers and I split up Opal's team between a few of my Pokemon. Orbeetle took care of Weezing while Cinderace beat Mawile with Pyro Ball. Dracozolt defeated Togekiss and finally Weezing won against the Gigantamax Alcremie. With my fifth badge I decided to travel with Opal back to Hammerlocke where she found her replacement. I took care of Hop once more on Route 7 with a very diverse team and decided to take a break.



Eternal Nub
I have been pretty busy lately so I haven't been on much. That being said I have managed to add a few more shinies to my collection. In no particular order I caught: another shiny g-max flapple (this time with it's HA), a shiny g-max milcery, 2 shiny rotom, a shiny roserade, a shiny regular hatterene, and a shiny applin. I caught a few others but my shiny collection is getting too big to remember. I might trade some of them for masterballs in the future since my hunt for another masterball continues. It does not help that masterballs seem to be really hard to get now that I need them in bulk for the first time ever.

I also collected my ranked battle rewards today. My shiny g-max grimmsnarl now has its prankster ability. I also purchased and used a mint on my shiny g-max drednaw. I cannot wait for pokemon home to come out so that I can combine my shiny collections and start up another shield version play through. Oh and also for the other features of pokemon home such as the GTS.


Love when the mods can’t do their jobs properly
After (re)meeting the Gym Leaders with a couple of new faces, I was ready to part ways with Motostoke for now until Hop decided to challenge me to a battle. Had each one of my Pokémon defeat one of his with Dottler vs Wooloo, Wooloo vs Rookidee, & Grookey vs Sobble.

After the win, I went west to route 3 to catch a Vulpix. Afterwards, I placed it in the front of my party to use its Flash Fire for my actual Fire Type: Sizzlipede, who is otherwise a 1% encounter.

After adding it to my team and depositing Vulpix, I went through the rest of the route. Met Sonia for some world building and the Escape Rope (thank god it’s a Key Item). Managed to get some decent experience to close the gap between Sizzlipede and the rest of my team.

Heading into Galar Mines, I expected I would be relying on Grookey for most of it. Was surprised to find a decent handful of Fighting types among the Workers. Once my team went through the cave and got all the items, I “officially” met one of the rivals from the opening ceremony as Bede. Having either Dark or Bug coverage on all of my Pokémon made his mono Psychic team an easy win. Afterwards, Grookey evolved into Thwackey. Not a fan of the color scheme but a good design otherwise

Once Gladion Bede got done his monologue, I went to Route 4. Yet again, I fell for the kids dressed as Pikachu and Eevee being actual Pokémon. This route is why I wasn’t too crazy on overworld encounters: Electrike & Meowth constantly chasing you gets annoying. In the middle of my item grabbing spree, I found a Milcery. I wasn’t expecting to catch anything here but after thinking about what I considered catching, I decided to catch it as most of them were physical attackers. I held off on evolving it as I’m not familiar with all of the different variations of Alcremie and, coincidentally, the two unreleased Sweets just got added to the game.

I headed into Turrfield after meeting Milo. Once Sonia showed me the landmark, I went around to get the Expert Belt from the riddle. Once I got that done, I saved for the night.

Thwackey: lvl 18 @ Miracle Seed
-Razor Leaf
-Double Hit

Wooloo lvl 18 @ Silk Scarf
-Double Kick

Dottler lvl 18 @ Leftovers
-Struggle Bug
-Light Screen

Sizzlipede lvl 18 @ Black Glasses
-Flame Wheel

Milcery lvl 18 @ Strawberry Sweet
-Draining Kiss
-Sweet Kiss
-Aromatic Mist


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Got to beat the champion using this team:

Barraskewda LV. 63
Cinderace LV. 63
Boltund LV. 67
Arctozolt LV. 63
Leafeon LV. 63
Galarian Darmanitan LV. 64


Crimson Dragon
holy crud, i just got my first shiny den raid my chance caught a milcery and used a timer ball on it. the milcery really are at Seel level shiny difficulty to discern the non shiny forms. its a quiet nature but i dont think speed is one of it's strength. its my first shiny in sword, i havent done any MM runs or have the shiny charm so its a surprise.

Fairy King

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I just hatched my first ever shiny. I had never filled a regional dex before so after I got my shiny charm for the first time ever I started trying for shiny Sobble. It only took about 12 eggs, so I got lucky even with the shiny charm and using the Masuda method. It's also a female so the odds were in my favor. :) Shiny Charizard and Gyarados are next on my list.


Keeper of Slurpuffs
So happy! Today I managed to get Slurpuff in a den. Found one other person, we beat it and I caught it!

Aside from that, I worked more on Pokedex completion. I managed to get Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Sylveon, Roselia, Galvantula, and some others I'm probably forgetting. I also found a lot of Milcerys in dens today, so I beat them and caught them. And so my mini Milcery army continues to grow.


*flails like Kermit the Frog*!!!

(I must preface the following with the fact I have been playing since Fire Red (yes still have my copy!) and have never seen a shiny in any of the games before so far. )

Ahhhhh!!! I saw my first shiny EVER , and it was a G-Max form Grimmsnarl (I still don't have the regular gmax form of it yet either)!!! I was SO excited that I might catch it aaaaaand......it got away... ;__; ...
Had to share both my joy and frustration, so there ya' go... :3 (<-- snom face)