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Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread


I open my eyes to see...nothing. I blink my eyes to try to get my bearings and I can make out in the dim moonlight...broken pillars. Broken pillars on an ancient ruins. An ancient ruins near the top of the tallest mountain in the world...

It is time.

I recognize that voice. And in the distance, bathed in moonlight was a large dragon that seemed to be clad in steel. I approached him and was enveloped in his verdant glow.

"I knew it was you."

Time to move forward. The crown descends, the rider gallops.

Well now. It hasn't been the firsttime I've been given cryptic messages, and it wouldn't be the last. There was just one problem...

"I thought I was to hold the anchor?"

"I can do that", spoke a voice from behind me. I turned around as the figure drew closer. And once I saw the owner of the voice, I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

" 'You?' "

The figure smiles. " 'Me'. Or the 'Other You'. Time-space dictates and alternate dimension business can be a little wonky."

"I'm just glad you don't live in a box saying 'The universe is in all of us' ".

The other figure gives a light chuckle. "I'm surprised you're actually taking this pretty well".

I gave a shrug. "I've been chasing a Nightmare to catch it for half a year. Anyway, are you sure about this?"

My other self gives a mock salute. "No worries. I got this."

We bring out both our pocket watches as Dialga nods. A stream of energy slowly flows between the us. And as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Dialga growls a guttural roar.

Now time moves again. I will see you soon.

I give a slight nod as my senses start lifting again. Before I lose consciousness, I smirk as I ask the dragon.

"Do you think we'll get back to Sinnoh again?" I think I heard Dialga snort at that question.

As Arceus accedes.


"Mirai connection atarashii kyou kara hajimeyou, oh oh oh oh!"

I press the button on my RoPhone to put the call on speakers. "Hello".


Cheerful as ever. Was I like that back in the Alola Region?

"That was quick. Are you ready to do the transfer?"

"The paperwork pretty much worked itself out when you gave me your pass details. I'm ready when you're ready, but are you sure you don't want to have them learn any moves from here?"

Now, that is a thought. In the past that was something to be considered...but with how Galar restrictions on moves were, who knows what will be blocked.

"Nah, it's all right - there's all sorts of restrictions here about them. I'll sort it out here."

"`Kie dokie, then just give me the warp coordinates...". We setup and finish the transfer.

"Mahalo nui."

"`Ayt that, guvnor", he jests at me. "Just make sure to take care of them, all right? Give me a ring when you want to get the others. Man...I sound like Bill...", my friend mumbles as he finishes the call.

As I was organizing the PC box to take a look at the transfers, the port for Poké Ball transportation suddenly starts to activate. After a few moments, a Poké Ball appears and out pops a floating Pokémon in white and yellow. It gives a squeal like cry as it suddenly gave me a hug and did a dancing headstand on my, well, head.

Yeap, you're definitely from Alola.


"My, somebody looks pensieve. I haven't seen you look that serious for a very, very long time. Not since Leon stopped wearing his ad-filled cape at least."

I ignore my mom's jabs as she sets up dinner. I grab the Poipole (which my friend named Nuos★) sleeping in my lap and show it to her.

"Mom, he's cute, right?"

"Yesssss...", my mother hesitantly answers, wondering where the conversation was going.

"So, should I evolve him?"

"Hmmmm he evolves?", she wondered as I showed her the Pokédex entry for the draconic evolution. "Well, it's more of the Pokémon's choice," she continues, "but I suppose the trainer does have part to play on it. Why do you want him to evolve, anyway?"

"Well, I want him on my team!"

She hums as she sets down the casserole on the table. "You used to quote that League Master from Sinnoh a while back, after seeing that champion with the Pachirisu. 'Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people.' You could also turn that around. Cute Pokémon. Ugly Pokémon. Those too are perceptions. What's important is how much you care and trust each other, don't you say?"

I take a good look at a sleeping Nuos★ as I absorbed my mom's words. I turn to her and give her a big smile. "Wow, that was a Mr. Miyagi-level, mom."

She ruffled my head and said, " Don't forget who raised you, champ. Now get to eating, Karate Kid-kid."

I decided to take Nuos★ on my journey, and when the Poipole is ready to evolve, I'll still be his partner when he becomes a Naganadel.

- I finally setup a new Pokémon Sword account that can host Shiny Raids, so I don't have to keep my original game on permanent date lockdown (that was really more restrictive than I thought, especially with the pass content).
- With the Crown Tundra update, I can finally move the legendary and mythical Pokémon I have to Gen 8, though some are still left in the the older generation games for various reasons.
- I decide to take the Shiny Poipole into my party, and will probably evolve him into a Naganadel in the future.


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Just caught this haul during raids. Celesteela, Necrozma, Mewtwo,Togetic,Grovyle,Swampert, Jigglypuff and

Zygarde on 10th retry 1st day. This thing is just as broken as a classic arcade boss. My advice find a Abomasnow, a pokemon like Claydol with Trick Room (Abomasnow will be fast) if you can and don't lose your lives. Keeping all your lives and full health is essential.


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Finally completed Isle of Armour Pokedex thanks to someone trading a Porygon-Z for a Kingdra I found it the wild.
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Great Ball Rank Trainer
I've been making it a goal of mine to beat Galarian Articuno & Moltres using only my Zapdos since I kind of seem them as its rivals. We lost to Articuno three times, but after facing it today I finally managed to beat it & catch it. Plus, just like with my Zapdos, I caught it with a mark on the first try (this time being the Stormy mark)!! Moltres is next, after I do a few other challenges like the Regis & some more Dynamax Adventures
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"Are you sure you want to enter the Tower of Waters?"

After placing the rest of my team back into storage, I was to enter the tower along the coast of Isle of Armor. I look at Miyagi, my Kubfu partner, and he looks at me with confidence. I remember what his namesake said:

"Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good, karate good. Everything good. Balance bad, better pack up, go home. Understand?"

Water flows, and water keeps. Water can be as hard as steel, or as flitting in air. Water is the element of balance.

I look at the tower gate keeper and gave a bow. "Hai."


After facing the tower's master (in a pretty close fight), Miyagi and I inspected the scroll at the top of the tower. I can make no sense of it, but he apparently learned something from it, seeming to do katas that are reminiscent of a coursing river.

Suddenly he started to glow and began involving, and after a flash of blinding light in front of me is a burly Pokémon, moving with a grace not apparent for his size. I checked my `dex and Urshifu. Oh. Ursus and Shifu. Sweet.

After looking for the ingredients for Miyagi's Max Soup (with some unexpected assistance from Hop), Master Mustard issued a challenge for us around midnight. I honored the master's request and entered the backyard battle field.

The battle was pretty tough; while my team had some pretty good typing advantages, my levels were behind. I still haven't lost a Pokémon yet, but most of them were pretty much on the ropes. Besides, I knew that the master would Dynamax his last Pokémon, which would probably be his trump card. I did have a trick up my sleeve, I'm just not sure how well he would hold.

Rush★ , my Arcanine, finally took down his Corviknight, but with recoil it put him in the red. Finally, the master sent out his own Single Strike Urshifu, and on the turn he was about to Gigantamax, I send out what I believe to be the toughest armor in the world. He came into a G-Max One Blow, and I braced myself for it's impact.

Gryphadin★ the Green Skarmory only lost a third of his HP.

I breathed a sigh of relief and gave a smile. I now know my path to victory as I ordered my Skarmory to Roost. Being slower than the opponent, he suffered another G-Max One Blow; perhaps the master thought I would Dynamax as well (although I have a policy of not using Dynamax energy if I can help it, especially after knowing that it's starting to dwindle).

Gryphadin★ was able to recover the blows, and after three turns of Gigantamax onslaught, master's Urshifu was out of time.

The next turn I ordered my Skarmory to use Body Press, and while he suffered a Wicked Blow he was able to knock out the opponent in one hit and put an end to the battle.

The rest of the dojo was apparently watching our fight, and the after battle became a midnight feast. I think. Weren't those supposed to happen in boarding schools instead?

Well they are Galarian.

Oh ho, nice sting, cheeky Dialga. Let's scurry off for tea and crumpets and fish and chips.

My mom has mentioned that the League had been asking when I will next participate in another match. Maybe I'll just lose to Leon when we have another match? Nah, he'll know if I rigged it, and besides, he seems to be happy in the Battle Tower.

So I flew there from home to Wyndon to fight in the next open schedule. I was slated in a bracket, and while I wished I could fight in my dojo uniform, I suppose some traditions can't be broken.

I fought a random challenger and then Raihan for the qualifiers, then squared off against Bea for the final round. The battle was pretty intense, with an especially fun match between my Poipole and her Grapploct countering each with Octolock and Venom Drench until the opponent was weak enough to finish with a Sludge Bomb.

The last match was between her Gigantamax Machamp and Katara, my Inteleon. She has had the Max Soup, and was capable of Gigantamaxing, so I figure, sure why not. I charged the energy for her to transform, and her tail became a perch for her to rain down upon her enemy. Needless to say, one G-Max Hydrosnipe was enough to blow through the enemy.

And with that, the tournament was over, and the next new batch of Galar champions was recorded in the Hall of Fame.

- Had Miyagi, my Kubfu, evolve into a Rapid Strike Urshifu. It would be a weaker but different Keldeo (that's how I'll try it anyway).
- Finally finished main content of Isle of Armor. I'll still be back there for Max Mushroom and Diglett hunting, and the Sharpedo's are great for EV training.
- After almost half a year after my last league battle, I decided to do some actual championing again.


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Just hatched a shiny Treecko while taking a break from CT and Dynamax Adventures. 45 eggs.


"You got your tent kit?", my mom asks as she rummages through my bag.

I was getting ready for a trip into the Crown Tundra. Mom got the tickets and then pushed me to take a vacation. I tried to give her reasons why I can't, but she gave me an all-knowing smile and said that I liked snow.

And by golly, she got me there.

"Ah don't worry mom, it's not like I haven't been on a journey before. I remember a certain someone pushing me to travel at the very same station in this very same town."

She gives a chuckle as she ruffles my hair through my hat. "It's weird to see you wearing the knitted hat I made for you after not wearing it all this time."

I gave a shrug. "It get's too hot in the intense sun and get's too drenched in the rain. Galar weather is bloody wonky."

"All right, all right. Best get to the station now. You don't want to miss your train."

I gave a snort. Barring another Wooloo invasion of the tracks, the trains in Galar have been on the time, all the time, and on-demand. Still, I give my mom a kiss and a hug and then bike off to the station. I know that most people go to warm, sandy beaches for vacations but...

I just love snow.

I stretch out after disembarking on Slippery Slope station. Based on the map, it didn't seem to be that far from Postwick Town, but the train did go through some winding mountains and so the trip took quiet a while. Still, the scene outside the station was breath taking, and I felt giddy after seeing the frost of my breath and the chilly tingle in my bones. The moonlight reflecting off the snow made the landscape seem like a silvery dream.

I see a man and his daughter seeming to have a rather pointed and definitely loud discussion. Oh well. Long trips can definitely make anybody loopy, I suppose.

I exit the station fence to start looking for the nearest town when I heard a sharp "Hey!" from my right. I take a look if somebody was calling and for some reason, I got dragged into the father-and-daughter conversation. I have no idea what happened, but moments later the dad (Peony, I gathered his name was?) engaged me in a Pokémon Battle. After my Xerneas and Miyagi the Urshifu laid the smack down on him in a relatively short battle, he started running off after he found out that his daughter HAD run off.

I saw him running into a cavern with a lit entrance a way off. I seemed to also hear about her daughter wanting a Dynamax Adventure or something.

Weird familiar. Sounds family. Definitely avoid.

I bike into a slope a bit off the right of the that cave entrance. I avoided fighting wild Pokémon - I just wanted to absorb the lush snowscape. I see what seemed like a town a bit further down.

It was a quaint, little village. I absolutely adored it. I talked with some of the folks around and gathered that the younger of their family went off to the main of Galar, I suppose for greener pasture and better weather. But I absolutely loved this town. I'm seriously thinking whether I should live here or on Snowpoint City when I grow up.

After taking a quick tour of the place, and not seeing a Pokémon Center (or what seemed like an inn or lodging for that matter), I decided to leave south to do some more exploring before I decided to setup camp. As I look around, I noticed what seemed to be large footprints underneath a tree just outside of town.

As I get off my bike to take a better look at it, I hear a soft voice come from behind me. "Whoah. I can't believe that the I would find the champ here."

I turn around and find a giggling Sonia behind me. Or Prof. Sonia now, to be proper. "You also seem to be on what I'm after", she says, and then she explains that the footprints might belong to a legendary Pokémon. While I cannot say for sure, I do find them to be a bit familiar...

"Too bad there's not enough data. Maybe if you can help me look for more of them around the Crown Tundra?"

I raise an eyebrow. Well I suppose it won't hurt. "Oh fine. As long as they're not Alolan Diglett, are they?"

It was her turn to make a weird face.
I follow Prof. Sonia into a lodging she appears to have rented for her research in the area. She told me there was an inn not faraway where I can rest my Pokémon, but it seemed to be empty at the moment.

I remember a dark, empty house on the snowy routes of Mt. Coronet, with a ghost child greeting me upon entry.

No, I don't think I'm willing to indulge in people-free, snowbound houses for now. I tell her I'd be glad to sleep on the floor (I did have a sleeping bag, after all).

Still, she seemed to be glad for the company, and Yamper seemed to be getting along with the resident Beldum. I commandeer the kitchen and whip up a Tamato Berry curry pasta, and she makes a toast with Soda Pop we were drinking.

"To the Crown Tundra Exploration Team!"


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Got quite a few through dynamax adventures. Raikou, Tapu Lele, Landorus and Zygarde. Zygarde I got a bit lucky with as I got Froslass and one of the AI got Kingler and kept using wide Guard with Kingler.

Prince Amrod

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3rd gen starters with hidden abilities obtained. With that I have completed my aim to have all gen 8 available pokemon with HA's. Next... Think I'll finish off the imposter ditto collection. One of each non neutral nature. Just 6 to go.


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Been working on my shiny Sobble hunt again. No luck yet, but I'm keeping it going. Got some ok surprise/wonder trades too.


Thanks to a good friend from Netherlands, finally got Zarude. As well as the AU!Ash's hat.

With this and considering my living dex on Gen 7, I've finally got them all.

Until the next batch of new pokémont that is.

Prince Amrod

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Wonder trading away... And a shiny charmander pops up originating from pokemon go! Seems to have been slightly used so I can't yet test for iv's but assuming it's legit, that's a pretty nice surprise!


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Made my way to Wedgehurst station and hopped on the train to the Crown Tundra to start my latest adventure. Taken a bit of an Ash approach and dropped most of my team, taking Flamer, my original Charizard from FireRed and Kubufu, who's still in training, as my main Pokemon. Supplemented them with my newly evolved Galarian Slowpoke, a shiny Ninetales I caught in a raid while on the Isle of Armor and Rotom. Plan on dropping them and filling the team with legendaries caught in the Crown Tundra eventually.

Arriving in the Crown Tundra, I met a girl and her dad and battled the dad. He was able to knock out Flamer, which was a humbling experience. Flamer's first defeat in many years. Slowpoke was able to come in and finish things of, but after the battle had ended we discovered the daughter had run off. Ended up following the dad into a cave for Max Adventures, and embarked on my first one. Was going well until I got distracted and the chance to switch to a Vikavolt we had defeated timed out. The Pokemon at the end was a Water type, so would have come in handy. As it was ended up going against the Water type, who turned out to be Suicune, with a Quagsire. Didn't have enough fire power to break down Suicune's bulk, and my CPU partners used up our last couple of faints without ever really coming close to taking it out. Good fun though, will definitely be coming back to try more Max Adventures

Following that excursion, the dad I met gave up trying to have a holiday with his daughter and decided to adventure with me instead. Poor guy. Headed to the nearest town where he save me some clues about the Legendary Pokemon who supposedly live in the Crown Tundra. Not sure if I have to hunt them in the order of the clues or not, but going to explore for a bit and see what happens. Decided to follow the third clue, and head for a big tree towards the south

On my way down there, I ran into a shiny male Nidoran. First truly random shiny I've encountered since Emerald! (did encounter a random shiny Pidgeotto in Let's Go, but can see them in the overworld, so not really counting that). Wasn't paying too much attention when the battle loaded, at first thought it was just a female Nidoran. After a double take to confirm it was actually a shiny, I decided to not mess around and go straight for the Master Ball. Had two after being given one by the dad, and wasn't about to risk anything going sideways. Sure enough the Master Ball did the trick, I'm now the proud owner of a blue male Nidoran. Nicknamed him Miles after Miles Davis, (Kind of Blue)


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I’m currently mark hunting for Spiritomb since I want every new pokémon on my Crown Tundra team to have a mark, but I haven’t had much luck for the past few days. So, against my better judgement, I decided to complete the Isle of Armor Pokédex in order to get the Mark Charm.

Thankfully Pokémon Home made this a lot easier, though I still had to do a scavenger hunt in several games to get a handful of pokémon I was missing (Sword, Sun, Ultra Sun, & Y). At first I thought I had the dex completed but then I noticed two pokémon were missing. At first I thought they were taking forms into consideration (granted this was around 1am and I’m both tired & flustered at this point), but then I realized I was missing Wailmer & Herdier, so I went & caught them immediately.

I finally managed to complete the Isle of Armor pokédex by 1:32am EST and got the Mark Charm (along with a crown & a certificate). I can see why people work to complete a Pokédex in the games since it was a bit of a fun challenge, but I am NEVER doing this again unless it’s absolutely necessary -_-
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I recently turned one of my Drednaw into a GMax Pokemon, caught a non GMax Centiskorch from a five star den, and won my first Galarian Star Tournament with Hop as my partner. I picked him as my partner because I felt it was fitting since he always expressed a desire to defeat Leon in a battle. My Shiny Origin Form Giratina was my Star Pokemon during the tournament and it took out Leon’s Aegislash with one hit from Phantom Force after it used King’s Shield to change into Shield Forme. I had forgotten that Phantom Force ignores protection moves as it doesn’t happen very often outside of online battles and since Giratina is banned from most online competitions. Spirit Rider Calyrex really wrecked Bea and Gordie with Astral Barrage And a single Max Mindstorm. Astral Barrage took care of everything except GMax Machamp but I still wiped the two out with Hop only taking out Shuckle since it survived my attack.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
I believe I had a busy weekend. Got around to training G-Articuno, Chansey, Shuckle, a second Dragapult and Keldeo for possible future teams and battles. I’m lazy and don’t battle wild Pokémon for EVs so have to keep a steady stream of treasures to sell for money to buy up some vitamins.

Also did some surprise trading but stopped within 5 since I got a Pokémon that wasn’t legit. Promptly released it and stopped the trading. But on the other hand did a bunch of trading on Home through the GTS trying to get all Unown forms registered (only have B left) and also all Vivillon forms as well. Through a string of about 8 trades I basically traded a Ducklett for a Regieleki (skipping a bunch of the middle) so now have two of it. Gonna think of a moveset and then try it against a friend of mine.

I also happened to remember that restricted sparring was a thing so I did a bunch of that in search of some BP. Went through fighting (Machamp, Sirfetch’d, G-Zapdos), water (Urshifu, Dracovish, Gyarados), electric (Tapu Koko, A-Raichu, Toxtricity), dark (Obstagoon, Incineroar, Urshifu), ghost (A-Marowak, Dragapult, Decidueye), dragon (Dracovish, Dragapult, Guzzlord) and fairy (Tapu Koko, Sylveon, Mawile).


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THE MARK CHARM WORKS!! I tried mark hunting for Spiriomb again and managed to get one with the Dry mark after several attempts. Then I was able to get Galarian Moltres with a Beaming mark & two random pokémon with the Social mark all on the first try.