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Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
With the trailers released last week I decided to hop back into Shield and see what bits and pieces I can finish up in my trek through Galar.

First I wanted to train some competitive Pokémon so I transferred up a Clefairy all the way up from Generation III since I needed it to have the move Soft-boiled. I coupled that with transferring a couple shiny Eevee from the Go Eevee Day event through Let’s Go Eevee to get them the move Toxic. One will be an Umbreon and the other will be Sylveon. Looking forward to getting to use them in a few matches.

Second I decided to finish up the Pokémon Home research tasks. Flew around mainland Galar in search of the Pokémon that I needed to catch. Took me about 90 minutes to catch everything I was missing while periodically checking what was left. I ran into a shiny Golett as a random encounter. Had to catch it. A very welcome surprise, indeed.

Then went into the Wyndon battle stadium to team up with Hop to win the Star Tournament again. Took out the team of Raihan and Leon (for the third time) to keep my seat as champion.

With all that done I flew to the Dojo in the Isle of Armor to craft a few bottle caps for the Pokémon I transferred before I retired for the day. Next time I am on I will be fully training, minting, capsuling and move teaching those three as necessary.


Panda Power
A few days ago, Wild area weather lined up so i could catch 2 Bounsweet, 2 Snorunt and a Tympole to try and decide my next teammate. Thought about Budew or Goldeen as well, but didn't go for it. Kept 1 Bounsweet and 1 Snorunt and put the other 3 in my "Surprise Trade" box for later. Finally decided on using Amazon the Bounsweet. I did however make the trip up to Giants Cap for the Dawn Stone. So I have a level 9 Froslass sitting in the PC box now. Caught two Bunnelby on the way back to Motostoke. One for the Trade, one for PokeJobs. Couple more Surprise Trades before the Gym Challenge start, and i got 3 starters. Another Scorbunny, a Grookey, and a Squirtle. Chose 250 as my Gym Number for the original Pokedex. and I Used a Bug Bite Butterfree to deal with Team Yell for fun.

Will deal with Hop and make my way to Turrfield in the next few days.

Lola - Scorbunny lvl 15
Winter - Hoothoot lvl 13
Amazon - Bounsweet lvl 13
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Prince Amrod

Dragon Tamer
Not much to say since my last post 6 weeks ago... Continued to add each new pokemon of the week to my collection. Didn't bother with the recent shiny raid den as I already had a shiny Chandelure that I had bred.
Just fiedshed breeding a shiny 0 speed Impidimp since I prefer the shiny version of Grimmsnarl. Used a new Japanese Ditto I picked up from wonder trade with a zero in speed.
Also had shiny Fletchling and Roselia from wonder trades and spent some time trying to get the other colours of Floette and lately Oricorio.


The Meme Supreme
Despite it being over a week since my last SwSh post, I've actually been making some pretty solid progress! Spent quite a bit of time in the Wild Area now that the way to Hammerlocke has been made more accessible for me, nabbed some solid TMs and caught a load of Pokemon. As of this post my Shield Pokedex is on 250? Sword is likely in the 260-270 range since that game is where all my Pokemon GO transfers stay. Before all that though I headed to the two Towers in both games to get both Urshifu forms at an early level, which means Wushu is now a Single-Strike Urshifu! Definitely my favourite of the two forms, although it struggled way more than my Shield's Kubfu did to clear Mustard - had to rely on healing + Rocky Helmet since we couldn't 2HKO or out-speed, and I wasn't getting any love from Wushu to stick it out and win.

To avoid over-levelling, I use a Butterfree with Sleep Powder to help me capture non-raid Pokemon whilst the rest of my party is filled with my Slow/annoying to raise experience group Pokemon (Urshifu, Eiscue and Appletun) and random Pokemon I want to evolve for the Pokedex. Worked quite nicely up until Ballonlea as I was on equal levels with Bea/Allister, but for Opal my Cinderace in Sword just levels up so fast! I barely even use it except for the odd battle. Honestly I feel like I don't really use Rillaboom much either, but that feels more due to the fact that Grass is a rough type to be in Pokemon - so many Bug/Flying/Poison types in this game! It's the only Pokemon that stood out to me in this way, as every other team member in both games has seen plenty of use. Weird that. I also "caught" my last team members for each game - in Pokemon GO I nabbed a Falinks which I bred to grab The Bois who filled out my Shield spot, whilst in Shield I used the Fossilised Drake + Fossilised Fish to get Leviathan the Dracovish who I then transferred to Sword (and played in Pokemon Camp with). Also everyone except Corvisquire evolved around the fourth gym, which was snazzy. Route 6 was a bit of a slog for both teams due to the lower levels, average stats and tough opponents! Evolution has given everyone a much needed boost.

The next two gyms were a decent challenge but nothing soul-destroying - in Sword Bea's Hitmontop couldn't touch Polteageist, Urshifu one-shot her Fighting/Dark bear in Pangoro with Brick Break, my Sirtfetch'd beat her Sirfetch'd with Dual Wingbeat and then Dracovish got to star in its first gym match and beat GMax Machamp with two Max Mindstorms. Meanwhile in Shield Inteleon one-shot Yamask, Toxtricity used the ol' Toxic + Venoshock combo to conquer Mimikyu, Falinks took down Cursola with Throat Chop and Eiscue got to Dynamax against Gengar and also win with Max Mindstorms. Opal was also simple despite realising both teams absolutely despised Fairy types at the time - Weezing fell to Urshifu/Inteleon, Mawile fell to Rillaboom/Falinks, Togekiss dropped to Polteageist/Eiscue and Alcremie got destroyed by Cinderace/Toxtricity - ironically enough Cinderace one-shot GMax Alcremie with Max Flare, but Toxtricity could only 2HKO with STAB Max Ooze?

Both teams are amazing, honestly do not have a single team member who is slacking. Their movesets are great with plenty of wiggle room left and I cannot wait to keep playing! There are some funny similarities between teams though - my last team member for both was genderless whilst Sirfetch'd and Falinks are both alike in being pure Fighting types with absolutely awful options for STAB currently but awesome coverage? Obtained the Sword squad in almost Pokedex order (Urshifu and Dracovish need to swap), both teams were pretty much fully evolved by Stow-on-Side? Was cool.

Sword Team:

Grohlrilla [39]
Drum Beating, Darkest Lariat, Screech, Bulldoze

Striker [40]
Pyro Ball, Low Kick, Zen Headbutt, Flame Charge

Eteaquette [39]
Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Protect, Psychic

Lancelot [39]
Dual Wingbeat, First Impression, Revenge, Night Slash

Wushu [39]
Brick Break, Wicked Blow, Iron Head, Bulk Up

Leviathan [39]
Liquidation, Crunch, Ice Fang, Psychic Fangs

Shield Team:

Bubbleoseven [38]
U-Turn, Swift, Shadow Ball, Snipe Shot

Galahad [38]
Drill Peck, Body Press, Heavy Slam, Hone Claws

Noot-Noot [39]
Freeze Dry, Headbutt, Liquidation, Zen Headbutt

Roxie [38]
Toxic, Venoshock, Uproar, Discharge

Ladon [39]
Energy Ball, Apple Acid, Sucker Punch, High Horsepower

The Bois [38]
Throat Chop, Poison Jab, First Impression, Revenge
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Got Kubfu with a Jolly nature on my alternate account and evolved it into Urshifu (Single Strike). Gonna use it to blast through the game so I can get to Zacian and catch it in a Love Ball.

Honestly? My hiatus is making this possible. I'm glad I took a break from this game. Otherwise I would have zero patience in getting through the main story.

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
I decided that I wanted to go through the Battle Tower for some ribbons. Since it’s been so many times I thought what harm could be from using a cheap win-con method. Brought in my shiny Articuno as the lead to take teams down using the old Mind Reader + Sheer Cold method. So many Pokémon went down in one blow.


Crimson Dragon
nothing serious here, just 600 berries away from 999 in all the berries, got 2 72hr varieties left to max out in UM. also doing a casual shiny hunt of phermosa, 2 attempts per day as i check up on the berries.


I always thought that Cinccino's Shiny was pink, so I was super pumped for farming it in the new event only to find out its... its not. ._.

I'm still gonna do it but I'm not using my Love Ball for it now. Probably just Chuck a Lux ball and call it a day.

Prince Amrod

Dragon Tamer
Got myself all settled in for a good long hunt and supply replenishment looking for the shiny cinccino... nothing in wild are, instead it was the second den in the Isle of Armor. Actually kinda disappointed I found it that quickly. 9th den looked at and only the second cinccino den I had come up. Ah well, next month.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Omg... I just ran into a shiny Wooloo via a raid. Been trying for one for awhile, same goes with a shiny Beldum. Haven't had any luck with the latter hunt. Was able to catch it. Named it Black Sheep. I'm glad that one hunt is over. So onto continuing my other hunt and working on some more item gathering.


Panda Power
Spent a day going around to Dynamax Dens to collect Nuggets and things to sell. Used most of my money on Clothes and a Haircut. Didn't catch most of them, but I ended up with a Tyrogue at one point. Used a Few Rare candys to evolve it, just to check. It ended up evolving into a Hitmonlee for a change instead of a Hitmonchan like the other 99% of times i try. While i was at it i also used a ton of EXP candies to evolve the Magikarp i was carrying around. After depositing them both i finally fought Hop. Did Bird vs Bird and Starter vs Starter battles, which meant Amazon had to deal with Wooloo. No troubles with anything, though Amazon had to use Dazzling Gleam for Wooloo's Defence. Lola evolved afterward. Spent some time in Route 3 Looking for a 'Pick Up' Zigzagoon. Ended up WonderTrading a few, after i got a good one. Best WonderTrade i got was a lvl 51 Drampa.

Apperently Sonia was Good Luck, as after talking to her i found a Random Shiny Pancham. Named him Panda because i couldn't think at the moment. Spent a couple hours after, leveling up Panda on more Zigzagoons.

Lola - Raboot lvl 19
Winter - Hoothoot lvl 17
Amazon - Bounsweet lvl 17
Panda - Shiny Pancham lvl 14
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Panda Power
After the excitement last time, i started making it the rest of the way to Turrfield. Amazon evolved against the first wild pokemon in Galar Mine. Had a little bit of trouble in the Mine because i was trying to level up Panda, but i had a supply of Potions to help. Melted Bea's pokemon with Lola's Flamethrower. When i got out to Route 4 i did some Surprise Trade catching. Grabbed an Eelectrike, Pumpkaboo, and a Rolycoly from the Mine. Apparently it was a slow trading night. At one point i got the Rolycoly back from someone else and i believe i got the same trainer at least twice. Highlight, unfortunately, was a hacked lvl 50 Suicune. Not Shiny, but it had Max Stats, a Big Nugget, and its OT was one of those "TV" hacker names. After a little more training to evolve Winter, i finally made it to the 1st gym. Winter Handled the Trainers and Lola Burned down Milo's Team all pretty easily.

Last trip for now was back to Wedgehurst. I needed to fight the Galar Slowpoke because Nurse Joy was getting annoying with the reminders. Also went to Isle of Armor for a quick trip, to get the Style Card from Klara

Edit: Went and Collected 20 Diglett for the IoA collector, and then spent a day hunting for the the Dynamax Alola Starters.

Lola - Raboot lvl 22
Winter - Noctowl lvl 21
Amazon - Steenee lvl 21
Panda - Shiny Pancham lvl 19
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Prince Amrod

Dragon Tamer
Thanks! I can catch it fine but the nature is the hard part got every nature except timid o_O
Does synchronise not work on it?

Finally tore myself away from Unite long enough to catch on pokemon of the week breeding. Decided I wanted a shiny Corviknight, took all week but it finally shone for me and had the perfect spread with hidden ability. Two standard breeds followed that to round out the trio. Throw in Arctozolt to sort out as well as some of raid shinies I've been acquiring and it'll be an intense training period once I've decided on sets for the latter.


Well-Known Member
Does synchronise not work on it?

Finally tore myself away from Unite long enough to catch on pokemon of the week breeding. Decided I wanted a shiny Corviknight, took all week but it finally shone for me and had the perfect spread with hidden ability. Two standard breeds followed that to round out the trio. Throw in Arctozolt to sort out as well as some of raid shinies I've been acquiring and it'll be an intense training period once I've decided on sets for the latter.

No it doesn't, works on the birds and swords of justice.

Congrats on the Shiny Corviknight, I haven't gone shiny hunting yet got a shiny solrock from that rando event.