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Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread


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Finally caught the timid regieleki, catching galar articuno now, its a pain cause of the hail.
Once I learned that there would be hail, I saved one of my Master Balls for Galarian Articuno. And I'm glad I did.

Det. Viper

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Have kept the Alola starter raids active and saw a shiny Popplio. I decided to throw a net ball at it since it would give me the best chance to catch it but it broke free. Wasn’t expecting a shiny so I didn’t save in front of the den. Now I must live with my failures.


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Been waiting for someone else to post.

Started off on Route 5 and caught a Minccino and Farfetch'd for Trades. Added the Daycare Toxel to my party for now, just to evolve it. Was Docile nature so i'll get Amped Toxtricity eventually. Hop battle is always the same, and ends just as easily. After the Minccino Trade for Cottonee, i also evolved it. Of Course, i didn't need it because Amazon swept through the gym, but i try to do all In-game Trades anyway. On the way out of the gym, i fished up an Arrokuda. Then it was back to IoA to find the Farfetch'd Trade Lady. During the Search i managed to find all the Diglett in the Desert area. Along the way i also found the Weezing trade. So i evolved the Koffing i got on Surprise Trade, and now i have Kanto Farfetch'd and Weezing. Managed to make it to 40 Diglett before i went back to Hulbury. Ended up in Galar Mine 2 hunting Wimpod and Shellos. Wimpod turned out to be the easy catch, while Shellos didn't want to stay in a pokeball.

EDIT: Made it all the way to Ballonlea since this post. Lola, Amazon, and Panda evolved along the way. Lola handled Kabu's Gym, Panda and Winter Handled Bea. Added a Hippopotas to the team named Seashell, because i couldnt find a Silicobra. Did all the Trades along the way. Managed to evolve a Galar Yamask.

Lola - Cinderace lvl 39
Winter - Noctowl lvl 38
Amazon - Tsareena lvl 39
Panda - Shiny Pangoro lvl 39
SeaShell - Hippopotas 32
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Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
So I started a new user on the Switch and started a new quest through Galar. Asked my Echo for a random name for a male and it gave me the name “Grayson”. So I began my journey as Grayson. Leon gave me the choice of starter Pokémon and I successfully resisted the urge to pick Scorbunny and picked Grookey as my starter Pokémon. Caught myself a Rookidee along Route 1 to assist in my journey. After getting my Pokédex I went to the wild area and that’s where I decided to take a different path. I wanted this play through to be fun and not all that challenging so I went straight to the day care where I saved and transferred in some Pokémon and breed up 5 Pokémon I think would make this journey better. So I already have my party of 6 since all the breeding is done and the cool thing is that all 6 are in different balls. Once they were all leveled up through grinding the wild area I took a nice needed rest. Here’s the group so far.

  • Grookey (Lv. 14 / Poké Ball)
    • Energy Ball, Mega Punch, Drain Punch, Taunt
  • Litten (Lv. 14 / Beast Ball)
    • Outrage, Flamethrower, Leech Life, Revenge
  • Shinx (Lv. 14 / Fast Ball)
    • Play Rough, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang
  • Magikarp (Lv. 14 / Safari Ball)
    • Hydro Pump, Splash
  • G-Ponyta (Lv. 14 / Dream Ball)
    • Psychic, Mystical Fire, Double Kick, Morning Sun
  • A-Vulpix (Lv. 14 / Heal Ball)
    • Dark Pulse, Zen Headbutt, Freeze-Dry, Hypnosis