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POKEMON SWORD & SHIELD - Rules [Use SPOILER Tags if necessary]

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Pokemon Sword & Shield RULES

  • Treat users the way you want to be treated, regardless of whether they agree with you or not. It's not worth getting into a fight over anything you disagree on.
    • If anyone is trying to troll, etc., don't engage. Ignore and report them (i.e.: starve them/don't give them any attention).
  • Make sure to double check to see if a thread has already been made. If one has been made and is still being posted in, don't make a new thread about the issue.
  • Which leads me to this: Don't necro-bump threads. Anything that hasn't been posted in for over 60 days counts as this.
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Since we are less than a month away from the game's release, and several gaming sites have posted their previews, some users wish to avoid being spoiled. So, we ask users to please use the SPOILER tags when posting possible game spoilers.

There are two ways to use SPOILERS:

  • By using the text editor.

    You can click the newspaper icon on the far-right of the text editor, and choose Spoiler. You can type in a title or leave it blank.

  • By using the [ spoiler ] tags.

    To use spoilers, simply type [spoiler*] at the start of your text, then end it with [/spoiler*].
    ...Remove the asterisks.

    Typing "[spoiler*] SAMPLE TEXT [/spoiler*]" would result to:
    ...Remove the asterisks.

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