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Pokemon Sword & Shield - TRADING THREAD [Closed; Gen 8 WiFi Forum NOW OPEN]

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Fuurin's Trading Post

Looking For :
- All Shield Exclusives except G.Ponyta & Larvitar
- Scorbunny
- Zamazenta (can re-trade back)
- Help with evolving Accelgor & Escavalier
- Help with evolving Slurpuff & Aromatisse
- etc

Offering :
- All Sword Exclusives
- Grookey & Sobble

PM me :Db

can help evolving
for grookey

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I'm looking for a Sweet Apple. I have a Tart Apple, or if you want other Sword exclusives such as Galarian Farfetch'd (I'm only up to Hammerlocke, so nothing past then) I can arrange that.


Well-Known Member
Looking for a non-English Ditto

English Ditto




Well-Known Member
Looking for a Dreepy egg/lvl 1. I have some snom in luxury balls that I'm willing to trade!


New Member
Does anyone have some spare Sobbles of both genders they'd like to trade away? I'd love to trade some Pokemon to you for one. I have a Machamp, a Machoke, a low level Diggersby, a Duraludon, many Sizzlipedes, some Corviknights, some Hattrems, a clover themed Alcremie, and a few Vanillites if anyone wants them. My character's name is Ramona, and my Switch code is SW-5239-6636-1207. PM me please. Thank you.
hi, i want the Alcremie. i have a Sobble (f)
my fc: SW-4722-0937-2402


Looking for female g-corsola with ha (perish body)
Offering BP items or just send me a message to see if I have the pokemon you want


New Member
I'm looking for a ditto (or two if possible) I have 1 extra scorbunny and a few foreign Pokemon (non English) and im playing sword so I have some exclusives. IVs and region of the ditto don't matter.
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