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Pokemon Sword & Shield - TRADING THREAD [Closed; Gen 8 WiFi Forum NOW OPEN]

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#1 Lanturn Owner
Looking for a Fossilized Fish or Dracovish, as well as a non-English Ditto.

I can offer a Fossilized Bird, Fossilized Dino, Arctozolt, Arctovish, or a Dracozolt for a Fossilized Fish or Dracovish. I have a lot of Sword and Shield exclusives, starters, and rare weather-based spawns native to both games, albeit little of them have HAs. I can also offer those same Pokemon for a non-English Ditto, along with a Gigantamax Butterfree, Gigantamax Sandaconda, and English Ditto.


New Member
Looking for either Galarian Darumaka or Galarian Darmanitan with it's Hidden Ability, female if possible!
Offering a Gigantamax Sandaconda with it's Hidden Ability. Lv.40, I have one that's Modest & one that's Lax.


Hey all! Hope everyone is having a good time playing the new game. I am currently at the 3rd gym and really really want a ditto to breed with before I continue. It would be amazing if someone had a non-American ditto, preferably with some or all good IVs, I dont have much but would give anything I had! Please
Looking for someone to trade and trade back my Zacian for their Zamazenta to complete dex, can offer one of the following as payment:
- HA Snom
- HA Pincurchin
- Sobble
- Any Sword Exclusives


Shiny Hunter
Hi! Looking for Sableye

Got all sword exclusives like Hydreigon, Kommo-o or Gothitelle or tell me what are you looking for ^^


Looking for a kind soul

Need non-English Ditto
IVs are great, will take what I can get.
Nothing to offer unless you need a shield exclusive uo to 5th gym
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